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Bringing a Story to Life: Author at Work


Thought I’d provide an update on what I’m working on.

Still not exactly sure how many books will end up in the series. It’s an ongoing situation.

The saga, which I’d never planned on publishing, has developed over several decades.

For more on this see my Youtube Channel videos regarding how Metatron’s Army came to be.

The End?  The Endgame began taking shape several years ago while I was packing Legos in preparation for a move to San Diego.

As I was listening to INXS, an image of the Vetria System near the Balen border appeared in my mind’s eye.  Sorting Legos into Ziplock bags, I took time to focus on what I was seeing.  The image gave me “end pieces.” The message was that the end was – in a way – only the beginning. 

Given the surreal experiences I’ve had since taking on this project, I can see why.

Tucking it away for future consideration, I went back to packing.

Remember, at this point I had no intention of publishing the series.  I was intrigued by the idea of an “end” but didn’t really believe it.  After all, why stop feeding me information after thirty-three years?

The publishing of this story has been fun and frustrating, an adventure that is somewhat satisfying.

I say that last bit because I feel like the observer – as if someone else is in charge of this and I – like the reader – am waiting to see where it all goes. 

  • I’m busy planning my next projects.

I will be releasing videos that speak to the launching of a new project.

  • I’m working to get Bind:  Book 9 in the series ready for a February release.

Done, Yet Not…  Even as I’m working on the Endgame books in the series, I need to go back to the Middlegame books, to finish them out.

Even as the new project begins to take shape, I have to edit and prepare the rest of the MA books.

  • I’m also continuing to gain incredible insight into EMF Sensitivity and a number of related, if sometimes esoteric, concepts.

And am determining the best way to release that information.

So, lots to look forward to…



Happpy Holidays 2018!!!


Bringing a Story to Life: Living the Dream?

DREAMSo, listening to The Prophet’s Song from Night at the Opera and realizing that I’ve been working on my dream of being a novelist a lot longer than I thought.

I’ll be honest – Not having a great day.  Didn’t start out well waking up from a nightmare at 5:30am only to go downhill from there.

I was thinking about how I’m coming to the end of the Metatron’s Army series and though I kind of dread the end, I’m looking forward to it as well.

After all, it’s taken up over 2 years of my life (just the writing part – not the 35 + in building it) and counting.

As I considered how I basically work seven days a week and all but eighteen hours a day – not counting dreams – it occurred to me.  This isn’t new.

My first declaration of being a writer came when I was three.

Those who laughed at me.  I wonder – was it that I was going to be a writer or because I was only three and already knew what I wanted to do when I grew up?

I did take a detour into math and science and Olympic dreams only to be yanked back to writing via a brain hemorrhage and NDE.

Since MA basically came from that I can’t help but wonder at the hairpin turn in the road and what it might mean in terms of destiny to be a writer. 

Even as I weaved back into the land of science, math, and engineering after the surgery, I never quit writing.

  • I filled high school notebooks with stories.

That will never see the light of day and have already been sacrificed to the fire gods.

  • I sat in boring college lectures and even more boring staff meetings and wrote stories in my head.

That I either wrote during the boredom or jotted down at the earliest opportunity to get my hands on paper napkin, plate, magazine edge, Styrofoam coffee cup, tea bag papers, etc

  • I filled boxes to the brim with typewritten stories – short stories – novellas – novels –
  • I wrote at night after putting in a full day of work followed by college classes at night, while a passenger in a car, as a guest at weddings of people I didn’t know, at boring family parties.

Writing on cups, plates, napkins, anything I could scribble on.

All those years spent writing, I now see I wasn’t only working on the craft, I was working toward my dream.

Practice makes perfect.

Even my time spent in a corporate black hole learning good business practices and etiquette were providing the foundation for my current career.

Writing is a business.

I once visited the San Francisco office of a friend who was just starting out on his own after parachuting from the corporate black hole.  He was a bit ambiguous about the small space.  Me?  I was thrilled!  Someone besides me was living their dream!

