For a day following one that ended on such a high note, today is filled with sobering thoughts.

Good stuff, but sobering.

I’ve mentioned I utilize a white board to track various tasks.

I mentioned in a post yesterday the task list is rather lengthy now.

This morning I added a new task to the very top

Tune the Dial

What does this mean?  Unlike the t-shirt in my store it is not about avoiding negativity.

Though that is wise.  

Rather, it’s about the opposite.  Focus on the positive.

Specifically a person or a situation that will put a smile in your heart when you think on it.

The idea to take such deliberate action came as part of a post-mortem analysis of the previous winter.  It was, due to a variety of circumstances, a low point in my life.  

Fortunately, months of introspection revealed it is unlikely the stars will line up in such a way again.


That isn’t to say I can be heedless of the fact some of my own vulnerabilities make it so if I’m not careful I could wind up in a smiliar place.

It was one of those where stress led to a behavior to address the stress but ended up bringing different stress which led to…

It was for this reason I spent months dissecting everything that took place including my role in any of it.

How did my actions contribute to my own suffering?

Once I finished that I identified actions I could take to avoid getting sucked into such a place again. I further considered how I might raise my energy vibration back to what it was prior to the chaos.  One idea I toyed with was starting every morning by thinking of someone or something that put a smile in my heart.

To achieve the higher vibration I needed to refocus my attention.

I had to Tune the Dial.

What gave me the idea was that I’d noted whenever I composed an email to a certain friend I felt absolutely fantastic.

Energized and ready to face the day!

I decided to test and see if I felt that way even if I didn’t write to this friend but simply thought of them.  

It worked!

I went through other evaluations in order to gauge how various events affected me.

Including interactions with other people.

I periodically tried the morning email thought to see if it consistently got me smiling.

It does.

Wanting to be thorough in my efforts to see how various events affect me I spent the past few days doing a number of tests, including reading headlines.

I discovered that my interactions with people affect me far more than what I read in the headlines, regardless of whether or not those headlines are negative and/or upsetting.

I alluded to this in Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity in the section on Esoteric EMFs.

I considered activities that bring joy.

  • Conversations with Family
  • Philosophical conversations with others who love to stretch their minds
  • Conversations with people pursuing their dreams or who have achieved them
  • Writing
  • Thinking of Fans**
  • Music
  • Walking

I considered there are some activities I haven’t done in a long time but knowing they brought happiness determined I would reengage.

Specifically a workout routine I did for decades, a combination of stretches and weight lifting.

I determined I got the best response by making a point each morning to think of someone or something that makes me smile.

I may write a message to them I don’t intend to send just to get that frequency tuned correctly.

I also determined it is in my best interest to make changes in how I handle situations that bring me down.

Especially interactions with people who drain me rather than juice me up.

I decided that each time I think of individual(s) who have caused grief or in some way drained me I will automatically send them thoughts of love and happiness.

I used a modified Silva technique to program myself to do as much.

I am getting good results.

Felt as if the weight of the world tumbled from my shoulders.

I am determined to make Tuning the Dial to bring in positive energy a habit.


**Thinking of the people who stop by to visit my websites and who subscribe brings such a smile to my heart!  Thinking how people are enjoying the stories I write brings joy.


Oh how I love a mystery

Of the EMF kind

After making serious inroads on Hollow Shelter I decided to take a break. What made this break of particular interest is that it was an opportunity to test one of the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

Surprisingly, the Technologic Pillar.

Sensitivity V. Awareness

I write in Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity there is a difference between Sensitivity and Awareness.  

I am no longer sickened by EMFs – Sensitivity.  I am, however, still Aware of a number of them.

I have long been aware of the impact of electricity on my well-being. 

I have been able to hear the buzzing of electricity for as long as I can remember.

I was 8 when my dad helped me figure it out.

We had a power out and I asked him why it was suddenly “so quiet. ” 

It wasn’t easy to figure out.  

It was when I told him how it reminded me of being up north camping – no electricity – that things began to fall into place.

I’ve always heard the electricity in power lines.

My dad knew this.

Marrying a EE

Fate or coincidence?

Aaron was fascinated when I told him – early in our dating years – I only have true quiet during a power outage.

Ginsu Knife Moment

Aka There’s More!

It was around this time – 8 years of age – I learned I could hear alarm systems at retail establishments.

