I am happy to say that after a couple of days recovering from jet lag I am on track to have Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Resolving Calcium Toxicity available for purchase within the week.

Details on this inaugural World of EMF Booklet can be found here.

While I have other World of EMF Booklets in the planning I am going to focus on fiction.

Dream Keeper, a Dragon Core story will be available Autumn 2021.

Stay tuned!


I mentioned recently that new information has me delaying the release of Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Resolving Calcium Toxicity.  Thanks to a recent trip I’ve gained additional perspective which I’ll be editing into the booklet today.  The intention is to have the booklet available for purchase by Sunday.

Despite being condensed this booklet will be comprehensive; thus, the delay.

As this trip took me to a place with geology that is significantly different than where I live for a number of reasons including mineral makeup in the soil, I had the opportunity to observe a number of EMF related experiences including the fact that after years, I was draining the battery in my cell phone at an accelerated rate.

I did not, however, have a relapse of EMF Sensitivity.

As this falls under the Gremlin Effect details will appear in an upcoming booklet on esoteric EMFs.

Another experience validated the migraine remedy I write about in Ignoring the Rules.  For the first time in decades I not only did not get a migraine prior to a thunderstorm, I experienced no change in the 48 hours prior to its occurrence.

Details about these barometric pressure migraines are in Ignoring the Rules, as is the cure I discovered!

What made this particularly significant is that there was a great deal of electromagnetic activity in the form of lightning.  

This is exactly the type of weather that would have sent me to the ER!

I also got an opportunity to validate my observations on the impact of 5G on EMF Sensitivity.

Which I have been researching for the previous two years.

All of this will be in Ignoring the Rules.

Fiction Update.  On another note I am renaming The Day Before to Dream Keeper.  It will still fall under the Dragon Core umbrella.

The Day Before was a working title so changing the name isn’t that big a deal when the story is still being written.

I experienced another interesting phenomenon that touches on how EMF Sensitivity can affect the creative process.  As I write in Ignoring the Rules as well as Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity, calcium toxicity can interfere with psi abilities, including instinct.

At best, your ability to connect to gut instinct is dulled.  At the extreme, as I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, you lose all psi ability including being able to tap instinct.

I also wrote in those books how the remedies and ultimately the cure restored everything.

How this played into Dream Keeper is as follows: 

After finishing the second draft of the Dragon Core story I set it aside to get Ignoring the Rules ready for release.  Eventually I set that side to focus on the trip which was more or less a vacation.

I never really go on vacation.  Too busy absorbing the world around me, how I’m being affected, observing, experiencing.

At one point it occurred to me that there was a serious flaw with the Dream Keeper plot.

I’d known for weeks “something” was off but couldn’t put my finger on it.

A bit of contemplation and I was able to figure out what I needed to fix.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too much.

Even as I was willing I wasn’t looking forward to seeing how much of the original story I needed to rip out to accommodate this plot tweak.  Turns out I needn’t have worried.

Thank you gut instinct!

I have a feeling my subconscious mind was in touch with that instinct all along because as I started the edit process I saw that I’d already included elements that are ideal for this plot tweak!

To the extent I got chills when I read them! It was as if I’d planned it all along.

I realized as I was staring in shock at something so perfect I couldn’t believe – it was further evidence my unconventional approach to calcium toxicity is right on!

The creative process is driven by the same elements as gut instinct, something I will be writing about in an upcoming booklet on esoteric EMFs!

There’s more work to do on Dream Keeper but as I already paved the way for the plot tweak I can honestly say it is low stress.

Dream Keeper is on track for an Autumn 2021 release.

Stay tuned!


Note:  This article is a nod to the couple at the Hella Mega tour whose energy was infectious and inspiring!

After weeks of almost nonstop work I was looking forward to getting a break at the Hella Mega show.  

The weather was perfect, the atmosphere around the stadium mellow yet festive, the bands way cool.

It turns out the show was not only an opportunity to relax, it was a chance to confirm a few facts.

In other words, work.