As an outsider, it was easy for me to see that he was living his dream in spite of the modest accoutrements.

I never saw this in my own struggles.  I only saw wall after wall of water coming at me while I paddled my little boogie board alongside others.

It occurred to me that many people may not realize they are actually already on the road to fulfilling their dreams because they may not recognize it for what it is.

Permission Slips?  Ha!  I recently attended a U of M alumni meeting for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs.  At the end of the evening I realized a number of young passionate individuals seemed to be waiting for permission to pursue their dreams.

Forget it – ain’t happenin’  Only person who will give you that permission is the one looking back at you in the mirror.

One of the guys attending asked me what was the final straw that had me leaving the black hole for theoretically lighter pastures.

The answer was too complicated to go into and it would probably be different for everyone.

There’s a saying among writers that the day you are reading and think you can do it better is the day you should become a writer.  My own foray  into the field didn’t happen along those lines but I get the philosophy and it’s a good one that applies broadly.

Tap on the Shoulder…Pssst….I knew three months before I resigned that change was in the air.

  • I was putting the finishing touches on my doctoral thesis.
  • My company had just gone through a merger and I had court-side tickets to the insanity and stupidity.
  • The stars were lined up, pointing toward a writer’s conference in NY.
  • CHANGE was whispering through my soul

What I failed to recognize is that the point I was standing at wasn’t the head of the trail that led to a writing career – it was halfway in.

Pffffft!  When I’m feeling particularly frustrated because I don’t recognize the path – because I’m too busy clearing with a machete, I think of a quote I saw at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The chart-topping success of “Heart of Gold” “put me in the middle of the road.  Traveling there soon became a bore, so I headed for the ditch.  A rougher ride but I saw more interesting people there.”

And so it goes…

Are you living your dream but not recognizing it for what it is?

Back to Book 12…

Bringing a Story to Life: In Character – In You

figure-thinking-mdFor the past several days I’ve been trying to finish a difficult scene in Promotion:  Book 11 in the Metatron’s Army Series.

The difficulty comes from the complexity involved.

 This book in general has been a challenge since I ended up with two versions of it.

My misguided attempt to better organize the files.

I was at least able to choose which of the versions to use and was making great progress when things started grounding to a halt.

As I had a lot going on at the time I tried stepping away – only to find I couldn’t.  I needed to get back to it.

The style of the scene – which is actually several scenes that alternate – is something I’ve never done before but it fits the progression of the story and the series perfectly.  Unfortunately, and likely due to the nature of that style – it is incredibly awkward – for me.

When I read back through it it’s fine – seamless – makes sense. 

The challenge comes from having to swap between characters going through a similar experience in two different locations.

No, not two different dimensions.  Those I can do!  Not different timelines either.

One of the alternating scenes was becoming smoother but that made sense since I knew those characters better.  Thinking that was the source of the problem – that I didn’t know the other characters as well – I took myself to lunch at a local place so I could work on it.

I went close to when it opens so it would not be crowded, chose a table away from others, ordered a glass of wine and pulled out pen and notebook.  By the time my turkey sandwich arrived, I had seven pages written.

It helped but not in the way I intended.  Getting away and working on a different angle – character backstory for one of the characters in a different context altogether – enabled me to look at the awkward scene with new, less distracted eyes.

It didn’t solve the awkwardness issue, however.

And I was getting tired of reading from the beginning.  My eyes were starting to cross!

As I sat down to again attack the situation I realized why the scene is so awkward!  It’s supposed to be!  That’s the point of it!  The characters themselves are feeling awkward!

Ironically, this tells me I did a good job with the situation because I was feeling that awkwardness!

The style was fine – transitioning between the parallel situations – it was the one alternating scene – the characters in it – that was the issue.

I’m about to get back to it but with fresh eyes.

Eyes of writer and reader both!

