Marking the Familiar Through Time

I have always been fascinated by coincidences.

What Carl Jung calls synchronicities. 

 After observing one this morning I was inspired to share.

This is reflective of the new writing project which is in progress.

Life’s Helpful Messages

I view coincidences as wonderful markers along life’s path.

A reminder we are not alone, that the Universe is working with us.

I’d recently been considering comments heard years back from a number of people who chose a specific part of the country to raise their families.  What they had in common was describing the area as “Like the Seattle I grew up in.”  

Twenty plus years earlier.

Some had come back from clear across the country seeking the peace of mind raising their family in a familiar energy would bring.

Or so they thought.

I ran into some of these folks some time later and found their updates amusing, if understandable.  They had since relocated out of the area because the lack of change translated to a feeling of powerlessness and isolation.  

In one case the woman said Richmond, Virginia was far more progressive and she was thinking of moving back.

Though they didn’t move back to the Eastern US, they did move to an area that was, in their words, more normal for raising a family.

The area would fit the description of a typical US suburb.

Along with other details came complaints common of many throughout various areas in the country, including frustration with schools and other annoyances.

Annoyances that were familiar enough to give them a sense of familiarity and thus that peace of mind.

I considered how people living in an area can form a silent agreement to keep things as they are because they like it that way.

It makes them feel safe and/or normal and brings peace of mind.

There may be no real motivation to change anything since nothing is broke.

I further considered how even slight resistance to change can make it feel as if time has slowed.

Something I find disconcerting, personally.

When I came across this article this morning I couldn’t help smiling at the irony given I was just thinking about the subject.  


While the town is beautiful and I’m sure charming, it’s a place I wouldn’t want to live as my perception of time would be skewed beyond my comfort zone.

As it was during Covid lockdown, something I’m still recovering from.

I find it fascinating the people of the town are so in lockstep and considered what sort of person or family would be so charmed they would perhaps relocate there.

And what the change would be like for them.

I can appreciate the draw of peace and beauty and familiar traditions such an environment would offer.

Even if the passage of time doesn’t seem to be one of them.

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