Note: Long

Listening to the playlist for the upcoming Hollow Shelter which got two additional tunes, one of which I’d never heard before watching The Batman last night.

Something in the Way by Nirvana.

When I heard it my mind I tuned the movie out for a moment as I thought “Wow, that would be cool for this upcoming book…”

In spite of having a dream about alligators I woke up feeling pretty good and ready to make what consider progress writing.

I was washing them down a shower drain with a hose.  Go figure.

But First – A Message From Our Sponsor

Mother Nature

I didn’t just jump into the situation because I needed to consider the impact of intense heat on my ability to work on a novel.

Heat can be distracting.

We have no AC so these times of year when the heat goes up and the breeze disappears?  Not fun.

At least this year I wasn’t forced to shut every window because of fire smoke from California, Oregon, Canada, and Western Washington blowing ash into the air.

I didn’t grow up having AC.

Or a dishwasher.  

Oh wait – we did.  


Aware of the parameters, I needed to consider my rhythm relative to the arc of increasing then decreasing heat and the likelihood I would be ready to put fingers to keyboard before it got distractingly hot.

Odds weren’t looking good.

I made the best of it which means What’s quick and easy?

Low hanging fruit

The White Board!

I hate lists and don’t technically need them other than to act as nags to get to stuff I’d rather not do.

At the top of the board?

The Dude

Followed by The Store and Marketing – which I also detest.  

It was so much easier working for a corporation that had a Marketing Department.  

Then again, maybe not since 1/2 to 3/4 of my job was explaining to customers why their pie-in-the-sky slide whipping failed because it didn’t include the fine print.

At the bottom of the list is LOGO

How the heck do you create one that does justice to who you are?

Designing a web presence that encompasses all the facets of me is like trying to write a resume that includes life experiences on top of education and work experience that includes being quick enough to dodge male babies ready to get me when changing a diaper at 11.

At least his mom – my aunt – warned me.

I guess I could put that one in with the fact I had a rocket arm that put me in the outfield after I refused to play 1st yet could get the ball and get it to 3rd or home in time to get them out.  


Where would that fit in corporate?  Running to the copy machine and back?  Tossing useless paperwork on a desk with enough force to cause a minor quake?

Been there done that useless Office Space gig


I’ve held a number of jobs throughout the years including working in HR before taking an administrative position that got my foot in the door and in line for becoming a technical consultant.  

With being a tech writer a brilliant segue.

When my boss told me I only got a 2% raise in spite of an outstanding performance review and doing way more than what was in my job classification – because of my job classification?  I asked her what I needed to do to change the classification so it reflected what I did.

So I would get appropriate compensation.

Years and a hell of a lot of hard work including – I kid you not – 80 hour workweeks – later – I succeeded.

How the heck do you get that translated into a website presence?

Not even considering the Destination Unknown topic…or Metatron’s Army

Ahhhhh the Dude…

So – at the top of the White Board…

As I wrote in the blog post for metatronsarmy.com I needed to sort a few things out before deciding how I would proceed with this part of the web presence.

Talked it over with someone the other night to make sure I wasn’t missing anything in my logic.

While that alone could have fulfilled my definition of having accomplished something I needed more.

This is me.

I added the two songs – of which the Nirvana one is one – then listened thinking maybe I would be inspired to get to Hollow Shelter.

Kind of knew better but it was worth a try…

And then I saw those orange sticky notes.  Not ready to throw in the towel and work on that blog post I considered the chaos in front of me

Chaos I can easily sort out since it would only be chaos to the untrained – aka not a writer – eye.

Not ready to move on because I had unfinished business of a creative and thus esoteric nature I took time to have a conversation with a friend about lessons learned from emptying the damn basket.

That landed me in other people’s cesspits

For months

Damn it…

As I was wrapping up the 15 minute conversation I smiled because I knew everything was as it should be.

Even if I could have done without the doo-doo bath.

The previous 24 hours showed me the creative process I’ve employed throughout my life – serious multi-tasking** combined with ignoring idiots – is working beautifully.

Ignoring Idiots?

I’ll give two examples

I was 8

I was never a fan of cooked spinach.

I like it now.

One evening when I was in 3rd grade my mom served a side of it.  I ate everything on the plate but the spinach.  Dad was not impressed.

I didn’t care.

I looked at my mom and asked why she made it if she knew we didn’t like it.

She is not the idiot here. She told me it was nutritious and even Popeye liked it.

My younger brother’s answer

He was watching – likely taking notes what not to do

Smother everything in ketchup and swallow it down.

I didn’t like catsup at that point.

Yes I spelled it differently on purpose…

My dad started riding me about it. I told him “I eat tons of vegetables including lima beans and brussels sprouts.”

Wasn’t that good enough? I mean come on – brussels sprouts? LIMA BEANS?

  “I won’t eat spinach and you can’t make me.”

Oooh challenging someone who hasn’t quite figured out I was dead serious.

Initially amused he quickly realized I was.  

I wonder if it was my mom’s expression of “What are you going to do now and oh by the way I need to deal with this all the time” ?

I wasn’t going to eat that glop on the plate.

He tried guilt.

