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Bringing a Story to Life: Getting Too Far Ahead

turtoise-clipart-tortoise-and-the-hare-3.jpgWrapping up post production work for Pin: Book 8 in the Metatron’s Army Series.  It feels great to be so far ahead of release deadlines.


Untying a Knot.  The books that comprise the Middle Game of the series are tied so closely to each other, I decided last summer to keep them all in one document that I would break apart into individual pieces later.

Which I did.

Trouble is, in some cases, I had difficulty remembering which scenes ended up in which books.

As I circled back around to Book 8, I realized pieces I needed to know about were in books 9, 10, 11, and maybe even 12.

Worse, I’d written scenes I planned to insert in the future then filed them in a way I thought was logical – only to find it wasn’t.

Double the Work.  To address the problem and keep it organized, I ended up having to read Pin and the other books simultaneously.

The Tale of Two Endings.  Because of good intentions gone bad, I ended up having two versions of the climax resolution.

And I like both of them!!!

Have Faith In the Process.  I suppose it serves me right for getting so far ahead.

I forgot that I did it right the first time. 

I need to trust myself more.

I’ve only been living with the Middle Game for the past 15 months straight. 

Leave It Alone Already!  I always like to reread the novel immediately prior to designing the book cover, slides for the book trailer, and writing the back of book description.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult for me to be “just the reader.”  I tweaked a couple of paragraphs then realized – my beta reader has the copy!

It’s not nice to send edits to a beta reader so I had some fun with that.

Pin will be available for purchase December 15, 2018.

The book trailer will be available November 15.

Now:  Back to Bind: Book 9.

Due March 15, 2019



Spooky Fun In Action

halloween-clip-art-ghost-pumpkinsI’m wrapping up the Spooky Fun series with a video about how a real-life paranormal event inspired a major plot device in the Metatron’s Army Series.

This series, more than any other writing project, has been a crossroads of fact and fiction.

Not only is there a paranormal element to the decision to publish the saga, the original material came about as a way to help me understand my Near Death Experience.

Write What You Know?  MaybeNot all paranormal elements, nor themes nor plots in my material evolved from real-life events.

My nonfiction work is another story.

Write What You Know.  It’s Real.  My understanding of the paranormal played a significant role in figuring out what was wrong with me after moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000.

It only took 9 years to figure out!

In 2003, the absence of my paranormal abilities led me to a visit to the San Francisco Borders Bookstore where I found the work of Russel Targ and Joe McMoneagle.

In my opinion, the loss of Borders Bookstore was one of the worst blows to the literary industry in modern history.  They were one-of-a-kind.

The tireless decades long research of those associated with IRVA and the Stargate Project enabled me to understand the physics behind the paranormal, which led to the first and perhaps most impacting EMF remedy.

The copper, zinc, and silver bracelet.

Which, as I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, led to my discovery of the specific geological differences in areas where I felt better or worse.  The rest stemmed from that original trip to Borders to try to figure out why suddenly, after decades, my paranormal abilities had vanished.

On the flip side of this, as I’ve recently observed, the healthier I get – the more I continue to recover from the heavy metal poisoning that was responsible for the EMF Sensitivity, the stronger my paranormal abilities become.

And the more ideas I get for my writing.

I look forward to showing readers a world they never knew existed.

Happy Halloween Season! 

Today’s video will be available after 2:30pm PST.

Spooky Fun: You Tell Me

The generation of ghosts born between the years 1944 and 1964?So, tomorrow I’m posting a video about the research interaction between my Vegas ghost and me

He’;s highly intelligent and has a ton of world smarts to boot.  And – he’s opinionated – but so am I. 

Our journey to EMF research evolved.  When he first showed up at our home in FC, aware of the rules, he kept to the sidelines. At one point, I noticed he came around when we were cooking dinner.

An activity we do as a family.

I asked him about it and he told me he liked being in the kitchen with us when we make dinner because it reminded him of when he was a kid and ate at his grandma’s house.

