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Status Update

46236386-cat-s-cradle.jpgI’m listening to a playlist from the Metatron’s Army series.

It works for multiple books in the Endgame part of the series.

The landing page for Bind: Book 9 of the series is now up.  The book trailer will be posted soon.  The book will be available for purchase in February 2019.

I have passed Diagonals: Book 10 in the series to the beta reader.

It is scheduled for release in April 2019.

I am hard at work on multiple other projects, including winding down the Metatron’s Army Series.

Stay Tuned.





Here is the landing page for Bind:



What’s New in 2019!

imageHappy 2019!

Listening to Above and Beyond by Bassnectar & Seth Drake from Divergent Spectrum and getting Bind:  Book 9 in the Metatron’s Army Series ready for a February release.

I’ve got a lot of exciting projects this year!

Port Gallatan.  After stepping away from the Port Gallatan project for several months I’ve figured out what needs to happen.

Read:  Where to take this project.

Due to factors beyond my control, I hit a wall immediately prior to the release of Soothsayer, the follow on to Port in a Storm.  Knowing I wasn’t going to be able to progress until I resolved the issue, I stepped away from the novel.

It was more than not liking the plot.  I needed to understand how I got so off course to begin with.  I refused to go back to the project until I had a resolution to both of those issues.

I am happy to say that as of this morning both issues have been resolved.

If you can believe, I was left with the opening music to The Waltons playing in my head for over an hour after!  It is so inconvenient at times to have imagery serve as a metaphor, even if it’s helpful.

Metatron’s Army.  I continue to work on the End Game of the series and prepare novels for periodic release. Diagonals:  Book Ten in the series is scheduled for an April 2019 release.

Something New.  In addition to new releases in quirky Port Gallatan, I’m looking forward to an exciting new project that will follow Metatron’s Army.  I’ll be releasing additional information as it becomes available.

Starting Spring 2019.

Odds and Ends.  I continue to update Elizabethmaxim.com as appropriate.

Stay Tuned!

Bringing a Story to Life: Inspired By

images.jpegI’m preparing Bind: Book Nine in the Metatron’s Army Series to pass along to the beta reader.

Not sure exactly what it is about this one in particular but it’s been such a joy to read 

The scene I’m working through brought to mind the unique process by which this entire series has come to life

Inspired.  This story has always been unique.

Inspired by the NDE 

Inspired by does not mean everything in the book was witnessed or experienced.  It does mean a tremendous amount of thought and planning went into the development of the plot.

The story is a unique amalgam of pieces envisioned and thought up over a period of thirty-five plus years, including two of deep professional grade strategy.

Built.  The story itself is unique in that it was wrapped around a set of existing “facts.”

There were certain characters and locations that made up the original.  Everything else – fleshing it all out – was designed.

The hardest part was the Opening Game.

The chess theme just fell into place but it works.

This was a major decision because I either had to create a backstory that was elaborate or I had to skip it because in-between would never work.

Would never ever do justice to the characters.

I basically started with the Middle/End Game section and though I knew how it ended, I had to work backward.

No small feat.

It may be why I’ve enjoyed the Middle Game so much – it’s familiar.

Considered.  As to the scene I’m working on currently.  That was never part of the original story, nor the one I built to bring Metatron’s Army to life.

The beta reader asked a question and though I never answered it, I thought, “Hmmm…”

Based on consideration of the question, I decided to modify the story appropriately.

I then had to wait several months to implement the change.

It is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Inspired by a question.