In terms of psi yesterday was quite interesting.

And to think I’d been concerned because I hadn’t been able to pick up on psi energy consistently recently.**

At one point Aaron told me he was having trouble finding some paperwork.

Important paperwork.

After updating me he returned to the room it should be in.  I sat there and got this sudden thought.  I can use my abilities to find it!

I’d not done anything like that in decades and even then I followed a Silva Method rather than just telling myself – as a clairsentient – I will find it because I will know where the paperwork is!

I stopped on the way to the room to ground myself.

This has to do with materials that affect esoteric EMFs which I will be discussing in the upcoming lecture.

Even though I had confidence I would find the paperwork I decided to pull out the big guns.

The dude.

After speaking the name he gave me in a dream decades earlier he appeared – looked at me over his shoulder – one eyebrow raised.

I had to smile at his expression.  It was as if he was saying “You rang?”  

I said “Can you help me?  We really need to find that paperwork and I would appreciate any help.  Thank you.”

I walked over to where Aaron was looking through a bunch of stuff and immediately knew where the paperwork was.  I said “It slid down the side.”

He responded by continuing his search.

As if I hadn’t spoken.

I pointed and said, “It’s there.”

He mumbled something about checking there in a minute then went to a different part of the room to continue the search.

He was very distracted.

I knelt down, pulled out a bag, reached into the spot behind it – and pulled out the paperwork.

Exactly where I knew it would be.

I was pretty geeked on the whole process, not to mention relieved we had the paperwork.

Ginsu Knife Moment

Aka There’s more…

Awhile later, I was sitting next to Aaron watching an interview with Stewart Copeland.  There was a sudden shift in energy to my right and my temperature dropped significantly.

I began to shiver from the cold.

I realized a new ghost must have sat down beside me.

I will be discussing the method one of the musician ghosts came up with – that was tweaked by a different musician ghost years later – meant to head off a negative response to their presence in an upcoming video.

I lost track of the interview because the cold was distracting.

The fact I had an unknown ghost sitting next to me was more so.

Suddenly the ghost appeared and said, “Take my  hand.  I’ll ground you.”

Before he showed himself I sensed him but didn’t have an image.

I didn’t hestitate.  

He obviously knew he was causing discomfort and felt he could fix it.

Within seconds I was warm again.

And centered energetically.

I looked down at my hand in his – examined his hand, noted it was pudgy with knuckles that were swollen.


It reminded me of my maternal grandfather’s hand.

I said, “You must have died when you were older.”

I also knew I was looking at the hand of a musician though I had a hard time putting it to guitar playing.

It’s kind of a psi thing I have that I can focus on a musician’s hands or build.  

Guitarists are very distinctive.  This guy didn’t fit that.

He let me know who he was.

He told me the group he was in and showed me his image but didn’t say a name.

I sat there stunned.  I loved that group!  

One of my favs was sitting next to me?!

I felt kind of sheepish thinking how I’d loved that group since I was a kid but he took it well, chuckling in an affectionate way – as if he understood my discomfort if not awe.

As I tuned back in to the interview I realized it made sense the guy was there.

He isn’t a guitarist.

I also understood why he’d asked me to take his hand.

Another drummer who entered the picture not too long ago figured out a pretty significant energy thing.  Obviously, he gave this guy a head’s up.

Ginsu Knife Moment

Aka There’s More

While Aaron watched the interview, distracted, I did an Internet search and got the guy’s name, staring in shock when it came up.

I’d known he was coming!

Three days ago  I was working through an Event Horizon exercise.  I wrote this guy’s first name – that he was a musician who had been in multiple groups and even wrote part of the name of the group he was in!

From that exercise:  

He is a member of a musical group.  He was in a different one before that.  I like his music as a general rule and I just got the essence of psi energy drain.  I have been dealing with the feeling of ghost and psi energy for days. 

I’ve left out his name though I did write it in that exercise, along with a partial name from the group he was in.

While all of it is fantastical and cool it’s that this newest visitor validated EMF energy research that really has me geeked.

