As I sat down to dinner last night my mind kept wandering to the draft I’d turned over to the beta reader.

I wasn’t happy with it.

As writers know there’s always more to write, always more to edit, but this was different.

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

For days I’d debated whether or not to include the Remedies Section from previous EMF work.  

There were benefits to each scenario.

The version I gave to the beta reader did not have the section included.

My logic was that I was providing an update.  Go forward.

It felt wrong.

I felt as if I’d done the minimum which left me really unhappy.

I went back through today and reedited the entire work including adding the Remedies section, complete with updates reflective of 10 years’ knowledge and experience.

I just turned the finished work over to the beta reader and I’m happy to say I’m happy.

It’s now reflective of my best effort.

I can’t ask more of myself than that.

Volume 1 of Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity will be available for purchase by or before the end of July 2022.

Stay tuned.

Bonus: The following is from the conclusion:

This work can also help others who seek to understand what the big deal is and to see that those who are suffering are not hypochondriacs.  They are in pain and need relief.  Perhaps this work can serve as a bridge to help bring solutions if not compassion and understanding for those on the journey of EMF Sensitivity.

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  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    Hello there! It`s Mark L. & Susan W. wishing you and Aaron well. I`m so happy you decided to backtrack and add the remedies that worked you section. It really needed to be done. What good would all the effort you are pouring into this EMF Documentary be without passing along the keys that may hopefully unlock the EMF mysteries for “The Sufferers”? I have been following your emails and cannot get the finished product soon enough but I guess late July will have to do. This endeavor of yours is a great public service to all and not only the victims of the EMF phenomenon.
    Will we be able to purchase a printed text copy for Susan since she can`t possibly lay eyes on what you have to say in an E Book?
    Best wishes always!
    Mark & Susan


    1. Hello Mark & Susan: Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts here. I have thought of you and Susan and your struggles with EMF Sensitivity many times in recent years. I know you have worked tirelessly to find solutions that work. I wanted to add a little clarity – even had I not reinserted that section I included what I call Tools and Strategies for the various EMF challenges, breaking it down by type. However, given the years of understanding I have gained decided it would be a service to include the section of remedies already available in my other work, making notes to add clarity when appropriate such as why the remedy works. Part of the delay is that I am still working to organize the 4th Pillar – Esoteric EMFs. What makes them unique is that in many cases they are magnetic in nature and yet are entwined with other EMFs in such a way as to have a major affect on human health and well-being. Where to file that information since it belongs in two separate areas is what has been a challenge though one I believe I have addressed in breaking the book into volumes. I can offer that my books are always available in PDF so they can be printed. Also – as I wrote in a recent blog – I’ve found shungite to work to block technologic EMFs. If you have a mineral shop nearby they may carry this for Susan to try? I felt better holding it in my hand – ended up having it next to me on my desk and on my nightstand until I was able to resolve the condition. It is effective and may be worth trying. In the meantime I am working to bring this information public as soon as I am able. I also need to decide what to do going forward as I’m always learning and don’t want to wait another 2 years then have to do a data dump. 🙂 Best wishes to you both and as I like to say – stay tuned. The material is coming. Elizabeth


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