To Manifest, Observe

I haven’t fallen off the Earth and while I’m still focusing on self-care I’m taking an opportunity to post a story about manifesting along with a couple of cool EMF links.

To Manifest, Observe.

In these past weeks I’ve noted numerous situations in my life that started with the thought “Wouldn’t it be cool?” somewhere along the way.  

I’m also seeing you need to be ready for what goes with that manifested cool.

I’ve often advised people that if you want to see more amazing events and coincidences in your life, start by observing them then watch them multiply.  This is especially true with manifesting.

Observe the small as well as the big manifestations and note the miraculous in all of it.

As I continued to focus on situations in my life that had come to be I considered the length of time some of them took.

Yes, the prevailing thought is everything in its right time but I like to see signs of progress to keep me motivated along the way.

Last night I was treated to a reminder that I’m not alone on my journey of healing; the universe has my back.

That was fast!

Night before last as I was drifting off to sleep I thought how I missed listening to morning talk radio from LA radio stations.

They have a unique humor I truly appreciate.

I then thought how with a little effort I could listen to any station over the web.  This led me to thinking how cool it would be to listen to radio in other states which led to me thinking how cool it would be to listen to radio from other countries.

I knew all of this could be achieved if I did a little poking around on the Internet.

After that brief consideration I feel asleep and gave it no more thought.  Last night a friend sent a link that definitely got my attention.  It’s a program that allows you to tune into a radio station anywhere in the world.

I stared at the screen and considered my thoughts from the night before.  

How cool would it be…?  

The words are a take on the “Wouldn’t it be cool?” thoughts that have often manifested into my reality.

Going as far back as statements made as a child.

I quickly thanked God for the reminder I’m not alone.

The universe has my back.

On the EMF front.

While I’m not actively working on any EMF Sensitivity project I’m always aware and since I have a passion for learning am pretty much always observing and noting.

A great foundation for observing syncronicities leading to more of them.

I came across a NASA project that intrigued me since it focuses on Ultra-Low and Very Low EM frequencies.

The frequencies that were the bane of my life til I cured myself of EMF Sensitivity.

I signed on and took a listen.

I was curious to see if the sounds would sicken me.

I’m happy to report that I had no negative repercussions from listening.

At one point it sounded like water.  In another, like an empty potato chip bag being crumpled.

I’m sharing the link in the event others would like to participate in the project.

I’m also including a link to one of my favorite music videos, Sir Nigel Stanford’s Cymatics.

The effect of cymatic frequencies on matter.

I believe those with a passion for music as well as physics, math, and/or space would be good at this NASA citizen scientist project.

I wish everyone well.


Taking a Break

Life Intervenes

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but apparently the Universe wanted me to take a rest.  I will be posting in the future but in the meantime, I’m taking a much needed break to focus on some self-care.

Stay tuned!

And have a wonderful day!

Manifesting: The Power and Mystery of Imagery

I was waiting for the Superbowl and rather than watching more of a cool basketball game decided to take advantage of blue skies and go for a walk.  In addition to exercise and soaking up some late winter rays I planned to think over a post I was going to write when I got back.

About the mystery of imagery in manifesting.

Thanks to choosing a different [read quieter] route I took in sights that reminded me of another yet related role imagery plays in manifesting.

One as mysterious for me.

One that had me pondering the almost eerie coincidence of finding not one but two structures tied to childhood goals.  As I continued on I tuned into how uncomfortable I felt.  It was curious. If anything I should be happy to see more evidence imagery really does work to boost manifesting efforts!

I decided at least part of the problem was an intense desire to figure out how so I could harness the knowledge for current efforts.  Fast upon the heels of that however came the reminder I don’t need to know how it works!

For more on this I suggest reading It Works.

Ignorance is Bliss.

There are advantages to leaving it up to the universe.  I don’t have to micromanage every detail and try to account for every possible contingency.

At the same time I want to use what tools are available to help with my manifesting efforts.  

I was going to share one I stumbled on recently in the original post. I’ll proceed with the examples from the walk first, for context.

A Childhood of Contrasts

Due to circumstances beyond my control I had – to say the least – an interesting childhood.  I saw a lot of different socio-economic perspectives, not only in the Detroit Metro Area but throughout different parts of the country.

The haves and the have nots.

