Manifesting: The Power and Mystery of Imagery

I was waiting for the Superbowl and rather than watching more of a cool basketball game decided to take advantage of blue skies and go for a walk.  In addition to exercise and soaking up some late winter rays I planned to think over a post I was going to write when I got back.

About the mystery of imagery in manifesting.

Thanks to choosing a different [read quieter] route I took in sights that reminded me of another yet related role imagery plays in manifesting.

One as mysterious for me.

One that had me pondering the almost eerie coincidence of finding not one but two structures tied to childhood goals.  As I continued on I tuned into how uncomfortable I felt.  It was curious. If anything I should be happy to see more evidence imagery really does work to boost manifesting efforts!

I decided at least part of the problem was an intense desire to figure out how so I could harness the knowledge for current efforts.  Fast upon the heels of that however came the reminder I don’t need to know how it works!

For more on this I suggest reading It Works.

Ignorance is Bliss.

There are advantages to leaving it up to the universe.  I don’t have to micromanage every detail and try to account for every possible contingency.

At the same time I want to use what tools are available to help with my manifesting efforts.  

I was going to share one I stumbled on recently in the original post. I’ll proceed with the examples from the walk first, for context.

A Childhood of Contrasts

Due to circumstances beyond my control I had – to say the least – an interesting childhood.  I saw a lot of different socio-economic perspectives, not only in the Detroit Metro Area but throughout different parts of the country.

The haves and the have nots.

Too young to understand the variables that went into defining if not creating those differences I went with what I did understand

People who were better off lived in bigger houses in quieter neighborhoods.  

Or so it seemed to me.

Two examples that stand out from memory are from time spent with relatives who were well off.

One was out of state.

In each case, I spent the night so I was not only exposed to the house but the quiet of the neighborhoods.  I also took note of other houses in the area, churches – which also seemed nicer – and landscaping which was definitely nicer.

These communities gave out awards for best landscaping, nicest roses, etc.

In each situation I fixated on a specific house as the poster child for success.  

One was a house near the one I was staying in.  The other belonged to the relative I stayed with.

On today’s walk I saw both of these same style houses.  

It was as if they’d been transported across the country, right down to the color!

I remember the first time I went that route, how shocked I was to see these houses.  At the time my thought was that the development was probably done around the same time.

The style was popular.

Today the houses sent a different message.  Both styles had been indicative of success to me decades ago.  What did that say about my achieving the goal that I’d set out at that time?

To have better quality of life.

These houses aren’t the only examples of an image from years back – ones I thought indicative of success – manifesting. Interestingly, I hadn’t thought of those images, or the houses, for years.

Except perhaps in passing.

Other more pressing variables represented success as my definition of it changed as I got older.

Seeing the two houses underscored the power of imagery in manifesting.

It works!

Image Begets Image

Adds to the power!

Awhile back I found an image that did a beautiful job illustrating a goal.  Whenever I needed a morale boost or a pick-me-up in my mood I brought this image to mind.  This went on for months and each time I pictured the image I felt calm if not happy.

I felt as if everything was going to work out.

Several weeks ago I started seeing an ad with a scene remarkably similar to the image I chose.  It took seeing the ad a few times to realize it but once I did I began to look forward to seeing it. It’s not only another example of having an image manifest, it adds happy energy to the original image.

It is a positive ad.

Wanting to tap into the positive associated with this coincidence I decided to layer the two together for my manifesting effort.

A way to boost my mood.

As I finished my walk I reminded myself I don’t need to know how this works.  I just need to, as Kenneth Wong suggests, keep tapping into the feel good energy the coincidence brings.

I am using the word coincidence when in reality, it’s anything but.

Before I post I’d like to share a caveat

Seeing a place is not living there.

Neither is visiting, such as on a vacation.

There is so much more to quality of life than the structure you call home.  The circumstances, the community, and a number of other variables all contribute.   Environmental factors can and do change over time yet play a significant role in the experience. 

Some changes are short-term while others can last decades or more.

Time and experience allow us to account for these truths when laying out goals. 

 It’s important to consider the bigger picture.  

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