To Manifest, Observe

I haven’t fallen off the Earth and while I’m still focusing on self-care I’m taking an opportunity to post a story about manifesting along with a couple of cool EMF links.

To Manifest, Observe.

In these past weeks I’ve noted numerous situations in my life that started with the thought “Wouldn’t it be cool?” somewhere along the way.  

I’m also seeing you need to be ready for what goes with that manifested cool.

I’ve often advised people that if you want to see more amazing events and coincidences in your life, start by observing them then watch them multiply.  This is especially true with manifesting.

Observe the small as well as the big manifestations and note the miraculous in all of it.

As I continued to focus on situations in my life that had come to be I considered the length of time some of them took.

Yes, the prevailing thought is everything in its right time but I like to see signs of progress to keep me motivated along the way.

Last night I was treated to a reminder that I’m not alone on my journey of healing; the universe has my back.

That was fast!

Night before last as I was drifting off to sleep I thought how I missed listening to morning talk radio from LA radio stations.

They have a unique humor I truly appreciate.

I then thought how with a little effort I could listen to any station over the web.  This led me to thinking how cool it would be to listen to radio in other states which led to me thinking how cool it would be to listen to radio from other countries.

I knew all of this could be achieved if I did a little poking around on the Internet.

After that brief consideration I feel asleep and gave it no more thought.  Last night a friend sent a link that definitely got my attention.  It’s a program that allows you to tune into a radio station anywhere in the world.

I stared at the screen and considered my thoughts from the night before.  

How cool would it be…?  

The words are a take on the “Wouldn’t it be cool?” thoughts that have often manifested into my reality.

Going as far back as statements made as a child.

I quickly thanked God for the reminder I’m not alone.

The universe has my back.

On the EMF front.

While I’m not actively working on any EMF Sensitivity project I’m always aware and since I have a passion for learning am pretty much always observing and noting.

A great foundation for observing syncronicities leading to more of them.

I came across a NASA project that intrigued me since it focuses on Ultra-Low and Very Low EM frequencies.

The frequencies that were the bane of my life til I cured myself of EMF Sensitivity.

I signed on and took a listen.

I was curious to see if the sounds would sicken me.

I’m happy to report that I had no negative repercussions from listening.

At one point it sounded like water.  In another, like an empty potato chip bag being crumpled.

I’m sharing the link in the event others would like to participate in the project.

I’m also including a link to one of my favorite music videos, Sir Nigel Stanford’s Cymatics.

The effect of cymatic frequencies on matter.

I believe those with a passion for music as well as physics, math, and/or space would be good at this NASA citizen scientist project.

I wish everyone well.


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