Note: Longer post.

Listening to the iTunes List for Hollow Shelter and relaxing after a weekend of work.

Depeche Mode’s World in My Eyes playing.

Work that started long before the weekend.

One thing I’ve learned about making changes to my websites.  If I work on Sunday?  Don’t be in a hurry.

I’m guessing lots of people are under the impression that being a Sunday not many will be working.  Wrong.  

It isn’t network performance.

Ah well it gets done eventually.

As the title suggests I have a number of changes I’ve been working on.

Good stuff!

Inside and out!

Both websites got a bit of an update.

So did a novel.

Elizabeth Maxim

I’ve written for years about the challenge of creating a web presence that reflects all the facets of me as a writer.

As I’m not done I don’t think the website is either.

Changes to this site aren’t dramatic so much as making it better for visitors and followers.

A renaming of a couple of picks under the Explore menu as well as readding the Store.

I will be making adjustments and additions in the coming weeks and months.

Added Sci-Fi to the menu to guide visitors and readers to my other work.

Including newly posted pages regarding Metatron.

I will be adding more information to this site in the near future.  

The past weeks were spent deciding what I was going to do with it.

As for Sci-Fi

Metatron’s Universe

The site that now hosts my sci-fi stories got a bit more of an overhaul.

I’m pretty happy and proud.

I updated the Event Horizaon App page to reflect the additional functionality.

New screen shots are included. 

The menu pick has an S because I have more Apps in the works.

Stay tuned!


Pages and posts that will appear on and under this menu pick will reflect my relationship with this enigmatic being.

As opposed to any religiously defined version.

As I write on the main page my relationship to him revolves around a different yet equally enigmatic subject.


I think Einstein would have finished the job if he’d lived long enough. 

I’ve been impressed with the work of his contemporaries, including and especially a young Russian who – in the early 70s – in his early 20s came up with an equation in which was able to prove Hugh Everett’s Parallel Universe theory plausible.

I have a thing for people who prove what I learned in the NDE.

Did Someone Say Equation?

I posted a first stab at explaining the equation.

Well, not exactly a first stab.  Aaron has that designation.

Newlywed, we were at a Denny’s in Santa Clarita when I scribbled the equation on a placemat.  

After listening and examining the equation – calculus – he put on his math hat and wrote out a different equation.

The one I showed him didn’t fit with traditional math so he decided to see if we were doing an apples to apples logic event.

I will never forget that moment.

I still laugh thinking about it because in so many ways it defines everything.

After all was said and done he leaned back and said – and I will never forget this – “You got the answer right but I have no idea how you did it.”

I literally just laughed out loud reading that for editing purposes.  His face.  OMG.

I broke down my approach which made Aaron smile.

Because it made sense when I did it that way.

He wasn’t able to solve “The Equation.”

No one had been able to.

As I write, I showed it to a number of people including the ENT surgeon who often tutored me in calc and chem math as well as college professors and several tech colleagues.

I will be adding stuff to this area as appropriate.

And as the universal current sweeps me along.

The World of Metatron’s Army

I updated imagery and descriptions on this website.

I have a number of books that will eventually be added to the Metatron’s Army family.

Stay tuned.

The Universe

Ghost Games and Colony have been relocated under the Metatron’s Universe umbrella.

Additional stories in each of these series will be making an appearance in the months to come.

Stay tuned!


For a day following one that ended on such a high note, today is filled with sobering thoughts.

Good stuff, but sobering.

I’ve mentioned I utilize a white board to track various tasks.

I mentioned in a post yesterday the task list is rather lengthy now.

This morning I added a new task to the very top

Tune the Dial

What does this mean?  Unlike the t-shirt in my store it is not about avoiding negativity.

Though that is wise.  

Rather, it’s about the opposite.  Focus on the positive.

Specifically a person or a situation that will put a smile in your heart when you think on it.

The idea to take such deliberate action came as part of a post-mortem analysis of the previous winter.  It was, due to a variety of circumstances, a low point in my life.  

Fortunately, months of introspection revealed it is unlikely the stars will line up in such a way again.


That isn’t to say I can be heedless of the fact some of my own vulnerabilities make it so if I’m not careful I could wind up in a smiliar place.

It was one of those where stress led to a behavior to address the stress but ended up bringing different stress which led to…

It was for this reason I spent months dissecting everything that took place including my role in any of it.

How did my actions contribute to my own suffering?

Once I finished that I identified actions I could take to avoid getting sucked into such a place again. I further considered how I might raise my energy vibration back to what it was prior to the chaos.  One idea I toyed with was starting every morning by thinking of someone or something that put a smile in my heart.

To achieve the higher vibration I needed to refocus my attention.

I had to Tune the Dial.

What gave me the idea was that I’d noted whenever I composed an email to a certain friend I felt absolutely fantastic.

Energized and ready to face the day!

I decided to test and see if I felt that way even if I didn’t write to this friend but simply thought of them.  

It worked!

I went through other evaluations in order to gauge how various events affected me.

Including interactions with other people.

I periodically tried the morning email thought to see if it consistently got me smiling.

It does.

Wanting to be thorough in my efforts to see how various events affect me I spent the past few days doing a number of tests, including reading headlines.

I discovered that my interactions with people affect me far more than what I read in the headlines, regardless of whether or not those headlines are negative and/or upsetting.

I alluded to this in Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity in the section on Esoteric EMFs.

I considered activities that bring joy.

  • Conversations with Family
  • Philosophical conversations with others who love to stretch their minds
  • Conversations with people pursuing their dreams or who have achieved them
  • Writing
  • Thinking of Fans**
  • Music
  • Walking

I considered there are some activities I haven’t done in a long time but knowing they brought happiness determined I would reengage.

Specifically a workout routine I did for decades, a combination of stretches and weight lifting.

I determined I got the best response by making a point each morning to think of someone or something that makes me smile.