**  Decided to take a detour through a music break – Motley Crue – Dr. Feelgood and Shout at the Devil.  Just the thing to get the brain cells workin…

Bringing a Story to Life: Time to Pay the Piper

clipart-scotland-8Well, I’ve gone as far as I can and now I have to decide which of the two paths to “dark moment” resolution I’m going to take.

It really will have to be one or the other.

At least I’m prepared.

I spent a better part of the afternoon sorting through folders and better organizing my files.

I have a feeling that I’m going to use the stuff I wrote originally, last summer.

It provides more insight into the character relationships than the actions that drove them.

In going this route it better serves the story in its original form.

It doesn’t affect the ending or the endgame novels.

The Madness.  It took a lot of preparation to get to this point.

  • I reread books 8 and 9
  • I reorganized my files
  • I reorganized my play lists
  • I used up my get out of jail free cards (distractions)

I also took care of some of the slivers in my life; issues I’d let go because I was so focused on what I was doing with the MA series.

I pushed back on people who’d been taking advantage of the fact I was otherwise distracted. 

The Method.  I basically have to open several files simultaneously and go back and forth, knitting together the progression that leads the way.

The only way out is through.

A bit of encouragement.  I heard from my beta reader, who is nearing the end of Pin: Book 8 in the series.  They said they didn’t want to stop reading to go eat dinner and as soon as they’re finished, they are going back to the story.

The dishes can wait, apparently.

That was cool.

Bringing a Story to Life: Getting Too Far Ahead

turtoise-clipart-tortoise-and-the-hare-3.jpgWrapping up post production work for Pin: Book 8 in the Metatron’s Army Series.  It feels great to be so far ahead of release deadlines.


Untying a Knot.  The books that comprise the Middle Game of the series are tied so closely to each other, I decided last summer to keep them all in one document that I would break apart into individual pieces later.

Which I did.

Trouble is, in some cases, I had difficulty remembering which scenes ended up in which books.

As I circled back around to Book 8, I realized pieces I needed to know about were in books 9, 10, 11, and maybe even 12.

Worse, I’d written scenes I planned to insert in the future then filed them in a way I thought was logical – only to find it wasn’t.

Double the Work.  To address the problem and keep it organized, I ended up having to read Pin and the other books simultaneously.

The Tale of Two Endings.  Because of good intentions gone bad, I ended up having two versions of the climax resolution.

And I like both of them!!!

Have Faith In the Process.  I suppose it serves me right for getting so far ahead.

I forgot that I did it right the first time. 

I need to trust myself more.

I’ve only been living with the Middle Game for the past 15 months straight. 

Leave It Alone Already!  I always like to reread the novel immediately prior to designing the book cover, slides for the book trailer, and writing the back of book description.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult for me to be “just the reader.”  I tweaked a couple of paragraphs then realized – my beta reader has the copy!

It’s not nice to send edits to a beta reader so I had some fun with that.

Pin will be available for purchase December 15, 2018.

The book trailer will be available November 15.

Now:  Back to Bind: Book 9.

Due March 15, 2019


Is the Messy Writer Better Organized?

messy-deskSeveral years ago, I paid an organizational consultant to come to my home to give me advice.

My husband and I had just purchased a home and it became apparent our organizational styles clashed.  He was of the “I might use it someday” and “Isn’t this cool?  It’s from first grade” while I was, “I know what’s in those piles on the table.” (And counters and…)

While the woman had some good advice, some was – ahem – outdated.

She suggested I try to tidy up before hubby came home.  I looked at her like she was nuts and pointed out that I, too, had a full-time job outside the home?  Not to mention, I’m not June Cleaver and this wasn’t the 50s..

Of all the tidbits she shared, one has helped me truly understand my organizational style.  I’m what she referred to as visually organized.

I guess a lot of creatives are.

She explained that for someone who was visually organized, their ideal closet was a room full of nails upon which they could hang every article of clothing.

So they could see it.