This was a doubled-edged sword because he didn’t have the best home life so it kind of showed him/reminded him of what he’d missed.

This led to his frequently asking, “What are you doing?” followed only by, “Why are you doing this?”

As in – you guys seem to be doing it right relative to what I had growing up.  Why? What makes you different?  I need to understand because I am one who studies life.

When I explained about the whole EMF stuff – a lot of it was internal – supplements I was trying, food choices, etc.  At one point I decided to venture out and investigate areas of suspicion.  He asked to come with me.  I figured, “What the hell?  Why not?”

At this point, I figured he was absorbing the love and warmth of being in an accepting family so I just figured he wanted to go to be around that – pick up our energy.

On the trip where he took away my migraine (yesterday’s video), he became an active participant.

I related all his comments and questions to Aaron who participated in the 3-way conversation with no issue.

Going Up.  Everything changed about a year ago.

Given what I now know, I see that I transcended to a new level of health away from the heavy metal and calcium poisoning.  This enabled me to have a clearer communication medium with the ghost(s) in my life.

Our EMF interactions took on a new …

I can honestly say as a writer I can’t find a word.  They were just so damned different.  More serious, I guess.  A new level?

He began to understand the effect of internal and external factors on my health.  Particularly, the foods I ate and drank.  He began to really discuss the matter in-depth and then make suggestions.

Including on dosages of any supplements, or when to stop taking them because he thought they were not helping or might be harming.

He began to tell me when I was heading down the wrong path.

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

This had me asking, “Do you know something I don’t know?”

I’m Not Telling you.  There are a few questions the guy just refuses to answer.

This can be unnerving.

One of them is, “Did God ask you to help me out?  Is it fate that we ended up in the room that evening?  Was it random chance that I happened to be in there – because we’d changed rooms – and I could see you?

He won’t answer.  It’s one of the subjects he won’t even share his opinion about – though I know he has one.

You Tell Me.  His interactions with me also changed.  Not that he gave me answers freely before but beginning about a year ago, when he would give me a suggestion or a hint or a thought – if I ask for clarification, he replies, “You tell me.”

I then need to talk out the entire scientific process.  He doesn’t even necessarily confirm my theories, he just listens then maybe makes me elaborate further.  In the end, I have to work through and for everything.

Meet the Crew.  About the time we began to interact at this new level, a number of ghosts showed up.

Not a coincidence. 

Each of them has had something to offer just as I’ve helped them, providing perspective, having philosophical conversations, pondering what ifs?

They have repeatedly told me they appreciate that I can just sit and not have to talk with them.  We can just sit and watch the birds, the bats, the squirrels, the spiders.  We don’t have to talk.

It has been a relationship of sharing to mutual benefit and though they haven’t immersed themselves in the EMF stuff as much as ET has, they have provided me with gems of information that have helped in other areas.

One of them has helped me understand the “white light” of the NDE experience and how the fact my doorway never closed has enabled me to see and experience things most people aren’t aware of. 

I still think God put these guys in my life for a reason – not just because they can help me but because I can – and have – helped them and they are in his care just as I am.

And there is no horror.  No fear.  No bullsh*t.

Just peace and respect nd the honest exchange of ideas.

Today’s Spooky Fun video, Ghosts as Angels 2, is now available.


Spooky Fun: Sphere of Awareness

main-qimg-7ad0f642a44c7121914f96a6f1813509-c.jpegIn tomorrow’s video, Ghosts as Angels 2, I discuss a time when my helpful ghost comes to my rescue.  The interesting part of it is that until that point I hadn’t seen or heard from him in several months.

This is a typical pattern for him.

He recently provided an explanation.

“I’m around but I’m staying outside your sphere of awareness.”

Since it is through my adrenals that I have the connection with him – become aware of him – I put it together – and later verified – that it’s when my adrenals are taking a hit for some reason that he stays away.

He doesn’t want to add to the burden.

If I look back on those absences, it fits with times when I was sick with EMF Sensitivity.