I may write a message to them I don’t intend to send just to get that frequency tuned correctly.

I also determined it is in my best interest to make changes in how I handle situations that bring me down.

Especially interactions with people who drain me rather than juice me up.

I decided that each time I think of individual(s) who have caused grief or in some way drained me I will automatically send them thoughts of love and happiness.

I used a modified Silva technique to program myself to do as much.

I am getting good results.

Felt as if the weight of the world tumbled from my shoulders.

I am determined to make Tuning the Dial to bring in positive energy a habit.


**Thinking of the people who stop by to visit my websites and who subscribe brings such a smile to my heart!  Thinking how people are enjoying the stories I write brings joy.


Note: Longer post.

I don’t know if I should love my work-away-from-home place or hate it.

I’m guessing love is the better option.

How Did I Land Here?

About 6 years ago, as I was writing into the home stretch for the Metatron’s Army Series, I began setup tasks for what would become Dragon Core, a series originally begun when I was a sophomore in high school.

I wrote 3 full-length novels for the series.

I began writing Dragon Core’s story not long after conceiving the idea for Metatron’s Army.

About seven months after.

I was 15.

Note:  I never typed out a book for the MA series the way I did for Dragon Core.

Until The Dude demanded I do so that is.

In 2014.

By the time I decided to follow the prodding of The Dude and publish Dragon Core I knew it had to be totally ripped apart from the original.

Yep, flushed 3 novels down the drain.

Between Thanksgiving 2016 and when the 1st in the Series was published I redesigned the story.

Even as I kept the original plot in place.

One of the initial tasks I needed to do for Cauldron of the Gods, was find a visual location for Lages’ bar in Seattle.  

Aesop’s Cove.

I originally thought of using J & M.

It was the first place I had lunch while staying in a hotel before we moved to Seattle.

I loved the gritty vibe, the history of the place.

According to the server that first time, Nirvana played one of its signature early performances there.

I love Pioneer Square!

Note: As I write in Psychic Hangover, historical places can be – ghosts notwithstanding – a psychic’s best friend.

I always had a good experience at J & M in terms of food and service and, most importantly, ambiance. 

The perfect vibe for me even if I wasn’t thinking of using it for a novel.

On the day I went to evaluate

It was in contention with a gritty Irish place further up 1st

and after telling Aaron it was perfect I found out from the server they were going out of business.  

I had just told her I’d chosen their location and would give them PR in my series when she dropped that bomb on me.

Wouldn’t you know the owner was in the restaurant that day?  She brought him over so I could explain what I was doing there and how much I loved that place.  


Theoretically I could have kept the location but my heart – after hearing they were going out of business – was just no longer in it.

And the other place didn’t fit with the overall vibe I needed though it IS the inspiration for the fake address for the bad guy!

Back to the Drawing Board

For months I traveled a big circle in an effort to find the ideal place to use as inspiration.

Remember I was still finishing the MA series and that includes Metatron’s Legacy.

and found none of them a good fit.

Too touristy, too trashy, too something.

Frustrated, I went back to a local pub I sometimes worked at to not only think over what to do next but to evaluate one last time.

To see if I could use it as a visual anchor for the pub in the story.  

The problem?  

The original problem. Get the right vibe.

It was too upscale for what I was looking for in terms of gritty vibe.

From Cauldron of the Gods

1st in the series:

Determined to reserve judgment, thirty-year-old Clare   Edwards stepped into the darkened interior and looked around.

“It’s just the right balance of gritty and sophistication.”

“I don’t want a dive bar.”

“I didn’t say -.”


“Sophistication?  Have you ever been in a dive bar that could be described as sophisticated?  You’ll love it.  Trust me.”

She did trust Lucas Drake, and not just because he was a cop.  The detective was a straight shooter something not necessarily synonymous with a badge.

The Vibe So Needed

Obviously vibe is subjective but as it’s my story and I have to put myself in Lage’s bar – mentally – when writing, I knew what I was looking for.  


Could my local place fit the bill?

Gritty is not a word I would use when describing it.


For a variety of reasons including blinders on eyes 

Like those that keep a horse looking straight ahead

I decided to run with it

I have to layer gritty as an imaginative element on top of it but it works…

Wait!  There’s More!

There always is…

In addition to being a visual anchor for a series, it’s a place I’ve been coming to – periodically – when I need to solve a problem.

When I need to get out of my environment because the walls are closing in on me.

As problem solving goes, I have a consistent track record.

Coming here to get out of my space and my head. 


This past week I came to see solving a problem isn’t always the funnest thing.  

At least in my case.

I came to see that as one problem is fixed another if not several more are right behind it.

Waiting for my attention.

For Instance…

When I finished my sandwich this afternoon, satisfied I’d accomplished what I set out to do I saw that I had a rather significant pile of tasks.

The problem(s)/work behind what I came to solve.

Setting the empty plate aside I pulled the laptop close and began a bit of a deep dive into the issue at hand.  

Organizing the task list and assigning owners.

Next thing I knew my fingers were flying across the keyboard with solutions.

And my mind was writing this blog post!

I quickly noted the solutions required additional tasks be completed!

And I needed to start this blog post because it was front and center in mind!

Less than ten minutes later I had a laundry list of tasks to complete

And 1/2 the post written in a file.

While all will bear luscious fruit I can’t help but wince at the additional work I now have on my plate.

Work I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t come up to solve a problem only to find myself hyper inspired by the ambiance!

It isn’t like I’m going to blame anyone at the pub for this quagmire but I can’t help appreciating the irony.

Be careful what you wish for

What Else Did I Learn?

I will try to determine what elements I can transplant to my normal work environment


To achieve balance.

Yin and Yang

This place is obviously an opposite extreme for a variety of reasons.

Elements I know do not factor into the equation:  Food and Alcohol.

In addition to a variety of foods I have wine and champagne along with a nice bottle of tequila that was a recent gift.

