Note: I originally had this scheduled to publish earlier. While watching Everything, Everywhere, All at Once – which is one of the stranger movies I’ve seen – saying a lot since I write about the multiverse/parallel universes -I got an urge to halt the publishing. I’m glad I followed my instinct as I woke up having solved a conundrum related to the theme.

As much as I love the prospect of helping others through nonfiction, for me fiction writing soothes the soul.

And it’s something I wanted to do from the time I was 3 years of age.

Writing fiction has been a joyous outlet for a life inundated by the seriousness of EMF Sensitivity.

Which actually interrupted my fiction career.

With that in mind I’ve been eager to finish Pillars so that I can get back to my beloved distraction.


As such, I spent the last several days putting down content and dealing with the challenges of organizing it.


Just as I was preparing to post a recent blog on the project update it occurred to me I needed a break from the serious.

I knew in turning back to the World of EMF I would be reengaging with Psi Avalanche and all the stress that goes with it – and so far I’ve been managing.  Still…

In the mood for a great salad and a oh so cool atmosphere for a working lunch – as I don’t take any other – I grabbed my partner in crime (so to speak) and head out.

As inside was overly cool – AC anyone?  We opted to sit outside.


Relatively crowded I noted the guy working the outdoor section was grace under pressure, quick on his feet, and seeming to miss nothing.

He also spent time helping the woman bussing the area – holding the door for her and doing what he could to make her job easier.

He approached not long after we sat down and introduced himself as our server.

What A Cool Name!

The moment I heard his name I tuned out.

Or – in. Inward, that is.

I’m guessing he noted it on some level as he focused on Aaron.

I was busy thinking “Oh my God that name!”

He took our drink orders and made for the bar to get them filled.  


That oh so cool name!

I smiled at Aaron and said, “That guy’s name?  Cade?  I’m using it for my next hero!”

Having lived with a writer for 25 years Aaron is used to the “Oh my god I’ve got to get this down!” relatively quiet enthusiastic outburst.  As such he didn’t bat an eye while I typed the name – having noted the very cool spelling with a C – into my phone.

I generally use text and send to myself when it’s short and sweet like that.

I got around to explaining to our very cool waiter that I am an author and plan to use his name for a hero in an upcoming book.  

I explained that for me thinking up names is one of the most difficult parts of starting a story.

Good with it we got into a brief conversation about his oh so cool – and in my opinion romantic hero – name.  I explained I’d seen his name – throughout the years – often in Westerns.

Always with a K.

I then explained the name has Scandanavian roots put through a Celtic filter and has appeared in various Medieval tomes.

Making it absolutely perfect for what I had in mind.

Ahhhh… rats….

While I’m more than eager to jump into the next part of the story, reality is that I do have to finish Pillars.

What makes it bearable is knowing that a key piece of the next work of fiction – naming the hero – has been filled in.

Though I’d love to thank Cade, it’s actually his mom if not his parents who deserve the kudos.  They gave him that awesome & so cool moniker.

Then again, he wore it well.

And was gracious when I more or less put him on the spot about it.


What’s in a Name?

I”m not going to waste time going into what is behind naming a child.

Too broad a topic.

What I can say is that even those who don’t possess the name take an interest.

While getting a hair cut I overheard a conversation about the name Caleb/Kaleb and whether a C or K was the proper spelling.  The owner, who would be cutting my hair next, said  “Elizabeth, you’re a writer.  How do you spell Caleb?  With a C or a K?”

Knowing I wasn’t going to be settling the dispute between he and his client, I replied, “Both.”

Dilbert Moment Anyone?

While in the Corporate Black Hole, it was brought to my attention that some parents were not as empathetic as they could have been when it came to naming their child.  The examples given were varied.

And reflected the emotional maturity of some of my colleagues who felt it imperative to bring to my attention.

As the employee phone book was listed last name first I will simply provide two examples and let readers’ eyes do the walking.

  • Case, Justin
  • Super, Dick

Translation Please!

Of course there is also the matter of names that don’t always translate.  Office Space‘s “Noggunna work here anymore” comment aside, when it comes to translation, some words are funny.

The following example is not a person’s first name but you get the gist.

While in high school I was visiting a friend’s home.  

Her family is Punjabi.  

We were studying for an upcoming test.  

The TV was going on in the background.

A commercial for Wondra skin cream came on which sent her family into bouts of laughter.  

Apparently, Wondra, in their language, means monkey.