When we moved to FC, I started to recover.  When we moved to Arizona, regression until I took certain steps. The recovery was up and down until I understood what the root cause was and set forth a path to correct it.

This fits with an observation regarding sensitivity versus awareness.  After my husband read the article and we had an in-depth discussion of what motivated me to write it at this time, he pointed out that the EMF Sensitivity was acting as a block to my awareness of other – sensitivities.

Specifically, the X Factor, which has nothing to do with the ghosts.

As I considered this further, I came to see he is exactly correct.  It fits with EMF Research revelations I’ve gained in the past year.

ghosts-in-haunted-castle-clip-art__k39838508Holy Bleep!  A little over a year ago, as I was making incredible progress in recovering from a calcium induced health setback, my EMF life took an astonishing turn.

More ghosts!

At one point, Aaron said, “Holy BLEEP, you have the whole crew there!”

Fortunately for me, these guys are so cool, so sweet, and so very helpful.  They have given me incredible insight into EMF Sensitivity AND EMF Awareness.

Which I now understand are two different things entirely.

They have helped me test materials to determine whether or not they affect sensitivity or awareness. They’ve made suggestions on how I might lessen my sensitivity to the X Factor.

One, who liked to go with me when I went for espresso even asked me to leave my stuff on the radio because he likes the music I listen to.

But like my Vegas ghost, these guys come and go.

Gone for extended periods of time, returning to offer suggestions or perspective, then leaving again.

Come and Go.  I am so very grateful for the assistance I got from my helpful ghost, I now understand why it was such an unexpected surprise.  It wasn’t that he wasn’t around.  I wasn’t aware he was around.

For those who may wonder why it is they aren’t aware?  There’s probably something in the way.  If you are listening to one song on a radio, you aren’t aware of the others because you can’t hear them.

Even if you play two radios you will have difficulty tuning into the both of them in any meaningful way.

If you switched your dial, you’d pick up on the other songs.  Being EMF Aware is very similar.  But to be truly aware, you have to get rid of the sensitivity that blocks the awareness.

You have to be willing to change the dial.

The first of the videos that discuss how this ghost has helped me will be posted this afternoon around 2:30pm PST.

Spooky Fun: The Helpful Spirit

IMG_1904In upcoming an upcoming video (Ghosts as Angels), I discuss ways in which ghosts have been helpful. I thought I’d elaborate a bit on the EMF Research angle but also share other helpful interactions.

I’ve focused a lot on my Vegas ghost but I have interactions with others, including others who have been helpful in my EMF research.

Throughout the years I’ve run into/become aware of ghosts in a number of locations.  Some of the more memorable were encounters at Gettysburg, Chalmette, and Stones River National Parks.

The first two happened when I was a kid.

In each of these locations, just as with my tour at the House of Seven Gables, the local spirits provided insight into historical events.

Private Beltree – who I spoke with at Stones River – talked about how, upon seeing the way the wind was blowing during the U.S. Civil War, he put on the uniform of the enemy (the north) only to end up getting killed anyway. He provided me with several tidbits, including his name and where he was from – which I was later able to corroborate thanks to historical records.

In the case of my Vegas ghost, and his assistance with EMF Research, it’s a bit different.

He isn’t always around.  He has family that he keeps an eye on.  He is often gone for weeks and even months at a time.

Our working together started out more along the lines of his asking, “What are you doing?”

When he first arrived in FC, he would watch us, comment on what we were doing, etc.

He showed up one day while I was out driving around for EMF Research and we started talking.

He was very interested in what I was doing, asked a lot of questions.

He began to comment, offered insight and theories.

He also commented on the novel I was working on at the time, offered his opinion on how I might change a few things.

More recent help has been offering perspective drawn from his personal experience and knowledge.

He helped me figure out what it was about the music remedies that makes them effective.

He has suggested materials for me to test and therapies to try.

I am no longer sensitive to technology EMFs but I am still aware of various environmental ones.

As I talk about in the upcoming video You Tell Me, I have to work for everything.  He suggests things but I do all the work, including researching why the solution worked.

