Manifesting 101: Be Careful What You Wish For

Note: Longer post.

Be Careful What You Wish For

This maxim has taken on new meaning for me of late.

I love finding fun ways to use my last name in writing…

It all started with my hair.

Note:  I had a very interesting upbringing filled with some very interesting characters including more than one whose perspective and values were questionable.  These people and experiences shaped the events of my life giving me perspective.  I know where I came from and how it shaped me.  If it’s crazy or outrageous I generally – at this point – just roll my eyes. I’m sharing what I believe helpful – in this case – for manifesting.

Like many of my Celtic relatives and ancestors, I’m a towhead.  In my case, not only was my hair very blonde as a child, it was poker straight as it hung down to my waist.

At least it did til the brain surgery when half was shaved off and my dad cut the other half so it would grow in symmetrically.

Around the age of 7 a couple of relatives decided I should perm my hair.

Because, they said, it would make me prettier.

My mom and dad weren’t thrilled with the idea but these relatives cajoled 

One of them threatened

Until they gave in.

Pick and choose your battles was a maxim my father preached even if it fell under the “do as I say not as I do” maxim.

I well remember sitting in the kitchen of one of the relatives and being submitted to the most noxious chemical odors of a home perm in the name of making me prettier.  I’ll admit I did like the perm and the curls.

Until I went to school and was brutally roasted by the other kids for them.

Eventually the perm grew out and I managed to avoid any more until deciding on my own at 13 I wanted one.

The years went by and though I generally styled my hair with the times

Good ol’ 80s mullets

I didn’t think much about perms and curly hair.

Unlike my goofy relative who continued to tell me I would be much prettier if only I had curly hair.**

Your Wish is My Command.

Then a curious thing happened.  

I was working in tech and straight hair a la Michelle Pfeiffer in Tequila Sunrise was all the rage.  I, however, wasn’t sold.  More often than not I just pulled my hair up.  

Hauling round VJ290s and MicroVAXes and crawling around in data centers laying cable and troubleshooting isn’t conducive to much in the way of fancy hair styles.

A Consultant’s Work is Never Done.

It was the Golden Age of Tech and I was living on planes.  

Flying out Sunday or Monday, back Friday or Saturday, then out again Sunday or Monday – for months straight.

Wouldn’t It Be Cool…?

Famous last words.

I loved the movie Tequila Sunrise for a number of reasons, including that it was set in So Cal, a place I loved.  I admired Michelle Pfieffer but didn’t envy her hair.  In point of fact, I thought it really would be cool if I had hair that was curly.

It ran in the family so I knew I could have had it.

Next thing I know I’m living in California.

Job transfer.

You’re Kidding.

Foot Locker thickens the plot.

Needing new tennis shoes I headed to Foothills Mall where I stopped at Foot Locker.

Don’t think it’s there anymore.

As I was checking out, the woman helping me slipped a sample of Pantene shampoo and conditioner into the box.  

When I pointed out it was for curly hair I didn’t have she shrugged and said, “So? It’s free.”

Um, Aaron?  

You aren’t going to believe this…

After towel drying my hair I looked in the mirror to see…


Curly hair!

I phoned Aaron and told him the deal.

I couldn’t believe it!  

Could shampoo really make someone’s hair curly?

Something in the Water.

Without going into it, since I already have in a number of books on various aspects, the mineral content in the water released my naturally curly hair.

Whereas calcium in the water in Michigan kept them straight.

What You Wish For.

The water may have unlocked the curl in my hair but it was also contaminated with heavy metals that wreaked havoc with my health and while I’ve addressed that issue I’ve been left with a glaring truth:

When you manifest you have to be prepared for what goes with it.

The positive is I now consider – as fully as I can – what may be involved if I get what I say I want.

I examine, to the best of my ability, the trade-offs.

To a degree we can never know what it’s like until we’ve been there but I believe I’m wiser now about what I aspire to.

I hope by sharing this story others can benefit.

Be well.

** When my hair darkened in my towheaded adolescence this relative kept trying to get me to dye it blonde because – apparently – I was no longer pretty.

Some people and their oddball values.


Taking a break from Compass Rose to get in a little nonfiction.

I’ve been splitting my energies between the two since grade school when I started writing short stories in my notebook whenever class got boring, a tradition I carried through to boring corporate meetings.

It’s a welcome break.  

Rewriting a paragraph over and over because one word doesn’t sound right gets tedious.


I’ve written previously I’ve been trying a new manifesting technique and while I obtained early success, I’m taking time to write about another observed benefit.

After a week of diligently doing the work I noticed I’d broken through two walls of inertia, one of which had to do with trying to get back to fiction after almost a year of non.

The other was a habit I was trying to change.

I have a theory as to why this technique worked for the inertia.  To put in context, it’s documented that those who start their days with a to-do list generally accomplish more than those who do not.

Some write the list the evening before whereas others do it first thing in the morning.

I am not a to-do list person unless I have to go shopping.

Which I detest.

The process outlined in Royce’s book is similar to starting one’s day with a to-do list.

The actual scripting is somewhat like planting subliminal messages, all but guaranteeing you will carry out what you’ve forecasted.

In my lists and scripts I mention a variety of goals, two of which sprung from the fact inertia was keeping me from making progress.  Next thing I know it’s all flowing.

I highly recommend readers who are passionate about achieving and growing consider adding Royce’s book to their collection of supportive resources.

No, he isn’t paying me for the PR.