Those big white pedestals at the entrance to the stores.

I remember it as a weird low-pitched ringing in my ear.

My mom could hear it too, as could my paternal grandmother and a few of my aunts.  

As I was never sickened by this I didn’t put it into the EMF Sensitivity bucket.

Though Aaron and I covered a hell of a lot of electricity ground while researching for Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.

And then…

Not long after moving into the house we live in I told Aaron there was something off about a specific outlet.

An outdoor outlet.  One with caps to keep rain from getting in.

I wasn’t able to say exactly what -.

It may take time but the story always comes out.

With nothing to go on but a “feeling” nothing was done.

The outlet worked.

A recent bout with the 4th Pillar had me wondering if something about the outlet was involved.

Enough to do a location test.

Early feedback had Aaron deciding to go ahead and replace the outlet.  

Good thing he did.

Turns out there was a 15 Amp outlet in a 20 Amp circuit.

He held it up to me as I sat on the back porch which was the location test site and said, “Not good and it’s warm.”

Continuing the test meant relocating back to the work location of choice which is on the opposite side of the wall with that outlet.

The circuit breaker was off so Aaron could work on it.

The second I got close to the area I knew there’d been a change.  

I told Aaron “Oh my god I feel so much better.  The buzzing is gone.”

That buzzing was not only in my ears it was in my body’s energy system.

Incidentally I’ve been saying something was wrong with that outlet for over 2 years.

No proof other than saying I felt it. And I mean felt it.

I can’t fault Aaron. He’s lived this EMF nightmare with me long enough to believe me but as the outlet was working there wasn’t much to do but wait and see.

While he went to the hardware to get a new outlet I continued the test by sitting where I typically do when I work and did a bit of reading.

Still taking a writing break.  

I wasn’t about to lose the opportunity to do a bit of EMF Sensitivity Pillar research.

I’ve said more than once, I learn something new about it every day.

As I was perusing the news my attention was caught

And I mean caught.

Earth is Spinning Faster Than Usual, Giving Us the Shortest Day EVER Recorded

From the article

On June 29, the National Physical Laboratory in England recorded the shortest day in history: 1.59 milliseconds less than 24 hours. And Earth’s quick-spinning day earlier this summer isn’t a one-off fluke, either.

It’s that last that truly made me smile.

The 4th Pillar


I’m telling you!

We hadn’t lived here but perhaps two months when I told Aaron the earth was spinning faster.

Up here.

I hypothesized it was because we were so much farther north in latitude than we’d lived previously; just another health impact I would never have known about.

He reminded me the earth spins faster at the equator than at the poles.

I told him I didn’t care.  I knew the earth was spinning faster up here.

I could feel it.

Why this matters.

From the time I was little I have been very aware of Nature’s energy.  

Connected to it.

After relocating to the East Bay, California in 2000, I lost that connection.

Loss of the 4th Pillar is one of the earliest symptoms of EMF Sensitivity.

Though early indications after moving to the Pacific Northwest were promising, I was concerned.  

I’d already solved the EMF Sensitivity riddle.


Would I be able to reestablish the connection at the level I had before moving from the Midwest in late 2000?


As I’ve written, when I broke the news to Aaron he’d be marrying a psychic I said, “There will be things I know.  Things you’ll have to accept even though I may not have proof at the time.  You’re going to have to trust me.”

I also wrote that his “Okay” was given awfully fast.

That was 25 years ago and while he definitely gets it now there have been a few proof bumps along the way.

Including that something was wrong in the East Bay!

But that was then…

Not even the doctors could find proof anything was wrong.

I’ll admit I get frustrated when I can’t find explanations.

But I don’t give up!

Fast Forward

Sitting on the couch researching a Technologic Pillar I got the proof I’d been looking for – from the Esoteric Pillar.

I knew the earth was spinning faster! Knew it! Felt it!

Even better it’s someone else who bears the burden of proof.

Scientific proof.

The outlet has been replaced, the circuit turned on, and I still hear silence.

Nothing in my ears and nothing in my bones.

As for the Earth spinning faster?  

As someone who has had quite the interesting relationship with time up to and especially after the NDE I can tell you it was not the funnest thing to go through.  At the same time it’s one of a number of temporal adjustments I’ve had to make in recent years.

Some of which will be posted on the other site in an upcoming feature.