I’m saving it for an upcoming occasion:  My birthday!

I’ve never had tequila outside margaritas so I’m looking forward to expanding my horizons!

The Vibe?

A great part of it is the fact it’s a sports pub.

I love watching ESPN and sports!

Sports TV deals with passion and dreams fulfilled

Athletes who started out in a crib like the rest of us

Those interviewing are equally passionate.

There’s also vibrant color and movement and all things helpful for the business side of being a writer.

Read: Inspiring!

Note: It wouldn’t work to just turn ESPN on on my laptop or the TV.

It’s kind of a yin/yang thing.

Music is – I’ll admit – a crapshoot.

I think it depends who’s working the bar.

At the moment Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride is on.

Thumbs’ up!

“…before the thing could answer me – well, someone came and took the lamp away…”

Been there, done that.

What I know is that I solved one problem and wound up with a laundry list of to-do’s as well as the challenge of figuring out what of the energy here I can transfer to my home work space to inject a bit of that yang energy.

There has to be a balance. 

All I have to do is find it…


I planned to post an article about Manifesting this morning though one that dealt with a different aspect.  It was preempted by a dream which was not only powerful it reminded me of another critical component of manifesting: Perseverence.

The Dream

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with dreams.  I have always dreamt in color and have had a number of lucid dreams.

Aware while dreaming that you are dreaming.

At 13 I began to have prophetic dreams.  My dad, also a lover of dreams, what they were, what they symbolized, upon hearing of this, bought a book on lucid dreaming for me for Christmas.

I remember thinking “Oh, that’s what that’s called.”

From that day forward I made a point of studying not only dreams but interpretations.

One of my prouder dream moments:  I wrote a master’s thesis on dreams wherein I argued against some of Freud’s more notable conclusions.  I got an A and a personal congrats from the newly tenured professor teaching the class. 

Over the years I’ve participated in a number of dream discussion groups.

Some formal, some not.

As I write in Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal, a colleague helped me maneuver my way through a series of dreams wherein my deceased maternal grandfather visited to provide key information about my career and show me future events, including the man I was going to marry.

6 years prior to meeting him.

I saw him standing on the patio at my paternal grandparents’ house.  When I went to turn so I could get a good look at him my maternal grandfather said, “You can’t.”  

I argued I should be able to get a look at him so I didn’t tell him to get lost when I met him but my grandfather was adamant and drew me to another part of the house where I was shown other things soon to come.

Switching Psi Gears

By the time we were living in San Francisco I was used to having psychic dreams.  As I write in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die, I’d been living in the city for two years when The Dude informed me it was time to learn clairaudience.

I politely declined, explaining I was perfectly happy to have psi experiences in dreams.

Wrong answer

It was explained in a tone that bordered on rudeness that it wasn’t a request.

When I refused again – more adamantly – I was informed that until I complied there would be no more psi dreams.

He made good on his threat.

Six years later, just before moving to Fort Collins and after resigning myself to being a clairaudient, I was given an immersive class in clairaudience.

In the years between then and now I have had very few psi dreams though I continue to dream in color.

I spent those years honing other psi abilities including mediumship which was an adventure in itself.

Even though I continued having psi experiences my preferred dream experience had not returned.

I dreamt, just not the way I used to and wanted to.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive 

If You Work For It 

Starting a little over a year ago I decided to do what I could to restore my ability to have lucid dreams.

To help me gain insight into challenging issues as well as for creative inspiration.

When simple meditation techniques failed to produce results I purchased a couple of books on the subject.  Unfortunately, they were overly complicated and the methods required too many steps.

My mind rejected the works.

Determined, I kept looking and came upon the work of Robert Moss.

My favorite is The Three Only Things:  Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence, and Imagination.  Not only is his method for getting insight from dreams super simple, the book is filled with wonderful examples that educate, entertain, and inspire.

I had immediate success gaining insight using the technique he describes.

Wanting More.

Though I was thrilled with the success, the experience fell far short of what I was looking for in terms of dreaming.

What I knew I was capable of.

I continued to work the technique and while I gained insight into various subjects I was not satisfied.

I could do more.

Yesterday I spent a substantial bit of time visualizing exactly what I wanted for a dream experience, using one I had in 1994 as a reference.

I went over that dream as if reviewing a movie at slow speed, halting to observe the color and the sensory experiences at various points.

I allowed myself to feel what I felt upon waking from that dream back in ’94

I ran to a computer the moment I woke and typed the entire dream. 

Though I still have the file I did not review it.

There was no need.

That dream is a part of my soul. 

It was that powerful.

Even as I gave myself time yesterday to miss the experience I felt confident that at some point I would have a dream equally as powerful if not as impactful.

30 years later and my whole body responds as if I had it this morning.

This morning I woke before 6.  

With a headache.

After doing deep meditation aimed at relieving the headache I fell back to sleep.


I dreamt a story!

It’s been years since I’ve dreamt a book in its entirety.

The dream was everything I could have wanted in terms of immersive experience.

Brilliant color, details so clear I felt I was in the house in the dream rather than just observing.


Shortly after approaching the house in the dream I looked at a tech device someone was holding out to me.  Upon reading what was on the screen I became aware I was in a dream.  

Immediately after acknowlging this I took note of what was going on in the dream.

I also stepped fully into the house.

I realized I’d been given a great gift from the dream gods!

A book!

Still in the dream yet fully aware of the gift I drank in every detail including and especially how I felt.

It was a sci-fi drama/dystopian story.

I was further rewarded for my years’ long efforts getting to this point when one of the characters in the dream paused the action then turned to me and said, “You know what this is, right?”

I replied, “Yes, it’s the plot for a book.”

I could feel the tension in the characters in the room.

Satisfied I understood the gift – would honor it – he set the story in motion again.

He stood to my right at a 45 degree angle and watched to ensure I was taking it all in.

I have a pretty good idea where this book will go.

