Note: I originally had this scheduled to publish earlier. While watching Everything, Everywhere, All at Once – which is one of the stranger movies I’ve seen – saying a lot since I write about the multiverse/parallel universes -I got an urge to halt the publishing. I’m glad I followed my instinct as I woke up having solved a conundrum related to the theme.

As much as I love the prospect of helping others through nonfiction, for me fiction writing soothes the soul.

And it’s something I wanted to do from the time I was 3 years of age.

Writing fiction has been a joyous outlet for a life inundated by the seriousness of EMF Sensitivity.

Which actually interrupted my fiction career.

With that in mind I’ve been eager to finish Pillars so that I can get back to my beloved distraction.


As such, I spent the last several days putting down content and dealing with the challenges of organizing it.


Just as I was preparing to post a recent blog on the project update it occurred to me I needed a break from the serious.

I knew in turning back to the World of EMF I would be reengaging with Psi Avalanche and all the stress that goes with it – and so far I’ve been managing.  Still…

In the mood for a great salad and a oh so cool atmosphere for a working lunch – as I don’t take any other – I grabbed my partner in crime (so to speak) and head out.

As inside was overly cool – AC anyone?  We opted to sit outside.


Relatively crowded I noted the guy working the outdoor section was grace under pressure, quick on his feet, and seeming to miss nothing.

He also spent time helping the woman bussing the area – holding the door for her and doing what he could to make her job easier.

He approached not long after we sat down and introduced himself as our server.

What A Cool Name!

The moment I heard his name I tuned out.

Or – in. Inward, that is.

I’m guessing he noted it on some level as he focused on Aaron.

I was busy thinking “Oh my God that name!”

He took our drink orders and made for the bar to get them filled.  


That oh so cool name!

I smiled at Aaron and said, “That guy’s name?  Cade?  I’m using it for my next hero!”

Having lived with a writer for 25 years Aaron is used to the “Oh my god I’ve got to get this down!” relatively quiet enthusiastic outburst.  As such he didn’t bat an eye while I typed the name – having noted the very cool spelling with a C – into my phone.

I generally use text and send to myself when it’s short and sweet like that.

I got around to explaining to our very cool waiter that I am an author and plan to use his name for a hero in an upcoming book.  

I explained that for me thinking up names is one of the most difficult parts of starting a story.

Good with it we got into a brief conversation about his oh so cool – and in my opinion romantic hero – name.  I explained I’d seen his name – throughout the years – often in Westerns.

Always with a K.

I then explained the name has Scandanavian roots put through a Celtic filter and has appeared in various Medieval tomes.

Making it absolutely perfect for what I had in mind.

Ahhhh… rats….

While I’m more than eager to jump into the next part of the story, reality is that I do have to finish Pillars.

What makes it bearable is knowing that a key piece of the next work of fiction – naming the hero – has been filled in.

Though I’d love to thank Cade, it’s actually his mom if not his parents who deserve the kudos.  They gave him that awesome & so cool moniker.

Then again, he wore it well.

And was gracious when I more or less put him on the spot about it.


What’s in a Name?

I”m not going to waste time going into what is behind naming a child.

Too broad a topic.

What I can say is that even those who don’t possess the name take an interest.

While getting a hair cut I overheard a conversation about the name Caleb/Kaleb and whether a C or K was the proper spelling.  The owner, who would be cutting my hair next, said  “Elizabeth, you’re a writer.  How do you spell Caleb?  With a C or a K?”

Knowing I wasn’t going to be settling the dispute between he and his client, I replied, “Both.”

Dilbert Moment Anyone?

While in the Corporate Black Hole, it was brought to my attention that some parents were not as empathetic as they could have been when it came to naming their child.  The examples given were varied.

And reflected the emotional maturity of some of my colleagues who felt it imperative to bring to my attention.

As the employee phone book was listed last name first I will simply provide two examples and let readers’ eyes do the walking.

  • Case, Justin
  • Super, Dick

Translation Please!

Of course there is also the matter of names that don’t always translate.  Office Space‘s “Noggunna work here anymore” comment aside, when it comes to translation, some words are funny.

The following example is not a person’s first name but you get the gist.

While in high school I was visiting a friend’s home.  

Her family is Punjabi.  

We were studying for an upcoming test.  

The TV was going on in the background.

A commercial for Wondra skin cream came on which sent her family into bouts of laughter.  

Apparently, Wondra, in their language, means monkey.

It’s nice to know language can bring a smile.  For me?  Knowing I have a wonderful name to work with for an upcoming hero?  The seriousness of the Pillars won’t be quite so serious.

Delay Brings Aha.

My original idea was to use Cade in one of the Dragon Core novels. Problem was, I have the next 4 sketched out and there is no good way to insert such a character. Though this wasn’t going through my mind when I delayed publishing this blog entry, it ended up being resolved because I did.

I must have been chewing on it as I slept.

It was while walking across the kitchen this morning I got the answer of which series to use the name.

Port Gallatan!

Even that challenged me as I realized I couldn’t give it to an as yet unnamed hero in one of the upcoming stories.

He wasn’t what I had in mind when I pictured the hero.

Fortunately, I remembered that the book I’m publishing immediately before that also has an as yet unnamed hero and being from Big Sky Country? Cade’s my man!

Stay tuned.


Busy but productive day.

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you get your way.

After resolving the challenge of having my vision in a way that isn’t bloat and a nightmare to administrate…

And navigate…

I have the Author’s Note, Introduction, and About the Book for the current project ready to go.

