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It’s amazing what you can do even with a nasty head cold.

Especially when the proverbial sword of the Muse is poking you.

I’ve added more structure and content to the nonfiction project and invite readers and visitors to check it out.

Yes, more will be posted in the weeks and months to come but I believe viewers can get a feel for the overall vibe if not direction by taking a peek now.

What’s New

I’ve added a Geo-Atmospheric section.

I’ve added a Metatron section.

This is focused on how Metatron has influenced my life outside my writing career.  For that other, see this page.

I’ve added 2 new sections

Visitors/followers will note some of the material will require payment.  The intent is to format this information so it is educational.

Like a breakout session at a conference.

Much of the information, however, will be free, as it rounds out the territory as it were.

Entertaining even as it is educational.

Stay tuned.


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Busy days at

At as well.

I’ve been populating the sites with various aspects of the nonfiction project.

Note:  I appreciate readers’ patience as I do the work.

Yesterday I renamed a page.  Next thing I know?  The front page menu looked like hell!  It took me an hour to straighten it out!

Of note, I posted a page dedicated to Esoteric EMFs.

One of the 4 pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

There are embedded links for additional pages.

Check ’em out!

I’ve also added an Easter Egg to the bottom of the bio page!

Detroit.  It isn’t the burbs.

In the following weeks and months, additional information will be added to the site.

Along with a new novel or two.

Stay tuned!


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The past several weeks have been filled with challenges, along with some happy moments.

Gary Numan concert anyone?

They’ve also been filled with a series of coincidences – what Jung famously referred to as synchronicities.

Thankfully as these are the lifeblood of a synchronicity junky.

It all started with the concert.  While walking to the venue I noticed a nearby New Age store and though closed I made a note to return.

Which I did when in Seattle for EMF research purposes.

While there I learned a bit – and I mean a small bit – about “The Dude.”


The proprietor, responding to a question about a symbol on a necklace, quoted from and showed me a couple books that included various individuals’ take on the Archangel.

That was several weeks ago.  In the interim a number of chaotic events have brought unique challenges, both professional and personal, and while I believe the worst is behind me, there’s a bit of debris in the field.  Knowing only some of the situation was under my control I turned to one of my favorite coping strategies:  Work on what I can control.

Which usually means writing.

Unfortunately, the sheer quantity of situations beyond my control meant it was difficult to calm the mind enough to focus on any one solvable item.  As this has happened before I engaged in the next level of defense  Read a reread.  Generally fiction, these are stories that entertain and allow me to think of something other than what I can’t control.  Better, they allow me to think of nothing.

Lynn Kurland and Sharaon Sala/Dinah McCall are some of my very favorites though Abigail Drake’s South Side stories have certainly been fun.  Especially given I know the area from when I attended a grad level networking course at Carnegie Mellon/U Pitt during the Corporate Black Hole years.

This week I found myself feeling pretty exhausted by it all.  As I was reading one of the rereads my eyes focused on a phrase  

And how desperately she needed hope.  

Though I certainly didn’t feel desperate I did spare a moment to think how nice it would be to have a sign that a specific situation having to do with a writing conundrum would be resolved.

Specifically, I thought to myself, “I could use some hope.”

Ask and ye shall receive.

Later that evening, Aaron and I were sitting in the living room, relaxing in companionable silence.

Sometimes we talk – this time I was reading my reread and he was browsing.

At one point he looked up at me and turned the laptop so I could see the image.

I didn’t recognize one of the players so he turned it back and began reading.  He kept looking up as if silently prodding me to get it – which I didn’t – after which he said “I need to play this out loud.”

I told you – I was exhasted which is my term for mentally fried.

It was a piece about Alice in Chains and Elton John collaborating on Black Gives Way to Blue.

At the end of the clip the narrator says that Cantrell explained the meaning of the lyrics to Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily, who was 9 at the time.

Sometimes there are very dark and challenging times in life and it may seem like things will never get better. But if you stay strong and keep moving forward and look out on the horizon, you’ll start to see a little point of light way out there. And slowly, the black would give way to blue.

I truly felt as if this was the answer to the earlier thought.  I told Aaron who shared he hadn’t looked at that site in ages.

Coincidence or Fortuitious Timing?

I thanked The Dude for giving me hope that indeed things will get better.

As for the idea of keep moving forward – I hadn’t stopped so I had that nailed.  

Tenacity is one of my better traits.

This morning I was at my desk pondering the writing conundrum and thinking of any fresh ways to approach a resolution.  Unable to come up with anything I decided to work on a different writing project.