“There are kids starving somewhere…”

Having heard the same from nuns who stole my lunch money to give to kids in some other country when – my family was super poor – I needed that milk

Aka -I wasn’t impressed – and told him so.

After he quit yelling at my mom because the nuns were taking my lunch money to give it to something called pagan babies he pointed and told me to eat.


He then threatened to send me to my room.

Never threaten a creative

Picking up my glass of milk I said “With pleasure!” as I dumped it on my plate, stood up and went to my room where I proceeded to write a story.

Acting it out as – being a kid – I wasn’t afraid of playing house.

I don’t know if my dad was disgusted with me for not caring, for the fact guilt didn’t work when it probably had with him when he was in Catholic school, or that he couldn’t throttle me without risk of killing me

As he almost did with my mother once-upon-a-time

thus idiot…

All I know is he yanked open the door and ordered me to leave the house and get lost somewhere he didn’t have to see me.

Typical night…

I was 26

Up Front

I need to reiterate my path through life has been unconventional.


Something certain managers in the Corporate Black Hole years didn’t seem to grasp.

At one point along the path of working for a company that had 145K employees when I started and 39 when I quit a manager advised me to take a roll on a project.

A project I knew from a guy who was on it – a guy I was dating – was going up in flames.

I already had a job in California though I hadn’t yet enlightened him.  Knowing not to burn bridges I smiled 

Can’t say it wasn’t an evil smile

I told him that I was looking to the future

Hey – I had a life vest

I gave him a number of examples only some of which had been supplied by the guy I was dating – unbeknownst to the manager – as to why this project was the Titanic

He pointed to the door and yelled at me to get out

With pleasure

Which I did – to California

It was a huge promotion complete with increased responsibilities and – finally – compensation

Riding the Writing Waves

Aka as I was writing this afternoon

After lunch while listening to Nirvana

Feeling the energy going into the post I got the image of waves and my own self riding them

Bobbing in the Creative waters

Warm waters of love that won’t let you drown

Just another facet of my creative stamp on the world

Serious Multi-tasking?

Dead serious

** I grew up in a family where Sunday dinners at Grandma’s house involved at least 30 people

Usually 50 or more

Multiple generations not all of whom were family but all deserving of Highland Hospitality

My maternal grandpa’s words for “There’s always room for one more/there’s always someone worse off than you.”

I needed to keep on my toes to maintain all those conversations while holding babies – at 8 years of age – and helping 4 and 5 year-old younger cousins get food to give their parents a break while answering adult questions – including from people in from out of town who were 2 and 3 generations removed

I was told to respect them even if I had no idea who they were and thought they wore too much perfume/cologne and dressed funny.

Well, except for the ones who had the good sense to show up in a kilt.

Questions Questions – from Strangers

Was I doing well in school?


Was I obeying the nuns?

You’re kidding right?

How do you express that on a website?

Even two


For a day that started out with such creative promise boy did it fizzle.

It all started last night. 

Shortly after getting into bed I decided if I didn’t make a note of the blog idea I thought up while brushing my teeth I would probably forget it.  

I gave brief consideration as to whether to put it in a laptop file or write it on a sticky note.  The sticky notes won.

When I saw the two notes this morning after waking from the best sleep I’ve had in two weeks I smiled and thanked myself for following through.  I then set the sticky notes where I could see them, the idea being I’d write that post soon.

That was over six hours ago.

Best Intentions

Confident it would be a productive day I sipped espresso and fired up Free Cell, the idea being to mentally run through a few scenes for Hollow Shelter.

The Port Gallatan work I’ll be publishing weeks from now.

That activity – sans blog post – turned into hours of playing Free Cell.  

A waste, right?


 I mentally wrote several chapters for the new book while playing that mindless repetitive game and that’s in addition to the 21 pages I wrote in MS Word the day before yesterday and 8 yesterday.

8 that were in addition to going back through the original 21 and filling in plot details.

I knew the time spent writing scenes in my mind was time well spent.

Pure gold.

It was also long overdue.

I’ve been immersed in nonfiction for the past 9 months.

The fact I knocked out 21 pages in three hours on the first day I set to work told me more than anything I’m back in the groove for fiction.

Thank God.  It’s more fun and less stressful.

I wasn’t concerned that after several hours I still wasn’t putting fingers to keyboard.  After all, I’ve written a 200 page novel in 3 weeks and 3 full-length novels in 3 months.

When the creative juju flows it flows.


When lunch came and went and I still couldn’t get my fingers to keyboard I started to think maybe I needed to motivate myself.

  • Look at the white board
  • Look at the sticky notes
  • Look at the manuscript in progress

Nothing worked.

I debated just not worrying about it.

I’ve gone pedal to the keyboard metal enough to know I can kick it out.  I’d make my deadline no problem.

There was just one little problem.

Brightly Colored Prodding

About a year ago I purchased a pack of brightly colored sticky notes.

Bet you can see where this is going…

The ones I wrote the blog post notes on are a rather bright orange.


Even as my eyes defocused while clicking digital cards and my mind wrote scenes between characters the neon orange whispered I’m still waiting…

I picked them up – read my notes – decided the post could wait.

Er that post.