I also have a book cover sketched out.

Once the cover is complete I will put up a landing page complete with the above sections available to readers.

So you get an idea what all the fuss is about.

Happy with the day’s accomplishments I folded laundry before making for my desk only to find the Castle Mascot looking a little down.

Initially thinking he was mad because I didn’t give him his arugula I did so then made for the desk.

How it fell to me when he isn’t my pet is a whole other story…

I think it was a conspiracy by certain members of the household who seem to think I needed a hobby.**

When that didn’t work I decided to try an oldie and potentially goodie.


And not just any music – Gyro’s fav’s!

80s and New Wave/Synth.

Go figure.

I sat down and quickly pulled together music from compilations and other sources I knew.

From high school!

Bette Davis Eyes kicked off the list.

No, not male which are his favorites, but a husky voice and plenty of synth.

He immediately turned to the sound of the music.

While I have a preference for heavy metal 

AC/DC, Krokus, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, et al

I do like plenty of 80s/New Wave

Men at Work, Rockwell, Big Country, Eurythmics, et al

I tolerate Spandeau Ballet – his absolute fav based on his behavior – but otherwise like most of what he likes.

Including the currently playing Eddie Grant’s Electric Avenue.

He LOVES this one!

I just realized as I was typing – I need to add the Cars.

He dances to them.

My life…

With any luck I’ll have the landing page for the upcoming project available within a day or two.

Stay tuned!

** I have a hobby.  It’s called reading.

Note: By the time Rockwell’s Somebody’s Watching Me was finishing? He’d turned his entire body toward the source of the music – my iPhone in the kitchen. It is fun – and sweet – to watch his behavior change when this music is on.

Go figure.


Note: Longer post.

With regards to the nonfiction project the past 48 hours have been interesting.

A bit of up and down.

A Vision

I’ve had a vision regarding the format for the project for several months.  Excited at a number of new tools available with WordPress I began laying out the foundation for the content.  Unfortunately, as slick as the possibilities are, the initial format was too cumbersome.

For readers and for me.


I rescoped the project and went back to the drawing board.

I also attended several webinars and had multiple discussions with the project team on what was possible.

In terms of management it was still too cumbersome.

And irritating in some aspects because of it.

Getting Out of My Head

I’ve been working from home since 1994 when the tech company I was working for waded into that model.

So they could sell some real estate in order to save money and “return share-holder value.” Ahem.

After leaving The Titanic I went to another tech company and helped guide them through the joys of working from home.

Barking dogs, flushing toilets, swearing people in close proximity to phone, spouses and kids that didn’t realize working from home = WORKING…

The Big Empty

Though the silence of leaving corporate to pursue writing full-time was incredibly difficult to get used to, I found ways around it.

Usually going to a park or a pub or even a hotel lobby to work.

Then the pandemic hit.

Fortunately, we’re at a point where I again have options available.

More than a park which is beautiful but at the end of the day is just more quiet.

Determined to find a way forward that would not compromise my vision for this project I went out to a sports pub.

I am rarely the only one working there.

Surrounded by screens showing various sports on various versions of ESPN I immediately began writing creative thoughts that truly seemed to spring up out of nowhere.

It isn’t nowhere – it’s the environment.  Sports TV is a wonderful way to get away from doom and gloom news that would kill creativity.

Within ten minutes I had what I thought was a solution to the challenge.

The vision but reimagined in a way that was less bloat.

 Getting the information into a presentable format I consulted with part of the team – discovered it was pretty solid – and went home a happy camper.

New Day New Start

I woke up early yesterday, the beginnings of an Introduction in my head.

And very excited because I knew this new format was going to work exactly as I needed it to!

The Challenge

It was more than the tools that were at issue.

I’m in a position where if I don’t see some functionality I need I can write it/have it written.

It was an issue within an issue.

Format within the format.

Video V Written

I knew simply publishing another Riding the Waves type book was not appropriate.  Still, some of the information needed to be put into written format.

It just made sense.

At the same time I had a number of real-life experiences I could talk about on video to give context to the information being shared.  Unfortunately, it became clear after shooting several of the videos they were too free-form.

They lacked the structure written format offers.

The new format I came up with beautifully marries the two.


That Pesky Basket

On the heels of the triumph came the need to address another format within the format issue.

The Cesspit.

It is appropriate that I include the stories I’ve [already] shared along with videos I’ve filmed that round them out.

There IS an esoteric EMF component to them.

Wow – I just realized there’s an Atmospheric EMF component to that area too!  As soon as I finish this I’m going to sketch out that video to make sure I capture it!  



Knowing the Cesspit belonged wasn’t the problem.  

Like I said – it ties into various EMF pieces.

It was the reason it was there.

Survivor of child abuse – the Cesspit content necessitated a review of that basket – seeing how much of the contents weren’t my burdens to carry.

That takes energy.

It wasn’t the memories so much as making sure the information – how it is presented – is done in harmony with the rest of the material.

That takes energy.

By the time I was ready to start that Introduction, the day had waned and I was on to something else.

There’s Always Tomorrow


Thanks to atmospheric changes I woke less than inspired to get to the project.

Alas, not even espresso could do it.

Determined to circle back to that inspiration I considered what might help get me back on track.

Reading the headlines definitely didn’t help.

About an hour ago I got a nudge to open a book Keep Calm and Ask On.  By the second page I was back on my feet.