This one has a few unanswered questions but I’m moving forward by keeping notes of what I do have.

I alternated this activity with reading the reread and playing a few rounds of Free Cell.  The game allows my mind to drift which helps me come up with solutions to various writing challenges.

I’d deinstalled it but the results in terms of creative inspiration were disastrous so I reinstalled it.

I felt a sudden urge to look at the Llewellyn website.

I haven’t looked at this site in years.

I followed a strong urge to click on a very specific link, eventually coming to a page of books.  I was about to close out the window when my eyes zeroed in on a book.  It was one the proprietor of the New Age store had mentioned.

It isn’t about Metatron directly but it apparently has scholarly references in it.

I browsed the sample chapters and, though intrigued, didn’t feel inspired to buy.

Not my thing.

And then…

I tried to turn my attention back to the nonfiction project work I was doing but I kept feeling a strong urge to go back to that book.

The Dude was prodding me.  Big time.

I went over to Amazon – because I have an account set up there – and opened the sample chapters again.  I also argued with the Dude about the point of buying the book.

I said, “What am I going to do with this?  I don’t get into this stuff and you know it.”

It was like arguing with a brick wall.

Something I describe in great detail in Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army.

Knowing I would have no peace until I obeyed the guy I bought the book.  I hadn’t even finished the first page when I understood why he wanted me to buy it.  Not only did it answer the conundrum I was facing it gave me direction on a Messenger of the Gods challenge I’d been dealing with for weeks.

Just like that.

While I appreciate synchronicities, I’m not one to read into every coincidence.

More’s the pity to some I imagine.

If this was a single event out of the blue I would be more apt to write it off as a coincidence.  Given the context of it all?  It was an answer to a plea for help.

And hope.

The book I chose isn’t the point of the post and it’s personal – between me and the Dude – so I’m not going to bother.  What I can say is that the path of Synchronicity is a convoluted path.

Though I don’t believe it’s the path of Fate.**

I hope your day is filled with signs.

And hope.

**A blog for another time.


I’m sitting here contemplating a white board on which I have the various castle rooms written, enjoying a bit of sun – and a bit of peace and quiet.

Sort of.

I’ve come to see that peace and quiet – for me – can be more disruptive than chaos.  This is partly – I believe – because as someone whose life has been chaos since pretty much the beginning – I’m used to navigating it with ease but also – because it leaves time to think.  The challenge with that – in my case – is that if I don’t choose something specific to think about something will be chosen for me.  

Unless it’s a book project, I’m probably not interested.

Today turned out to be a surprise in the thinking department.

In an effort to distract myself – so my mind wouldn’t wander too far into the quiet – I thought about a few emails I could get to.  The thought of one of the recipients took me to a place I hadn’t considered.  

A very welcome place.

Happy peace.

I took a moment to consider how this woman is one of the gentlest, kindest, and happiest people I know.

The kind of happy that is an inner contentment that glows out of her.

Her husband is pretty similar in that he radiates contenment – and peace.

I suspect it comes not just from their natural dispositions but that they are living their truth.

aka their dream.

To put it in perspective I need to go back in time a few decades.

Switchback style.

When I was a kid my dad used to watch Jacque Cousteau.

He also subscribed to Yachting magazine.

He often talked about living – as a family – on the open seas and while he talked I watched the show documenting the seaman’s latest adventure and while I didn’t agree with my dad’s thoughts on the matter – I wasn’t interested in living on the ocean – I did spend a lot of time pondering the type of person who would.  At the top of the list of thoughts was how brave such souls would be, followed by how adventurous, and finally, how passionate.

The kind of inner fire that would sustain you through the difficult times.

I don’t know if it was flipping through my father’s magazines and studying the luxurious innards of the yachts or noting the absolute serenity projected by Jacques and his crew but over time he became a hero for the simple fact he was living his truth.

His dream.

Though I never felt a pull to live on the open seas I always had admiration for those who did.  And throughout the years, as childhood ponderings tend to do, things came around so that I met several individuals who do.  What they all have in common is an inner peace that simply radiates and while one might think it comes from negative ions or sunshine or some other nature aspect of their living arrangements, I know it’s more.


It’s living their truth.

Aka dream.

I might be tempted to think it’s living on the water that inspires the peace but I’ve been fortunate enough to come across other souls who, though living their truth, are not on the open seas.  Every one of them radiates a peace that comes from living their truth.

