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Come to Ocracoke.
Small business owner Josephina Dalton didn’t need a vacation she needed sex, hot sweaty sex. That she couldn’t remember the last time she’d had either was a testament to the state of her life.

When her sister invites her to the Orafolk Festival to meet her new beau, Josephina asks the sexy graphics arts designer who does her business fliers to go along.

What’s an adrenaline junkie to do?
Olympic hopeful Jeremy Williams used the same passion and determination that made him an elite athlete to forge a new life after an avalanche crushed his spine and dreams of gold beneath snow, ice, and rock.

With the roller coaster ride life had become nothing more than a gentle rocking of waves, he’s ready for his next adventure.

Sun, laughter, love.
The small Outer Banks Island has everything needed for two passionate people to have it all.