Too young to understand the variables that went into defining if not creating those differences I went with what I did understand

People who were better off lived in bigger houses in quieter neighborhoods.  

Or so it seemed to me.

Two examples that stand out from memory are from time spent with relatives who were well off.

One was out of state.

In each case, I spent the night so I was not only exposed to the house but the quiet of the neighborhoods.  I also took note of other houses in the area, churches – which also seemed nicer – and landscaping which was definitely nicer.

These communities gave out awards for best landscaping, nicest roses, etc.

In each situation I fixated on a specific house as the poster child for success.  

One was a house near the one I was staying in.  The other belonged to the relative I stayed with.

On today’s walk I saw both of these same style houses.  

It was as if they’d been transported across the country, right down to the color!

I remember the first time I went that route, how shocked I was to see these houses.  At the time my thought was that the development was probably done around the same time.

The style was popular.

Today the houses sent a different message.  Both styles had been indicative of success to me decades ago.  What did that say about my achieving the goal that I’d set out at that time?

To have better quality of life.

These houses aren’t the only examples of an image from years back – ones I thought indicative of success – manifesting. Interestingly, I hadn’t thought of those images, or the houses, for years.

Except perhaps in passing.

Other more pressing variables represented success as my definition of it changed as I got older.

Seeing the two houses underscored the power of imagery in manifesting.

It works!

Image Begets Image

Adds to the power!

Awhile back I found an image that did a beautiful job illustrating a goal.  Whenever I needed a morale boost or a pick-me-up in my mood I brought this image to mind.  This went on for months and each time I pictured the image I felt calm if not happy.

I felt as if everything was going to work out.

Several weeks ago I started seeing an ad with a scene remarkably similar to the image I chose.  It took seeing the ad a few times to realize it but once I did I began to look forward to seeing it. It’s not only another example of having an image manifest, it adds happy energy to the original image.

It is a positive ad.

Wanting to tap into the positive associated with this coincidence I decided to layer the two together for my manifesting effort.

A way to boost my mood.

As I finished my walk I reminded myself I don’t need to know how this works.  I just need to, as Kenneth Wong suggests, keep tapping into the feel good energy the coincidence brings.

I am using the word coincidence when in reality, it’s anything but.

Before I post I’d like to share a caveat

Seeing a place is not living there.

Neither is visiting, such as on a vacation.

There is so much more to quality of life than the structure you call home.  The circumstances, the community, and a number of other variables all contribute.   Environmental factors can and do change over time yet play a significant role in the experience. 

Some changes are short-term while others can last decades or more.

Time and experience allow us to account for these truths when laying out goals. 

 It’s important to consider the bigger picture.  

Angles of Perspective

As part of the evolution of the Sharing Perspective to Share Smiles project I considered various angles from which to go.

Always confident the project would evolve so I didn’t need all the answers right away.

What originally came to mind was to share perspective from the angle of commentary heard over the years, one heard in one form or another since I was a young child.  Rather than repeat the wording I’ll explain the concern.

Older people seemed consistently concerned that knowledge gained from the perspective of experience was being lost because changes associated with “Nuclear Family” and “Latch Key Kids” meant there wasn’t a clear [read traditional] path to transfer the knowledge.

As opposed to book knowledge/education which provides only part of the story.

Even as I heard the concerns I heard others saying the theme was one they too grew up hearing.  What made that interesting was that it was my parents’ generation saying that last while their parents were expressing the concern the knowledge wasn’t being transferred. 

I think a lot of the concern stemmed from wondering “how” that critical knowledge was going to be transferred in an age of change.

I was never particularly passionate about the concern.  It wasn’t anything I worried about because I was busy soaking up stories from those around me.

From all ages and walks of life.

Here’s the thing.  I wasn’t the only one doing so.

I remember many discussions in elementary school where kids would share stories from grandparents, neighbors, their parents’coworkers, many of whom had fought and/or lived through World War II and earlier.

What stands out in memory is the number of questions asked by youth who wanted to learn from someone who had more experience. 

Questions born of respect for that knowledge and experience. 

Experience is Experience.

It isn’t always the older crowd to provide perspective.  I listened avidly to stories teenage aunts and uncles told of first jobs, friendships, romantic relationships.

It wasn’t that, closer to me in age, I better related to them.  They just had a different perspective of the same subjects than older people, which made it interesting.