Frustrated I wasn’t doing a better job taking advantage of a good night’s sleep and a productive Free Cell Chapter writing session I decided to write something.


So I could feel I’d accomplished something.


Those mental scenes are a double-edged sword.  

Yes I got work done but until they are in the manuscript?  They’re in my head.

I couldn’t get myself to do anything.

Not even something.

The Big Guns

I decided to listen to music but it felt kind of – no pun intended – hollow.  

I usually use it as a reward after a full days’ writing.

I’ll admit, I was hoping maybe the music would get the motivation progressing from thinking to typing.  Thankfully, it worked.

The how is a bit ironic.  

I’ve mentioned deciding what to write next after a project is finished can be a bit of work and that I have other manuscripts partially done that I could have chosen as low hanging fruit to follow Under Siege

  • Colony
  • Metatron’s Army
  • Dragon Core
  • Port Gallatan

Each of them has at least one book at least 1/3 finished.

Many are 1/2 done.

Why?  My mind needs a pressure release valve when I’m deep in a project so I’ll take hours and type until the creative stress is relieved after which I save whatever I wrote and go back to the main project.

Sometimes those files end up getting deleted.  Other times, as in the case of Hollow Shelter, they move around the country for 28 years before getting published.

I selected a play list with Black Lab’s Learn To Crawl before eventually switching to a different list so I could listen to Duran Duran’s Do You Believe In Shame?

Tequila Sunrise is one of my all-time favorite movies!

The moment I heard the opening notes I knew I had the first song for the as yet uncreated Hollow Shelter playlist.

Next thing I know I’m fingers to keyboard.

And so it goes.

Hollow Shelter will be available late summer/early autumn 2022

Stay tuned


I’ve decided which fiction project to work on and it didn’t even take shower time to figure it out!

Shower time: Where some of my best thinking is done and many problems are solved.

All I had to do was win a few dozen rounds of Free Cell, sans the tunes.

I often listen to music while playing rounds of Free Cell when working out plot challenges.

Today’s challenge was a little different.  Typically once I finish a project my mind immediately starts work on the next one and it’s usually what I’d call low hanging fruit.

A project that is already started.

For weeks I assumed the next project would be Compass Rose which is a Colony book that is half finished but when it came to doing it I felt ambivalent.

I’ve had a Port Gallatan project – one that keeps getting delayed – in my mind as well.

Weirdly enough, however, now that I have the time to work on it I find myself less than enthused and while some might think that, combined with the fact it keeps getting delayed, it’s not a book of my heart.

That’s not it.

I can come up with an idea and put it on the back burner for years if not decades.

The Awakening Series was created in the early 90s while I was in the Corporate Black Hole.  I typed out the basics, saved them on 3 1/2 inch floppy, moved them around the country with me, got married, had kids, moved around the country some more, turned my focus to nonfiction EMF stuff, wrote and published the Awakening Series in between publishing the Metatron’s Army Series.

When a book is in my heart and soul?  It stays there.

The idea of doing a Gallatan book, however, intrigued me to the point that while playing rounds of the mindless game I decided to slide a different one in front of the one I was thinking of doing. 

This book that I will start this afternoon was also conceived in the early 90s and was originally going to be part of the Awakening Series.  However, after ending that series I decided to just set it asisde until I figured out what to do with it.

I considered doing it as a single title.

Utility to the Rescue

I was watching the furnace guy work on the oil furnace at the house we were renting when I came up with a plan.  I’d just finished Adjudication and was wondering what to do next.  When a rather startling display of electricity via arc’ing happened while he was working on it I had the answer.

Metatron’s Legacy.

I was impressed. He never flinched.

He told me he’d been expecting the like and it told him where the problem was.

It was while writing Legacy that, relaxed because I had a project I loved to work on, I got the idea for that other book.

Port Gallatan.  

As I had a number of stories from those early 90s I decided to move them west.

It was easier than I would have thought because the original location east is similar with mountains, forests, and ocean.

Port In a Storm was published not long after and though I’ve done other works since, I’m finally circling back to complete that book of my heart from the 90s. I don’t have a working title yet but I anticipate this book to be available for purchase late summer/early autumn 2022.

Stay tuned

Now it’s time for the think tank known as the shower.


Enjoying a bit of sun and posting to announce that Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity is available on kindle.

Other versions including Pdf will be available within days.  

In the days running up to the final sprint a couple of things came to my attention.  Each is related – ironically – to something I wrote about in this book.


The first is a screenshot my mom sent me.  She knows I’ve written about tequila as part of the cure for Calcium toxicity.

See Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Calcium Toxicity for details.

It’s also part of the overall cure for EMF Sensitivity.

I write about the role of calcium in EMF Sensitivity in this book as well as Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity.

The second “coincidence” was an article I saw.  The headline made me smile because it’s something I write about in this book.

In the section discussing Atmospheric EMFs.

 I never held with the overly generic chemical imbalance diagnosis.

Doctor speak for “We have no idea what’s wrong.”

It’s far too broad and generally inaccurate.

The timing of these bits of data made me smile as I took it as a thumbs up from the universe.

My relationship with which I write about in the Esoteric section of this book.

And Now?