It makes sense I’m able to work with this “guy.”  Ghosts are EMFs.  I’m an EMF Sensitive in that I can perceive frequencies beyond average.

2 Way.  As much as he has helped me, I have helped him.

He has had to come to terms with things – having a family to keep an eye on – the reality of his situation.

I have talked to him about moving on but he has a lot of work to do still.

Watching after loved ones left behind is a common theme with the spirits I’ve talked to.

I’ve noticed that the healthier I get – the less sensitive to any electronics or technology EMFs – the stronger my paranormal senses become.

I wrote about losing paranormal abilities as part of the EMF Sensitivity issue in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, pointing out that once I donned the copper, silver, and zinc bracelet, my abilities were restored.  I also mention how, after moving to FC, CO, as I began to recover, they strengthened significantly, and diversified (I got more of them).

I have gained a great deal of unique insight regarding EMF Sensitivity and the paranormal.  I feel pretty lucky to have such helpful spirits cross my path.

Today’s video, Ghost Humor 2, should be available after 2:30pm PST.

Spooky Fun: No Accounting for Taste in Music

s-l300-2In this Spooky Fun series, I’ve discussed how a spirit I met in Vegas has changed my life, how he has a sense of humor.  He’s also – opinionated.

Not that I would know anything about that.

Especially when it comes to music.

Like I said, it isn’t as if “I” would know anything about that. 

From the very first, our differing opinions on music has been a source of contention.  It’s also been an opportunity for us to learn from each other.

He continues to try and get his way and I teach him just how obstinate I can be about something I am equally passionate about.

In general, our back and forth has been good natured.  I have to admit though – he does have a way of getting a point across.

A few weeks after our trip to Vegas, I was listening to some music in the living room.  He complained about what I was listening to.

Nilsson Schmilsson and then Bjork.

I ignored him and continued to listen to what I wanted.  Eventually, I went to the kitchen for a glass of water, and as I was coming back, my iPod slid off the sofa, hovered for a bit, then hit the floor.

I remember staring, thinking “I just saw that.  That just happened.”

I switched to Foreigner.  He seemed content.

About a month later, I was vacuuming out the back of the Escape.  I had the music turned up so I could hear it over the noise.  In the middle of a song, the “radio” switched – to one of his songs of choice.

A song I really don’t care for.

I turned off the vacuum, went to check out the radio.  He had literally switched the station to one that was playing this song – which is one he and I had argued over.

I don’t like the album, let alone the song.

The guy is determined, I’ll give him that.

But so am I.

So, we’re living in Scottsdale and I was scrolling through my music list on the iPod.

Looking for music to write to.

To my consternation, a bunch of songs had been loaded onto it.

Not by me.

I checked the iTunes library on my laptop and saw they were there as well.

Songs from multiple albums I don’t own and would never have purchased.

I called Aaron over and he started digging into it.  Suddenly, he jerks back and says, “Whoa!”

I asked, “What?”

He said, “You don’t’ know how to do that?”

I am more or less a basic iTunes user.  My concern?  Does it play the tunes I want to hear?

I replied, “I know!  I told you I didn’t’ load that stuff on there! You know I can’t stand that stuff!”

For several minutes we both stared at the laptop and the iPod.  I sighed and thought, This guy must really want me to expand my horizons. Okay, I’ll try.

For the next week or so I listened to the music while working out.  Finally, I looked up at him and said, “I’m sorry.  I just don’t like this music!  I just don’t get it, okay?  I appreciate that it’s important to you but I do not understand the point of it.”

I then explained what – exactly – I had a problem with.

After a few moments of staring at me, he shrugged and said, “I guess there’s just no accounting for taste in music.”

Since then he has continued to infiltrate my radio.

It’s amazing how often I turn on the radio or turn to a new station to find his favorites playing.  As in 9 out of every 10.  This happened while we were on a recent vacation, too.  At this point, everyone in the family knows the deal.  We just look at each other knowingly and carry on.