These guys have been helping me with my EMF research since the beginning.

I will be filming video soon.

Stay tuned!

**  As I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, loss of psi was one of the earliest symptoms.  I was highly traumatized and to this day whenever I don’t have that connection?  I panic.


Heading into the home stretch on the nonfiction project.

I’m glad as I’m more than ready to get back to fiction.

Up earlier than usual this morning, I’m getting video content finalized. The plan is to begin filming within the next few days.

Additionally, I will be releasing an update for the Event Horizon app.  

New functionality and a new look.

I have plenty of fiction in the queue.

I anticipate wrapping the nonfiction project by the end of summer at which time I will get back to the various projects.

Going forward fiction will be the primary focus.

Sci-fi and paranormal.

The nonfiction project will be maintained.

When it comes to the World of EMF, there’s always more to learn.

I will be making changes to the website in the days and weeks to come as I get a feel for what the project needs and what doesn’t belong.

Stay tuned

P.S. The Cesspit is offline temporarily.

It will go up once video production is complete.


Note: Cross posted on metatronsarmy.com.

It’s amazing what you can do even with a nasty head cold.

Especially when the proverbial sword of the Muse is poking you.

I’ve added more structure and content to the nonfiction project and invite readers and visitors to check it out.

Yes, more will be posted in the weeks and months to come but I believe viewers can get a feel for the overall vibe if not direction by taking a peek now.

What’s New

I’ve added a Geo-Atmospheric section.

I’ve added a Metatron section.

This is focused on how Metatron has influenced my life outside my writing career.  For that other, see this page.

I’ve added 2 new sections

Visitors/followers will note some of the material will require payment.  The intent is to format this information so it is educational.

Like a breakout session at a conference.

Much of the information, however, will be free, as it rounds out the territory as it were.

Entertaining even as it is educational.

Stay tuned.


Note: Cross posted on metatronsarmy.com.

Busy days at elizabethmaxim.com.

At Metatronsarmy.com as well.

I’ve been populating the sites with various aspects of the nonfiction project.

Note:  I appreciate readers’ patience as I do the work.

Yesterday I renamed a page.  Next thing I know?  The front page menu looked like hell!  It took me an hour to straighten it out!

Of note, I posted a page dedicated to Esoteric EMFs.

One of the 4 pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

There are embedded links for additional pages.

Check ’em out!

I’ve also added an Easter Egg to the bottom of the bio page!

Detroit.  It isn’t the burbs.

In the following weeks and months, additional information will be added to the site.

Along with a new novel or two.

Stay tuned!


In the weeks and months ahead I will be posting information related to the nonfiction project.  Some of this information will be posted on metatronsarmy.com.

Esoteric EMFs

This category will include information about

The enigmatic Celestial being that has been with me since childhood has played a significant role in my life and my career.

Especially my writing career.

As these are distinct and separate areas I have chosen to publish information regarding his role in my writing career on metatronsarmy.com while his role in other areas of my life will appear under the nonfiction project.

There is a bit of crossover as nonfiction influences my fiction.

At this point it appears that regardless of categories, whenever I post something a notification goes out.  This means that as I fill in information, more posts than usual may go out.  I’m asking followers to be patient as I work to improve the reader and visitor experience.



Cross posted on metatronsarmy.com.

The past several weeks have been filled with challenges, along with some happy moments.

Gary Numan concert anyone?

They’ve also been filled with a series of coincidences – what Jung famously referred to as synchronicities.

Thankfully as these are the lifeblood of a synchronicity junky.

It all started with the concert.  While walking to the venue I noticed a nearby New Age store and though closed I made a note to return.

Which I did when in Seattle for EMF research purposes.

While there I learned a bit – and I mean a small bit – about “The Dude.”


The proprietor, responding to a question about a symbol on a necklace, quoted from and showed me a couple books that included various individuals’ take on the Archangel.

That was several weeks ago.  In the interim a number of chaotic events have brought unique challenges, both professional and personal, and while I believe the worst is behind me, there’s a bit of debris in the field.  Knowing only some of the situation was under my control I turned to one of my favorite coping strategies:  Work on what I can control.

