Knowledge is Power.  Experience is Power To Share.

What does that mean?

Growing up in a world where gatekeepers obeyed arbitrary rules that basically empowered them to be bullies shaped my beliefs. One of the earlier lessons of this social farce was how easy it is to control people who are afraid.

A puzzle to me even as it was an observation.

On Fear

When I was 7 my dad picked up that I was afraid of earthquakes.

I’d just seen Earthquake and read about the 64 Alaskan quake in school.

Passionate about Mother Nature he used this as an opportunity to discuss not only the Ring of Fire – explaining that the very forces that made the place incredibly beautiful were the forces that could be devastating if not deadly and explained we shouldn’t fear Mother Nature.

We should respect her.

He went on to discuss the tornadoes that ripped through our Midwest state along with thunderstorms, lightning, and a number of other regional threats.

Having grown up with access to rivers and lakes and the Great Lakes in particular, he explained how swells in the Great Lakes can be far more deadly because waves break apart so boats can slam the bottom repeatedly – break apart – as opposed to riding the swells of the much deeper oceans.

He then went on to tell me something that has not only served me throughout my life but that I’ve passed along to many.

If you’re afraid of something – learn about it.

He explained that for one, you’d learn whether or not you really needed to be afraid.

Or if someone was using your ignorance as a way to hold power over you.

And if it was something legit – well – you still don’t fear it.

You respect it.

Like Mother Nature.

Throughout the ensuing years – for a variety of reasons – I wrestled with fear about one thing or another.

But never gatekeepers.

Since I knew their power wasn’t real, I understood them as something you find your way around.

Because I know what it’s like to be exploited for lack of knowledge – or experience – by people who at the end of the day have their own fears – I’ve made it a point to never be a gatekeeper.  To that end…

I share knowledge and experience so others don’t have to be at the mercy of a gatekeeper who – for all we know – may be every bit as ignorant if not more so than the one trying to find their way through a difficult subject.

My fiction is written to entertain.

Though there are always nuggets of wisdom and real truth in there.

My nonfiction work is written for those who are self directed. 

Just give me the tools

But also for those working with a professional

Including those who make a life of studying the more esoteric aspects of the universe.

I invite you to explore not only this website.

I promise I won’t purposely lie or steer you wrong.

I am a born healer and truly love people.  I always consider gems I’ve gained along the way when presenting my work to the world.

To share.