I’m taking a bit of time to decide which project I’m going to work on next.

It will be fiction. That is a certainty.

I did redo the FixEMF app content, turned it over to the coder.

I anticipate the updated version – complete with a new look and new content – to be available in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.


Listening to a bit of Fleetwood Mac and considering I might finally be finished with this project.

My obligation to the project.

The landing page for Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with EMF Sensitivity is up. 

I’ve got a bit of mental cleanup then it’s on to the next project.

While staff and e publishers churn the thing out to the ether.

Mental cleanup:  A bit of Space Dust IPA as I look at evening skies that are – for a change – clear blue.

And listen to more Fleetwood Mac

And dream about a long distant – thank you Covid – reward trip for 20 plus books published.


Note: Very long post.

Hola!  Enjoying a bit of sun and admiring flowers I just planted.

And celebrating a mental breakthru by getting this post finished!

The original plan for this entry was to post it this morning but after a number of attempts I gave up because I couldn’t articulate what I was trying to get across.  The irony?  I was trying to explain the challenge of dealing with Esoteric energy examples that belong in multiple books.

Tailoring the nuance focused on for each audience.

Oh it’s a challenge alright.  So much so I couldn’t even get the thought down.  Worse, I had trouble explaining it to someone over dinner last night.  After this morning’s failure?  I wondered if I should include the principle at all.  

I should.

It’s just too important to my mind, has too much of an impact on health and well-being to leave out.  So, after a relatively long walk and time spent with house plants and outdoor flowers I sat down to give it a go.  Fortunately, while at the nrusery getting flowers I figured out a way to illustrate the point.

I also figured out what the problem was last night and this morning.

The example I was going to use this morning, which I used last night, is too complicated for a high-level explanation of the concept.  While picking out flowers I thought of another example I can use here that gets the point across.  

I am, however, going to have to find a way to get the other example in two upcoming nonfiction books, nuances and all.

In a number of books I’ve provided tools and strategies for dealing with the various aspects of EMF Sensitivity.  What makes the upcoming book unique is that I address the impact of 3 non-technologic EMFs.

Geologic, Atmospheric, and Esoteric.

The tricky business of dealing with these other Pillars of EMF Sensitivity is that a remedy for one type may worsen another.  For this reason I’ve included Caveats at the end of each Remedy Section 

Though not the original example intended, I can provide one I believe adequately illustrates the point.

Factor X

For the purposes of this specific example, Factor X is the negative impact of a toxic environment.

i.e. stress, toxic pople.

One of the tools I write about is the use of Vitamin D because it is the psychic shield hormone.

Yep, hormone.  Not a vitamin.

If vitamin D levels are low we are more vulnerable to negative energies coming from a toxic environment, with absorbing negativity from people a particular concern.  

However extreme caution needs to be taken with this supplement.  

Fat Not Water Soluble.  This means that if you take too much, you won’t pee it out the way you would Vitamin C and the B vitamins.  You store it in your tissues making taking too much a serious possibility.

Calcium is a Problem.  The more I learn and experience the more dangerous I believe excess calcium to be.  

It’s enough of a problem I’ve written a number of books about it.

Vitamin D pushes calcium into the bloodstream.  If you already have too much?  The problem will only get worse.  Hypercalcemia symptoms aside, too much calcium can cause anger, aggression, and depression.

It also causes feelings of despair and hopelessness when someone who is calcium toxic is explosed to Geologic EMFs. Assuming they are Sensitive to Geologic EMFs as I was. It can cause rage and anger when in the influence of Bluetooth frequency – including in cars – if you are sensitive – as I was though when bluetooth was turned off? Before I solved the problem all the anger/rage disappeared within seconds.

I no longer have issues with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

I call vitamin D the Evil vitamin because when I was around Geologic fault lines in a state of calcium toxicity?  I sensed evil.

It’s a word I reject outside association with crimes against humanity and Mother Nature.

There are other ways to metabolize calcium, including champagne and tequila.

Or the other electrolytes.

Bye Bye Potassium.  What I came face to face with recently was the fact Vitamin D can cause potassium depletion.  Potassium is not only the psychic processing mineral, it’s the best defense against Technologic EMF Sensitivity.

I literally began experiencing eerily familiar symptoms while taking the D.

Fortunately, I was paying attention to the potassium situation because my first symptom of low potassium – splitting nails – was front and center.

Something was off!

Worst of all was that I began having a nasty dizzy spell – complete with nausea – immediately before a premonition.  Dizziness is a symptom of low potassium.

Nausea is a symptom of too much Vitamin D.

What clued me in was the part of my head that was most affected.  It was too close to what I’d been dealing with when living in the East Bay.

Did the Technologic EMF Sensitivity come back?  No.  I’m beyond that thank God.  But it wasn’t fun to have these periodic dizzy symptoms that didn’t seem to have any particular trigger outside they happened immediately prior to a premonition.  

The stronger the premonition?  The more intense the miserable experience.

It took a bit of trial and error

Story of my EMF life.

I determined it was vitamin D – which had dropped my potassium levels – that was the culprit.

Note:  It wasn’t the time of year bringing more sunshine – theoretically reducing the need for supplements – that was at issue.  People who live in locales with sun all or most of the year have vitamin D deficiencies.