Which usually means writing.

Unfortunately, the sheer quantity of situations beyond my control meant it was difficult to calm the mind enough to focus on any one solvable item.  As this has happened before I engaged in the next level of defense  Read a reread.  Generally fiction, these are stories that entertain and allow me to think of something other than what I can’t control.  Better, they allow me to think of nothing.

Lynn Kurland and Sharaon Sala/Dinah McCall are some of my very favorites though Abigail Drake’s South Side stories have certainly been fun.  Especially given I know the area from when I attended a grad level networking course at Carnegie Mellon/U Pitt during the Corporate Black Hole years.

This week I found myself feeling pretty exhausted by it all.  As I was reading one of the rereads my eyes focused on a phrase  

And how desperately she needed hope.  

Though I certainly didn’t feel desperate I did spare a moment to think how nice it would be to have a sign that a specific situation having to do with a writing conundrum would be resolved.

Specifically, I thought to myself, “I could use some hope.”

Ask and ye shall receive.

Later that evening, Aaron and I were sitting in the living room, relaxing in companionable silence.

Sometimes we talk – this time I was reading my reread and he was browsing.

At one point he looked up at me and turned the laptop so I could see the image.

I didn’t recognize one of the players so he turned it back and began reading.  He kept looking up as if silently prodding me to get it – which I didn’t – after which he said “I need to play this out loud.”

I told you – I was exhasted which is my term for mentally fried.

It was a piece about Alice in Chains and Elton John collaborating on Black Gives Way to Blue.

At the end of the clip the narrator says that Cantrell explained the meaning of the lyrics to Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily, who was 9 at the time.

Sometimes there are very dark and challenging times in life and it may seem like things will never get better. But if you stay strong and keep moving forward and look out on the horizon, you’ll start to see a little point of light way out there. And slowly, the black would give way to blue.

I truly felt as if this was the answer to the earlier thought.  I told Aaron who shared he hadn’t looked at that site in ages.

Coincidence or Fortuitious Timing?

I thanked The Dude for giving me hope that indeed things will get better.

As for the idea of keep moving forward – I hadn’t stopped so I had that nailed.  

Tenacity is one of my better traits.

This morning I was at my desk pondering the writing conundrum and thinking of any fresh ways to approach a resolution.  Unable to come up with anything I decided to work on a different writing project.

This one has a few unanswered questions but I’m moving forward by keeping notes of what I do have.

I alternated this activity with reading the reread and playing a few rounds of Free Cell.  The game allows my mind to drift which helps me come up with solutions to various writing challenges.

I’d deinstalled it but the results in terms of creative inspiration were disastrous so I reinstalled it.

I felt a sudden urge to look at the Llewellyn website.

I haven’t looked at this site in years.

I followed a strong urge to click on a very specific link, eventually coming to a page of books.  I was about to close out the window when my eyes zeroed in on a book.  It was one the proprietor of the New Age store had mentioned.

It isn’t about Metatron directly but it apparently has scholarly references in it.

I browsed the sample chapters and, though intrigued, didn’t feel inspired to buy.

Not my thing.

And then…

I tried to turn my attention back to the nonfiction project work I was doing but I kept feeling a strong urge to go back to that book.

The Dude was prodding me.  Big time.

I went over to Amazon – because I have an account set up there – and opened the sample chapters again.  I also argued with the Dude about the point of buying the book.

I said, “What am I going to do with this?  I don’t get into this stuff and you know it.”

It was like arguing with a brick wall.

Something I describe in great detail in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Knowing I would have no peace until I obeyed the guy I bought the book.  I hadn’t even finished the first page when I understood why he wanted me to buy it.  Not only did it answer the conundrum I was facing it gave me direction on a Messenger of the Gods challenge I’d been dealing with for weeks.

Just like that.

While I appreciate synchronicities, I’m not one to read into every coincidence.

More’s the pity to some I imagine.