But first…

Aside from validating manifesting – in this case manifesting lucid dreaming after 19 years hiatus – requires perseverence

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…

I want to draw readers’ attention to other points crucial for successful manifesting

From the article

  • visualizing exactly what I wanted
  • using one I had in 1994 as a reference.
  • I allowed myself to feel
  • I felt confident

Each of these plays a role in manifesting successfully!

It may take awhile but when we want something badly enough we generally find a way to make it happen.

Details on the dream can be found here.


Warning:  Political

But holistic too!

I considered whether or not to post this blog entry because it’s political and that’s not my thing.  However, it’s also holistic.

And it’s about love and that is my thing.

I was sitting here listening to Original Sin by INXS and a funny thought occurred.  If the powers that be [read politicians] in the US move to invalidate interracial marriages – or any marriages for that matter – they are screwing themselves.

When I explained my reasoning to Aaron he shook his head and said “You’re thinking too logically.”  Hee hee.

Before Aaron and I were married we lived together.

ahem – in sin?  Perish the thought!

We debated whether or not to get married at all for one significant reason


The tax penalty that meant our combined income would be taxed at a much higher rate.

Newlyweds with few write-offs we were at a particular disadvantage.

After reading up on the matter we evaluated finding other ways to legally shelter joint assets and thus protect each other in case anything happened to us.

In other words we just eliminated the legal need to marry and were looking at a doo-doo load of savings in taxes.

Ah taxes…

The politicians’ bank account.

If marriages are done away with then those couples who love each other and are completely and totally devoted to each other won’t be penalized.

They don’t have to pay into the giant tax bank account that politicians use to pay for services.

And pet projects.

Ah love…

Neither Aaron nor I were concerned about the formality of the social custom because it didn’t change how we felt about each other.

Love and devotion.

We decided if we didn’t marry and we had kids we would just make sure we took legal action to protect each other and the kids.

There are a number of options for people who choose not to marry.

In the end we decided to go through with the ceremony.

And big time paid for it come April.

Had we stayed single we would have paid far less in taxes which makes the timing of this noise interesting.

After years of pandemic shutdown and the loss of all the tax revenue can the government really afford the tax loss?

Multiple governments depending how and at what level it would be done away with.

It’s not like we’ve begun to recoup what we lost.  

The pandemic is still here and due to a multitude of factors life and commerce are not back to normal.

It would behoove the politicians to carefully consider the ramifcations of the revenue loss.

Expenses are not going down. The tax kitties can’t say the same thanks to the pandemic.

If the political powers are determined to do away with marriage between certain individuals they are only screwing themselves.

Shrinking their already decimated bank accounts that much further.

It will also drive people affected to move to friendlier shores, including in some cases other countries, which will negatively impact their communities that much more.

Bye bye real estate and property taxes as well since they aren’t likely to buy a house in a community that doesn’t honor them as they are honoring the community.

Those affected who may move to other states or countries? They’re doctors, lawyers, paramedics, police officers, firefighters, military personnel.

Souls who are giving of themselves to make the world a better place.

The holistic view?

As someone who writes about hapily-ever-after and the passion and love between people I would like to point out that marriage is a legal and social custom.  It does not define the love and commitment between two people.

No one can take that away

Post Note: Listening to Queen – one of the most brilliant bands ever – still thinking up reasons why the US politicians are about to screw themselves if they go through with this misguided path of invalidating marriages of certain individuals…


and rang and rang…

The world is facing a rather interesting demographic shift at the moment. I’m not sure how it is where these misguided politicians live but where I live there are more jobs than people to fill them.

To the point an incredible burden has been put on youth and college students to fill roles so demanding they’re being worn out – body heart and soul.

When those affected move to those friendlier shores? They will leave vacancies to be filled.

Yeah, Aaron’s right. I’m probably thinking too logically.

Too bad certain others aren’t as enlightened…

OMG…listening to Queen’s Death on Two Legs

“…with your narrow minded cronies..”

The universe sure has a sense of humor


Have you ever seen a Medieval tapestry?

The type used to keep drafts out by hanging on the walls?

At this stage in the game due to age, wear and tear, the tapestry may be a bit threadbare here and there, faded wherever the sun of days long gone lit on it, but the beauty of it – the magnificence – remains.

I have a passion for Medieval art, btw.

As for life as a tapestry…

In my bio I write My life is a tapestry.  That’s how I look at it.  There are imperfections in the threads and sometimes light shining on it may reveal something different than what people might have thought but it’s colorful and unique and – the material woven in such a way as that there is strength.

I recently had a conversation in which I used this metaphor to help a teen see the silver thread in the grey section he’d recently weaved…

Not long into the summer he took a spill that left him with an arm broken in two places. For a long time he couldn’t drive and he lost his job which required the use of both.

After expressing my condolences I explained that this was part of the tapestry of his life and that when he’s a dad?  His kids are going to listen with eyes like saucers to the story that their dad fell while riding a skateboard and broke his arm!

“You dad?  You were on a skateboard?!”

A ghost of a smile came and went and it was obvious he hadn’t considered it like that.

We all should.

The Forest for the Trees

I’ll be the first in line of those who have failed to see the bigger picture because when you’re in a cesspit it’s hard to see the silver thread but…it’s there.

The Pandemic and Kids

I have lost count of the times I’ve considered what heroes the kids of the world are.  Everyone’s so busy talking about teachers and YES they are pandemic heroes but they are adults!  They have resources available to them to help them through, not the least of which is life experience.

Something kids don’t necessarily have and it becomes more difficult the further back in childhood you go.

I think back to what my life was like at that point in time – age-wise – to those I was most familiar with


For one thing I’d just had my first class in computers on an Apple IIe.

I like to tell my kids I grew up when the abacus was the computer though I did do punch card computing while working at Oakland Hills Country Club.

I considered how the school administration put everything online so kids could get the best experience possible given what they had to work with.