Living life on their terms.

It’s about choice.

I believe what all these souls have in common is choosing the life of the free spirit.

Each of them worked diligently for years to earn the ability – the right – to have choice.

As someone who’s done likewise, I know it takes decades of hard work.

Outside Inside.

It’s not always fun.

Nor is it easy which is why passion is, I believe, a prereq.

Living a nontraditional life comes with unique challenges.

If you travel the seas, consider the impact of all the countries that had to close their ports because of Covid.

Everyone I know to be living their truth has something in common. Every one of them has been challenged – especially in recent times – yet all radiate that same inner peace.  

I think it’s because they are living a life reflective of who they are.

The soul has the freedom to express itself.

One thing I’ve noted.  Whenever I have the threat of nonproductive thoughts at the edges of my consciousness?  All I have to do is think of one of these individuals and peace is restored.

Live your truth!

Dedicated to Behan, Jamie, Derek, Andy, Sean, Gregg, Kim, Sandy, and MaryAnn, all who are embracing their truth – and life! You are an inspiration!


I’m off for a day of EMF Research.  In a manner of speaking this is one part of my life that counts as research that never really ends.

Though no longer sickened by tech EMFs, I am aware of a variety of non-tech EMFs.

Today’s challenge will be trying to ferret out the source of a change in awareness.

There is an impact from being around the source.

It could be one or more 

  • Geologic
  • Atmospheric
  • Factor X


I live in an area criss-crossed with geologic fault lines and though I still feel earthquakes before they happen I am no longer sickened by the EMFs emitted in the hours and days before they do.**

My head will turn in the direction of the epicenter and I will declare, “We’re having an earthquake” before the shaking starts.

If the quake happens in the middle of the night or early morning I will come straight awake before it hits. I always know what it is that woke me, what’s about to happen.

I always say “We’re having an earthquake” before the shaking starts.

Not all fault systems have the same effect.

I’ve lived and traveled throughout the Western US so I have a lot of exposure to draw from.

One thing is consistent, I feel quakes before they happen.

Today I will be making observations relative to other factors.

I’m hoping it doesn’t wear me out too much.  

It can feel as if I’ve been hit with a degauss button.


In general this is felt as a pressure in my skull.

With a particular focus where it was cut into for emergency surgery when I was a kid.

Though I no longer suffer pressure change migraines I am aware of the change.

My body reacts – usually with a tension I am not consciously aware of.  One of those where it’s subtle, creeps up.

I’m still working out the timing and various temperature threshholds.

It happens when the temperature rises.

Factor X

Involving the M in EMF, Factor X is one of the more challenging EMF related sensitivities I’ve had to deal with.

To the best of my knowledge, it began when we were living in Scottsdale and while I’ve had a version of it ever since, it has evolved.

I used to call it the Weekend Factor because it only happened on weekends.  That’s no longer the case.

I’m also testing one of my tried and true EMF remedies to see if I notice a difference when in the presence of these EMF sources.

The jewelry.

In addition to the materials I mention in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, I’ve acquired a few new pieces.

Experimenting with new materials.

What makes this investigative work more challenging is that the changes in equilibrium are subtle.  Once I become aware I need to immediately determine the likeliest of the 3.

Or which particular combination(s) of the 3 may be at work.

In spite of the challenge I’m looking forward to a day away from the laptop.

**I have a unique relationship to volcanoes too but that research will have to wait for another day. Good thing I live in the Ring of Fire.


 Having a hairstyle where all I have to do 90% of the time is roll out of bed.

Why I wear it long and curly.  Saves $$ too since I only have to cut it every 7 – 9 months.

Being comfortable in jeans and t-shirts.

So I don’t have to spend time fussing in the morning – so I can sleep longer.

Eschewing make-up outside special occasions or shooting video.

See above.

The stellar’s jays and squirrels deciding to hold their peace for the morning rather than continue the never-ending fight over territory.

So I am not woken up too early.

Having a dream that’s interesting.

So I can lay in bed and think about it rather than just getting up.

A good song running through my head to start the day.

Like Aldo Nova’s Fantasy.

A good dopio is always a good start to the day.

One that isn’t too bitter.

Better is a hubby who doesn’t mind going to pick it up!

Thank you Aaron!

Finding out your favorite author has a new book out?  Wonderful.  Finding out she’s planning to add to your favorite series by her?  Sublime!

Thank you Lynn Kurland!

I stumbled on Lynn’s MacLeod series thirty years ago. 