If this was a single event out of the blue I would be more apt to write it off as a coincidence.  Given the context of it all?  It was an answer to a plea for help.

And hope.

The book I chose isn’t the point of the post and it’s personal – between me and the Dude – so I’m not going to bother.  What I can say is that the path of Synchronicity is a convoluted path.

Though I don’t believe it’s the path of Fate.**

I hope your day is filled with signs.

And hope.

**A blog for another time.


I once read an interview with Meg Ryan after she’d done Proof of Life.  

I like her as an actress and generally enjoy her movies though I haven’t seen everything she’s done.

In the interview she spoke of taking roles that fit with where she was in her life at the time.  I imagine doing so makes for a better work all the way around since you identify with the whole of it.

Even if the movie isn’t of a genre that finds its way into the Oscars.

I’m coming to think there’s a bit of that philsophy in my writing.

Like Perspective, Timing is Everything

Though I do have somewhat of a flow chart that represents the timeline of various writing projects, I have always allowed for a great deal of flexibility.

I learned early in my tech career that if you don’t bake flexibility into the equation you not only introduce incredible stress when the unexpected throws things off, you back yourself into a corner.

One example I have passed on to other corporate weenies is to try to keep Fridays open for the unexpected.  If the unexpected doesn’t happen? Use it to catch up on administrative tasks.

Like filling out reports that justify to your boss there was a reaason he hired you.  I think that barbaric resource sucking time sink is a thing of the past though I wouldn’t swear to it.

When it comes to writing projects I allow that a variety of factors can throw off best laid plans.

A sudden passion for a different book that keeps you up night after night til you move it to the front of the line and finish it for instance.

This technique was working brilliantly. So brilliantly in fact I was unaware of a variable messing with it.

It was, as Christine reflects in  Analysis, Book 12 in the Metatron’s Army series, the phantom known as Time.

While I was busy rearranging deck chairs on one aspect of my life – hoping writing would distract me – time passed.

Inside and Out.

The passage of time, if not events that transpired in the duration, brought fundamental changes.

To author and character both apparently. 

It wasn’t until I sat down to write Messenger of the Gods that I understood how the symbiotic relationship between author and character can fundamnetally change the story arc – not only of a book but of a series – if the rhythm is thrown off.

By Time.

It Ain’t All Bad.

My initial reaction was Now What?  Sitting at Urgent Care with a sick family member gave me time to consider the opportunity within this bit of irritation.

The irritation being – in part – that I waited so long to finally get to Jake’s book that I  was – um – stuck.

It was while staring at a wall of medical instruments used to evaluate patients that I understood the problem is that I couldn’t stick with the original idea for the simple reason not only had I changed since hatching the plot – Jake had too.

He is too mature for it.

It isn’t that he’s aged beyond the plot.  I came to realize sticking with the original idea would paint him in a less-than-stellar light as a hero and this was the last thing I wanted.

Adversity faced between (and including) Cauldron of the Gods and The Isle of Future Past had changed him. The original plot, conceived while I was in the middle of Shadow of the Gods, was not reflective of experience – and thus maturity – gained in the other stories.

The problem had been circling around the edges of my consciousness for the past weeks and while I tried different methods to inject a bit of life into the inertia it wasn’t until today that I truly understood.  Because of a quote.

I include quotes I feel serve the overall story at the beginning of each book.


It is vain for the coward to flee; death follows close behind; it is  only by defying it that the brave escape.

– Voltaire 


Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery.  Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice.  The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love.

– Morihei Ueshiba

Either would work.

And yet…

One leans more toward the main character, the other his complement character, both of whom are central to the plot.  

It was looking at them side by side that let me know that while the overall theme to the story is solid it’s the execution of it that’s changed.

Because my perspective of emotion in the face of adversity has changed.

I guess that’s what happens when life throws nuermous curve balls, one after another.

The Silver Lining

Understanding brought a profound sense of relief.  It also brought a sense of anticipation as I considered the opportunity I have to learn about this new more seasoned character.  Specifically, how he looks at life and love.

