Elizabeth Maxim

Passion, Sincerity, and a Desire to Make a Positive Difference drive Elizabeth in life and in writing.  

Why science fiction?

I’ve been looking at the sky all my life.  

Usually through windows.

Night or day.

But especially at night.

The sky is a window that separates our self-imagined existence from the realm of infinite possibility.  In writing science fiction, I can share my experiences from both sides of the windowpane with others.

Experiences that transcend what is an accepted but often limiting reality.

Why parallel dimensions?

I’ve contemplated the idea this reality isn’t the only one since I was six and asked my dad how he could be so certain we weren’t living in someone else’s snow globe.

My contemplation took on more significance after a Near Death Experience left me without a doubt there are other dimensions.

I’ve been living with this awareness for decades.  It has never been irreconcilable with any other part of my life.

In my stories, I explore various aspects of life lived in a world where multiple dimensions are not only an accepted fact, they are embraced through experience.

Why aliens?

Who better to help create wonderful stories than characters from cultural backgrounds completely unknown and foreign?

The possibilities – like the skies – are endless

Elizabeth has lived, worked in, and traveled to multiple locations throughout the world.

Continuously working on her craft,  Elizabeth spent twenty years in the Information Technology industry where her career evolved as technology did.  Her front row seat to rapid and constant change taught her the value of remaining flexible and open-minded, and the importance of continuing education.

I’ve been exposed to a variety of cultures while interacting with people from all walks of life who have been generous in sharing their stories , their hopes, their dreams, with me

After studying holistic healing with a British ENT surgeon,  Elizabeth went on to earn a doctorate in holistic medicine and a bachelor’s in holistic childcare.

Elizabeth is the winner of multiple short story fiction awards, has had one produced as a play. She is the author of both fiction and nonfiction works as well as the following websites:

Elizabeth can be reached at elizabeth@elizabethmaxim.com