Nothing like being reminded of the importance of centering yourself amidst chaos to get you centering yourself!

After a quick lunch I am ready to get to it.

I really am excited about the project.  I’m also overwhelmed.

Psi Avalanche!

It’s why I love fiction so much.  It gives me a break from a life filled with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity





** I am no longer harmed by tech EMFs but the Crew and the Wizards have demonstrated an interesting relationship between esoteric and technologic EMFs.

Ghost in the Machine?

The Lighter Side

Video introducing the castle mascot will be available shortly.

Stay tuned!


Still getting used to the energetic adjustments my body is going through as a result of having relocated my desk.  I’m also taking advantage of it for EMF testing.

I chose a specific lunch to compare how I felt here versus there.

I’ve mentioned before I’m not someone who sees a sign in every shooting star.  I do, however, take note when something out of the ordnary leads to a beneficial outcome.

Out of the Ordinary

Though it may not appear so from the outside, no two days in my life are the same.

Never have been.  I thrive in uncertainty because I never had anything else.  In spite of this, however, I work very hard to maintain harmony and peace – since I rarely had it before taking control of my life.

This makes it easier to note when something is out of the ordinary.  To put it in perspective, I’ll give examples of each.


The other night while poking through what is known as the Vatican Giggles I came across an article I thought relevant, one I felt would be included in a blog.

By now readers know I’m not a fan of the Catholic Church, Catholic School, or nuns – for good reason.

I saved the link to the article with a mental note to circle back around to it at some point.

This is ordinary in that I often do this with bits of information and articles.  What makes it very ordinary is that I don’t always end up using the stuff in a blog.

Out of the Ordinary

I was rereading Adrift and relaxing even as I noted physical and Psi changes resulting from moving the desk.  I got the urge to look at a specific online news site.

It isn’t that I never look at this site, it’s that as I was eating a loaded potato skin – part of the lunch experiment – and reading the story – I got the urge to look at the site at that moment.

After reading the article that caught my psi attention then forwarding it to Aaron with a pithy comment I came to understand the significance.

Dragon Core

Like Perspective, Timing is Everything

But what about that perspective?  

Ahh, now it starts to make sense.

The two incidents – the Vatican Giggles and today’s look here – are not only intertwined they’re relevant.

To the project and more.

Giggles and a Smile

The article I saved was about how the Pope recently told some folks he’d prefer to use tequila as the remedy for knee pain.**

Smart man.

Natural making it far superior to pharmaceuticals.

Along with champagne, as I write in Ignoring the Rules:  An Intriguing Approach to Calcium Toxicity, tequila is an excellent health remedy.

Among other things, it can reduce pain associated with arthritis.

Which is more or less a descriptor for symptoms.  As a holistic doctor I look at that whole approach with a jaundiced eye, as did the world prior to the Post World War II pharmaceutical industry surge; a surge that helped at least one beleagured nation pull out of economic devastation. Conflicting interest?  Never.

Amused by the Pontiff’s observations – and yes tequila would definitely help him – I figured I’d use the information.


The days ticked by and I turned my attentions to other concerns.


Today’s event was a little different in that I felt an urge to look at a specific site at a specific time.

A major news site, the headlines change throughout the day.

The article was another I find amusing not because I take pleasure in other people’s suffering but because it was something I’d known.

As in Psi known.

Years earlier!

I considered the two events – how I’d known this stuff – and understood the connection.

A connection established over a period of days and with a lot of energetic chaos between.

I Told You

Being a prophetic isn’t easy.

Shoot the messenger anyone?

As I’ve written previously, it’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know.

  • Who do you tell?
  • Will they believe you?
  • What will you do if they don’t?

As I write in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When You Die there came a point where I needed to tell Aaron I’m a psychic.

We were at a sports bar in Royal Oak, MI watching the Wings go for their first Stanley Cup in beaucoup years.

I write how he said – more or less – “Cool.”

And how I thought Yeah, that was a bit too quick.  We’ll see how you handle things when this rears its head.

What It Means Initially

I explained to him there would be times I will just know something and he’d have to trust me.

I may not have proof at that moment.

I went on to explain I may demand we take action based on that knowing.

He said “Okay.”

Yeah, uh-huh.

As you can imagine we’ve had a few interesting moments in the ensuing quarter century though I can guess what he’d say if someone asked him about it now.

I believe her and know what she says is the truth.

They say everything’s 20/20 in hindsight.  Nowhere is this truer than with Psi.

I Told You

It’s a bitter phrase as it can bring up pretty nasty images in terms of the female role in a marriage but the truth is – I have told him.

That’s what being a clairvoyant and clairsentient is!  You see or you know what is coming!

It’s easier when it’s something like “Quick – that car is going to pull out in front of us!”

The action happens soon after the prediction.

It’s a bit trickier when the action based on prediction needs to happen months if not years before the event takes place.

I will be writing and talking about this not-so-fun Psi aspect in the days and weeks to come.

The truth is, as disruptive as it has been, thanks to my knowledge we have a lot of doo doo in the rearview mirror.

Key phrase? In the rearview mirror.

We got out before it hit the fan.

There’s a reason for that.

Part of that reason is The Dude though a good part is just my Psi.

How does this tie back to the articles?

Pope on a Rope

A nod to Eddie Murphy and SNL

This one’s almost a no-brainer.  I published the book explaining why tequila is a good health remedy years ago.