He hasn’t switched my [iPod] songs in the middle since we lived in San Diego.

Though he is quick to suggest something for me to listen to.  I admit, a lot of the time it’s something he may not like – but he knows I will.  We’ve come a long way on this score.

Yet another musical antic will be the subject of tomorrow’s video, Ghost Humor 2, which should be up around 2:30pm PST.

Just as I’m going to post this – I smell cigarette smoke.  

Spooky Fun: Ghosts Have Humor

59c0c514a3f58_thumb900So, taking a break from book 11 in the Metatron’s Army Series, listening to Offspring.

 Grrr– damn it if I didn’t get teary eyed AGAIN even as I “fixed” the “sad moment” aka dark moment.  GRRRRRR BLEEP!

Note:  Why do I bother?  Well…  as Verix would say…it’s complicated.

I took a brief break to ensure my latest Spooky Fun video posted correctly.

Wrote 3000 words in less than two hours.  My left arm/wrist is a bit tired.”

So, as I mention at the end of this latest video (Putting in An Appearance 3), my Vegas ghost changed my life – continues to do so.

The fun in Spooky Fun.

Ghost Humor.  Ghosts have an amazing sense of humor.

Which makes me wonder how they were when they were among us.  My Vegas ghost has the best laugh.  Like Emilio Estevez in Stake Out when he tosses the cat in with the dog in the back seat of the car.

This Vegas ghost has opened my eyes.  I continue to learn – as I think he does – and we share a friendship – and trust.  And humor.

With occasional seriousness.

I share a couple of humorous incidents in upcoming videos but thought I’d give a sideways view into a scenario that takes place at the crossroads of humor and “Really?”

So, in FC, CO, at the movie theatre, watching Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  I look to my right to see said ghost crouching in the aisle – eating popcorn!

I remember thinking, Seriously?  There’s a ghost in the aisle watching a movie and eating popcorn!

I asked – telepathically (a convenient method of communication) – “You can eat?

He replied, “It’s more like a memory.”

What happened next was a turning point in our relationship.

Up to that point our relationship was a complex amalgam of – I could have cared less who he was, could care less if he didn’t like that I didn’t like his music taste – and…

But he was caring.

I saw a glimpse of how much when I had a temperature of 104 and was alone with little kids – hubby on business trip.  Every time I opened my eyes through that rough and temperature elevated night he was in the same place (standing against a wall near the bathroom), watching.  He never left.  He never said one word to me but I could see/sense he was worried about me.  

At the theatre, I asked, “Do you think you could take the pain?”

The way he’d done when he was riding shot gun during EMF research and I had a nasty headache.

We were driving past frack rigs and white trucks with no logos that would have fit in Silkwood or any number of sci-fi horror films.

He said, “Yeah.”

Next thing I know, the pain is gone.

After that, our dialogue and our interactions took on a different context.

Though we still disagree about some music.  

Writing Life Real Life: The Paranormal In Action

dd9d1756334414206b7fd791f0350b76_review-grimm-super-going-gose-beer-snob-squad-ghost-with-beer-clipart_419-595So, I continue to release a series of Spooky Fun videos that provide snippets of insight into what it’s like to have ghosts and angels in my life.

Something I’ve been dealing with since childhood.

Choosing from the myriad of stories wasn’t too difficult because it was all about fun and sharing some of the lighter side of it all but there is a more serious side.

No, not horror.

In the series, I talk about a spirit I met in Vegas.

His story is in Putting in an Appearance 3, to be released October 22.

We’ve had a very interesting relationship over the years.

It started when I didn’t recognize him (he’s famous).  It got really interesting when he realized I didn’t care that he was famous.  Btw:  I still don’t but he’s good with it now.

It took a lot for us to come to trust each other.

He upped the ante on his fame, I continued to not care.  Didn’t help that we don’t agree on music.

He showed up drunk at our house in Scottsdale.  I threw him out, told him not to come back until he got his sh*t together.  He left – through the energetic doorway I talk about in an upcoming video.  It was several months before I saw or heard from him again.

