Manifesting 101: Just When I Needed It

I’m beginning to wonder if the universe can read my mind.

I was taught God knows what’s in our hearts.

This morning was rougher than usual.  As I was out enjoying the sunshine I considered what I might do to boost my spirits.  No sooner had the thought completed when an older gentleman walking in the opposite direction said, “They say this means we’ll live longer.  It better or I’m going to have something to say to them!”

Whoever they are – ha ha.

His comment made me laugh.

Domino Effect.

It reminded me of something one of my uncles might say about some topic or other and thinking about them and their sometimes grumpy old man manner made me smile the kind of smile that takes over your whole body.

It was just what I needed when I needed it.

I immediately thanked God for the laugh and the smile.

As I walked along thinking how the guy seemed to have appeared out of nowhere I was reminded of a similar situation.

One I blogged about years back.

We were living in San Diego and I was feeling down about the whole EMF Sensitivity challenge.

I hadn’t yet put the pieces of the solution together.

I set out on a walk to clear my head.  Suddenly an older gentleman relatively well-dressed appeared, seemingly out of nowhere.

He was well-dressed but he was also a vagabond.

He gave me a smile, opened his arms, and said, “There’s someone who needs a hug.”

Boy did I ever.

I let this older man envelop me in his gift – care and compassion freely given – and thanked him.

The hug was brief and respectful.

I went on my way thinking how amazing it was the man appeared like an angel just when I needed it.

As I continued on my walk this morning I focused on another incident where I got what I needed when I needed it – without asking.

Just Thinking.

The other night I was wondering about the health benefits of walking.

Those outside the well-known, such as cardiovascular.

I had questions about potential benefits, but other than wondering, I did nothing to get the answers.  The next afternoon I came across the following article.

It just popped on my screen after I logged out of email.

I never said one word about my question, nor had I been reading articles about walking. I’d only thought about the question.

The article contained the answer to the unasked question.

Jung’s Synchronicities.

I’ve decided this series of “coincidences” is part of the overall process of manifesting goals.  You put the [intention] energy out there and the universe finds a way.  

The trick is to recognize it for what it is.

And be sure to thank the sender!

Be well!

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