Then considered how my mother and I -poor as church mice at that point in time – could not afford cable, let alone a modem [aka the Internet].

Recognizing such needs the local school offered free Wi-Fi so students could sit in the family car and connect for free.

Which makes parents and older siblings driving to the schools so the kids could do so heroes too.

I don’t think my community would have had the resources to do the like

For a variety of reasons

which led to thinking about…

The seniors whose lives had just gone off the rails.

  • What would happen to college applications?
  • What happened if they were vying for a scholarship in sports or the arts?

Time and again I watched kids step up to the plate filming themselves and sending the video to colleges that couldn’t have them come and audition because of shutdowns. 

And watched the owners of studios offer their spaces upon appointment so they could do so.

I heard stories of teens setting up studios in their homes to try and keep up the dancing or other activity

And parents giving up their home offices to be turned into those studios.

Which circles to…

Who are you and what have you done with my parents?

It wasn’t only kids that were kept at home.  Parents who were used to being away from their kids for hours while they worked were suddenly sharing a home 24/7 with them.

In one case the dad was a homicide detective who still went to work and thus slept odd hours.  His kids were both talented dancers – one going for a scholarship to Juliard.  When was he supposed to practice that wouldn’t wake his dad if the hours were continually changing? They made it work.

I heard stories of parents shoving desks into the front entryway and other nooks and crannies as they tried to accomodate but those kids had to accomodate the parents as much as the parents were doing for them.

Imagine living in a small flat in Europe or Japan or Australia or a small apartment or condo in the US?  Those kids weren’t any happier at being in a squirrel hutch previously used primarily for sleeping any more than their parents were.

It only becomes a squirrel hutch when circumstances mean the walls close in.

These are the events that are the threads of the tapestry.  

And yet…

The same event may have spawned the thread but the tapestry of youth is not the tapestry of adulthood and in this, youth have a distinct advantage.

Adults are generally used to stability so when the silver thread appears they view it with horror.

Whereas kids are more likely to say “Oh, another one?”

Kids only start viewing these threads with horror after seeing the adults in their lives do so.

Heard plenty of stories of adults paving the way as best they could along with stories of how some adults weren’t handling it which put more of a burden on the inexperienced to take up the slack and run with it.

The tapestry

Because of the pandemic and the contuing fallout from it, kids in our world are getting a brilliant opportunity to see how well – or not – the world handled the global adversity.

At the end of the day the silver is there.  It’s the place of honor it gets in the tapestry that makes the difference…

Look for the silver in your tapestry

Admire and value the beauty

Be well



Today is a special day.  It was 43 years ago I had the brain bleed that would change everything and while a lot of trauma and loss came from that day my mom made an effort to turn it around.

Take the focus off the sad.

Celebrate Life!

Beginning the very first year and every year since we celebrate this day because I’m here. I survived and proved a lot of medical professionals wrong by making a full recovery and going on to live a normal life.

Funny, none of the nonmedical folks were pessimistic. They were all very encouraging.

Celebrate life!

There were some very special anniversaries, including the five year which my mom, brother, and I toasted with champagne!

Ten year was special too as I had multiple celebrations, some with friends, some with family.

After my mom remarried my stepfather made a point of calling me on this day to congratulate me.

They often sent flowers, too.

Throughout the years I’ve included those in my sphere in celebrating this day.

Sometimes it was small, other times a party. Sometimes friends, sometimes coworkers as we went to the Novi Hilton behind our office for a drink to celebrate life.

Tonight I’m thinking of a nicer dinner – maybe a dessert.  As for including others in the celebration…

This is for readers and visitors…

Celebrate life and all its wonders!

As the title suggests, visualization can play a big role in health and healing.

It did and does for me!

It may be that visualizing as a part of healing came naturally to me because even before having the brain surgery I was big on imagery.

I had a vivid imagination.

Still do, thus, fiction writing.

I regularly put this imagination to good use in play and school.

I won my first fiction writing award in first grade.  I had to illustrate the story which I did in crayon.

I also learned to use visualization in sports, which helped in my acceptance to the US Olympic gymnast team the spring of 1979.

I was to report to training camp two weeks after the brain bleed. Talk about life reroute!

In sharing this here on this day I’m empowering readers by either reminding them of something they know or educating them on something they don’t and that is that visualization can and does play a huge role in health and healing.

To illustrate…

pun intended

After I got my sight back I asked my dad to lift me up so I could look out the window.

I’d been blind for weeks.  My sight came back slowly and in the beginning it was only in black and white.  

It was the end of August and more than anything I wished I was out riding my bike or roller skating as I had been the day before the brain bleed.

Thinking as I was skating how much my life was about to change – because the training camp I was going to was run by gold-medal winning Romanian gymnast coaches.**

I remember looking first at the clear blue sky then at the enormous hospital lawn.

Green and beautiful.

It was the lawn that ignited the imagery that turned my healing in a new more powerful direction.

Some people make fun of Midwesterners and their lawns but I can say with absolute certainty that seeing that large green lawn on that perfect summer day changed my life for the better.

After asking my dad if I was too heavy – I wanted to stare at the lawn some more – I allowed all the feelings the lawn represented to fill me.

I thought of how I’d only seen such a large expanse of grass like that at a park which made me think of running around on that lawn, playing jarts or croquet, and all sorts of other fun things.

I declared I was going to walk again and more – ride my bike again.

I could see myself riding a bike on the sidewalk next to that grass.

Months later I was sitting in the car in the parking lot of St. Mary’s of Redford and once again visualization catapulted me forward along the path of healing.

And got me out of a serious downward spiral of despair.

A misguided therapist had asked what I was going to be for Halloween – a billiard ball?

Because hair shaved for the surgery was only a little over an inch long.

To understand why I was so devastated by the remark.

Prior to the surgery my hair was down to my waist.

Dejected, I was staring into the distance when I caught sight of the shadow of my head on the car door.  My ears were sticking out, which made the comment hit home – and I started to cry.