At the very least I can rest a bit easier knowing that once again my gut steered me in the right direction.

EMF Pillar Wise

Typical day in my life

Whether or not that’s a bad thing I couldn’t – with any sincerity – say. Maybe someday I’ll have a better answer.

Stay Tuned.


For a day that started out with such creative promise boy did it fizzle.

It all started last night. 

Shortly after getting into bed I decided if I didn’t make a note of the blog idea I thought up while brushing my teeth I would probably forget it.  

I gave brief consideration as to whether to put it in a laptop file or write it on a sticky note.  The sticky notes won.

When I saw the two notes this morning after waking from the best sleep I’ve had in two weeks I smiled and thanked myself for following through.  I then set the sticky notes where I could see them, the idea being I’d write that post soon.

That was over six hours ago.

Best Intentions

Confident it would be a productive day I sipped espresso and fired up Free Cell, the idea being to mentally run through a few scenes for Hollow Shelter.

The Port Gallatan work I’ll be publishing weeks from now.

That activity – sans blog post – turned into hours of playing Free Cell.  

A waste, right?


 I mentally wrote several chapters for the new book while playing that mindless repetitive game and that’s in addition to the 21 pages I wrote in MS Word the day before yesterday and 8 yesterday.

8 that were in addition to going back through the original 21 and filling in plot details.

I knew the time spent writing scenes in my mind was time well spent.

Pure gold.

It was also long overdue.

I’ve been immersed in nonfiction for the past 9 months.

The fact I knocked out 21 pages in three hours on the first day I set to work told me more than anything I’m back in the groove for fiction.

Thank God.  It’s more fun and less stressful.

I wasn’t concerned that after several hours I still wasn’t putting fingers to keyboard.  After all, I’ve written a 200 page novel in 3 weeks and 3 full-length novels in 3 months.

When the creative juju flows it flows.


When lunch came and went and I still couldn’t get my fingers to keyboard I started to think maybe I needed to motivate myself.

  • Look at the white board
  • Look at the sticky notes
  • Look at the manuscript in progress

Nothing worked.

I debated just not worrying about it.

I’ve gone pedal to the keyboard metal enough to know I can kick it out.  I’d make my deadline no problem.

There was just one little problem.

Brightly Colored Prodding

About a year ago I purchased a pack of brightly colored sticky notes.

Bet you can see where this is going…

The ones I wrote the blog post notes on are a rather bright orange.


Even as my eyes defocused while clicking digital cards and my mind wrote scenes between characters the neon orange whispered I’m still waiting…

I picked them up – read my notes – decided the post could wait.

Er that post.

Frustrated I wasn’t doing a better job taking advantage of a good night’s sleep and a productive Free Cell Chapter writing session I decided to write something.


So I could feel I’d accomplished something.


Those mental scenes are a double-edged sword.  

Yes I got work done but until they are in the manuscript?  They’re in my head.

I couldn’t get myself to do anything.

Not even something.

The Big Guns

I decided to listen to music but it felt kind of – no pun intended – hollow.  

I usually use it as a reward after a full days’ writing.

I’ll admit, I was hoping maybe the music would get the motivation progressing from thinking to typing.  Thankfully, it worked.

The how is a bit ironic.  

I’ve mentioned deciding what to write next after a project is finished can be a bit of work and that I have other manuscripts partially done that I could have chosen as low hanging fruit to follow Under Siege

  • Colony
  • Metatron’s Army
  • Dragon Core
  • Port Gallatan

Each of them has at least one book at least 1/3 finished.

Many are 1/2 done.

Why?  My mind needs a pressure release valve when I’m deep in a project so I’ll take hours and type until the creative stress is relieved after which I save whatever I wrote and go back to the main project.

Sometimes those files end up getting deleted.  Other times, as in the case of Hollow Shelter, they move around the country for 28 years before getting published.

I selected a play list with Black Lab’s Learn To Crawl before eventually switching to a different list so I could listen to Duran Duran’s Do You Believe In Shame?

Tequila Sunrise is one of my all-time favorite movies!

The moment I heard the opening notes I knew I had the first song for the as yet uncreated Hollow Shelter playlist.

Next thing I know I’m fingers to keyboard.

And so it goes.

Hollow Shelter will be available late summer/early autumn 2022

Stay tuned