I also listened to the perspective of neighbors who may have lived in the same area but came from different backgrounds which translated into different perspectives.

Again, I wasn’t the only one.

At this stage of life I’ve heard enough from peers to know the knowledge was not lost.  Not only that, it’s being passed down to generations coming up behind.  

The way of life may be different and the tools of communication may have changed but at the heart people really are people.

Caring and wanting to do the right thing.

I see many examples of younger generations working alongside older to make the world a better place and in each situation there is a transfer of that knowledge.

The filters may change but the motivation – love and caring – remains.

What this means for my project is that what is shared is from a variety of people from different generations and backgrounds, gained while living or traveling in a variety of places.

Always listening and learning.

It’s an exciting angle of perspective I’m happy to share,

Note: The image is an ode to some Old World fishermen who were happy and willing to share their adventures with a curious eighth grader.

Manifesting: Clearing the Path

As the Sharing Perspective to Share Smiles project evolves a natural rhythm to the posting will too.  In the meantime, I’m sharing perspective as I feel inspired.

The intention is to make a positive difference and there is always someone – if not a lot of someones – who can use positive.

As I look back over the months that led to this moment I’ve come to see the most important action I took when working on manifesting goals was to clear what stood between me and the goal to the best of my ability.


It’s natural to focus on the people, places, and actions you need in order to obtain goals but what about the inverse?

Yes, sometimes people can be an obstacle.

Chicken or Egg

It’s hard to determine which came first, releasing other people’s ideas of what my career focus should be or purging physical items that acted as messengers cluttering my mind.

In Terah Kathryn Collins’ book The Western Guide to Feng Shui Room by Room she explains the reason items in our visual space chatter at us and stresses the importance of making sure what they’re saying to us is positive.

The two were so intertwined it was hard for me to see which was doing the most good.  What I do know is that it turned into a process that lasted over a year and culminated – from a career perspective – with the decision to focus on the positive and share that positive with the world.

Slow and Steady

I did not put a timeline on the process though I did work to clear physical clutter as soon as I decided what needed to go for the simple reason that each time I passed the reconfigured space I got validation I’d made the right career decision.

Now What?

After the furniture and other items found new homes I gave consideration to the importance of what was next, taking time to “just be.”

Already burned out the last thing I needed was to push myself to take action without enough data.

I spent the early part of 2023 considering what information I needed before making a decision as to what would come next, along with where I might gain that important data.

State of the Union

When a virtual writers workshop popped up on my radar not long after I considered it the answer to a prayer!

The focus of the conference was exactly what I’d been wondering about – What was the state of the traditional writers market from the publishing side of the equation? Had things become friendlier for writers in the era of ebooks?

I knew before attending this was the final piece I needed to go forward with a decision that had been in my head for some time.

It’d been in my heart too but I’d been so inundated by the noise of other people’s thoughts and opinions on the matter, I couldn’t hear it.

The conference speakers were wonderful and I gained a wealth of information.  The kicker?  It only took one slide, shown early on the second day of the 2-day conference, to validate my belief that moving to the Share Perspective to Share Smiles project was the right direction for me.

I invite readers to read the updated Welcome Message.

A bonus was that attending this conference showed I’d achieved goals I set for myself when I started down this path in 2003.

Leaving Corporate to pursue my childhood dream.

The Cost Benefits Analysis.

I’ll admit, considering the cost of the conference in light of validating what I already knew with one slide gave me a twinge of heartburn.

One slide?  Not even the full breakout session.  One slide!

A close friend offered a wonderful spin on it.  He pointed out the cost of the conference was nothing compared to the time and energy – and cost of doing business – I would have lost had I continued on for months or years only to come to the same conclusion.

In other words I got a solid return on my investment.

The weeks after were a flurry of activity.

I’d removed the last bit of doubt and was free to move toward my new goal.

Most of that activity was mental and spiritual as I realigned my identity with my writing.

As I’ve stated, I needed to return to my writing roots.

In terms of actual actions, I spent most of the time releasing anything keeping me from moving forward.

Fear, doubt, regret, or any other fear-based emotions or thoughts that would only act as debris on the path.

I took small steps to align myself with sources of support.

