Though I didn’t stumble on books on the subject until 1996, I have been strategizing on how to achieve goals most of my life.

I believe it started in second grade when I was taught to pray for a variety of items and/or outcomes.

When I stumbled across Robert Stone’s Celestial 911: Call With Your Right Brain for Answers, my relationship with goal achievement changed forever.

This was followed that same evening with an equally life-changing book, Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization Workbook.

Dr. Stone’s book listed the Silva Method.  Intrigued I signed up for the Basic Lecture Series.  It was another life-changing moment as I learned techniques to solve problems with the idea to make the world a better place as Jose Silva taught.

Throughout the years since I’ve come across a number of books on the subject of creating the life you want and achieving goals.  What I found worked best for me was to take whatever worked from each of the different resources and use it in a way that was meaningful – for me.

Though I’ve written about how my daily prayer and meditation routine is kluged together from these earlier sources – including prayer routines learned in Catholic school – it came up recently after I recommended a book on the subject to a friend.  After a bit of back and forth I suggested that having more than one author’s point of view on the subject had been very helpful to me and what stands out for me in choosing one, aside from the techniques, is the tone with which the book was written.  I need them to be – in a word – upbeat.

Not every book on manifesting and/or achieving goals has even a neutral tone as many authors are very serious about the subject.  However, there are writers who approach the subject in a way I feel is optimistic and leaves me feeling so good I feel like I’m already a success with my efforts!

Bob Stone’s book definitely did!

In addition to Celestial 911, I can list Henriette Anne Klauser’s Write It Down, Make It Happen, and Michael Samuel’s Just Ask the Universe as a very upbeat approach to the subject.

I’ve mentioned previously that while I got answers to long-standing questions on the subject as well as new techniques and approaches fron Lana Shlafer’s Manifest That Miracle, I consider her book a 300 level course on the subject.

What I’ve learned in recent days is that when you make a sincere effort life has a way of putting what you need when you need it in your path.

I also learned – the hard way – it’s just a suggestion.  You don’t have to follow it.

What I do know is that different methods may appeal at different times and work better for specific goals and objectives.  That is where utilizing what resonates personally make sense.  As a final thought, don’t forget to use what you learn from personal experience.

Be well!

Note:  For those interested in the story behind the Silva Method, I highly recommend Jose Silva’s autobiography, I Have a Hunch.

It’s a fascinating story of a devout man who sought to help others and to leave the world a better place.

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