The High Road.  Magnus Agent Tyler Cliff is a bit of a maverick except when it comes to his research.  When a weapon he meticulously vetted fails to work as designed he insists on leading the effort to find out why.  For the scientist who likes to keep emotion out of it – it’s personal.

The Low Road.  She may be from a small town, but Caroline Bennett is far from helpless when it comes to life.  When a perfect stranger shows up at her door claiming he has questions only she can answer, she agrees to help, with a catch.  

The End Game.  As the meticulous scientist goes about trying to get what he needs while keeping the woman with the answers alive he learns that his precious methodology won’t get him what he wants and it’s a mistake to underestimate a country girl.

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Except from Mirror

“You were assigned to this mission, major, not only because of your experience and intelligence but because of your reputation for improvisation.  Were we misled?”

He looked at the man in the dark brown suit but not before noting how the third man in the room, a Mr. Bailey had gone quite still.  “My qualifications for this mission are not in question, Mr. Greely.”

“So, you’ll complete the assignment as agreed?” the third man asked.

Tyler’s eyes dropped to where the man’s pudgy fingers were pressing into a folder on the table.  In response to his scrutiny, he entwined those fingers, tightly enough that bands of white showed around cuticles that were otherwise red.  He met brown eyes, noted the grey tinge to the bags beneath them.  “I will complete the mission as agreed but I suggest you consider the wisdom of keeping information from me as we go forward.”  His eyes moved to the one called Greely.  “I am used to improvising to deal with the unexpected, not because my superiors lack foresight.  So, tell me,” he said coolly holding up the folder.  “Is there anything else you’ve failed to disclose?”