Which begs the question why someone isn’t looking into the root cause of that.

My theory on it is multi-fold.  I have long been against taking calcium supplements.  Too much will push vitamin D levels down.


Red wine causes the body to hold onto calcium.

Been there done that – it is miserable when you’re trying to purge excess calcium then learn the red wine that is supposed to be so healthy for you is making the problem worse!

Red wine and the negative ramifications of drinking it under certain conditions was the original example and will be in upcoming books!

Unless you live in a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean?  Yoiu might want to reconsider relying on the Mediterranean diet as a cure all.

A holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle and not just a specific diet is often the best way to go.

If you don’t live in a place sunny enough to deal with that calcium your body is going to accumulate thanks to the properties of red wine that can cause excess?  Trouble!

Supplementing with Vitamin D isn’t going to help you.

All Those Studies! 

What’s the problem with red wine?  It has a similar effect of vitamin D in that it draws calcium from the places in the body where it’s acting as a cement barrier

  • Arteries
  • Veins
  • Intestinal walls

That cement?  It keeps nutrient rich blood from getting where it needs to go.

And as a fellow electrolyte, potassium keeps calcium in check.

So while red wine may indeed cull the cement from the walls it dumps it into the blood where it can wreak havoc.  Not to mention, if your elimination organs aren’t working properly?  It’s going to end up back where it started.

Which is why the symptoms of various ailments may get worse when drinking red wine.

There are so many interconnecting and interrelated nutritional keys that it’s naive to think just following some fad or popping supplements will cure everything.  The truth is, such behavior – which several health industries count on – makes it likely you’ll be fixing one problem only to cause another.

That will require more supplements or medications to fix which may…

Trying to get these points across is complex but necessary which is why using the right example is so important.  And since I write from direct experience I have a number to choose from.


I’ve been doing this pretty much all of my life.

I explain the details of that in Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Resolving Calcium Toxicity.

Between experience and my unique resources

  • Psi
  • Esoteric helpers

I just know what to do and see trouble coming long before it hits.

Usually – the vitamin D caught me up but only made me more determined to understand why so much of the world’s population is deficient in it.

I don’t really have the time to go back through all the forks in the road of my journey in order to help everyone understand how I got here.

If I only considered EMF Sensitivity I’d still be talking about 23 years worth of work!

Given how much more difficult that reality made this upcoming book?  I have to seriously consider how to go forward with regard to my knowledge and experiences with the 4 Pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

I’m always learning!

I believe this ultra-long post will accomplish a great deal including giving readers and visitors an idea of what to expect in upcoming books.

I have a follow-on that will focus directly on the Esoteric energies which will allow me to deep dive into the subject – including a heck of a lot more about the potential negative impact of drinking red wine.

Stay tuned!

Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity will be available for purchase by or before the end of next week.

Post Note:  By the time I finally finished this? The sun went behind the clouds – for the day.

The Full-Time Job of Managing Coincidence

I find it particularly ironic that I am going to be working on the Esoteric EMF Section today given I’ve had a rather intereseting 36 hours.

Esoterically speaking.

It all began the other night.  I was lying in bed and for whatever reason I thought about one of the teachers I had in 5th grade.  For awhile she lived in a house down the street from me and I could picture the house, her yard, and her little girls when they played in it.  

I remembered both the girls’ names too.

Yesterday, out of the blue I got a text message that contained a photo and a rather enigmatic message that because I didn’t recognize the number made me think of scam.  At the same time when I enlarged the picture I thought, “Hey, that’s the Catholic school uniforms we wore in grade school!” I then picked out a number of classmates – remembering their first and last names.

I have to laugh here.  I could not find myself in the photo which was somewhat grainy.

I showed the photo to Aaron and he found me.  I then guessed based on the area code who was the likely sender.

A friend I’ve known since kindergarten but hadn’t heard from in several years.

She confirmed she was the sender and we texted back and forth for a bit.  I took a close look at the photo and puzzled over the fact there were two little girls in the picture.  

Way too young to be 5th grade.

I then noted that the people in the photo were a subset of the class.

Another mystery to sort out, albeit a brief one.

It was the group of people who were segmented off for advanced studies.

They brought a teacher in special to teach this advanced class.

I took another look at the photo – of me in the back row and noted the woman standing next to me.  It was the teacher I’d been thinking about the night before!  The two little girls in the picture were her daughters!

I was trying to remember her name – couldn’t.  My friend couldn’t either though we remembered a number of other teachers and other little fun facts.  

At this point I kept hearing the word Kentucky.  It was odd because I didn’t remember her being from that state.  Throughout the evening I tried to remember her name.  Finally, as I was about to fall asleep the name popped into my mind.


I sat here this morning musing over the coincidence of the teacher and her daughters being in that photo, the challenge of trying to remember her name then how once I put it out of my head it came to me. It occurred to me that in constantly hearing the word Kentucky in my mind I was trying to give myself the answer – Tucker.

That’s how Psi works sometimes.


Staring out the window I continued to think of the whole of it.

Thinking about her and her daughters and getting that photo less than 24 hours later.