My mom was returning the wheelchair to the hospital lobby because it had only been 2 months. Yes I could walk, but distances wore me out which often caused me to trip and fall.

As I was staring at the shadow a gentle voice spoke to me and I was filled with warmth.

As if I’d been wrapped in a warm blanket.

“See it.”

My mind immediately focused on the shadow and I imagined what it would look like if my hair was long.

I could see it!

Rather than stopping there I allowed my mind to wander at will to a time in the future when I would be normal again.

Well, that wasn’t going to happen but at that point I still hadn’t grasped the enormity of what had happened. 

By the time my mom got behind the wheel I was excited because I knew it was all going to be okay.

  • I would walk normally again

No dragging my left leg behind me because my knee hadn’t yet remembered what to do

  • My hair would grow long again

Though I did cut it short in high school – once…

  • I would become the writer I’d wanted to be since I was 3

Before gymnastics, math, and science took center stage.

That image got me through a lot of tough times and because I held it firmly in my mind during every physical and occupational therapy session, worked magic

  • 9 months later I walked 26 miles to raise money  for Muscular Dystrophy
  • A little over a year after that I skated 56 milles to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Association

Whenever I’ve been faced with a health challenge I’ve included visualization as part of the healing process.

It works!

** Both my parents – separately – commented years later about that day.

Watching as I was skating – twirling then jumping up into the splits and touching the toes of my skates before coming back down to the sidewalk – and considering how much life was about to change.

August 6th: A day that changed a lot of lives!


I was recently having a back and forth with a friend about manifesting.  

Specifically, timing.


One of my favorite concepts.

She reminded me that we are not necessarily in charge of the when of something.

Ironically, I was afraid what I was visualizing would manifest before I was ready!

She went on to share a method she employs when working on manifesting.

Show me a Sign

After telling me she is a fan of using signs as a way of validating whether or not she is on the right path she shared a personal take on the method.

From a recent email

“I have always looked for signs.  My favorite saying is…If God’s willing!  Meaning if my thoughts are to manifest He will have a hand in it!”

The other points she brought up left me feeling better about going forward with a bit of visualization without worrying my life would be turned to chaos because it manifested before I was ready.

All in Good Time

I’m aware many in the manifestation/visualization business have philosophies on the timing of things including phrases that help assure it happens in the best time for all involved.  In spite of this I have reason to be cautious.

Past experience!

I was still thinking on it the day after getting the email when I was presented with a decision.  Though I knew how I felt about the decision I wanted a bit of cosmic insight, so, I borrowed my friend’s phrase.

“God, if this would be good for our family…please give me a sign”

He did, followed by several subsequent signs, each leading forward until by the end of the day everything was resolved and all involved were happy.

In the days since I’ve thought over the concept of signs and how useful they can be, provided we don’t overly rely on them.

I had a friend long ago who used to see a sign in every shooting star and every coincidence.  This led her to make some poor life choices, then justifying it by saying “I asked God to show me a sign and right after I saw a shooting star.”  That is not what signs are about.

Someone’s Trying to Tell Me Something

Several years ago I had a rather interesting run-in with signs.  It started when I saw a bumper sticker in the parking lot of a store near our home.  It read Well behaved women rarely make history.  While I thought it catchy I didin’t do anything other than mention it to Aaron.

Told him I thought it amusing.  

By the end of the week I had seen that same phrase in several places on a variety of items including t-shirts, plaques, and other bumper stickers.  The locations were not near each other so there was no obvious connection.

Other than thinking the universe must want me to see it.

A short while after we met up with my mom and stepdad in San Diego.  My stepfather and I were in a tourist shop. Sitting on a shelf near the door was a plaque that read Well behaved women rarely make history.

I laughed and told him the phrase was haunting me.

Over the next six months I kept running into that sign no matter where I went, including other trips to other states!

What Does it All Mean?

Honestly, not much more than an amusing story.


From time to time when feeling anxious about a career decision that phrase will pop into my mind. 

I can’t say I always use it as a Go! sign but I do weight the decision through that filter.

Skeptics Invited

When I was in high school I was friends with a guy who was pretty skeptical when it came to anything science couldn’t prove without a doubt.

He was a skeptic but he was also open-minded to the possibility there was more than what could be proved in a lab.

His mom and I used to have some great discussions about the coincidences and signs that had guided us along life’s path.

Neither of us was a skeptic though her husband, an atheist, was.

I was visiting him at college once when he told me a story

His mom, who’d passed away, had given him a gem as a talisman.  He was inspired one day to pick it up and state “If this stuff is real have J walk through my door.”

Less than a minute later she did.

He’d been thinking about his mom, about the gem she’d given him, wondering if it was possible what she’d been telling him about the mysteries and wonders of the universe were real.


I recognize there are those who will maintain such an event is no more than a coincidence.  I don’t agree but it doesn’t matter because it’s about the impact it had on my friend at that moment.

Did it turn him into a believer?  I don’t know that so much as he told me it made him feel his mom was close in spirit, looking after him.

If I want to consider whether something is more likely a coincidence than a sign I talk it over with Aaron, who is a math genius.  

He and I have had wonderful discussions about statistics and how easily they are manipulated to suggest something exists when it doesn’t.

I lay out data points then ask the statistical likelihood of a specific outcome.  It’s a good method to employ

Some may feel it takes the magic out of life but it doesn’t.

Am I On the Path?

Jose Silva developed a method I’ve found to be effective when trying to verify if I’m on the right path.

Or not.

This is different than wondering if I should do something.  

I’m in the process of doing it and want to know if I should keep going.

His method, called Mental Video Technique, instructs students to go to level then think over what they are working on.  

Go to level means put your mind at the alpha level which is the daydream state.

Mentally review any actions taken in line with what you are trying to accomplish then upload the video confident it has been received and that within 3 days you will receive feedback.