Today’s Tidbit

I Told You

Aaron and I both used to work downtown San Francisco.

At 50 Fremont.

The office was a few blocks from the warehouse conversion we called home.

Cement and rebar that was a Faraday Cage – a total blessing for me though I didn’t know it at the time.

We passed the empty plot that now houses the Leaning Tower of Soma.  When I saw the sign stating it was going to be developed for a high-rise? I was apoplectic.

This is Going to Be a Disaster!

Never mind that I’d just done extensive research into Kerry’s Game and knew it was the old Barbary Coast Coastline – I’d learned about it being landfill in college!

My Geology 101 professor expressed in less-than-duclet tones the numerous idiotic decisions Californians had made when it came to real estate

  • Building nuclear plants close to and on geologically active faults
  • Building on landfill that would become the poster child for liquefaction in a shake, rattle, and roll
  • Building on areas that were – in the early 20th century – deemed geologically dangerous to build on

I recently read that someone is suggesting building on land where a previous housing development went sliding downhill. What – they think the bad slope changed its mind about being geologically unstable?

Don’t Need No Stinkin Geologist!

I had my – well – juju!

I was adamant that developing on that part of San Francisco was not only foolish – it was stupid.

This is insane!

Aaron stood next to me in silence as I pointed to the empty plot and listed the numerous reasons it was insane to develop on that property.

The longer he stood quietly the more I thought he missed the significance.

No Surprises

When the doo doo started to fly?  It wasn’t being a Psi that had me thinking “Duh” so much as the initial response.

Finger Pointing!

Having lived in the Bay Area I was used to watching the Soap Opera of The Government Two-Step.

Aka Not my fault!

Was even on the receiving end of it!

Oh, didn’t we tell you the owner of that property you bought wasn’t the most upstanding citizen on the planet?

Conundrum or Inevitability?

I’ve spent decades knowing what was going to happen before it did, knowing the future since I was 5 and no – it isn’t as simple as just guessing the Lotto numbers and life’s a peach.

Though I have won numerous raffles and have a lot of successes because I knew what was going to happen.

Not Everyone Appreciates Knowing

Like I said – shoot the messenger!

Having spent endless hours throughout the decades trying to help people avoid disaster I’ve learned the best thing I can do with the truth?  Act on it.

Not speak about it.  Act on it.

There are times when I will pass along information if I think it will make a difference.

Rare.  Most people don’t want to know.

For the most part I share what I know with Aaron and we take appropriate action.

Which is why there are a number of interesting events in the rearview mirror.

I wish the folks at the Millennium Tower luck. Personally?

I’m with Pyke:  “The [San Francisco Department of Building Inspection] should withdraw the permit and put him/them out of their misery.”

As for the Pope

Telling the world what I already knew?  

I’ll drink to that!


** As I was proof reading this I caught yet another synchronicity. I’m rereading Adrift. Jorge – the Science Officer – is from the tequila region of Mexico!

This plays a significant role in the character and the plot!


Nothing like a little theology to give one a headache.

The book I was advised to purchase is – academically speaking – a beautiful gold mine.  It’s also like reading an encyclopedia of BCE stuff.

Stuff I was familiar with, that made my eyes cross when I first encountered it!

Thus, the headaches.

There is plenty of CE stuff thrown in.

For context – and – more headaches.  I bet the author got one, too!

Translating Latin wasn’t even like this.

Why Am I Reading This? 

After a few pages I understood the Cosmic nudge.  It solved a big conundrum I had in regards to the next fiction project.

The dude has had an interest in my writing career for decades so  I thanked him for the push and continued on with my reading.

Hey!  I’ve Seen That Before!

Several pages later I saw images the author was using as reference.  Just one thing.  I’d seen them before.

During the NDE!

They are images the dude showed me during the NDE and again in 10th Grade geometry class.

And periodically after as he was teaching me/making a point. Details can be found in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Throughout the years I’d drawn many of the images to show my EE husband.

A lot of the symbols are related to/drawn from math and physics, something he is brilliant in.

I was stunned to see them on the pages.  More so to see that others had seen them long before me.

Centuries ago.

Others who’d drawn and written the stuff down!

Centuries ago.

For the past week as I’ve struggled to push through this grad level text I’ve wondered what the point was.

I honestly couldn’t imagine using any of it – not even in fiction.

I’d walked away from the turmoil of a community – one that included family – that made my young life a living hell because my NDE recounting wasn’t on par with Disney’s Bambi.

Maybe That’s The Point

Yesterday was a good day – because it was peaceful.

A day without chaos is a good day in my book.

After a nice dinner I spent a quiet evening playing Scrabble.

Okay, maybve not so quiet.  Aaron kept pulling i’s while I got the X, the Z, etc.  He wasn’t happy.

I’d done a bit of reading of the book during the afternoon.

After setting it aside for several days because I really wasn’t intersted in reading a grad level theological encyclopedia no matter how good the author is at presenting his findings.

Before falling asleep last night I spent a bit of time considering I still didn’t understand why the dude wanted me to read this stuff.

Sunrise Brings Clarity

I hadn’t even opened by eyes when a thought occurred.  Images aside, there’d been a couple of passages that I related to, because they sounded a lot like what I talked about in the intensive care unit after coming out of the coma.

Words I used to describe what I saw during the NDE.

Within seconds the dude was there.  



“Every one of those passages is from the Book of Revelation!”

I didn’t shout to the rafters but I thought it loud!