As I’m in the process of releasing a book that’s part of the World of EMF it makes sense that at least part of my focus was on how I was feeling in a stadium filled with technology.  As I sat listening to Wheezer, looking up at a blue sky, I realized I felt completely 100% normal for the first time in I don’t remember.

The psychological toll EMF Sensitivity can take on a person means that even after physical symptoms are gone there’s a bit of PTSD to deal with.

I looked around at the sheer number of cell phones, the stage setup, thought of all the tech at the food and beverage stands and the fact that being in downtown Seattle, I was exposed to a lot of WiFi including 5G,  And yet I felt totally fine.

Rather than return to my seat after eating I decided to enjoy the show from a higher perch where I could do some people watching.

One of a writer’s favorite activities.

I took in the energy of the place, the ages of the fans, noting how many cross-generational groups there were and how cool that was in terms of bringing people together for fun.  

Sanity Check.  Though I’d been enjoying myself I kept taking an internal pulse as if I couldn’t believe how good and how normal I felt.  Recognizing this might become a bit too distracting and I’d actually stop enjoying myself if I wasn’t careful I tried to redirect my focus to just enjoying the music.

Health Check.  The sun hadn’t even set when the stadium became filled with thousands of cell phone lights.  Unfortunately, as cool as it was, it was a reminder that there was a time not long ago I couldn’t have been in such an environment without being sick. 

The thought definitely distracted me from the show.

After acknowledging this truth I again confirmed I felt completely fine and tried to redirect my focus to the music.

Fun Check.  Well the universe must have been listening because the next thing I know my focus was on the most enthusiastic couple I have seen in decades.  

Not since the H. O. R. D. E. Festival at Pine Knob.

Standing not far from me they  held hands while they danced, periodically looking at each other with smiles that rivaled the cell phones in lighting up the space.  

The joy just spilled out of them.

Reality Check.  A most interesting thing happened.  Like with the cell phone lights, seeing their energy and enthusiasm, their pure joy at being alive and being together – connected to the joy of thousands of others – I again became aware of how normal I felt only this time instead of bringing my focus back to EMF Sensitivity it took me to  that same joy.

The joy of being connected to thousands gathered for fun, the joy of being connected to happiness.

With that energy going through me I saw the musicians in a new light, taking in not only the energy with which they moved around the stage but the happiness they radiated.

They were very happy to be there.

I then noted the happiness of the stadium guy standing at the top of the aisle where my seat was, of the woman who poured a cabernet for me, of the couples sitting at the tables throughout the Club Level where I was standing.

The couple continued dancing, smiling, sharing their joy with any and all who might be close enough to see them.

Trust me, it was contagious.  I saw lots and lots of smiles after people caught sight of them.

In addition to feeling the happiness I was treated to another bonus being near them, inspiration. 

A creative’s best friend.

Not one to miss an opportunity to write I pulled out my phone and typed notes that will find their way into an upcoming Port Gallatan story.  Just like the World of EMF and the Hella Mega experience, it will be a story with a happy ending.

Stay tuned.

As a result of new information gained by going to the concert I will be adding content to the upcoming book Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Resolving Calcium Toxicity. This will push the release date.


I’m pleased to announce my nonfiction work regarding calcium toxicity is on track to be available for purchase within the week.

This includes how champagne and tequila can make all the difference when rebuilding your health after heavy metal poisoning.

I’ve decided on a couple of changes.

  • Umbrella

As there are a variety of EMFs (technological, atmospheric, geologic, esoteric) and I have experience with all, publications will be branded under The World of EMF.

Published material will be rebranded to reflect this update.

  • Title

The working title Calcium: Mineral, Metal, Electrolyte has been changed to Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Calcium Toxicity.

  • Nomenclature

I am changing Data Sheets to Booklets when describing these shorter nonfiction works that fall under The World of EMF umbrella.

In regards to fiction.  I’m setting the current draft of The Day Before aside.

Though this is on track for an Autumn 2021 release, taking a break allows me to do future edits with fresh eyes.

I am returning to Aton, second in the Colony Series.

This will be a 2021 release.

I have other projects in the works.

Stay tuned!


I am pleased to announce my latest writing projects will be available for purchase in the near future.