I realized there was yet another coincidence tied in!

Factor X.

I’ve been puzzled by a strange Psi phenomenon I can’t explain or put my finger on.

Though I have a couple of theories.

Feeling particularly frustrated by lack of progress in undersanding this Psi sensation that has roots in temporal perception

I feel it seconds before having a premonition.

I did an Event Horizon session hoping to pull something out of the cosmos that might point me in the right direction.  While I didn’t get a hit I did get information on other issues.

I always do at least 3 questions of different topics.

As I was writing I got an image of a scene from Lord of the Rings.

Legolas shoots this sea creature that grabbed one of the team with his arrow.

I finished the session thinking how interesting it was that that scene came to mind.

I was thinking of the CGI that was needed to make the scene work.

I was never a big fan of Lord of the Rings though I did read the series.

In my 20s at the suggestion of a colleague who thought I may enjoy the book where I didn’t the goofy hamster cartoon of it I saw as a kid. Might have been guinea pigs.

Circle Back.

I was sitting here thinking about the photo and the teacher – the effort of trying to remember her name when I remembered something my friend texted me about the teacher.

She couldn’t remember her name either.

She texted, “What I remember is that she was amazed I read Lord of the Rings in 3 days.

That I had that in my Event Horizon session?  I hadn’t thought of that in years.  The scene just popped in mind while I was working the prompt.

The Prompt was Animal and this is part of the response:

Then for some reason I got the image of a scene from Lord of the Rings – I think Frodo or someone gets grabbed up by some underwater giant squid or something and Legolas uses his arrow to free him.

That she mentioned that in relation to that teacher given everything else?  It’s been an interesting 36 hours!

Makes me hopeful I’ll get insight into this other issue.

Factor X.

Note:  I was in the process of writing this post about coincidences when Aaron came in to share one he just had.

An Aha! Moment

What I call Shower Moments since I am able to solve many puzzles in the shower.

Though not this temporal Psi thing.

He then said “Funny this happened given what we were just talking about.

The coincidences of the previous 36 hours including the Lord of the Rings piece.

I smiled and said “I’m writing about that at this moment.”

Coincidence indeed.


Like so many I was going along merrily when the pandemic knocked me off the path and when I stood up I saw the path was gone.  As someone who remembers the Hong Kong flu and SARS I,  I knew we were in for it.

I was young with the Hong Kong flu but it made quite the impression given both my parents got it and my brother and I were shipped off to grandparents for duration.

I initially channeled the frustration into writing.

I wrote five books in about that many weeks!

After that was done – we were about a year in – I turned back to the washed out path and tried to decide what I was going to do with it. As someone who has had to rebuild my life a number of times when plans went sideways I felt confident I could figure something out. 

That tenacity incidentally is how I figured out the whole EMF Sensitivity fiasco!

The devastation went much further along that path than I imagined.  I did my best to continue focusing on what I could control.


It was working and likely would have continued to work had multiple outside stressors not popped up.

Including extended isolation.

Incredibly frustrated I reached out to a friend via email to get his take on turning focus to more positive energies.  He had some good words for me to contemplate but it was in thinking them over later that I found my answer. It wasn’t what he suggested that led me to this place but the idea that I didn’t want to let him down.  I didn’t want to be one of those people who “dumps and runs.”

Tells you every bad thing and then you don’t hear from them again until months or years later when they say “Oh, that?  Oh that’s not a problem anymore…”

It isn’t that I regularly tap him or anyone and in fact my mom and I are both people who deliberately isolate ourselves and don’t communicate when things are rough for the simple fact we don’t want to spread negativity.

I can always tell when things aren’t going well for her because I won’t hear anything.  Ha ha.

For me to have reached out like that meant I was in a pickle in terms of knowing what to do and that he took the time to give me his thoughts on life?  I didn’t want to let him down.

I also didn’t want to spread fake cheer so I resolved not to respond to his email until I had something genuine to report. 

Today was that day.

I’m going to share how I pulled myself out of the funk because it might help others going through tough times.

From the email:

…But – college can’t teach you how to recreate your life when a pandemic wipes out the path you were on.  That has been a lot of the trouble.  Two years in I am beyond fatigued.  Which is why I am determined to create something new.

To that end I gave it a lot of thought and decided a decent place to start was to go back to when I was in a bad spot in my life eons ago and do now what I did then.

Visualization and meditation.

I have a unique way to do meditation because it dovetails prayer of thanks for family, friends, health, etc.  Then moves along a guided path that I had luck with in the mid 90s which were not happy times for me.  

I refer to them as the Corporate Black Hole years.

So far so good and I’m getting some interesting results.  I am having more vivid dreams than I did and I’m definitely sleeping better.

Psychic dreams!

I don’t have an end vision per se but just going through the familiar practice and following where it goes is having a positive impact.  It probably helps that I had a very positive outcome the last time I used this. 

 I really turned my life around.

End of Email Inclusion

I do not have a specific vision that I am moving toward so much as just going through the relaxation/visualization/meditation process I developed years ago.  It’s a kluge of Dr. Taub’s guided meditation script that I’ve modified combined with Silva’s Long Relax, and a bit of Fairlyland City from Robert Stone’s Celestial 911.