Including Kenneth Wong’s Feeling Good which, like Paulo Cuehlo’s The Alchemist stresses the importance of listening to your inner guide, something I’d lost touch with thanks to all “the noise.”

These steps allowed for more releasing, even as I took other actions that drew more positive energy into the space created by releasing “the noise.”

I’ve referred to this as letting go of that which no longer serves.

It’s an energy intensive process and one needs to be vigilant about staying focused.  At this stage of the journey?  I’ve come to see that taking time to clear obstacles on the path to the goal is equally if not more valuable than getting tools to theoretically speed the journey.

Tools can be helpful but if you’re weighed down by the other, the tools just add more weight which may and likely will hinder your efforts.

My advice for those working to manifest a goal is to see where you can remove hurdles in the way.

Including and especially mental and spiritual hurdles that may be weighing you down.

Manifest Your Supporters Wisely

A part of the manifesting process I’ve come across frequently is the importance of keeping positive and one of the ways mentioned as frequently is to be sure you are around positive people who can support you in your efforts.

There are a number of philosophies that also suggest not talking about your goals which is a strategy for avoiding negativity when you don’t know your audience or they may not be supportive.

I’ve come up with a different yet effective strategy, one I use not necessarily because I don’t have supportive people around me but because there are times I just need an extra boost of support.

Before I explain I want to give a bit of background perspective.  For as long as I remember I’ve had goals that stood out from those in my community.

  • I lived in a Blue Collar neighborhood but saw myself living better
  • I wanted to gain an education and have a career when those in my community pushed for marriage in lieu of
  • I wanted to travel the world when those around me were happy home bodies
  • I embraced change in the midst of a conservative group of people who were at a different stage of their lives; one that required more stability

Being at odds with those around you can take a toll on your soul.

Not to mention your psyche as you are drawn into seemingly endless discussions wherein you have to defend your position.

Incidentally, the idea for this article came out of an Event Horizon Session I was doing this morning.  As part of the stream of consciousness released, I wrote 

They may speak to my fears but they do not speak to my reality.

I was immediately taken back to my time in tech when our company and region was facing economic turmoil of a signficant magnitude, and how while I spoke of taking risks, many around me – who I considered wiser because of experience – gave grave words arguing against it.

I now see they were in a different place in life than I was and though their advice may have served someone in a smiliar situation, they didn’t serve me.  

Perspective:  I was single and just starting my career whereas they were usually married with kids in high school and/or college, mortgages, and car payments.

Fortunately I was able to deduct that their advice wasn’t helpful for me.  Unfortunately, it led to some serious self-doubt.

I didn’t realize we were speaking from different life situations.

My twisty turny path through life led me far from those consesrvative shores but the need to feel confident in times of uncertainty is just as valid today.

Experience doesn’t fill the gap here.

It doesn’t help that I am still in a place significantly different than of those who might support me.

We may be in a similar geogpraphy or industry but we are at different places in life.

Note: I’m not talking of family and/or friends who are all around loving and supportive. I’m talking about finding support in uncertain times when you might need or want a bit extra.

At times I’ve had to be creative in how I gain my support.  Here are two places from which I draw strength and perspective.


Watching  Caleb Williams’ Heisman Trophy speech was amazingly inspirational as he detailed the concrete steps taken to reach his goal of playing football.  It reminded me how athletes are an amazing source of such inspiration as many use wonderful strategies to help them achieve their goals and dreams and deal with stress.

The Road Less Traveled

I am – and always have been – fascinated by those who live a life far from standard issue.

People who decide to live at a Research Station in Antarctica or pack up and move to another country.  Or who, like friends of mine, live on a sailing yacht raising a family while traveling the world for work.

Sports 2

A number of recent articles on various aspects of golf were particularly intriguing as they showed that regardless of salary, people are people.

Basically, deciding to do something differently put them out of favor with their peers.  That didn’t feel so good even though they continued on because they had to follow their dreams.

Each of these scenarios helped me see myself as part of a group I admire, as a peer.  

Maybe not one they know personally but one who lives the philosophies they espouse; a philosophy that can propel them through times of self-doubt and uncertainty.

I hope sharing these strategies helps others facing uncertainty and/or self-doubt while going for their goals.

Final Note:  It pays to keep company with those who are positive and supportive so seek them when and where you can and when you can’t – improvise!

And stay tuned for more positive here!