I wondered if he went to heaven or whatever.**

But as I say at the end of the Putting in an Appearance 3 video, he changed my life and continues to do so.

While we were living in Fort Collins, he became interested in my EMF research, rode shotgun while I did road trip research, helped me in my efforts. Highly intelligent, he was curious.

Spirits are so much more than most people can imagine and we haven’t begun to scratch the surface of understanding.

Too busy trying to exploit them or screaming at them to go to the light – neither of which they appreciate, or so I’ve been repeatedly told.

Research!  Just as with everything else that significantly impacts my life, I have made an in-depth, if not lifelong, study of the paranormal.

The spirits have been more than happy to add to my knowledge base.

And Heaven?  **  I once asked one of them “Why aren’t you in heaven?”  He smiled at me and replied, “You assume I’m not.”  He waved a hand out and said, “Heaven is all around us.  You [people] see so little of what’s around you.”

That may be but I’m learning…

Bringing a Story to Life: Knitting Evolution

Yarn-and-knitting-needles_1Taking a break from Promotion, Book 11 in the Metatron’s Army Series.  I wrote most of the first draft of the series last summer.  An  interesting thing happened on the way to the finish.  I took some of the story in a different direction.

As I went back and edited books 8, 9, and 10, I ended up taking some of the characters – and the storyline – in a different direction.

The change revolved primarily around character development.

The format of this series – where each book is like a chapter in the main character’s life – allowed me to highlight the emotional and psychological transformation that enabled the character to become who she needed to be.  To have just jumped in where she already had all the education and experience would have left out far too much and made for a bland story and characters that lacked depth.

For book 11, I’m merging the older files with newer ones, knitting scenes together.  In doing so, it has become glaringly apparent that in the original drafts, the main character – due to my having truncated a few things – isn’t where I need her to be.

In cutting a good part of the adversity she had to face, I left her lacking the emotional center (strength) she needs.

The fix – grabbing the best of each scene and knitting them together – is easy yet tedious.

The tedious is why I need a break.  It’s almost mind numbing.

It isn’t just the main character that has changed over the past year.  As a writer, I have evolved.

As my series and my characters have.

I’ve gained experience (and education) from all the blog posts I’ve written, the other books I’ve published, the nonfiction stuff, the interviews – and life.


I’ve evolved as a reader as well.

The stuff I used to find entertaining now leaves me rolling my eyes.  I frequently find myself thinking, “Women aren’t that dumb.”

This was a bit disconcerting.  After all, I used to find the stuff entertaining.  You know, able to suspend disbelief long enough to go along for the ride? This bothered me until a friend explained it like this:

I used to think the Backyardigans was so cool.  It was – then.  I’m older now.”

Rather than attributing it to age alone, however, I also considered the role experience and education plays in how we view the world.

Which circles back to why the old scenes didn’t match up with the evolved, stronger character.

The basics of what I enjoy reading have remained the same.  What’s changed is the caliber of material and excellence I expect.

It’s the same level of excellence I strive to deliver.

I think it’s time for a music break.  I’ll pick up the knitting needles tomorrow.

Is the Messy Writer Better Organized?

messy-deskSeveral years ago, I paid an organizational consultant to come to my home to give me advice.

My husband and I had just purchased a home and it became apparent our organizational styles clashed.  He was of the “I might use it someday” and “Isn’t this cool?  It’s from first grade” while I was, “I know what’s in those piles on the table.” (And counters and…)

While the woman had some good advice, some was – ahem – outdated.

She suggested I try to tidy up before hubby came home.  I looked at her like she was nuts and pointed out that I, too, had a full-time job outside the home?  Not to mention, I’m not June Cleaver and this wasn’t the 50s..

Of all the tidbits she shared, one has helped me truly understand my organizational style.  I’m what she referred to as visually organized.

I guess a lot of creatives are.

She explained that for someone who was visually organized, their ideal closet was a room full of nails upon which they could hang every article of clothing.

So they could see it.