It’s nice to know language can bring a smile.  For me?  Knowing I have a wonderful name to work with for an upcoming hero?  The seriousness of the Pillars won’t be quite so serious.

Delay Brings Aha.

My original idea was to use Cade in one of the Dragon Core novels. Problem was, I have the next 4 sketched out and there is no good way to insert such a character. Though this wasn’t going through my mind when I delayed publishing this blog entry, it ended up being resolved because I did.

I must have been chewing on it as I slept.

It was while walking across the kitchen this morning I got the answer of which series to use the name.

Port Gallatan!

Even that challenged me as I realized I couldn’t give it to an as yet unnamed hero in one of the upcoming stories.

He wasn’t what I had in mind when I pictured the hero.

Fortunately, I remembered that the book I’m publishing immediately before that also has an as yet unnamed hero and being from Big Sky Country? Cade’s my man!

Stay tuned.


 Having a hairstyle where all I have to do 90% of the time is roll out of bed.

Why I wear it long and curly.  Saves $$ too since I only have to cut it every 7 – 9 months.

Being comfortable in jeans and t-shirts.

So I don’t have to spend time fussing in the morning – so I can sleep longer.

Eschewing make-up outside special occasions or shooting video.

See above.

The stellar’s jays and squirrels deciding to hold their peace for the morning rather than continue the never-ending fight over territory.

So I am not woken up too early.

Having a dream that’s interesting.

So I can lay in bed and think about it rather than just getting up.

A good song running through my head to start the day.

Like Aldo Nova’s Fantasy.

A good dopio is always a good start to the day.

One that isn’t too bitter.

Better is a hubby who doesn’t mind going to pick it up!

Thank you Aaron!

Finding out your favorite author has a new book out?  Wonderful.  Finding out she’s planning to add to your favorite series by her?  Sublime!

Thank you Lynn Kurland!

I stumbled on Lynn’s MacLeod series thirty years ago. 

It was the first time I saw paranormal fiction that wasn’t horror.

Soonafter I discovered her dePiaget series and while I prefer the MacLeod stories I truly fell in love with both.  I just purchased A Lovely Day Tomorrow.

Started it last night.

Lynn is truly one of my very favorite authors.  I started reading her paperbacks, later traded up for ebooks.  There are a few from both series that I reread whenever I need a pick me up from life.

I love how she handles ghosts and time travel!

The bonus is all of this came together at once.

Making it the perfect start to the day!

Now, to work.

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Goals in a Basket

Note:  This will be a longer post.

Hope everyone is doing as well as possible in the chaos of Covid if not winter in North America which seems to be particularly crazy in some places.

I’ve been keeping busy – working on current projects and also laying the foundation for one scheduled for late spring/early summer 2022 launch.  

There’s more work to do but so far so good in terms of bringing the vision to life.

That  doesn’t mean there haven’t been challenges.  

Challenges I expected.  Everything grinding to a crawl?

The process of laying that foundation exposed an issue I wasn’t aware of.  Thanks to the help of two friends I was able to ferret out what was going on and come up with a way to deal with it.  As it’s a challenge I think many may face in life I decided to share the details.

It may help.

It all started when I mentioned to a friend there was a career goal I hadn’t yet met. 

 I was pretty disillusioned about it.

In a reply she wrote:  “I don’t think I understand.  From where I am you …”

She went on to describe how she read the situation.

I’m very grateful to her for taking the time. It really helped me.

As I read the words I couldn’t help thinking how we may not see ourselves as others see us.  For me this is more that I don’t feel as others see me.

For an empath this wording is significant.  It definitely affected how I approached closing that gap.

To start I asked myself why I didn’t feel like the writer I appear to be.  

And am.

What was missing?

After a bit of introspection I decided that in spite of the fact I am prolific working on the couch in pajamas, it wasn’t sending the right message.

I’d tried remedying this situation before but the desks were always too big or too small.  Same with the chairs.  

As luck would have it my son found a desk and chair for himself that is the perfect size for me.  Using those measurements I found a desk and chair I liked, happily set it up in a place in the dining room that seemed the perfect location.

I take a variety of factors into consideration – the most important being – how does it feel?

After a short time, perfect as it seemed, I realized something was off. The space felt wrong. Too traditional. 

My inner vibe is urban loft.  

Having lived in one I drew on what elements I loved most to try to accent the space.

Without having it look ridiculous as the styles were different.