Your goals are waiting!

This Too Shall Pass

Seeing the jobs report headlines this morning resolved a challenge regarding this new project of Sharing Perspective to Share Smiles.

As I considered various angles from which to go at the content, I’d decided the priority was to remain positive in the messaging while drawing from a life of unique if rich experiences.

I’ve witnessed world events getting feedback through observation and conversation from some interesting and amazing individuals.

While wanting to remain positive is a noble desire it needed to be done in a way that wouldn’t come across as pollyanna-ish.  This is where drawing from experience comes in.  The challenge in that, however, is that experience isn’t always happy or positive.

Even if the outcome is.  

So, how much do you share and how do you keep the spin on the lighter side?

This morning’s jobs report headlines gave me the answer.

One in particular.

From Experience.

One of the best strategies that got me through times of uncertainty was to tap other people’s perspectives.

Perspectives gained through experience.

Not all storms are the same.

Economic Headwinds.

Having grown up in the Metro Detroit Area, I lived through a number of economic downturns.

I remember being in the service station line in the family car during the oh-so-fun oil embargo.

Though I recalled the somber mood and the concerns of various individuals during those days I couldn’t appreciate it the way I do now for the simple fact I was too young to truly understand.

To add complexity there was a family member who had a birds-eye view of the situation which ruffled a number of family feathers, none of which I could, being a kid, understand.

When, as a young adult making my way in the corporate world, I was facing those economic headwinds, simply drawing from childhood memories wasn’t enough to assure me that things would eventually turn around again.  Drawing from the experience of those I was working with- people I trusted who were older – gave me that assurance.

I eagerly listened as they explained how and why challenges unique to the Discrete Manufacturing Industry meant our area was harder hit yet how we consistently came back stronger.

Coping is Investing.

I spent that time not just listening but observing.  What I noted was that a number of the savvier and better-performing consultants spent the time tinkering with new technology.

Hardware and software.

Deciding they knew something, I did the same.  

It paid off.

Not only did it help advance my career, it made me a valuable player so that when those headwinds came around again, I had skills in demand.

Just the Facts, Ma’am.

One of the more valuable skills I developed was the ability to step away from the emotional flashpoints to look at reality.  

I wish I’d known to do it then.

This is a great way to insulate yourself from other people’s drama.

Priceless in terms of reducing stress.

No I Don’t Think So.

Over the past weeks I’ve seen plenty of headlines warning of a recession.

Along with a number that proclaimed if there was one, it wouldn’t be that bad.

I had my own feelings on the matter.

Based on some hard facts.  

Even before the pandemic hit, we were looking at a demographic shift that tilted heavily in favor of the consumer.

The employee.

Not only would there be more jobs than people, it was a trend that would be around for awhile.  The pandemic only exacerbated that.  As a result I was confident that regardless of other factors, we were not looking at the type of economic storm we saw in the early 70s, early 80s, early 90s, etc…

Notice a pattern?

No panic here.

Even when the layoffs – mostly in tech – began, as painful as I knew they were to those directly affected, I understood today’s employment situation meant many of those affected would find new jobs.

A vast difference from what I witnessed in the early 90s when many of my tech colleagues were affected.

At no time did I feel the country was about to relive earlier downturns.

We are in a completely different situation.

When I saw a headline this morning mentioning the January Jobs Report leading a number of individuals to say they no longer feared a recession, I felt a bit vindicated. I hadn’t shared my thoughts beyond a close group of individuals and I certainly didn’t brag but I did draw from prior – if painful – experience.  

Young and inexperienced, I was highly traumatized by the secular headwind fallout of the early 90s.  

I considered how I could pull this together to put out an article that would assure people.

Ease some of the “fear of the unknown” lack of experience can fuel.

We are a nation and a world that continuously looks to the future.

And our place in it.

I believe that, despite alarmist headlines, we can feel good about the situation.

As my grandmother used to say – this [secular headwind] too shall pass.

To brighter days ahead!

A Return to My Writing Roots

Note:  Longer Post.

As part of a soft launch of the new writing project I’ve been revamping my website.  As it says in the updated Welcome message 

I’m really excited about this change as it is an opportunity to return to my roots as a writer while continuing to make a positive difference in the world.

Return to my roots as a writer. 

What does that mean?  