Out of Sight Out of – Writing Range?  Would that it was that simple with computer files.  As I sit down to write Promotion, Book 11 in the Metatron’s Army Series, I find myself facing the challenge of Now where did I put that file?

images-6Just Put it There.  I have this mind that multi-threads.  As a result, I can be working on one project but mentally writing or working on another. While most of the time I have no difficulty keeping track of it all, there are times when I decide it would be best to write down any thoughts in a file.  Problem is, once that’s completed,where do I file that file?

Last summer while completing the first drafts of the series, I found myself writing out scenes that I planned to incorporate later.

I gave the files relevant names so I’d know how to retrieve them later.

Well, after the start of the New Year, I decided to do a little organizing.  Thinking I’d be clever, I created folders for each book and within those folders, I stuffed manuscripts and other relevant works.  It had an interesting effect.  Now I can’t find anything!

As comical as it sounds, I’m finding it rather inconvenient at the moment.  You see, I know that I wrote a scene that I need for this particular book – last summer.  I just can’t find where I put it.

The reason it isn’t in the Book 11 folder is that at that point in time I thought 10 was going to be the last book in the series.  At this point, I’m looking at 12.  Trouble is, I didn’t come to that realization and further break out the files for those books until this past week, in an attempt to get better organized.  Sigh.

My analytical mind sought to make my life easier and I ended up getting myself into a bit of a jam. No worries, though.  I can always go back to the Time Machine backup from last summer and see if I can’t find where I stashed the scene in question.

Your Style or Mine?  My husband and I are both analytical with lots of experience in tech. In spite of this, I chafe at his suggestions for how to organize my files.

It’s one of those where it sounds good – til I implement it and realize I can’t follow it because it isn’t my style.

I learned that lesson the hard way during a previous attempt at becoming a better organized writer.

I do appreciate how he tried to help, and it was good advice.  It just blew up in my face.

Backup?  What Backup? Another area where organizational differences have impacted my writing is in the backup strategy we have. Though it’s in sync now, an early on miscommunication led to a near disaster when the drive I was backing up to failed.

I had a bit of an – ahem – meltdown because my file on the Effects of Time on Man was lost.  That information came from a Spirit School session.  It would have been ungodly difficult to retrieve.  I would have to hypnotize myself and even then I’m not sure I could have restored it all – because I was busy freaking out about the loss.

Aaron repaired the drive and we both learned a valuable lesson.  His definition of backup and mine – and where the locations are – were not in sync at that point.

Just Start Over?  When I sat down to work on Promotion, unable to locate the scene, I decided maybe I’d just start over.

After all, I know what needs to happen in the scene.

I spent a few hours redoing it and concluded that I need that file!

At least I know it’s somewhere.

Get Organized – Lose Productivity.  The thought of spending a lot of time searching through numerous directories and potentially having to turn to old backups in order to find this file chafes – because I’d rather be writing.

Next time I’ll pass on organizing.  It’s better to leave my creative – if messy – mind in charge.  It knows what it’s doing.

Inside Outside.  As for Aaron and I and our home?  We managed to come together – out of necessity and thanks to an unlikely helper.

My in-laws.

vector-clipart-santa-flying-a-plane-and-dropping-presents-on-parachutes-by-dennis-holmes-designs-65255.jpgWhat Jet Lag?  
Fairly early the morning after Aaron and I returned from our honeymoon, my mother, father, and brother in-law showed up with a load of Aaron’s things that had been at their house since he’d gone off to college.  With a smile they unloaded everything into our foyer, wished me luck, and left.

I turned to Aaron and said, “Whatever you don’t want, get rid of. What you want?  Organize.”

Within two days he had everything he wanted completely organized.

And the Good Will got an early Christmas gift.

Outside Inside.  As our lives have evolved and our family has grown we have worked hard to keep organized.

Mostly out of necessity.

If only I could manage that with writing.

Then again, when it comes to writing, maybe it’s better to stay messy…


It was buried in a file I wrote last July.  WHEW!