Manifest Your Supporters Wisely

A part of the manifesting process I’ve come across frequently is the importance of keeping positive and one of the ways mentioned as frequently is to be sure you are around positive people who can support you in your efforts.

There are a number of philosophies that also suggest not talking about your goals which is a strategy for avoiding negativity when you don’t know your audience or they may not be supportive.

I’ve come up with a different yet effective strategy, one I use not necessarily because I don’t have supportive people around me but because there are times I just need an extra boost of support.

Before I explain I want to give a bit of background perspective.  For as long as I remember I’ve had goals that stood out from those in my community.

  • I lived in a Blue Collar neighborhood but saw myself living better
  • I wanted to gain an education and have a career when those in my community pushed for marriage in lieu of
  • I wanted to travel the world when those around me were happy home bodies
  • I embraced change in the midst of a conservative group of people who were at a different stage of their lives; one that required more stability

Being at odds with those around you can take a toll on your soul.

Not to mention your psyche as you are drawn into seemingly endless discussions wherein you have to defend your position.

Incidentally, the idea for this article came out of an Event Horizon Session I was doing this morning.  As part of the stream of consciousness released, I wrote 

They may speak to my fears but they do not speak to my reality.

I was immediately taken back to my time in tech when our company and region was facing economic turmoil of a signficant magnitude, and how while I spoke of taking risks, many around me – who I considered wiser because of experience – gave grave words arguing against it.

I now see they were in a different place in life than I was and though their advice may have served someone in a smiliar situation, they didn’t serve me.  

Perspective:  I was single and just starting my career whereas they were usually married with kids in high school and/or college, mortgages, and car payments.

Fortunately I was able to deduct that their advice wasn’t helpful for me.  Unfortunately, it led to some serious self-doubt.

I didn’t realize we were speaking from different life situations.

My twisty turny path through life led me far from those consesrvative shores but the need to feel confident in times of uncertainty is just as valid today.

Experience doesn’t fill the gap here.

It doesn’t help that I am still in a place significantly different than of those who might support me.

We may be in a similar geogpraphy or industry but we are at different places in life.

Note: I’m not talking of family and/or friends who are all around loving and supportive. I’m talking about finding support in uncertain times when you might need or want a bit extra.

At times I’ve had to be creative in how I gain my support.  Here are two places from which I draw strength and perspective.


Watching  Caleb Williams’ Heisman Trophy speech was amazingly inspirational as he detailed the concrete steps taken to reach his goal of playing football.  It reminded me how athletes are an amazing source of such inspiration as many use wonderful strategies to help them achieve their goals and dreams and deal with stress.

The Road Less Traveled

I am – and always have been – fascinated by those who live a life far from standard issue.

People who decide to live at a Research Station in Antarctica or pack up and move to another country.  Or who, like friends of mine, live on a sailing yacht raising a family while traveling the world for work.

Sports 2

A number of recent articles on various aspects of golf were particularly intriguing as they showed that regardless of salary, people are people.

Basically, deciding to do something differently put them out of favor with their peers.  That didn’t feel so good even though they continued on because they had to follow their dreams.

Each of these scenarios helped me see myself as part of a group I admire, as a peer.  

Maybe not one they know personally but one who lives the philosophies they espouse; a philosophy that can propel them through times of self-doubt and uncertainty.

I hope sharing these strategies helps others facing uncertainty and/or self-doubt while going for their goals.

Final Note:  It pays to keep company with those who are positive and supportive so seek them when and where you can and when you can’t – improvise!

And stay tuned for more positive here!

Your goals are waiting!

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