Turns out some of what I had in my room in high school fit perfectly.  Specifically, a Sad Cafe album cover that I always loved.  Aaron, who is good at hunting down vinyls in good condition, ordered it for me.  I framed it, set it on a very cool easel in the space.

I then added Martin Briley’s One Night With a Stranger.  I love that artwork too as it’s such a talking piece.

But something was still off.  So much so that my career efforts ground to a crawl.

At least they weren’t a halt – that would have really amped the stress.

About this time I heard from a friend who recently achieved a major life and career goal.  An engineer, he synthesized my frustrations in such a way I got the next piece in the puzzle.

The puzzle of Why is this happening?  Why don’t I feel like the writer I am?  

After all, I had my cool space.

At the same time he wrote of challenges he was dealing with.

Many were parallel to mine.

In writing a response I stumbled on the answer to my problem.

The Basket!

I explained it like this.  Let’s say we have a goal.  

We know what we want or who we want to be as a result of the goal. 

 Now let’s say we’ve been given a basket to use to attain the goal.  In it are the following items:

  • Items to help
  • Items to block
  • Items others added

I decided to focus primarily on the first two, paying particular attention to the block.  Why didn’t I feel the way people saw me?

It isn’t that other people’s opinions matter more.  The way my friend laid things out it made it seem I was closer to that career goal than I realized.  That made me ask how come?  How come I didn’t see it that way?  

I went to a pub I prefer for occasional working lunches and listed items in my basket into a file.

The two types of items.

I listed what is working, followed with what is a block, and then listed actions I could take to address the blocks.

It wasn’t just getting rid of them, it was addressing them.  Resolving the situation may not be “getting rid of.”  Semantics but important, I think.

 I invited Aaron up to go over everything.  After much discussion it became evident the work space I made for myself wasn’t doing it.

It didn’t feel professional which meant I didn’t feel professional.

He listened while I outlined what was off about the space and offered a couple of suggestions.  They seemed a lot of effort for something that might not work so I tried to think of something to try first.  

In lieu of adjusting the space, I mentioned moving the desk yet again. Liking the idea he pointed out the benefits of putting it in a certain location.  While I agreed on moving the desk, I hesitated on the area he thought ideal. I’d tried it before – twice.

After turning it over I saw that those other two times were with pieces of furniture that did not fit my needs.

A table and chair that were too big and another setup – a lap desk and chair that didn’t provide the right support.

I was also ambivalent about the specific part of the room Aaron suggested. I worried it would make me feel as if I’d been shoved into a corner, an afterthought.

Not a good career message

But it was simple enough to try so I went ahead and moved the desk and chair. 

As I told Aaron, I’m an Occam’s Razor kind of gal – the simplest solution is often the best.

Turns out not only did the new room work the location he suggested is perfect.

The exact vibe I needed!

I moved the accents to the new space and went to work.

There’s More.

While all this went to address the issue I was focusing on – one of the blocks – it’s only part of the process.  There are other blocks I’ll need to address and I may lack a few things that I need in that basket.

Things that will help me move closer to the goal.


There’s that third item.  

It Ain’t Mine!  There are things in the basket I didn’t put in.

Things that won’t help me.

  • Who/What someone else thinks I should do/be
  • Dramas that aren’t mine
  •  Burdens that are not mine to carry.

These are things that need to be dealt with.

Usually return to sender works.

All that Clutter!

Another problem – for me – is that I put so many “helpful” things into the basket it had become cluttered.  So much so, as a matter of fact, I couldn’t see the blocks, let alone have the space or energy to deal with them.

Some of the clutter came from books I own.

Books on Goals, Visualization, Law of Attraction.

Yes, these books are filled with good information.  Helpful, even.  But that wasn’t where my energy should have been spent.

I was likely unconsciously avoiding dealing with a block or two by busying myself with these books.

I thinned out the collection and deleted other books that were taking visual space.

More organized and less cluttered translates – for me – to less stress.

And now?

There’s more to do but I have no doubt I am closer to the particular career goal I’m working on.


I have a valid tool in my arsenal to address areas of my life that may need cleaning up.

I hope sharing this story helps others.

I am grateful to my friends for taking the time to share their feelings with me.

Be well!


Note:  This article is a nod to the couple at the Hella Mega tour whose energy was infectious and inspiring!

After weeks of almost nonstop work I was looking forward to getting a break at the Hella Mega show.  

The weather was perfect, the atmosphere around the stadium mellow yet festive, the bands way cool.

It turns out the show was not only an opportunity to relax, it was a chance to confirm a few facts.