Upload is the idea of turning the images reviewed mentally over to 

  • Your Higher Power
  • Your Guardian Angel
  • God
  • Universe

for review

He maintained that within 3 days there will be feedback.  

  • If we are going in the right direction we will get positive feedback

i.e., things become smoother, someone/something that can help will appear 

  • If we are going in the wrong direction we will get negative feedback

i.e., things become more difficult, roadblocks begin appearing

I used this method in 2000 when Aaron and I were trying to relocate from Michigan.

The previous winter we had 17 consecutive days with no sun and an incredible amount of snow.  So much that he and I were standing on our relatively flat roof hip-deep in snow, trying to get it off so it didn’t crash through skylights and/or leak in near the chimney and cause damage the way it was all over the Metro area.  

I broke 2 brooms and a shovel because the snow was so heavy.  

At one point I looked over to where he was shoveling snow off his side of the roof and said “We live here why?”

Initial efforts suggested God didn’t want us moving from Michigan.  Turns out it was where we were looking to move to that was the problem.

At the time we were focused on Arizona since both of us had almost transferred there prior to meeting each other though the idea was to eventually transfer to California.

After getting feedback via the Mental Video Technique – roadblocks galore – I suggested to Aaron maybe we should focus on our first choice, California.

We didn’t think we could afford it so we’d focused on Arizona.

Within two days both of us had job offers.

Two months later we moved to the Bay Area.

While I ended up getting more than I bargained for I don’t regret the transfer.

Many good things happened while we were living there.

Be well!

For more on signs I suggest Robert Moss’ The Three Only Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence, and Imagination.

Post Note: Listening to Reel Around the Sun from Riverdance and realizing that in writing this article I answered a dilemma I’d been dealing with for several months. What sealed it? The Mental Video Method.

Only in my case I wasn’t uploading anything. It was simply a matter of “You know, it’s awfully interesting my life got so difficult after …”


Oh how I love a mystery

Of the EMF kind

After making serious inroads on Hollow Shelter I decided to take a break. What made this break of particular interest is that it was an opportunity to test one of the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

Surprisingly, the Technologic Pillar.

Sensitivity V. Awareness

I write in Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity there is a difference between Sensitivity and Awareness.  

I am no longer sickened by EMFs – Sensitivity.  I am, however, still Aware of a number of them.

I have long been aware of the impact of electricity on my well-being. 

I have been able to hear the buzzing of electricity for as long as I can remember.

I was 8 when my dad helped me figure it out.

We had a power out and I asked him why it was suddenly “so quiet. ” 

It wasn’t easy to figure out.  

It was when I told him how it reminded me of being up north camping – no electricity – that things began to fall into place.

I’ve always heard the electricity in power lines.

My dad knew this.

Marrying a EE

Fate or coincidence?

Aaron was fascinated when I told him – early in our dating years – I only have true quiet during a power outage.

Ginsu Knife Moment

Aka There’s More!

It was around this time – 8 years of age – I learned I could hear alarm systems at retail establishments.

Those big white pedestals at the entrance to the stores.

I remember it as a weird low-pitched ringing in my ear.

My mom could hear it too, as could my paternal grandmother and a few of my aunts.  

As I was never sickened by this I didn’t put it into the EMF Sensitivity bucket.

Though Aaron and I covered a hell of a lot of electricity ground while researching for Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

And then…

Not long after moving into the house we live in I told Aaron there was something off about a specific outlet.

An outdoor outlet.  One with caps to keep rain from getting in.

I wasn’t able to say exactly what -.

It may take time but the story always comes out.

With nothing to go on but a “feeling” nothing was done.

The outlet worked.

A recent bout with the 4th Pillar had me wondering if something about the outlet was involved.

Enough to do a location test.

Early feedback had Aaron deciding to go ahead and replace the outlet.  

Good thing he did.

Turns out there was a 15 Amp outlet in a 20 Amp circuit.

He held it up to me as I sat on the back porch which was the location test site and said, “Not good and it’s warm.”

Continuing the test meant relocating back to the work location of choice which is on the opposite side of the wall with that outlet.

The circuit breaker was off so Aaron could work on it.

The second I got close to the area I knew there’d been a change.  

I told Aaron “Oh my god I feel so much better.  The buzzing is gone.”

That buzzing was not only in my ears it was in my body’s energy system.

Incidentally I’ve been saying something was wrong with that outlet for over 2 years.

No proof other than saying I felt it. And I mean felt it.

I can’t fault Aaron. He’s lived this EMF nightmare with me long enough to believe me but as the outlet was working there wasn’t much to do but wait and see.

While he went to the hardware to get a new outlet I continued the test by sitting where I typically do when I work and did a bit of reading.

Still taking a writing break.  

I wasn’t about to lose the opportunity to do a bit of EMF Sensitivity Pillar research.

I’ve said more than once, I learn something new about it every day.

As I was perusing the news my attention was caught

And I mean caught.

Earth is Spinning Faster Than Usual, Giving Us the Shortest Day EVER Recorded

From the article

On June 29, the National Physical Laboratory in England recorded the shortest day in history: 1.59 milliseconds less than 24 hours. And Earth’s quick-spinning day earlier this summer isn’t a one-off fluke, either.

It’s that last that truly made me smile.

The 4th Pillar


I’m telling you!

We hadn’t lived here but perhaps two months when I told Aaron the earth was spinning faster.

Up here.

I hypothesized it was because we were so much farther north in latitude than we’d lived previously; just another health impact I would never have known about.

He reminded me the earth spins faster at the equator than at the poles.

I told him I didn’t care.  I knew the earth was spinning faster up here.

I could feel it.

Why this matters.

From the time I was little I have been very aware of Nature’s energy.  

Connected to it.

After relocating to the East Bay, California in 2000, I lost that connection.

Loss of the 4th Pillar is one of the earliest symptoms of EMF Sensitivity.