You mean the 4 Horsemen?

Um no.

I did not view the end of the world during the NDE.

The dude was standing some distance from the bed as I stared up.


While I worked through the puzzle – what it all meant – it occurred to me what I’d just said.  The words I spoke were from the Bible!

Well – I used words slightly different but I was 10 and had never read the Book of Revelation.

Whereas John speaks of flaming lanterns, I called them tall flames.

The images of which appear on the back cover of my book.

Let Me Get This Straight

Taking a seat at my desk shortly thereafter, I pulled the book up and did a search on the word Revelation.  Sure enough, the quotes closely matched words I’d used to describe certain entities and other images I’d seen.  But if that was true…

Why the Hell was I Metaphorically Crucified?

I was a child waking up from a coma. I was blind, paralyzed on the left side. I could barely talk. I could barely make out shadowy shapes. Why was I the bad guy in this?

I grew up in a Catholic family and community.

Went to 7 years of Catholic school, 6 of which were completely miserable.

Why were people threatened by words found in the Bible?  No.  Why did they tell me they were Satan’s words?

They were from the Bible! St. John.

At 10 I had not been taught nor read Revelation but my parents had gone through 12 years of Catholic school!

My dad did an additional 2 at a Catholc college!

Several members of my family were devout and very familiar with the Bible.

My paternal grandmother – a forced convert – was a Pentacostal who believed the Bible was literal.  She read it daily!

And the nuns?  The priests?  Surely they would have recognized the words I used to describe the angelic beings I saw.  

Unless they were too busy hating me for the privelge of the NDE?

The nun who was my 6th grade teacher threw several heavy textbooks at my head about six weeks after the brain surgery.  She waited til my head was turned and aimed for the side that was cut open for the operation.  A classmate who later became an MD pushed me out of the way of the flying texts.

I probably would have died, consvulsing to death in front of a bunch of 10 – 12 year-olds.

I thought of the woman who told my mother the symbols I’d drawn in 10th grade – symbols associated with Calculus shown to me by the dude – were demon worship.

She told my mother I was practicing Satanic worship because of those Caculus symbols.

Symbols that are part of differential equations.


I remembered sitting with my high school physics teacher in the school library after school while he explained the complex symbols I had yet to encounter.

I was in pre-calc, geometry, and physics at the time.  Interesting combination in light of what the dude was teaching me.

I came to the conclusion that I suffered for no good reason.

Now you see why I put this in the Cesspit.

I think the dude is trying to help me see something a lot of people – mostly guys as very few women go into math or science or engineering – have been trying to show me for years.

I did nothing wrong.

I can’t help but find it interesting that throughout the years I’ve had amazing conversations with men and women involved in math and science.

Including my former boss at ECD Stan Ovshinsky, our colleague Rick Ito, and a number of college professors.

My conversations with nuns?  Not so great.

Go figure.

I am happy to say I finished the damn book!

Personally, I think it was a lot of effort to prove a point.  

Then again, The dude has a mind of his own.


Note: This is one of three posts going out.

2 today, 1 tomorrow. The 2nd and 3rd will be about esoteric EMFs.

What is the Corporate Black Hole I write and speak about?

It’s my term for a span of years in which I worked for a company if not an industry that became toxic as our country went into a deep recession with Detroit and the automotive industry hit harder

As usual

And tech evolved in ways that left winners and losers.

UNIX and DOS along with Novell and NT drastically and damatically reshaped the industry.

And the people and communities part of it.

I learned some brutal realities in those years but learn I did.

In the case of the company I was at the environment deteriorated as we went from 145K employees to 39K which is when I quit.

Black Hole is specific to the fact I lost an entire genre of music – sucked into somewhere while I traveled extensively listening to cassette tapes with heavy metal and/or New Wave/80s music.

The alternative – I was usually driving my car 500 miles (or more) in rural areas – was generally country or preachers.

During those years I watched lunacy, some of which truly was hilarious.  

Showing up to work, being handed a large envelope, and told “This is the Myers-Briggs test.  Go fill it out and give it to the woman in the conference room when you’re done. Don’t talk to anyone about your answers. Anyone refusing to take it is being laid off.”

Alrighty then.  

I’m an INTJ.

One of 2 in the group at the time.

As Consultant and Computer Engineering/Computer Tech/IT were considered top jobs for INTJs I suppose it satisfied my employer.

Interestingly, people I was closest with throughout my career are also – in general – INTJs though they weren’t necessarily in pre-sales or tech specific jobs.


I heard a number of stories from colleagues in other offices …

“I was told if I don’t get this Novell certification I’m being laid off.”

No stress there.

Lot of that going around back then…

One guy who was a manager said his manager told him he could rent a car if he stayed in a cheap hotel.  His stories of being in a place in a marginally safe neighborhood with constant construction noise…

Not that many of us fared better as the company looked to cut costs.

When I was at a training course – the evening I checked in – after driving over 5 hours (293 miles give or take) the guy offered to sell me a Lojack for my car.  When I lay down at night?  The sound of car alarms going off was a near constant.

Some of the stories will be from a time after the Corporate Black Hole years.

When I was at a different company.

An example

I was once put into a group that was going to partner with a software company.

We were going to help them sell their product into our customer base.

I along with about 7 other baffled souls listened as they tried to explain what the product did.

I, in particular, wanted to know what was in the guts.  My customers had come to expect that I took such into consideration when helping them choose an international supply chain solution.