It was the first time I saw paranormal fiction that wasn’t horror.

Soonafter I discovered her dePiaget series and while I prefer the MacLeod stories I truly fell in love with both.  I just purchased A Lovely Day Tomorrow.

Started it last night.

Lynn is truly one of my very favorite authors.  I started reading her paperbacks, later traded up for ebooks.  There are a few from both series that I reread whenever I need a pick me up from life.

I love how she handles ghosts and time travel!

The bonus is all of this came together at once.

Making it the perfect start to the day!

Now, to work.

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Anxious to be finished with the Metatron’s Army Reboot project I’m working through lunch.  As I just chuckled – one of my favorite scenes – I thought I’d open this blog post by sharing.

Excerpt from Bind: Book 9 in the series:

With a glance toward the bedroom, Christine slowly slid open the sliding glass door, stepped onto the tiny patio, unsurprised when there was a flash of light and Dacan was suddenly beside her.  “You do realize if anyone saw that, you’ve traumatized them for life?”

Think about it.  If you were living in an apartment complex and were spying – ala Mrs. Kravitz – on your neighbor and saw a flash of light and the appearance of someone out of that light?  I’m still chuckling at the prospect.

Maybe it’s just desserts for a nosy neighbor. 

I realized as I read that scene it would be a good segue for the topic at hand.  

It’s about perspective.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of Ingo Swann.  His attitude – he had humor so dry it makes 007’s beverage of choice a rain shower – something I appreciate on a number of levels.

Including the psi level.

One of my favorite comments by the guy is from a video available on  He asks his audience how someone is supposed to take something experiential – individual mind you – and reproduce it in a lab?

He then goes on to point out that the scientific method so many cling to was developed in the late 19th century by men who were under the age of 25.  Hm – maybe time to reconsider what so many hold as the Holy Bible of science?

Experience is a tough nut to crack – I mean share.  As a friend of mine pointed out, even if two of us were sitting side by side watching a beautiful sunset the way we internalized it would be individual.

We could share our thoughts and feelings but we couldn’t share our individual experience so the other experienced what we did.

I have always done my best to describe events I experience in ways I felt would help others not only understand but perhaps be able to imagine …

This took on new context when I was lying in bed, blind and paralyzed after a brain hemorrhage.

A neat trick for a 10 year old who didn’t have the vocabulary to describe what I saw and experienced – or anything else outside wanting a cherry popsicle.

EMF Sensitivity – something I’m an expert in – has been an interesting pivot point. Being an adult I not only have the vocabulary, I have the educational foundation as well.  And now I have the experience to share.

Do you use an EMF Meter?  

A few years back in an ElectricSense interview with Lloyd Burell I was asked whether I use an EMF meter.  My response?  No because I AM one.

Well, turns out I’m a Spirit Phone ** as well.

Ironic given I’m also a psychic medium, a fact which has no bearing on what I’m about to share.

The other night I was working on Pin, Book 9 in the series and trying unsuccessfully to ignore a conversation about Lemon Demon’s Spirit Phone.

Key word:  Unsuccessfully.

At one point I looked at the album cover.  My eyes narrowed.  Spirit Phone?  I seem to remember…

I said, “That’s a real thing.  Spirit Phone I mean.  Something to do with physics.”

While the two individuals continued to blab I did an Internet search.  Lemon Demon will be happy to know it wasn’t until the bottom of the 2nd page that I found what I was looking for.

A quick read thru of the article was interesting.  Until…

“…ultra-low electromagnetic frequencies…”

EMFs!  The same EMFs that had been a bane in my life for decades!  Setting the article aside – I wanted to focus on finishing the project – I made a mental note to watch the embedded video.

That day was today.

The lightning part was interesting but what really stood out was the other audio.  What that device was picking up is what I hear with my own ears!

The world could now hear what it is I hear – have been hearing – for decades!

Perhaps more than excitement at the prospect of sharing what EMF sensitives are dealing with was the validation of my research.

Especially what I figured out while living in Colorado.  Ironic, given that is the same state – albeit at the other end – where Tesla did a lot of his work.

As I’ve written in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating and Living with EMF Sensitivity, people who are EMF Sensitive hear the ultra-low and very low frequencies and the brain, unable to reconcile the pulses, considers them a threat and releases a histamine response.

This break-thru enabled me to discover and validate a number of remedies.

Though I no longer suffer from technology EMFs I am aware of ultra-low and very low frequencies.

I hear some of them them.

They no longer elicit a histamine effect.