Though early indications after moving to the Pacific Northwest were promising, I was concerned.  

I’d already solved the EMF Sensitivity riddle.


Would I be able to reestablish the connection at the level I had before moving from the Midwest in late 2000?


As I’ve written, when I broke the news to Aaron he’d be marrying a psychic I said, “There will be things I know.  Things you’ll have to accept even though I may not have proof at the time.  You’re going to have to trust me.”

I also wrote that his “Okay” was given awfully fast.

That was 25 years ago and while he definitely gets it now there have been a few proof bumps along the way.

Including that something was wrong in the East Bay!

But that was then…

Not even the doctors could find proof anything was wrong.

I’ll admit I get frustrated when I can’t find explanations.

But I don’t give up!

Fast Forward

Sitting on the couch researching a Technologic Pillar I got the proof I’d been looking for – from the Esoteric Pillar.

I knew the earth was spinning faster! Knew it! Felt it!

Even better it’s someone else who bears the burden of proof.

Scientific proof.

The outlet has been replaced, the circuit turned on, and I still hear silence.

Nothing in my ears and nothing in my bones.

As for the Earth spinning faster?  

As someone who has had quite the interesting relationship with time up to and especially after the NDE I can tell you it was not the funnest thing to go through.  At the same time it’s one of a number of temporal adjustments I’ve had to make in recent years.

Some of which will be posted on the other site in an upcoming feature.

At the very least I can rest a bit easier knowing that once again my gut steered me in the right direction.

EMF Pillar Wise

Typical day in my life

Whether or not that’s a bad thing I couldn’t – with any sincerity – say. Maybe someday I’ll have a better answer.

Stay Tuned.


Note:  Early version excerpt from upcoming book at the end.

Sitting in a shaded area  getting ready to work on Hollow Shelter and pondering the newest manifestation mystery.  Or pherhaps a better word is conundrum because mystery implies I don’t understand it when I do whereas conundrum – to me at least – conveys I don’t know what to do with it.

If anything I’m a bit apprehensive because of what it means.

It was revealed last night

As I was pulling the curtains closed I happened to glance out the window and while I’ve done that dozens of times in previous months the lighting was just right to illuminate something I hadn’t noticed before.  

I recognized the scene!

Not because I’d seen it before but because I remembered it – from a movie.

One I saw in childhood while living in Florida.

It isn’t that any movies were filmed here that made it so familiar.  It was that I remember seeing a similar image

A grouping of houses similar in design to what I viewed last night

while watching a movie and thinking – I was 13 at the time – “Wouldn’t it be cool to live in a place like that?”

I can answer my former self since I’m living in one just like it.

I’ve written previously how many of the more dramatic manifestions in my life are tied to a time when I said “Wouldn’t that be cool if -?”  What makes this one startling is that I said those words as a kid and it still came true!

I meant it too – I thought the neighborhood in the movie – the houses and the quiet street – would be so cool to live in.

What makes this one different from the up north Michigan thought from earlier childhood is that that was more generic wheras this is far more specific and tied to details of lifestyle.

I considered the type of families who lived in such a neighborhood and what day to day life would be like.

And Now?

Is it what I hoped for?

A Point in Time

As someone who has moved around the country and traveled the world I have a pretty good idea what I like and don’t like in a neighborhood and much of it is dependent on where I am at a given point in time.

What’s going on in my life that will make or break a location.

I considered as I lay in bed whether or not my experience matches up to what I envisioned when I was watching the movie.  

Yes and No

I concluded it’s a lot like being on the outside and looking in.

Like I felt when watching the movie.

That’s because what I wanted out of a neighborhood when I was 13 and living surrounded by retirees

Almost no kids.

is a lot different than what I would want now.

Even as it’s the same.

Clear as mud right?

If you think about it needs and wants can be the same in a general sense across multiple generations.  Things like safety, walkability, close to services are on the lists of multiple generations looking for their ideal place to call home.  While I appreciate the basic characteristics that fit the childhood wish I no longer need some of them.

Why feel apprehensive?

It makes me wonder what else I said in childhood that may end up manifesting.

I can’t imagine wanting it now though the previous two weren’t bad.

The concern – that I may end up with something I no longer want – brought to mind a conversation I had with The Dude about six years ago wherein I expressed my frustration that by the time I get certain things I may not need or want them any longer.

This conversation led to the solving of the equation something I will be covering on the other site when I repost pages to do with the enigmatic being.

While I’m not going to worry – too much – about what else I might have wished for that may find itself in my future I will consider ways to master the key to it all

Releasing attachment to the outcome.

Which, since we are out of the way energetically speaking, enables the universe to provide what is best in the best way with the best timing.

Yes, I thought it would be cool to live in such a neighborhood, just as I thought while watching Desperately Seeking Susan in high school it would be cool to live in a loft but in neither case – though I got both – did I really care enough about getting it to set out with it as an objective.

I know detachment is key to manifesting and I know for myself every time I’ve said “Wouldn’t it be cool if -?” I had that detachment.  That doesn’t mean I can fool myself or the universe by saying those magic words.  It’s the detachment that’s key and for me that can’t be faked.

I know this much.  The process and steps involved with manifesting or bringing a goal to life are fascianating.

Right up my I love learning alley!

Book excerpt

This is from an early version of Hollow Shelter

I have about 30 pages now

Rock guitarist Clint Malek came to an abrupt halt.  He hadn’t expected anyone to be at the park.  Most everyone who would have been tempted to sit on the bench bearing the name of the donors who made it possible was at the regional playoffs rooting for the home team.  He was about to turn back the way he’d come when he caught the expression the woman was wearing, ID’d the emotion driving it.  


It’d been years since he’d seen painful confusion looking back in the mirror but not so many he didn’t recall wishing for someone to talk with at such dark moments.  The least he could do was offer.

Hollow Shelter will be available in the coming months.

Stay tuned