In other words, work.

As I’m in the process of releasing a book that’s part of the World of EMF it makes sense that at least part of my focus was on how I was feeling in a stadium filled with technology.  As I sat listening to Wheezer, looking up at a blue sky, I realized I felt completely 100% normal for the first time in I don’t remember.

The psychological toll EMF Sensitivity can take on a person means that even after physical symptoms are gone there’s a bit of PTSD to deal with.

I looked around at the sheer number of cell phones, the stage setup, thought of all the tech at the food and beverage stands and the fact that being in downtown Seattle, I was exposed to a lot of WiFi including 5G,  And yet I felt totally fine.

Rather than return to my seat after eating I decided to enjoy the show from a higher perch where I could do some people watching.

One of a writer’s favorite activities.

I took in the energy of the place, the ages of the fans, noting how many cross-generational groups there were and how cool that was in terms of bringing people together for fun.  

Sanity Check.  Though I’d been enjoying myself I kept taking an internal pulse as if I couldn’t believe how good and how normal I felt.  Recognizing this might become a bit too distracting and I’d actually stop enjoying myself if I wasn’t careful I tried to redirect my focus to just enjoying the music.

Health Check.  The sun hadn’t even set when the stadium became filled with thousands of cell phone lights.  Unfortunately, as cool as it was, it was a reminder that there was a time not long ago I couldn’t have been in such an environment without being sick. 

The thought definitely distracted me from the show.

After acknowledging this truth I again confirmed I felt completely fine and tried to redirect my focus to the music.

Fun Check.  Well the universe must have been listening because the next thing I know my focus was on the most enthusiastic couple I have seen in decades.  

Not since the H. O. R. D. E. Festival at Pine Knob.

Standing not far from me they  held hands while they danced, periodically looking at each other with smiles that rivaled the cell phones in lighting up the space.  

The joy just spilled out of them.

Reality Check.  A most interesting thing happened.  Like with the cell phone lights, seeing their energy and enthusiasm, their pure joy at being alive and being together – connected to the joy of thousands of others – I again became aware of how normal I felt only this time instead of bringing my focus back to EMF Sensitivity it took me to  that same joy.

The joy of being connected to thousands gathered for fun, the joy of being connected to happiness.

With that energy going through me I saw the musicians in a new light, taking in not only the energy with which they moved around the stage but the happiness they radiated.

They were very happy to be there.

I then noted the happiness of the stadium guy standing at the top of the aisle where my seat was, of the woman who poured a cabernet for me, of the couples sitting at the tables throughout the Club Level where I was standing.

The couple continued dancing, smiling, sharing their joy with any and all who might be close enough to see them.

Trust me, it was contagious.  I saw lots and lots of smiles after people caught sight of them.

In addition to feeling the happiness I was treated to another bonus being near them, inspiration. 

A creative’s best friend.

Not one to miss an opportunity to write I pulled out my phone and typed notes that will find their way into an upcoming Port Gallatan story.  Just like the World of EMF and the Hella Mega experience, it will be a story with a happy ending.

Stay tuned.

As a result of new information gained by going to the concert I will be adding content to the upcoming book Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Resolving Calcium Toxicity. This will push the release date.


Timing isn’t always everything.  

I’ve spent the past week doing some serious multi-tasking and as things seemed to have settled down a bit I set my energies to finishing a scene I’d set aside because it isn’t the type of scene I wanted to work on while distracted.

An intimacy scene.

So much for best laid plans.  I’d no sooner gotten started when I got a text from the dentist with links to forms that needed filling out.  

I can honestly say the dentist doesn’t bring to mind the energies of romance or intimacy.

Finished with that I took a break to get a snack which reminded me I needed to come up with an idea for dinner.  Finished with that I set back to work on the scene when I got another text asking me to review a web change.

Not happy with the image I explained what needed to change then went back to the scene.  Andddd… another text regarding a separate dental form.

Back to the scene and – another text with the updated web image.  That one needed a slight tweak so I spent some time on that.  Happy with how it turned out I sat down to work on the scene only to find I’d lost the romance energy thread.  

Like seriously?

Amused I decided I would give readers a glimpse of how it might go for a writer in a typical day.

It is an entertaining consideration – all these interruptions – but the post does serve another purpose.  In putting it down on paper, the distraction – the idea of it – is no longer in my mind.

NOW I can go back to the scene!

The Day Before, a Dragon Core story is on track for an Autumn 2021 release.

Stay tuned!