Out of Sight Out of – Writing Range?  Would that it was that simple with computer files.  As I sit down to write Promotion, Book 11 in the Metatron’s Army Series, I find myself facing the challenge of Now where did I put that file?

images-6Just Put it There.  I have this mind that multi-threads.  As a result, I can be working on one project but mentally writing or working on another. While most of the time I have no difficulty keeping track of it all, there are times when I decide it would be best to write down any thoughts in a file.  Problem is, once that’s completed,where do I file that file?

Last summer while completing the first drafts of the series, I found myself writing out scenes that I planned to incorporate later.

I gave the files relevant names so I’d know how to retrieve them later.

Well, after the start of the New Year, I decided to do a little organizing.  Thinking I’d be clever, I created folders for each book and within those folders, I stuffed manuscripts and other relevant works.  It had an interesting effect.  Now I can’t find anything!

As comical as it sounds, I’m finding it rather inconvenient at the moment.  You see, I know that I wrote a scene that I need for this particular book – last summer.  I just can’t find where I put it.

The reason it isn’t in the Book 11 folder is that at that point in time I thought 10 was going to be the last book in the series.  At this point, I’m looking at 12.  Trouble is, I didn’t come to that realization and further break out the files for those books until this past week, in an attempt to get better organized.  Sigh.

My analytical mind sought to make my life easier and I ended up getting myself into a bit of a jam. No worries, though.  I can always go back to the Time Machine backup from last summer and see if I can’t find where I stashed the scene in question.

Your Style or Mine?  My husband and I are both analytical with lots of experience in tech. In spite of this, I chafe at his suggestions for how to organize my files.

It’s one of those where it sounds good – til I implement it and realize I can’t follow it because it isn’t my style.

I learned that lesson the hard way during a previous attempt at becoming a better organized writer.

I do appreciate how he tried to help, and it was good advice.  It just blew up in my face.

Backup?  What Backup? Another area where organizational differences have impacted my writing is in the backup strategy we have. Though it’s in sync now, an early on miscommunication led to a near disaster when the drive I was backing up to failed.

I had a bit of an – ahem – meltdown because my file on the Effects of Time on Man was lost.  That information came from a Spirit School session.  It would have been ungodly difficult to retrieve.  I would have to hypnotize myself and even then I’m not sure I could have restored it all – because I was busy freaking out about the loss.

Aaron repaired the drive and we both learned a valuable lesson.  His definition of backup and mine – and where the locations are – were not in sync at that point.

Just Start Over?  When I sat down to work on Promotion, unable to locate the scene, I decided maybe I’d just start over.

After all, I know what needs to happen in the scene.

I spent a few hours redoing it and concluded that I need that file!

At least I know it’s somewhere.

Get Organized – Lose Productivity.  The thought of spending a lot of time searching through numerous directories and potentially having to turn to old backups in order to find this file chafes – because I’d rather be writing.

Next time I’ll pass on organizing.  It’s better to leave my creative – if messy – mind in charge.  It knows what it’s doing.

Inside Outside.  As for Aaron and I and our home?  We managed to come together – out of necessity and thanks to an unlikely helper.

My in-laws.

vector-clipart-santa-flying-a-plane-and-dropping-presents-on-parachutes-by-dennis-holmes-designs-65255.jpgWhat Jet Lag?  
Fairly early the morning after Aaron and I returned from our honeymoon, my mother, father, and brother in-law showed up with a load of Aaron’s things that had been at their house since he’d gone off to college.  With a smile they unloaded everything into our foyer, wished me luck, and left.

I turned to Aaron and said, “Whatever you don’t want, get rid of. What you want?  Organize.”

Within two days he had everything he wanted completely organized.

And the Good Will got an early Christmas gift.

Outside Inside.  As our lives have evolved and our family has grown we have worked hard to keep organized.

Mostly out of necessity.

If only I could manage that with writing.

Then again, when it comes to writing, maybe it’s better to stay messy…


It was buried in a file I wrote last July.  WHEW!

Bringing a Story to Life – The Paranormal AS Reality

mist-over-the-mountainsI’m about to post a vlog that gives a bit of insight into the Port Gallatan series.