The guy doing the sell job?  Every time any of us asked for clarification on exactly what it was the product did?  He said:  “If you’re asking that then you’re asking the wrong question.  You should be talking about the value proposition.”

Every one in that group quit the company within 3 days of being assigned to that group.

Including two from our European offices.

Three of us quit that afternoon.


I once showed up to a meeting only to find out that the entire specialist team on tap to present that morning was laid off.

That morning.

I stood mute as they explained someone got the bright idea the company could save money by laying off the entire group of experts in a particular software product and bring in people from the software company to do the work instead.

It really didn’t pan out too well.

I was extremely fortunate they all took the high road and presented at the meeting anyway.

They didn’t leave me high and dry to fend for myself.

Afterward they went to clear out their desks.

You really can’t make this stuff up!

As I go forward with this project I will add some of the funnier stories.

Incidentally – the genre I lost?



Stay tuned!


Taking advantage of tech tools is interesting.

Note: This post is edgier.


Categories are cool.  That each one still sends out a notice?  Well – I guess I have to hope subscribers understand.

As part of the nonfiction project I’m continuing to fill in content.  Sometimes this means adding a page, other times testing a new Category for a page.  Whenever that second happens?  A notice goes out to subscribers.  But what if they aren’t interestsed in that cateogry?

I stressed about this until Aaron reminded me my readers are grown-ups capable of deciding whether or not to read something.

Categories are powerful in that blogs can be filed under appropriate topics.  What’s a bit frustrating – to me – is that everyone gets everything.  Then again, that IS empowering to readers in a way.

It also goes to the point of the nonfiction project as it was rescoped.

As a writer and healer …

I do have a doctorate in holistic healing but I was born a healer**

I want to give readers and visitors a wonderful experience.

As I’ve written: Showing a world you never knew existed and Knowledge Is Power; Experience Power to Share.

There’s a saying in the literary world.  Show don’t tell.

Which I’ve heard ad naseum.  Still…

What Aaron reminded me of – that my readers and site visitors are grown-ups – is that I was leading them in their decision making and their interpretations of my work.  But this is me so I’m going to put out a post to let them (you) know that in the weeks and months to come there may be spurts of posts going out and that I don’t foresee – no pun intended, psi that I am – it as being “the norm.”  

Not once the project gets going which will be late spring/early summer 2022.

In the meantime I’m asking patience because it’s part necessity part learning experience on utilizing the new tools WordPress is making available.

Overall I’m satisfied but there are days I think WordPress “happiness engineers” should be happy I’m not on the other end of the line – tech savvy blogger that I am…

As to the point of the nonfiction project and how this may help the overall situation.  This project is adding depth and continuing to show readers/visitors a world they never knew existed and it goes into the whole.

Hey – I’m unique.  As my old corporate managers used to say – I walk the talk.  Not that they did but -like the overused phrase “secular headwinds” everyone borrowed from IBM’s CEO showed – even useless catch prhases can serve a purpose in a pinch.


I’ve written previously how I moved my workspace and built it out through imagery and photos that grounded me in my present.

Which is now my past.

A lot of those images got me through a rather rough patch

  • 3 relatives dying in 3 weeks
  • launch of sensitive material (personally) 
  • life
  • other

It might be of interest to note that one of the images was of the Grinch stuck in a chimney.

Definitely how I felt as multiple crises pulled at me.  Fortunately, I know priorities. Self – so I can be there for my family – then MY family.  Then whatever or whoever else.

The other was Carey Grant – pictured above – from an interesting time along my corporate path.

Though long after I’d left the Corporate Black Hole.

We were at the Carly-Capellas I love myself fest in Vegas – Aaron and I at same company at that point – staying at MGM Grand.

Watching them prance about onstage like they were Metallica or something while all of us knew we were ducks in their shooting gallery of “who survives the coming secular headwinds?” layoff Arcade from Hell Game.

The photo was at the end of the hall – immediately visible as Aaron and I got off the elevator – and I remember telling him it was the absolute coolest expression – as if he truly understood the Corporate “Bullshit” and was challenging me to “walk the talk” aka if I didn’t like it? Leave.

I walked shortly after the Titanic II set sail. As in 2 1/2 months. Having lived through the original in which we had a sandwich board in the hall on the first floor that read “At least the Titanic had a band?” Been there done that no thanks.

The day I resigned?  My then boss hauled me into a conference room and began pounding on the conference room table that he was going to show me – see here how well that went over – “…and he was going to…”

Yap away was my mental thought at the time, along with the thought “The company spent money on this?” while looking at the ugly conference room lighting.

As he continued to pound on the table and tell me how it was going to be.

At one point – tired of listening to him yap – I said “Are you done yet?  I quit.  I gotta leave because one of the other managers is giving me a ride back to the city.”

Because I’d turned in my car.

If you can believe – this isn’t the Corporate Black Hole years I speak of!

I can’t say what became of it after I left.

All I knew is that I’d rather flip burgers than go through Titanic II.

And having a boss younger than me pounding a table and telling me how it was going to be.

Sometime props ground you in place.

Which is why I put these into my feng shui bag.  Someday I may put the frames back up with new photos.

Sometimes they give you strength and energy to get to the next phase.

Like people who give water to those in a marathon.

All I know is that my work space is a lot clearer.

Zen? Sort of.

The Meaning of Life

Well that’s up for grabs, isn’t it?  