  • The Day Before
  • Calcium: Mineral, Metal, Electrolyte 

Each will be in the hands of the beta reader this week.

Final Edit and Post Production work will follow.

I will update when these works are available!

In the meantime, I am happy to share excerpts from each.

For the excerpt  for Calcium: Mineral, Metal, Electrolyte, click here.

From The Day Before

A Dragon Core story.

Cai eyed the object.  “Where’d you get that?”

“Where do you think?”

He took the object, glanced into the hall, back at the blonde warrior.  “Why the hell would Dragon Core want me dead?”

“They don’t.  That’s why you. were shot.”


“He dropped you before the one who does have a beef with you could kill you.  Barely”  He pointed at the wolf’s claw.  “Be glad he took up the contract.  You were a hair’s breadth from cashing it in.”

The leader of the Time Rangers let out a gusty sigh set the wolf’s claw on the bedside table.  “While I appreciate you alerting me to the identity of my savior, I have to think you’re here for a more relevant purpose.”  By all intents and purposes the man smirking at him should be dead.  There were rumors of course but that he was there – the risk?  Whatever he had to say must be important.

“As I said,” he replied with a sigh of his own, “I come bearing gifts.  I know the whereabouts of one Noelle Cumberland, captive.”


Just finished a first draft mockup for the book cover for The Day Before, a Dragon Core novel. 

I finished the first draft of The Day Before last night just before dinner.

It was a much needed break from the intensity of Calcium: Mineral, Metal, Electrolyte which is the first nonfiction work I’ve done outside a blog entry in years.

It’s the inaugural Data Sheet, shorter works that are topic specific nonfiction pieces.

Inside Outside.  As I was about to type that nonfiction is more difficult than fiction I paused.  There is an exception.  My doctoral thesis was not as challenging as the nonfiction books I’ve written and not because of length.  Nonfiction books targeted at a specific market are a far cry from a thesis which is ostensibly waxing poetic about a subject near and dear to your heart, one you are not only passionate about but are willing to defend.

It isn’t easy reopening a chapter that I’d closed out but since the book isn’t finished I know it’s appropriate.  

I may not have EMF Sensitivity but I’m still learning about the impact of EMs on health and well-being and I did discover a cure for pressure-induced migraines.

And necessary.

I am passionate about helping others.

The hardest part is dealing with the memory of difficult times.

Though at this point it’s more like hitting a bruise than ripping off a scab.

The benefit to releasing the upcoming Data Sheet is not only do I get to help others, which really makes me feel good, I get a much needed break from the first draft of the novel.

It is important to set the story aside for a few weeks after which I come back with fresh eyes.

I’m pleased with how the Data Sheet focused on calcium and its effect on health and well-being is coming along.  

It’s too early to give a release date beyond late summer/early fall 2021.

Stay tuned!


Readers will notice something new on elizabethmaxim.com:

These additional menu picks are part of my continuing efforts to better serve readers.

Specials.  Items featured on this page are price reduced to provide readers the opportunity to get a taste of my style, a glimpse at the different series, and explore some of my earliest work.

The World Of EMF.  No  longer burdened by Sensitivity to technology EMFs I turned my focus to fiction full-time in 2019.  I also continued to research the impact of EMs on my health and well-being and though I have no plans at this point to publish another book on EMF Sensitivity, I will be publishing Data Sheets which are shorter length papers focused on specific EM topics including:

  • Atmospheric EMs
  • Geologic EMs
  • Esoteric EMs

The first Data Sheet which will be focused on Calcium and is an adjunct to Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity is under construction.  It will include details on how champagne and tequila helped me rebuild my life after heavy metal poisoning and the discovery of a cure for migraines that have plagued me since Spring, 1982.

I will also provide insight into the unique path that led me to living the holistic life.

Stay tuned!


For me writing really is like being in a Pac Man game where you have to constantly pivot, only in the case of writing it’s the stories not the ghosts I need to react to.

Each one comes about in an entirely unique and different way.

