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Strike One.  Blinded by a sense of duty, shape shifter Lage McAskell misses the opportunity to learn that career perfection and familial obligation don’t have to come at the expense of his heart’s desire.

Strike Two.  Focused on facilitating a second chance, the leader of Dragon Core fails to grasp that it’s desire – not action – that will win the day.

You’re Out?  The Black Dragon must set aside pride and put his trust in that which is out of his control in order to keep history from repeating itself.

Excerpt from Cauldron of the Gods

“And you, Clare?  What hurt you?”  He walked close, put a hand to her stomach.  “Did it hurt you to have my seed growing within you?”

“No and you deserve to be slapped for that.  I’ll remind you that this isn’t the fourteenth century and you and I are not – in spite of the whole life after life thing – lovers.”

“No,” he sneered, “we aren’t lovers but that life after life thing you throw in my face?  It isn’t yesterday for me Clare, but it isn’t centuries either.  Do you understand that?  It happened and I can still taste you!  Do you remember that night?  My hands on your thighs while -?”

She did slap him then.  “Don’t you dare throw that life we had together in my face.  The hell you understand my feelings!  If you want to be pissed at someone then you be pissed at your damned commander!  That is what started this mess!”