Rather than tie it back to the nonfcition project I’ll just tie it back to life

As I see it – through my lens of having survived horrible abuse and overcoming adversity, not to mention surviving the Corporate Black Hole!

I’ll touch on a couple of points I think may help readers and visitors

  • For those who aspire to write.

If you are on the edge – I suggest reading Stephen King’s On Writing.  I’m not a fan of his work but I absolutely loved and gained much – as a writer – from this book.

  • For those who aspire to live a work life balance

I could write an entire essay if not a book on corporate abuse but – I will share this

It’s Gen X who refused to be forced to choose between marriage and/or family and career success.

Probably helped that their wives – mothers of their children – were in the workforce as equals. As Demi Moore told Rob Lowe – maid service isn’t part of the package. Especially not when we work as many if not more hours.

In other words, as I told Aaron on our first date – “If you’re looking for June Cleaver keep going.”

Though I fixed the plumbing in the basement bathroom and helped him lay subfloor in his kitchen remodel – directed said remodel – and painted – and other fun while he was getting his house ready to sell. I also helped a friend replace his deck and did plumbing troubleshooting at his place that saved him $$$$$ in plumbers’ fees AND insurance. Thanks dad who didn’t think my sex was any reason not to show me the ropes of life.

Incidentally – Aaron was right there with me – doing electrical and putting up drywall alongside my brother and other stuff. The guy knows his stuff!

Thanks to his dad teaching him!

Gen X: The ones who were supposedly useless mall rats who wouldn’t get off our parents’ couch.

I left home at 17 to go to college – academic scholarship and PELL GRANT – because my mom made $9K/year – which is why I worked 3 jobs. Other than a brief 10 day stint after returning – briefly – from California in 95? I never lived home again.

As to weekend dad? One of my numerous Baby Boomer colleagues put it this way…

I had a few from the Greatest Generation too – including a guy who used to program the code on guidance missiles for submarines in “the War.” Interestingly, I had more respect for them than a lot of those Boomers. Maybe it was because my paternal grandfather was an Air Force navigation engineer in the Atlantic Theatre in WW II.

We were waiting for the elevators at the same Corporate BS I love myself fest at the Vegas time waste. He was the “weekend dad” – HIS WORDS – gone during the week with his wife doing all the heavy lifting and him to have the kids as his – partial – responsibility on the weekends.  

Not too different from divorced dads at the end of the day.

Doesn’t have to be that old antiquated NEVER HAD TO BE CORPORATE Way.

Being fored to choose between family/marriage and the corporate ladder.

As for Aaron? Well – having grown up watching that crap – and having fought my own way up that ladder…

I would never have married anyone that didn’t respect the new Gen X read: forward way…

He held our child – an infant – in one hand – and a cell phone in the other while on con calls so I – nursing 24/7 – could get badly needed sleep..

Obviously doctors can’t take their kids into the OR but you get the idea.

I hold Aaron as an example because as he told me in less than dulcet tones he was the only one out there!

In those early days.

But he wasn’t the only one!

I reminded him my brother and step-brother were both doing the same.

My brother owned his own business and my step-brother is a teacher!!!!

It might be interesting to note Aaron spent numerous hours throughout the pandemic coaching colleagues on how to manage work at home – with kids.

Something he’d done from the beginning.

Don’t let the bastards get you down.

This is a saying from my dad who is – to put it mildly – an interesting character.

He reminded me of this when he happened to call while I was in the midst of Corporate Black Hole hell.

As I used to remind Aaron when HE was in Corporate Black Hole hell – “They need you more than you need them.  NEVER FORGET THAT!”

I will admit incidentally I am sooooo unbothered by the supposed problem in the labor pool.  I’m sorry – too many decades of greed, abuse, and blatant BS used to under pay valuable souls are – as karma ensures – coming back around.

Or as my grandmother born before WW I used to tell me. “What comes around, goes around.”

And as my dad is wont to say, “Karma’s a bitch.”

Didn’t I say this was edgier?

More to come

Stay tuned…

** When I was less than a year old my mom took me to a park where we encountered someone newly back from the Vietnam war. Apparently, I toddled up to the man and asked where his legs were.

My mom – according to her – was horrified and ran up to apologize to the young man.

The vet and I apparently spoke for some time and when my mom apologized – for me? He smiled and told her it was the first time since he’d been home from ‘Nam he’d smiled.

Like I said – I was born a healer.


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It’s amazing what you can do even with a nasty head cold.

Especially when the proverbial sword of the Muse is poking you.

I’ve added more structure and content to the nonfiction project and invite readers and visitors to check it out.

Yes, more will be posted in the weeks and months to come but I believe viewers can get a feel for the overall vibe if not direction by taking a peek now.

What’s New

I’ve added a Geo-Atmospheric section.

I’ve added a Metatron section.

This is focused on how Metatron has influenced my life outside my writing career.  For that other, see this page.

I’ve added 2 new sections

Visitors/followers will note some of the material will require payment.  The intent is to format this information so it is educational.

Like a breakout session at a conference.

Much of the information, however, will be free, as it rounds out the territory as it were.

Entertaining even as it is educational.

Stay tuned.


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Busy days at

At as well.

I’ve been populating the sites with various aspects of the nonfiction project.

Note:  I appreciate readers’ patience as I do the work.

Yesterday I renamed a page.  Next thing I know?  The front page menu looked like hell!  It took me an hour to straighten it out!

Of note, I posted a page dedicated to Esoteric EMFs.