Because of what he’s lived through.

Author Benefit

In so doing I get a glimpse of that world.

Ah, the beauty inherent in being a novelist.

I suppose I could have said “He grew up” but I think my explanation is more fun.

If you can believe, this is progress!


I’d just sat at my desk and was going through a mental list of what I need to do to get started on writing when I was distracted by the sound of a bus.  After taking a moment to consider that between the air brakes and the fact it isn’t an electric bus it’s one of the more obnoxious sounds in an otherwise quiet morning I became aware the morning isn’t so quiet.

The first sound I tuned into was that of birds.

The same ones that generally wake me up in the morning.

Shortly after I heard the furnace kick on.

Took a moment to think how much noisier electric furnaces are than gas.

Once the furnace turned off I became aware of the sound of cars going by and further considered how much sound sets the rhythm of time.


Thanks to moving around the country over the years, I’ve learned birds keep different schedules.

More than just the time of year.

While living in a forested environment I learned that some birds are quiet in the morning but set up quite the racket in the evening.  Interestingly, it was something I never got used to.

Location change has afforded me a unique perspective.

Living in areas where the birds do not migrate south means year-long bird song.

Living in a part of the country out of the migratory path of Canadian Geese is perhaps the nicest perk when it comes to aviary sound.

Depending where you are, spring in Michigan can be ungodly loud beginning at 4am thanks to these flying friends.


There are two types of buses that pollute my morning quiet

  • School
  • Commuter

Word on the street is the fleet will eventually go electric which will make for a stark difference in the morning.

Especially the commuter bus which starts hours before school.

The school bus evokes a different reaction.


Air brakes followed by the sound of doors opening reminds me of bitter cold mornings waiting at the bus stop.

In Michigan.

Wanting to get every last second of sleep I’d wait til the very last minute to get out of bed.  As a result my hair was often still wet as I waited.

In the winter it would freeze.  

I well remember sitting in 1st period, rivulets of water sliding down the back of my sweater as my hair thawed out.

The previous residence had a twist on the school bus adventure.  The trick was to time my trips to the coffee shop so I wouldn’t get stuck behind a school bus that stopped every few dozen yards to pick up another group of kids.

Which is why I was often one of the first customers in the door once they opened.

Covid gave me a taste of what it will be like when the buses – what my Civics teacher used to call yellow carbon monoxide bombs – go electric.

With total lockdown there was one heck of a big silence!

This is one sound I won’t miss.


The primary time element associated with the furnace is season though there is also a time-of-day piece.

Thanks to the fact it’s one of the noisiest furnaces I’ve ever had and the fact it’s coldest between 4 and 6 am these days I’m generally up before the sun rises.

When it goes below 35 it is continuously kicking on.  Bye-bye sleep.

At least this one only lasts half the year.


In general, cars are not a major problem.

In spite of living near a relatively busy road.

Having grown up living on Fenkel (5 Mile) in Detroit and then later on Opdyke in Bloomfield, I know how obnoxious it can be to have cars, trucks, and motorcycles going by at all hours of the day and night.

Not to mention when you hear the truck testing at GM Truck and Coach!

Fortunately, and thanks to the proliferation of electric cars in the West, there isn’t as much noise as their might otherwise be.

Not to mention the thoroughfare isn’t as busy as the Michigan roads were.

Our governor has signed a bill phasing out the sale of non-electric vehicles by 2030

In practice, it will operate as the most ambitious gas vehicle phase-out in the nation, mirroring its 2021 version in ending the sale of gas-powered cars by the end of the decade. The next closest state at the moment is California, which has a phase-out goal set for 2035.

Again, Covid gave a glimpse of what the world will sound like at some point in the future.

Now if only they could do something about planes.

There’s a cargo plane that goes over the house on its way to SeaTac.

Bright and early.

Between the birds, the buses, and the planes, mornings come early indeed.

Thank god for espresso!

Messenger of the Gods, a Dragon Core story will be available Summer 2022.

Stay tuned.