This is more or less the same kluge I began in 1996 after stumbling on Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization Workbook.

Which inspired me to follow an internal nudge to go to a different Border’s Books where I found Celestial 911 which listed the Silva Method as a resource which sent me to the BLS in Akron, Ohio, which…

I bought the Dr. Taub health pack at a party hosted by one of my aunts.

I’ve never looked back.  I even have them on Mp3 – they are that helpful!

I’ve loaned the casettes to others over the years when they were going through a rough spot.

Every one of them got good results.

I donated them about a year ago.

Feeling Better

I’m not sure which is responsible for the quick improvement – the process or the fact I had great success with it before.

In the Silva Method we learn to review previous successes as a way to “prime” the unconscious for continued success.

What I do know is that within days of doing this very unique kluge I’m feeling better and more optimistic than a week ago.

And yet nothing in the observable world has changed.

I know my friend is equally frustrated with the way life went sideways so I suggested if there were any old tools in his arsenal – a flashlight to light the way – he repurpose them.

It is advice I’m putting out in general.

Be well!


Making progress on Volume 2 for the upcoming book.  Though I’ll be including it I am keeping it a 2 – in – 1 Volume set.  

  • Volume 1 Geologic Atmospheric and Technologic EMFs
  • Volume 2 Esoteric EMFs

Each contains stories of experience along with tools and strategies employed 

And a summary of remedies at the end of each section.

However, the flow of Volume 2 is different in that the information is often within the story itself.

For readability and context.

I’m about to the section on Factor X which had me thinking of the complexity of this esoteric energy.

How environment – especially people – can impact our health and well-being.

I was in the shower – one of the best thinking places when I’m stuck – when I remembered a rather dramatic example of this.  

Years ago I was onsite at a software integrator as part of a multi-vendor supply chain certification lab.  As it was more or less an “All for One and One for All” objective we needed to cooperate because no one was cleared until we all cleared.  This made it unique as we were competitors but a lot of fun too.

I liked the people I was working with.

Early on I was chatting with one of the other vendors.  An older guy –  early 60s? – he asked about my background and how I ended up selected for the project.  I explained that in addition to being a global supply chain expert, I’d done something similar once-upon-a-time for a different company.  Turns out he, too, had been on that project.  He was very traumatized by it.

I understood.  It was one of the most hostile and toxic customer environments I was ever assigned to.

“Do you remember Sam Y?” he asked, eyes wide.

Changed the name of course.

I replied that yes, I did remember this person who was notorious for terrorizing vendors.

This guy went on for quite awhile about how terrified he’d been of that guy.  I explained that I was actually assigned to a test lab in a different building so I’d only been treated to the charisma once.

I was in that other lab working on a competitor’s box for interoperability testing.  Suddenly a big guy came in and started screaming at everyone. 

I  was floored.  I’d never seen anything like that – an adult in a professional environment coming in and screaming. 

 I turned to watch him go from workstation to workstation yelling about the most bizarre things.  

I still couldn’t even believe he was yelling like that!

He stopped in front of the competitor’s box I was remotely logged into.

It was across the room from where I was sitting.

He started demanding – at the top of his lungs – who gave who the authority to have that box in there since 1 – it wasn’t him and 2 – it wasn’t on the certification list.  Taking a deep breath I stood and approached.

I wasn’t afraid of the guy but I’d seen my colleague’s face – she was terrified of him.

I calmly explained that I was working with that workstation and when he opened his mouth – his face all red with fury – I went on to explain that he was standing in the testing lab.  “It’s where we certify the boxes so they will get on the list.”

He then demanded to know who authorized me to work on that certification and just who the hell was I as he’d never seen me before.

What an ass.

By now every vendor in the room was staring in mute distress.  Me?  Whatever.

I mean the guy was an ass.  I wasn’t about to let him push me around when I’d done nothing wrong and had every right to be doing what I was doing.

I explained where I normally worked and told him I was the one with the expertise to be doing the cert on that box.  The more I explained the more enraged he became because he hadn’t been told.  He finally stormed out throwing over his shoulder he was going to get to the bottom of it.

There were two other vendors in the newer lab and neither of them had been on that project but had heard about Sam Y.

His reputation for verbally abusing vendors was notorious.

The one guy who started that conversation told me he still has nightmares about the guy and running into him.  I told him something I thought would put him at ease about that.

“You know he’s dead, right?”

He didn’t.  I explained that the guy had been driving across the parking lot leaving work for the day when he had a massive heart attack and crashed into a light pole.  He died from the heart attack.

A few days later the competitor approached me.  He said, “I can’t stay on this project.  There are too many similarities to that other one and I’m having nightmares.”

I understood and assured him I would bring his replacement up to speed.

That replacement was a very cool guy who was a bit bewildered as he’d not worked at his company when that other project was going on and thus had no experience with that kind of hostility.


Sure enough there came a time when someone decided they needed to be on the project in order to give a blessing to our work.  This one, every bit as hostile to vendors, began showing up at our meetings.

All the vendors assigned to the project sat and worked together to get all the boxes certified.  It was really peaceful.  Until that guy showed up.