One of the 4 pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

There are embedded links for additional pages.

Check ’em out!

I’ve also added an Easter Egg to the bottom of the bio page!

Detroit.  It isn’t the burbs.

In the following weeks and months, additional information will be added to the site.

Along with a new novel or two.

Stay tuned!


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The past several weeks have been filled with challenges, along with some happy moments.

Gary Numan concert anyone?

They’ve also been filled with a series of coincidences – what Jung famously referred to as synchronicities.

Thankfully as these are the lifeblood of a synchronicity junky.

It all started with the concert.  While walking to the venue I noticed a nearby New Age store and though closed I made a note to return.

Which I did when in Seattle for EMF research purposes.

While there I learned a bit – and I mean a small bit – about “The Dude.”


The proprietor, responding to a question about a symbol on a necklace, quoted from and showed me a couple books that included various individuals’ take on the Archangel.

That was several weeks ago.  In the interim a number of chaotic events have brought unique challenges, both professional and personal, and while I believe the worst is behind me, there’s a bit of debris in the field.  Knowing only some of the situation was under my control I turned to one of my favorite coping strategies:  Work on what I can control.

Which usually means writing.

Unfortunately, the sheer quantity of situations beyond my control meant it was difficult to calm the mind enough to focus on any one solvable item.  As this has happened before I engaged in the next level of defense  Read a reread.  Generally fiction, these are stories that entertain and allow me to think of something other than what I can’t control.  Better, they allow me to think of nothing.

Lynn Kurland and Sharaon Sala/Dinah McCall are some of my very favorites though Abigail Drake’s South Side stories have certainly been fun.  Especially given I know the area from when I attended a grad level networking course at Carnegie Mellon/U Pitt during the Corporate Black Hole years.

This week I found myself feeling pretty exhausted by it all.  As I was reading one of the rereads my eyes focused on a phrase  

And how desperately she needed hope.  

Though I certainly didn’t feel desperate I did spare a moment to think how nice it would be to have a sign that a specific situation having to do with a writing conundrum would be resolved.

Specifically, I thought to myself, “I could use some hope.”

Ask and ye shall receive.

Later that evening, Aaron and I were sitting in the living room, relaxing in companionable silence.

Sometimes we talk – this time I was reading my reread and he was browsing.

At one point he looked up at me and turned the laptop so I could see the image.

I didn’t recognize one of the players so he turned it back and began reading.  He kept looking up as if silently prodding me to get it – which I didn’t – after which he said “I need to play this out loud.”

I told you – I was exhasted which is my term for mentally fried.

It was a piece about Alice in Chains and Elton John collaborating on Black Gives Way to Blue.

At the end of the clip the narrator says that Cantrell explained the meaning of the lyrics to Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily, who was 9 at the time.

Sometimes there are very dark and challenging times in life and it may seem like things will never get better. But if you stay strong and keep moving forward and look out on the horizon, you’ll start to see a little point of light way out there. And slowly, the black would give way to blue.

I truly felt as if this was the answer to the earlier thought.  I told Aaron who shared he hadn’t looked at that site in ages.

Coincidence or Fortuitious Timing?

I thanked The Dude for giving me hope that indeed things will get better.

As for the idea of keep moving forward – I hadn’t stopped so I had that nailed.  

Tenacity is one of my better traits.

This morning I was at my desk pondering the writing conundrum and thinking of any fresh ways to approach a resolution.  Unable to come up with anything I decided to work on a different writing project.

This one has a few unanswered questions but I’m moving forward by keeping notes of what I do have.

I alternated this activity with reading the reread and playing a few rounds of Free Cell.  The game allows my mind to drift which helps me come up with solutions to various writing challenges.

I’d deinstalled it but the results in terms of creative inspiration were disastrous so I reinstalled it.

I felt a sudden urge to look at the Llewellyn website.

I haven’t looked at this site in years.

I followed a strong urge to click on a very specific link, eventually coming to a page of books.  I was about to close out the window when my eyes zeroed in on a book.  It was one the proprietor of the New Age store had mentioned.

It isn’t about Metatron directly but it apparently has scholarly references in it.

I browsed the sample chapters and, though intrigued, didn’t feel inspired to buy.

Not my thing.

And then…

I tried to turn my attention back to the nonfiction project work I was doing but I kept feeling a strong urge to go back to that book.

The Dude was prodding me.  Big time.

I went over to Amazon – because I have an account set up there – and opened the sample chapters again.  I also argued with the Dude about the point of buying the book.

I said, “What am I going to do with this?  I don’t get into this stuff and you know it.”

It was like arguing with a brick wall.

Something I describe in great detail in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Knowing I would have no peace until I obeyed the guy I bought the book.  I hadn’t even finished the first page when I understood why he wanted me to buy it.  Not only did it answer the conundrum I was facing it gave me direction on a Messenger of the Gods challenge I’d been dealing with for weeks.

Just like that.

While I appreciate synchronicities, I’m not one to read into every coincidence.

More’s the pity to some I imagine.

If this was a single event out of the blue I would be more apt to write it off as a coincidence.  Given the context of it all?  It was an answer to a plea for help.

And hope.

The book I chose isn’t the point of the post and it’s personal – between me and the Dude – so I’m not going to bother.  What I can say is that the path of Synchronicity is a convoluted path.

Though I don’t believe it’s the path of Fate.**

I hope your day is filled with signs.

And hope.

**A blog for another time.