What a productive 24 hours!

Not only was I able to conduct back to back successful EMF tests…

Materials anyone?

I came up with a title for an upcoming book relating to/introducing the upcoming nonfiction project!

Thank you Aaron for the brainstorming session!

Conducted in parallel with the EMF test.

Of course, as with everything EMF, answering one question opens up more.

There’s always more to learn.

Fortunately, thanks to the addition of a new crew member I was able to gain incredible insight into the X Factor.

As well as the most recent materials impact on EMFs.

I also attended another online class, the results of which will go into the foundational aspect of the upcoming project.

Having spent decades in tech, I do a lot of the work myself.

Though I do have a tech-savvy team behind me that pulls a lot of the weight, freeing me up to focus on writing and research.

It isn’t about control so much as the way the entirety of my career evolved.

Much differently than I anticipated.

The plan for the project is still what I call a soft launch which basically means stuff will go up and may come down as I work to get it Goldie Locks.

Just right.

When I feel it’s there I’ll do a post announcing it officially launched.

Even then there will be tweaks to enhance the user experience.

At this point a lot of it is getting the feel.

Which is more about the creator than the consumer.

There are a number of ways of bridging the two which is why there are tweaks.

I’ve gained – thanks to my newest crew member – traction on the upcoming Messenger of the Gods, a Dragon Core novel.

He pointed me at music for the playlist.

It isn’t that I have to have a playlist before I can write so much as that the playlist is something I can turn to if I need to ground myself in the feel of the story.

Or the feel of a character.

That I didn’t have one for the upcoming project was reflective that I was still tasting a spaghetti sauce and saying “Something’s missing.”

And until I nail it I can’t truly get going.

For the curious, it was R.E.M’s Bang and Blame that broke it loose for me.

This insightful member of the crew who I call Pirate** also suggested I go through my iTunes library and cull anything that is no longer reflective of who I am as a person.

In some cases, it never was.  It just landed there because someone else flung it over the wall at me and I just didn’t bother to wipe it off.

It’s part of laying that foundation for success.

It isn’t just adding what goes in – it’s getting rid of what doesn’t fit.

I think what I’m most excited about is finally understanding Factor X as an EMF challenge.  Or maybe it’s validating what Aaron told me about it back in 2014 when we were living in San Diego.

It wasn’t that I didn’t believe him, I just didn’t understand how it was possible as a source.

That Pirate was able to explain the exact frequency dynamics behind it?  Icing on the cake!

More to come!

Stay tuned.

**Like all crew members, he’s a musician. As with all of them, I couldn’t have picked him out of a lineup, had no idea who he was.

And as with most of them, had no idea he’d left the planet so to speak.


Thought I’d take the opportunity to provide a bit of clarification on the nonfiction project.

In my enthusiasm to share everything I’ve learned about atmospheric, geologic, and esoteric EMFs I created a bit of a monster.

Scope creep anyone?

It started with “I could…” which led me to take several online courses to better undertand various tools that would support my efforts which led to more “…and then I could…” which is true but was turning the project into a behemoth that would have sucked me dry as it took up enormous amounts of time and energy.

And not just because I was doing tasks that could have been outsourced.  Someone has to manage that regardless.

The nonfiction project began squeezing my true passion.


The deeper I got into the scope creep of the nonfiction project the less space I had for what I love.

Not that I don’t love EMF research!  I live it every day!  

Not to mention I have a passion for helping others.

I decided to rescope the nonfiction project.

The intent is the same.

Share information with others for mutual benefit.

The information is the same.

What I’ve learned and experienced.

The format is the same.

Some written and some video.  Not sure if I will do audio only.  Perhaps.

The scope is smaller.

And thus, more targeted.

I caught the creep and herded it back where it belongs.

It was like herding cats.

I will provide updates as appropriate.

And I will continue to divide my writing energies between fiction and non.

You might be surprised by how much both those genres have been influenced by esoteric EMFs.  One thing I can promise.  You will be finding out.

Through the upcoming releases.

Stay tuned.