The FICTITIOUS location for the series.


The West Virginia part of that story has a bit of personal meaning, and is a great illustration of how having the paranormal AS reality in my life has played out.

In a way that went way beyond being a writer.

During the autumn YEARS AGO, I found myself in West Virginia.  Though a series of events that took place over that weekend were of a paranormal nature, it was the weekend itself – and the events that led up to it – that transformed my life.; a situation where the whole was far more than the sum of its parts.

  • I was invited to come down and spend a weekend.


  • I would drive down right after work on Friday and arrive very late.

I had had the WEEK FROM HELL so I can’t begin to explain the basket case I was when I arrived, nor how it felt to be swept into a loving embrace, accompanied by an assurance that I was welcome and I could leave it all on the front porch.

  • There were no expectations

The individual who extended the invitation is one of the only truly altruistic people to ever cross my path.

  • The house was over 200 years old.

Spending the night in a place that had been there when my country was birthed from a revolution – at the hand of commoners who dreamed of being free from theTYRANNY of King George III cannot be easily described nor manufactured in a factory.  Farmers – not trained soldiers – led by great men – won that war.

  • The smell of cedar touched/connected with something from my Irish great-grandmother

My parents kept the quilts she handmade to keep out drafts from the walls of her home in Ireland in a cedar chest so the moths wouldn’t destroy them.

  •  My host provided acceptance that healed parts of my soul in need of healing


  • I was reminded of who I was at a soul level, reminded that corporate (and those in it) did not define me

Though God knows they tried.

  • I was reminded that life is what I make it (No excuses).

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay the individual who invited me – nor fully explain what that weekend and those nights in that house did for me.

So – the paranormal of that weekend.

We ventured to a park where there were a number of ghosts.

Story of my life since LONG before the brain surgery!

I tucked this part of the weekend into my normal “Wow, this is really cool…”space and went with it.

With regards to all the ghosts I saw on my way to the payphone?

I had to call someone to wish them happy birthday!

I believe in Democracy for ghosts.

Who am I to-tell them to go to the light ?

Paranormal experience aside, it was a turning point for me.

Did the ghosts play a part in that?  Not as much as staying in that house did.

Going Home.  I drove the PA then OH Turnpike, knowing I wouldn’t get back to MI until well past midnight, needing to report for duty to the corporate black hole early the next morning.

I was a completely changed person though I had no idea at the time just how much.

160826012942-black-hole-breakthrough-lee-pkg-00002217-exlarge-169To give a perspective of the degree of dysfunctionality of our particular sinking ship…


  • There was a sandwich board in the 1stfloor hallway that read the difference between us and the Titanic was that at least the Titanic had a band


  • There was a Far Side Cartoon with God looking at the animals and contemplating “Hmmm…pretty good – all I need is something to eat you guys…” on my boss’ office door.

With an arrow over God’s head that had the current black hole program name on it.  The animals?  There was an arrow with the name of our “sacrificial” team on it.

My boss was NOT amused.

I was NOT the orchestrator of this chaos!

Hey, at least we had a sense of humor while we were going down…

Scott Adams would have been proud.

YES – I know Scott Adams did not author the Far Side.

Around 11pm Sunday night, close to the OH-MI border, I checked my vmail.  There were a number of messages from someone who was another energy drain on my life.

Prior to the nights spent in that house – talking to the woman whose family had owned it for generations – I was somehow oblivious to the energetic damage being done by this psychic/emotional/psychological vampire.

By the time I was listening to the sixth – or seventh – vmail DEMANDING that I call him and tell him WHERE I WAS – I was rolling my eyes and acknowledging that my life needed some serious work.

Ghost to the Rescue!

Not long after, I had a visit from the ghost of my deceased maternal grandmother, reading me the riot act because my husband was about to come into my life and there was WORK TO BE DONE and there I was screwing around with a vampire!