After quite a bit of frustration and no small amount of suffering, I figured out what’s behind the whole dizzy thing.  As usual, it’s complicated.

It’s also related to my nemesis, calcium.

It started with Vitamin D.

Picture a teeter-totter with Vitamin D on one side and calcium on the other.  Under ideal circumstances, our bodies would, after exposure to UV rays, produce enough vitamin D to keep calcium in check.  Thanks to a number of factors that include wearing sunscreen that blocks those critical UV rays and mowing on too much calcium via supplements and other enriched sources, and you end up with a whole host of physical issues thanks to the electrolyte balance being out of whack.

Incidentally, none of this applies to me. My issues with calcium stem from other causes.

Calcium is one of 5 electrolytes that remain balanced relative to one another.  

Throw one off one you throw off all.  

Viitamin D directly affects calcium.

For this reason I believe Vitamin D should be considered the 6th electrolyte.

I’ve written that excess calcium, a metal, causes a variety of EMF Sensitivity issues.

Particularly Sensitivity to GMFs.

To make a long story short I was taking Vitamin D, drinking wine instead of champagne, and getting plenty of UV exposure.  Why does this matter?  Each one puts calcium into the body’s system.

Like piling snow in a parking lot filled with mountains of it.

My system couldn’t keep up with the load because I’d switched from champagne which is key to dealing with calcium toxicity so I ended up with a very uncomfortable situation.

Psi Is Off

I did not have Sensitivity to tech or any of the other typical Pillars.

Per se.

I experienced a very wild psi phenomenon where I had a weird sensation similar to vertigo follwed immediately by a premonition.

Vignettes of information pertinent to me, they always came true within days.

As I wound my way through the trial and error of troubleshooting I learned some pretty interesting tidbits about what affects the Esoteric Pillar of EMF Sensitivity.


I will be putting that information into the upcoming Psi App.  For now I’d like to leave readers and visitors with a word of warning.  Consider how the foods, beverages, and supplements (if not medications) in your life may all be doing a version of the same thing.

Too much can be harmful!

Be well!


Note:  This article is a nod to the couple at the Hella Mega tour whose energy was infectious and inspiring!

After weeks of almost nonstop work I was looking forward to getting a break at the Hella Mega show.  

The weather was perfect, the atmosphere around the stadium mellow yet festive, the bands way cool.

It turns out the show was not only an opportunity to relax, it was a chance to confirm a few facts.

In other words, work.

As I’m in the process of releasing a book that’s part of the World of EMF it makes sense that at least part of my focus was on how I was feeling in a stadium filled with technology.  As I sat listening to Wheezer, looking up at a blue sky, I realized I felt completely 100% normal for the first time in I don’t remember.

The psychological toll EMF Sensitivity can take on a person means that even after physical symptoms are gone there’s a bit of PTSD to deal with.

I looked around at the sheer number of cell phones, the stage setup, thought of all the tech at the food and beverage stands and the fact that being in downtown Seattle, I was exposed to a lot of WiFi including 5G,  And yet I felt totally fine.

Rather than return to my seat after eating I decided to enjoy the show from a higher perch where I could do some people watching.

One of a writer’s favorite activities.

I took in the energy of the place, the ages of the fans, noting how many cross-generational groups there were and how cool that was in terms of bringing people together for fun.  

Sanity Check.  Though I’d been enjoying myself I kept taking an internal pulse as if I couldn’t believe how good and how normal I felt.  Recognizing this might become a bit too distracting and I’d actually stop enjoying myself if I wasn’t careful I tried to redirect my focus to just enjoying the music.

Health Check.  The sun hadn’t even set when the stadium became filled with thousands of cell phone lights.  Unfortunately, as cool as it was, it was a reminder that there was a time not long ago I couldn’t have been in such an environment without being sick. 

The thought definitely distracted me from the show.

After acknowledging this truth I again confirmed I felt completely fine and tried to redirect my focus to the music.

Fun Check.  Well the universe must have been listening because the next thing I know my focus was on the most enthusiastic couple I have seen in decades.  

Not since the H. O. R. D. E. Festival at Pine Knob.

Standing not far from me they  held hands while they danced, periodically looking at each other with smiles that rivaled the cell phones in lighting up the space.  

The joy just spilled out of them.

Reality Check.  A most interesting thing happened.  Like with the cell phone lights, seeing their energy and enthusiasm, their pure joy at being alive and being together – connected to the joy of thousands of others – I again became aware of how normal I felt only this time instead of bringing my focus back to EMF Sensitivity it took me to  that same joy.

The joy of being connected to thousands gathered for fun, the joy of being connected to happiness.

With that energy going through me I saw the musicians in a new light, taking in not only the energy with which they moved around the stage but the happiness they radiated.

They were very happy to be there.

I then noted the happiness of the stadium guy standing at the top of the aisle where my seat was, of the woman who poured a cabernet for me, of the couples sitting at the tables throughout the Club Level where I was standing.

The couple continued dancing, smiling, sharing their joy with any and all who might be close enough to see them.

Trust me, it was contagious.  I saw lots and lots of smiles after people caught sight of them.

In addition to feeling the happiness I was treated to another bonus being near them, inspiration. 

A creative’s best friend.

Not one to miss an opportunity to write I pulled out my phone and typed notes that will find their way into an upcoming Port Gallatan story.  Just like the World of EMF and the Hella Mega experience, it will be a story with a happy ending.

Stay tuned.

As a result of new information gained by going to the concert I will be adding content to the upcoming book Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Resolving Calcium Toxicity. This will push the release date.