Though they do keep me up at night while I’m trying to wind down for sleep.

I have learned so much more about electromagnetic frequencies – all of which will go into the upcoming nonfiction project I plan to launch this summer.

Stay tuned!

** I encourage readers to watch the video and imagine – truly imagine – what it’s like to hear those sounds 24/7.

It will give you a perspective of what some EMF Sensitivies go through.


Dr. Taub mentions in his guided meditation tapes taking one step toward god and god takes – paraphrasing here – ten thousand steps toward you.  He’s right.

I know some people get up in arms over a title – God – but as Shakespeare – or his writer – so brilliantly explained in Romeo and Juliet, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” My point is – it doesn’t matter what you call the “essence” – it exists.

I was sitting here going through Analysis: Book 12 in the Metatron’s Army Reboot project and thinking over a shitload of “stuff” including the death – as of like 3 hours ago – of one of my uncles.

The one who was the inspiration for Mike Gilotti in the Dragon Core series.

As I have a unique perspective of death I can say that while sad – I also understand he’s in a better place relative to what he was suffering.

To honor his memory I will tell you that he was always good to me – even when I was little.

He played guitar and sang when I begged him to. I loved his voice – and he never said no even if he just got back from work and was tired.

He taught me everything I needed to know about hockey.

Including encouraging me to play regardless of whatever the nuns said about it.

He took me to my first game at the Joe!

When I was in the hospital after the brain surgery – could barely see – he would visit me, sit with me and read me the hockey scores.

We were devout Red Wings fans!

I still am!

He also forced me to learn to play chess by numbers since I was blind and couldn’t see the board.

He spent hours upon hours with me when I was in the hospital, forcing me to do things I didn’t think I could do.  

Never letting me give up when I broke down and cried though he was far more gentle about it than anyone else in my life.

He never ever lost patience with me.

And remained a guiding force in my life.

And he wasn’t too much older than me when it comes down to it.

Gotta love those Catholic families where the eldest sibling could be the father of the youngest and a niece dated guys older than some of her aunts and uncles.  Gawd….

So as I sat here thinking through all the stuff I’ve been dealing with in terms of life – including career adjustment basket life – I had a bit of an epiphany.  I get part of the metaphor for Metatron’s Army!

The timelines as weapons!

What “the dude” has been trying to tell me and why he chose this time in my life to have me reboot the series.

Though a reader would have to read the series and Metatron’s Legacy – Corinna’s conclusions – to truly understand when I share details that are hammering me like so many hailstones falling on me..

Thank god they aren’t too large.

The timelines created by the artifical timegates are a metaphor!

I will be elaborating on all of this in the upcoming nonfiction project.  That I had this epiphany while laying the foundation?  It’s the dude helping me lay the foundation.

And my uncle Pat.

I have often written that the relationship between writer and reader is one of trust.

One I try to never betray.

Every once in awhile I’ll get a like from someone I recognize as being a long-time fan.  I can’t begin to express the joy I experience each and every time I see it.

Thank you!  You’ve made someone’s life better!

I understand the silent ones are out there too.

Yes, I’m sad for my uncle (who was young still) but I think he is a link in a long interconnected chain of my life – enabling me to understand the metaphor of the artificial timelines in the story.

And trust me – when I finish getting the foundation laid?  I will point all interested readers and researchers in the right direction to continue the journey.

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Enjoying a bit of sun warming my back as I’m making my way through Pin: Book 8 in the Metatron’s Series Reboot Project.  Though it’s a bit overwhelming reading one immediately after another it has been a lot of fun reading the series with fresh eyes.  Interestingly, I think it’s going better than a previous attempt to fix errors and rerelease the updated manuscripts because of progress made on that basket.

It’s as if a bunch of stuff that wasn’t mine was acting as a filter over my perceptions.  

What I do know is that I am seeing various aspects of the series in a new light.  Intimacy, for instance.

My relationship with writing intimacy has been long, windy, and, at times, amusing.

This is You!  NOT!  

I learned early on that a number of people, no matter how much you protest, will assume that whatever you wrote is from self-experience.  While frustrating, it can also be irritating, and hurtful.

On more than one occasion a family member created a great deal of trouble for a lot of people because of their insistence I was writing from personal experience.

One of the instances was so traumatic I gave up the genre altogether!

Just getting used to writing intimacy took quite a bit of energy.

Especially since I began writing long before I’d entered into any intimate relationship myself!

I got around any awkwardness by putting on headphones and blasting rock music.