Rattled by the dream – my maternal grandmother NEVER yelled at me – I nonetheless blew her off.

My mistake.

Immediately after, my life took a turn into a nightmarish if entropic direction.

It was as if someone yanked the tablecloth off the table of my life and every damned glass thing on it fell to the floor where it proceeded to smash to smithereens.

Those were some rough months afterward…

But as I recount in After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens After We Die, my husband DID enter my life a few months later.

The transformation – Cosmically Guided – was set in stone.

 The Paranormal as Reality Revisited…

I was reading an article the other day and considered where I was when this guy was blowing out an amp.

I was living in the Bay Area, seeing my husband-to-be in a vision on my Silicon Valley apartment balcony.  I actually asked him to wait – explaining I wasn’t ready yet.  This was BEFORE being chewed out, mind you.

Cosmic Time.  Upon reading the article, I realized that though it seemed like an eternity at the time – the actual space between when I saw my husband in that vision and when he showed up in my life was relatively short.

My grandmother’s admonition notwithstanding. 

heartThe rapidness with which everything else was swept away once I touched his hand when we finally found each other?  It left me with no doubt that

  • Destiny Exists
  • Love is a powerful force
  • Paranormal IS reality if you look for it

On a side note: Just before we were married, my husband took me to a place where he used to spend time during a difficult part of his life.  It was the exact location I’d seen him sitting in in the vision, though he was there two years – almost to the day – before I was in my apartment.

The speed of desire across time?

Just the information a storyteller loves to draw from.


Bringing a Story to Life – The Paranormal in Action (Still)

_imgI’ll preface this piece by pointing out that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  I don’t see every shooting star as an omen nor every coincidence as anything more than a coincidence.  But that doesn’t stop me from taking note of events that jump out due to the timing or some other characteristic that makes them unique and statistically – if not paranormally – significant.  Just such a thing happened to me today and as it followed on to a recent event of note, I thought that instead of posting as a reply to the comment, I’d put the article here.

For people who wish to experience more synchronistic events in their lives…keep track of them.  The more you observe them, the more you will see them in your life.  I also suggest thanking whatever energy you connect with (God, angels, etc) for the gift.

I woke in the middle of the night and, unable to sleep, my mind began to wander over some of my work. I wasn’t sure if I should leave the writing as it is or delete it.  This bothered me to the point I was going to get up at 3 am and delete it.

I decided that if I did get up and get on the computer, I’d never get back to sleep.  Besides, if it still bothered me when I woke up, I could always delete it then.

vector-illustration-of-sheep-fall-asleep-on-the-bed-of-a-sleepless-man-drawing_csp28883199Still unable to sleep a half hour later, I asked the angel I work with on my writing for help.  I said, “I don’t know what to do.”

I fell asleep about twenty minutes later.

I woke up feeling groggy and in serious need of espresso.  Typically, I wait to check my email until after I get back from a coffee run. For some reason, I checked the email before.  There was a message stating that someone had left a comment on one of my articles.

An article about the paranormal synchronicity I’d recently observed.

The author wrote:  I think the Universe does not want us to second guess ones self. Yet we do…. I like visions….. they’re better than a newspaper!

Well, I certainly got my answer.  Leave the writing as is and stop second guessing myself.  I thanked God and the angel and head for the coffee shop.

Part Deux!  The woman making the coffee is usually in the kitchen so I took a moment to chat with her.  She said, “I was thinking about you…about your writing…it takes a lot of work and you have to have a passion…”

Thinking about my lack of sleep I said, “And being used to sleepless nights.”

She smiled and said, “You’re doing everything right.”

I’m sure my smile was frozen on my face though I think I mumbled a thank you. 

As I walked back to the car I mentally said, “Message definitely received God, and thank you!”

I cherish such events and share them because they happen every day around the world to numerous people – reminding us that we aren’t alone…on our own.