The Day Before which will fall under the Dragon Core series was one of the type to start as an image that, as I viewed it on what Jose Silva calls the mental screen**, begins to tell me a story.

** I call it my mind’s eye.

I’ve had less than a handful start out like that but they all have something in common:  The writer becomes the reader!

Leaving the Zone Is a Hazard.  People have heard the catch phrase about being in the zone but how often have they heard about what it takes to leave it?

Didn’t think so.

I’ve spent the previous several days working early til late to push out several thousand words.  

4 – 6K/day, stopping to deal with real life issues like eating, sleeping, living…

It really is, as it always has been for me, writing while I’m moving in and out of life.

In what Andrew McCarthy said in Weekend at Bernie’s, serpentine style.

If you love something you find the time for it.

It can be difficult to get out of the zone. It isn’t adrenaline that fuels it.

At least not for me.

Having somehow managed to put out 5000 words in a few hours I realized it was time to get out because

  • I was mentally fried
  • My back was seriously starting to ache
  • My legs were seriously starting to ache
  • My stomach was starting to growl

To give perspective, I hadn’t moved for several hours and have had nothing to eat all day, just two espressos.

When I say all day I mean it.  The last meal I had was 22 hours ago.

That’s often how it goes in the zone.

This pace has only happened 2 times in the previous 10 years.

Deciding my back was what needed attention and that it was time to drink more water in light of the latest heat wave I forced myself to do a save, a backup, and a quit.  

But Wait There’s More!  No sooner did I complete the backup when I opened the document again.  You know, to work on later?

It was at this point I came to a funny realization about this type of novel.  It is writing itself in front of my – fingers?  As a result I’m the reader as much as am I the writer and as such, am learning as the seconds tick by.

What this means.  Have you ever been so engrossed in a book you put it down only to pick it up again because you can’t wait to see what happens next?  THAT is what it’s like writing a novel that is actually writing you!

Getting OUT of the Zone.  It takes a lot of energy to get out of that space.  Knowing I was having more trouble than usual since I am getting close to the end of the first draft, I pulled out the big guns:

  • Looked for a recipe for dinner
  • Did a bit of texting
  • Walked to the kitchen and back – twice
  • Fiddled with my smart phone  (How do we know it’s smart?  What’s the IQ score?)
  • Wrote a blog

This last one is a life saver.  My mind if not my soul is still in a place where I need to write.  This way I am addressing that need while focusing on something other than my story.

And so it goes.

As I work to resist starting back up again I resort to my tried and true remedy


It’ll give me a break til dinner which will give me a break til bed after while I’ll lie awake going through scenarios until I fall asleep.

And if I wake up?  I go back to scenarios until I fall asleep, repeating the cycle til I get up and start a new day – of writing.

Such is life tangoing with the zone.

I have a feeling The Day Before will end up being one of my favorites.

I like where it’s taking the series.


Timing isn’t always everything.  

I’ve spent the past week doing some serious multi-tasking and as things seemed to have settled down a bit I set my energies to finishing a scene I’d set aside because it isn’t the type of scene I wanted to work on while distracted.

An intimacy scene.

So much for best laid plans.  I’d no sooner gotten started when I got a text from the dentist with links to forms that needed filling out.  

I can honestly say the dentist doesn’t bring to mind the energies of romance or intimacy.

Finished with that I took a break to get a snack which reminded me I needed to come up with an idea for dinner.  Finished with that I set back to work on the scene when I got another text asking me to review a web change.

Not happy with the image I explained what needed to change then went back to the scene.  Andddd… another text regarding a separate dental form.

Back to the scene and – another text with the updated web image.  That one needed a slight tweak so I spent some time on that.  Happy with how it turned out I sat down to work on the scene only to find I’d lost the romance energy thread.  

Like seriously?

Amused I decided I would give readers a glimpse of how it might go for a writer in a typical day.

It is an entertaining consideration – all these interruptions – but the post does serve another purpose.  In putting it down on paper, the distraction – the idea of it – is no longer in my mind.

NOW I can go back to the scene!

The Day Before, a Dragon Core story is on track for an Autumn 2021 release.

Stay tuned!