Manifesting With Symbols

I’ve had a lot of reflection time over the past weeks and much of what I’ve reflected on has to do – one way or another – with manifesting.

Including manifesting good health.

It was important to me to examine how I manifested what I have – throughout my life – both good and bad, in order to understand what I needed to do to bring new and positive experiences, people, and things into my life.  What stood out most was the sheer number of these things I decided – in childhood – would be cool to have.

I have either achieved them previously or them have currently. 

What also stood out was that after thinking wouldn’t it be cool? – repeatedly over a lengthy timeframe – I let it go.  

Released attachment.

This was generally easier to do because I had other priorities in my life at various times so my attention was turned elsewhere.

The Symbol.

What It Represents.

I came to see that many times a symbol unconciously anchored itself acting as a touchstone for the desire. To illustrate, I’ll provide one of numerous examples.

I’ve given a number of others in previous posts so feel free to browse.

This morning while taking off my shoes after a walk I noticed the entry tile and thought again how amazing it is I have the exact tile that in childhood I thought was cool.

It’s the same type and color that was in the entryway of my maternal grandparents’ home.

I remember asking my parents why we didn’t have the cool tile in our entryway as it would be far easier to keep clean in the winter than carpet.  They were unimpressed and generally ignored my logic.

This time, in addition to the association of the tile with a place I enjoyed visiting while growing up I considered what the tile actually represents.  

What was it I really thought would be cool?  

It had to be more than helping my mom with housework.

Tracking in slushy mud because it was too cold and snowy to leave our boots on the front porch.  There probably “was” a better way but hey – we were kids.

As I looked at the tile I realized it represented all the joy and happiness I associate with visiting my grandparents.

A bit of wisdom too as my grandmother was a wise woman indeed.

I realized what I wanted in my life was more than the tile. I wanted the happy chaos of a large family gathering.

The energy of love, laughter, and a teenage aunt and uncle who never tired of us asking them to play their guitars and sing for us.

The tile was a symbol of what I wanted: love, laughter, a close family who loved and cared for each other even as they never hesitated to tell each other off when appropriate.

We still do which has raised eyebrows to some outsiders but feels so completely normal to me.

I now understand that in the back of my mind that tile was a symbol of experiences, people, and things that were important to me; experiences, people, and things I associated with success.

Not All Created Equal

Throughout my adolescence I brought friends to my grandparents’ to share in the love and chaos.

Many of them didn’t have grandparents as they’d passed away before they even got to know them.  

Not a few came from small families and were somewhat intimidated though quickly settled once they were showered with the love and chaos.

When they were accepted for who they were – the greatest gift of love.

Occasionally I came across someone who, like me, came from a big extended family.  Though they were comfortable enough, I quickly saw that their chaos was different than our chaos.  This made a difference because I wasn’t comfortable around their chaos.

The typical and primary difference was that they were far more reserved which was baffling since I didn’t see how there could be anything but happy chaos in a large family.

A lot of symbolism in that tile.

Very specific energy.

Did I achieve what I sought?  It’s an interesting consideration given I didn’t really understand the nuances of what it was I really wanted let alone what went with the “Wouldn’t it be cool …?”

My life is in flux right now which makes it a difficult question to ponder.  Overall I believe I have what the tile symbolizes though there are significant differences.

My chaos is totally different than the chaos of my grandparents.

As I poured a cup of coffee after my walk I considered that like the tile, the fireplace in my house is a symbol of a success I wanted.

I’ve written about that in previous posts.

Manifesting an object is one thing. Manifesting what the object represents is pure gold.

I hope sharing this story helps others seeking positive experiences, people, and things into their lives.

Be well!

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