Passion, Sincerity, and a Desire to Make a Positive Difference drive Elizabeth in life and in writing.  

Elizabeth has worked in, lived, and traveled to multiple locations throughout the world.

I’ve been exposed to a variety of cultures while interacting with people from all walks of life who have been generous in sharing their stories , their hopes, their dreams, with me

Growing up as I did?  I had so many unique experiences and I really got to watch and learn.  Writers in general are really good at commentary on life because by the nature of how we organize in our brains – I think – we observe.  We watch and then we write what we see either wrapping it in fiction or providing a glimpse through nonfiction so others can see what it’s like and maybe get a more holistic view of life.

Continuously working on her craft,  Elizabeth spent twenty years in the Information Technology industry where her career evolved as technology did.  Her front row seat to rapid and constant change taught her the value of remaining flexible and open-minded, and the importance of continuing education.

My life is a tapestry.  That’s how I look at it.  There are imperfections in the threads and sometimes light shining on it may reveal something different than what people might have thought but it’s colorful and unique and – the material woven in such a way as that there is strength.

After studying holistic healing with a British ENT surgeon,  Elizabeth went on to earn a doctorate in holistic medicine and a bachelor’s in holistic childcare.

Elizabeth is the winner of multiple short story fiction awards, has had one produced as a play. She is the author of both fiction and nonfiction works.

Elizabeth can be reached at