By now everyone was familiar with Sam Y and his negative impact on someone who was a really nice guy and a successful sales rep.

An impact that was giving him nightmares four years after that program ended.

One afternoon the current version of treat-your-vendor-like bleep turned his wrath on me because I “had no right to bring in the workstation” I was working on without his permission.

Which I didn’t need.  He wasn’t on the project, just a contractor who liked to bully vendors whenever possible.

I was in the process of explaining the situation when a different vendor spoke up for me.  

He totally shut the guy down mid-sentence.

At that point yet another vendor spoke up.

I just listened as competitors went to bat for me.

In a rage the guy left at which point the sales rep I was sitting across from smiled at me and said “I’ve been screamed at by him.”

I thanked everyone for their support and we moved on.

By the time I was on yet another global supply chain project – across the country no less – I was truly adept at handling screaming and disrespectful professionals.

Not everyone was.

I always did what I could to help but at the end of the day there are people who suffer because they are abused at work.

In the years after I left Corporate to pursue a writing career I’ve come across situations that aren’t exactly fun and games though nothing close to what I witnessed in Corporate.  I did what I could to redress the damage and in the process learned a lot about how to protect myself from other people’s energies.

I include the tools and strategies I’ve learned in Volume 2.

Stay tuned.

Note:  Humor is a wonderful way to deal with hostile employees.  I once worked onsite at a customer managing a group tasked with switching to a new vendor.  


Not all the employees were happy about the decision to replace one hardware platform with another and were incredibly hostile to us.

Shoot the implementation messenger.

One guy kept coming around.

Another one trying to get himself into a position of authority on a project he had nothing to do with.  

As there was nothing to be done about it I waited til he was out of earshot and told the guys on the project we’d come up with a nickname for him so we could talk about him and warn each other when he was close and he wouldn’t know it.

One of the guys came up with a word and I ran it through my PC filter to come up with Mulch.  They loved it and morale improved dramatically.

One of the guys even brought in a Polaroid of a pile of leaves he’d been raking and pinned it on the wall of the bullpen we were working in.

It’s a technique that is powerful.

Humor.  Great medicine.

Post Note: Surviving that project earned me a lot of respect. I was once in a meeting with the CEO of General motors and when I mentioned that project in context he said, “You were on that project huh? Tell me about it.”

He even told one of the others in the meeting to be quiet so he could listen.

He went on to tell me it was before his time but he’d heard quite a bit about it.

It was a good meeting that day.

The Convoluted Path of Wisdom

Happy 4th folks!

Just sitting here trying to get myself revved to work on Volume 2 of the upcoming nonfiction work and considering the fact that coloring outside the lines even when you create something beautifiul is very difficult.

Energy intensive!

This is an apt metaphor for the nontraditional approach I’ve taken to recovering from EMF Sensitivity.  What mde it so difficult?  I had to listen to my gut before anyone else.

Including medical professionals!

As I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, it was years before I could get anyone to take me seriously that something was wrong.

All medical tests showed everything within normal ranges.  Nonmedical people kept trying to tell me I was just stressed because of all the life changes I’d been through in a short amount of time.  I knew better!

I’d been under far worse stress and never faced anything close to what I was dealing with.

I never quit searching for an answer – the journey of which is detailed in that book.  

Some 17 years later and I’m still having to tune into my gut instinct in order to stay the path.

Yes, I have incredible results but I’ve also had my share of people questioning my methods since they don’t follow “conventional wisdom.”  Especially when it comes to eating but as I write in Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Resolving Calcium Toxicity, the healthier I ate, the sicker I got.  Something had to give!  So – ignoring conventional wisdom I tuned into my gut instinct and “winged it.”

It’s paid off.  Not only am I no longer EMF Sensitive, my physical health which took a hit after I was exposed to toxic chemicals is continuing to improve.  

One example: My nails which were ridged since at least 2009 due to toxin induced mineral deficiencies are finally smooth again, strong and growing at a normal rate.

Excess calcium and other toxins meant hair and nail growth slowed to a crawl and my nails were often soft and would shred.

The texture of my hair is what it should be – curly.

Calcium excess will take curl out.

A number of other physical challenges have been resolved

My eyes are no longer sensitive to sunlight, I don’t need to use moisturizer, and a number of other small but happy milestone victories.

Perhaps most interesting of those victories is that for the first time in decades I am able to sleep past 7 am.

Trouble sleeping was a big symptom of EMF Sensitivity.

Early on while working with a doctor to try to figure out why weeks after moving to the SF Bay Area I was getting sick, I took Ambien for 3 days but it didn’t help.

As I write in Riding the Waves, medications did not work for me when I was suffering EMF Sensitivity!

It is really something to lay in bed in the morning and go over vivid dreams that took place after 7 am.

I noted the dreams are more vivid which is likely related to healthy sleep.

It isn’t easy going against the grain but when the results are this good?  I just double down on my gut instincts.

Speaking of Gut Instincts. I’ve decided to include Volume 2 in the book.

Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity is coming along and will be released in the coming weeks.

Happy 4th and Stay tuned!

Note: I will be releasing an updated version of the Event Horizon App soon. This version will include a new look as well as new functionality.