Manifesting 101: Sound

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If music be the food of love, play onTwelfth Night

You Have To Start Somewhere

Building Faith.

For many people, when starting on the path to manifesting goals, there is doubt.  

In the premise, in the process, in their ability to succeed.

A wonderful way to counter the doubt and increase chances for success is to build faith.  But how?

Would You Look At That?

To Notice is To Know.

Notice what’s in your life.  Specifically, how much of it is something you wanted and got?  Every one of those gains is a manifestation success.  The key is to acknowledge them regardless of size.

And be thankful!

The Tale of Two Lists

I have a list in the style of It Works that I reference.

Though I follow the methodology and philsophies of a number of Manifesting Gurus, I customize my approach to manifesting to what works for me.

I tapped into this philosophy and added wisdom from another book and created a separate list of received.

The idea is to write “I wanted x and I gratefully received it.”

As I moved accomplished goals big and small from my Want List to my Received List I couldn’t help noticing how long my Received List was becoming.

I have a wide variety of goals big and not so big.

Seeing that list grow ever longer reinforced my faith because it was proof the methods I was employing were working.

When I started this version of the manifesting process I was doing quite a bit of walking.

Good for body mind and spirit.

An avid walker for decades I typically listen to music while I walk.  Unfortunately, given the state of things at that point, I wasn’t able to.

Too much going on in the pia mater.  Music became an irritant.

I felt bad about not being able to listen to music because it’s been a part of my life for as long as I could remember.

I played in band and then orchestra.

The Universe is Listening

And playing my song.

As I was watching college basketball gearing up for March Madness I became aware certain commercials had songs that grabbed my attention – for the message they sent.

Everything’s Okay.

No matter how down I felt when those ads came on the song became the focus of my attention.

That was the point.

Thank you God.

Those tunes were the right words at the right time but more, in some cases imagery in the ad boosted the message.

Flowers blooming and other signs of spring with its new growth and celebration after a long winter.

Deciding focusing on the message of hope was the best course of action I created a playlist with those songs.  

The Happy List.

I’ll admit, it was a short list at the outset.

Transition Buddy to the Rescue.

One morning as I was starting out I got a text from my Transition Buddy in which he included a link to a song he was listening to at work.

He mentioned it was helping him get going on that particular morning.

When I heard the notes I was filled with warmth and a smile spread across my face.  I hadn’t heard the song in years but it brought back wonderful memories from a time when my family lived in Florida.

Thinking of warm sunshine while walking in the cold rain was a real boost to my morale.

I added the song to the playlist and gave a big thank you to my Transition Buddy for adding a bright spot to my day.

Over the weeks I added one or two additional songs to keep the theme of the Happy List.

I played the list over and over while walking.

The more I listened to the message the songs represented – hope that things would eventually get better – and considered the circumstances by which they came about – the more positive I felt which translated to more positive coming into my life.

Coincidences – what Jung calls synchronicities – began to multiply.

Music Matters.

And it does this…and this…

As I acknowledged the role music was playing in lifting me from a pretty low point, a funny thing happened.

I started to stumble on articles about the benefits of music.

My Transition Buddy continued and continues to share stories of music that add smiles and positive energy to my day.

We’re about the same age so we have a lot of music memories in common which makes it that much more enjoyable an exchange.

I continue to benefit from focusing on the musical synchronities and wanted to share the idea more broadly so others can potentially integrate the philosophy of observing wonders big and small into their manifesting practice.

In closing I’ll share links to the articles and a couple of the tunes on that Happy List.

Enjoy and be well!

Links:  To prevent cognitive decline.  To repair.  To make you smile if not laugh.

Songs:  Miracles by Jefferson Starship, All Right Now by Free, and Three Little Birds by Bob Marley & The Wailers are part of that original small set.

The list has grown but it isn’t too crowded which I believe would make for diminishing returns.

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