Hidden in Plain Sight: Goals Manifested

I’ve written previously about suddenly realizing something I thought would be cool years back came to be even though I didn’t consciously take action to manifest it.  More recently I used such a realization to propel me in a new direction in my career.  Specifically, I mentioned suddenly realizing I’d achieved the writing goals I set out for myself but didn’t realize it.

How can that be?

It wasn’t obvious because the goals manifested in a way I hadn’t been expecting.  To illustrate I’ll use a parallel example.

I was born with Wanderer’s Lust.  From childhood I wanted to see the world and meet the people in it.  Fuel was added to this dream in second grade when I saw amazing stories via the geography book we used; one that was published by National Geographic.

At Home Around the World.

 With chapters such as At Home on an Island and At Home on a Tundra I learned that our world was made up of diverse people who lived lives totally different than my Midwest environment.  The photography was spectacular and the beauty it revealed made me want to go to these places.  I wanted to talk to some of the people in the stories because I had questions, my curiousity fueled by a way of life that was so different than mine.

I remember how young male teens in one island country climbed breadfruit trees.  I was amazed as there were no branches to use as leverage like with the maples I climbed.

I did get my opportunity to travel and to meet people from other cultures.

I love hearing stories about their lives.

Much of this travel came through business travel.

Including meeting people from other cultures who traveled to the United States.

A Left Turn at Albuquerque.

 My travels took a different spin when, having driven myself across the country to relocate from the Midwest to Silicon Valley I learned the joys of seeing the country by car.

I met some amazing people and saw some pretty odd stuff.

This experience came in handy when I needed to travel extensively for research into EMF Sensitivity.

Research I funded myself.

I saw places I never thought to visit along with places I’d read about in schoolbooks and longed to see, such as Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Taos, New Mexico.**

**  Though I didn’t know about the hum, learning about it gave me a good reason to go there as part of my EMF Research.

I am grateful for the opportunity to fulfill a passion for travel, though it did not manifest in a way I  would have expected.

Rinse.  Repeat.

I’d like to say I’ve learned my lesson in this regard but the truth is this is something that I’ve faced repeatedly.

Not recognizing the goals manifested because they did so in a way that was unexpected.

I’d like to think that this most recent experience with career goals has helped adjust my manifesting viewing scope.  One thing I know for sure.  It’s opened my eyes to gratitude as I acknowledge the wonder and blessings I have as a result.

Gratitude and acknowledging achievements is part of the overall manifesting process.

See where the successes in your life may be hiding.

In plain sight no less!

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