  • Something inspired MaryAnne to post the comment when she did. 
  • I elected to read it before leaving for the coffee shop – or before deleting the writing which I very well might have. 
  • The woman making the espresso is normally in the kitchen.  She decided to make the coffee and she decided to tell me what was on her mind which was relevant. 

It was what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. 

You never know when you might be that messenger for someone else.

Look for the synchronicities in your life…it’s worth the effort.

Bringing a Story to Life – The Paranormal in Action

rose-trellis-cj-mckendryI recently filmed several vlogs for the Metatron’s Army and Port Gallatan series.  In one of the videos, I share a bit about how paranormal events inspired the upcoming Soothsayer.  A lot of work went into the videos and as I lay in bed Friday night, I pondered one of the stories which could be interpreted more or less as a vision.

It isn’t exactly – it was more like looking through an open doorway and seeing into another … place.

I considered whether or not I should reshoot the vlog, decided to give it a couple more days to decide.

On Saturday, I attended a Native American ceremony.  One of the tribal women shared a story of sitting by a lake and having a vision. She went on to talk about the importance of visions and the helpful information that can be gained from such an experience.  As I drove home, I thought how nice it was to hear someone else talk about visions.

Visions are part of the tribal culture and so no one thought anything odd about her story.

On Sunday, we were driving to church, and I thought of the woman’s story and how it was a bit of a coincidence that after waking up feeling uncertain about telling my own story, I heard someone tell theirs – with confidence and to complete approval and understanding.

I again considered that it was a part of her culture and how fortunate she was that this was true.  I lamented that in spite of stories in the Bible, there were few current stories of visions in Christian circles.

At least not the ones I’ve been hanging out in.

I continued to think on this as I stared out at the water and listened to the service.  After the gospel, our priest shared her thoughts about its meaning and went on to tell a personal story.

She’d recently lost her mom and was feeling lonely and sad.  She visited a beautiful rose garden and prayed about her feelings.  As she sat there, a vision of Jesus appeared next to her.  Though she spoke of the comfort from the experience, my mind was on the fact she’d shared a story about a vision.

It was as if an angel tapped me on the shoulder and said, “We’re listening.”

Needless to say, I felt a lot better about the story I share on the vlog.

I will be posting the vlogs soon.

Soothsayer is slated for an October 2018 release.

Bringing a Story to Life – Integrating the Paranormal

1*sii-ojjjlh2f-NMBH3o99gI recently attended a presentation by a group of Middle School students.  As sometimes happens, a student froze up, her nervousness making it difficult to get more than a sentence out.

It was truly a deer in the headlight’s moment for her.

Her team was completely supportive and there wasn’t an adult in the room who wasn’t sympathetic.

The young woman and her parents were at my table.  I found an opportune moment to congratulate her on the wonderful job she and her team did,  and when she told me she got nervous I said, “Everyone does.  Even grown-ups.”

I went on to tell her about how – very recently – my husband was doing a remote presentation to customers when we lost Internet connectivity to our house.  I explained that it just dropped right in the middle of the presentation –that such things are a part of life.  Stuff happens.

The story made an impact and she totally relaxed.

I could see the gears turning as she realized she wasn’t so unique – she was part of a much larger group of people – a group that includes successful people. 

That conversation came home this evening as I was filming vlogs for Metatron’s Army and Soothsayer, the upcoming Port Gallatan story.  A lot of preparation goes into creating these vlogs, but this last batch merited more thought than usual… because of the subject.

The paranormal and how I integrate my paranormal abilities/experiences into my work.

After filming two of the vlogs, I realized that I was shaking.

I was nervous.

I couldn’t help thinking of the irony –  my recent conversation with the young woman intended to bolster her confidence and there I was shaking.

It was particularly ironic given the number of times in my corporate career I got up in front of hundreds of strangers and was totally fine/totally confident.

I can tell you this much – it’s a hell of a lot easier when you’re representing a large corporation than putting yourself out there on your own merit.

A false sense of confidence but there it is.

I’m proud of the work I did tonight – of the work I do – but that doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous.

And that puts me in a larger crowd