So I didn’t have to think about what I was doing or how others may treat me after reading.

Another challenge I went through, much further along the path of my career, was worrying about running out of ideas for scenes.

A friend assured me this wouldn’t happen, promised I would find a way forward.

Fortunately, I was able to get around that challenge not long after.

A combination of letting go of what other people would think of me when reading the scenes and focusing on the characters in the relationship rather than the scene itself.

Moral Support.

Understanding the root of some of the issue – crap in the basket – Aaron has done what he could to help me let go of worry.

He helped me turn a corner letting go of the worry during the writing of the Awakening Series.

And Now?

I just finished reading a scene that had me smiling before I even got two sentences in.  It isn’t the physical details that make this a scene I enjoy, it’s the emotions that flow between the two characters as they talk about a challenge – and the location in which they do the talking.

They’re in a tree.

This scene brings back good memories of Bell Creek Park in Redford, Michigan, of summers playing with friends and watching the more adventurous jump from trees into the creek, something I never did.

I was 7 but the guys I was watching were junior high age. I was in awe of their adventurous spirit, their bravery.

In reading my description of the climate, the warmth, humidity, the location – a tree -I could really put myself in that location.  

There’s an undertone of mischief to it, two adults sitting up in a tree late at night talking – and just being with each other.

It was a reminder of simpler times, when life wasn’t so serious.

For me and for the characters in the story.

As I learned in reading with fresh eyes, it’s another facet of intimacy.

One that delves more into the state of mind.

I’m guessing things happen when we’re ready but I can’t help thinking, given how much I’m enjoying this go round, how nice it would have been to have gone through that basket before.

To dump those filters that weren’t mine.

I look forward to the rest of the series – and the next phase of my career.

Done without filters.

Stay tuned!


Depending where you live spring may mark its arrival in a number of ways.  

According to the olde calendar – spring arrives on February 2, what the US calls Ground Hog Day.

When I lived in the Bay Area I knew spring was here because we needed to mow the lawn.

Mid to end of February.

In Michigan it was when the daffodils poked through the ground.

Usually mid March but every year was different.

In Colorado, it depends whether or not you believe snow is part of spring.

Which I don’t – part of why I moved. I’m not a skier.

Where I live now?  The arrival of one of the noisier if beautiful birds, the Steller’s Jay.  While I admire these birds – am even amused how they go at it with the squirrels over tree territory and food – I don’t appreciate having them screech outside my window early in the morning.  

As I recently saw him in a tree close by I have a feeling he’s going to be my new alarm clock.

But here I am with coffee on the desk so I’ll make good use of the early start and continue my way through the Metatron’s Army Reboot.

A bit of happy news?  It came to my attention as I’ve been moving through these manuscripts that only the first couple got messed up. 

Though I will continue combing through the remaining manuscripts.

I was happy to learn that the only fixes required in the last few manuscripts were minor typos.

As in one misspelled word in the manuscript!

I’m taking the opportunity to adjust anything that would benefit from it, such as a change of verb tense.

Anything to smooth it out or fill in context if it would improve things.

I anticipate being finished with this project by the end of the week.

Though it may take longer to figure out how the wrong versions got reissued.

I suppose I should thank this morning’s aviary alarm.  It means I’m well on my way.

Speaking of beauty and spring.

And Metatron’s Army.

I recently received screenshots from a Michigan friend who knows I appreciate beautiful sunrises and sunsets. A short while after getting them I came upon the following passage from Pawn Storm: Book 6 in the series.

It’s another example of how I draw from life experience in my work.

Excerpt: (Christine, who is from Berkeley, Michigan, is speaking with Verix)

She looked at the side mirror.  “No star set.”

“You did not face sunsets on the beach in Virginia.  Wrong direction.”

“I wasn’t looking for sunsets in Virginia.”  She drummed her fingers on the door.  “Some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen were in a rearview mirror.”


She smiled.  Explain.  Pure Verix.  “In Michigan, driving east on 696, you look back and see incredible colors streaking the sky behind you.”

“What makes Michigan sunsets different than any other?”

“The colors.  Vibrant reds, purples, peaches, oranges, all of them streaking across the sky at once.  A lot of times unique cloud formations mirror the colors.  It’s really spectacular.”


The most breathtaking sunrises I’ve seen were while living in Colorado.

Especially when I was visiting a friend in Castle Rock some years back.

I don’t have photos of those but I can share the beautiful screenshots from Michigan.

Kensington Metro Park.