To fully understand I need to go back in time to what is – ironically – one of the more challenging time periods of my life.

I was working in a culture that was becoming more toxic in proportion to the  strengthening of “secular headwinds.”

In the midst of this despair I found comfort in the company of some of the most creative individuals I’ve ever worked with; souls who shared the ways they channeled stress into their life’s passions.

Being part of a band, writing fiction, dancing, working on code to predict winning Lotto numbers among other interests.

Working with people who had dreams outside Corporate meant I was free to share mine with an audience that was receptive if not outright supportive of them.

A few even helped me fulfill some of them.

Though I eventually attained my dream of leaving corporate to pursue writing novels full time, reality was nothing like I imagined.  Coming into the dream right as the publishing industry was undergoing one of the most significant transformations in history was turbulent to say the least.

The rise of ebooks via Smashwords and Amazon.

Somewhere along the way I lost sight of what the dream was all about.

Why did I want to be a writer?  


Like with so many around the world the pandemic forced a total recalibration on every level so it’s no surprise that on the other side of the worst of it I took stock of where I was and looked to see what needed to change.  In terms of my career, a lot.

Though I’d become highly prolific during the lockdown, turning out several books – fiction and non – I drove myself straight into the wall of burnout.  

Eliminate the Source.

Though I would have gotten here eventually, a recent and revealing discussion with a caring friend accelerated the decision to turn my focus from writing books.

The source of the  burnout.

What excited me most was the opportunity to take time to think about what it was I wanted to write.  I came to see the answer was going back to what I used to do.

Writing in a way that reflected who I am.

Which brings me to…

Making a Positive Difference

I have a lifetime of service that began in childhood with volunteer work.

Read, walk, and skate-a-thons for organizations such as March of Dimes, Muscular Dystrophy, The American Juvenile Diabetes Association, to name a few.

This continued into adultood.

Working with food banks and other volunteer opportunities.

I channeled my love of helping others professionally by becoming a consultant.

I was always gratified by the smiles of customers who got what they wanted in a solution.

After earning a doctorate in holistic healthcare, I channeled the consulting into nonfiction work.  

Books and websites.

Unfortunately, this led to a rather interesting conundrum.  It became about them.

My motivation was in the right place.

I didn’t understand the toll it would take.  

Fast Forward to Positive.

I’ve decided to focus on blogging as it allows me to write what I love for the reason I got into writing.

To Share Smiles.

I believe it’s best – for readers and this writer – to stick with what I have rather than go to a newsletter service and ask readers following me to add an additional service.  

Sharing Smiles

When I thought about who I was as a person I remembered countless stories of laughter shared with colleagues and customers.  

Even and especially during difficult times.

I knew immediately I wanted to give that to a broader audience.

I changed the site banner to reflect this.

Sharing Perspective to Share Smiles.

I think the world can do with more opportunities to smile and look forward to doing my part.

Stay tuned!

Warmly and with good vibes,


Marking the Familiar Through Time

I have always been fascinated by coincidences.

What Carl Jung calls synchronicities. 

 After observing one this morning I was inspired to share.

This is reflective of the new writing project which is in progress.

Life’s Helpful Messages

I view coincidences as wonderful markers along life’s path.

A reminder we are not alone, that the Universe is working with us.

I’d recently been considering comments heard years back from a number of people who chose a specific part of the country to raise their families.  What they had in common was describing the area as “Like the Seattle I grew up in.”  

Twenty plus years earlier.

Some had come back from clear across the country seeking the peace of mind raising their family in a familiar energy would bring.

Or so they thought.

I ran into some of these folks some time later and found their updates amusing, if understandable.  They had since relocated out of the area because the lack of change translated to a feeling of powerlessness and isolation.  

In one case the woman said Richmond, Virginia was far more progressive and she was thinking of moving back.

Though they didn’t move back to the Eastern US, they did move to an area that was, in their words, more normal for raising a family.

The area would fit the description of a typical US suburb.

Along with other details came complaints common of many throughout various areas in the country, including frustration with schools and other annoyances.

Annoyances that were familiar enough to give them a sense of familiarity and thus that peace of mind.

I considered how people living in an area can form a silent agreement to keep things as they are because they like it that way.

It makes them feel safe and/or normal and brings peace of mind.

There may be no real motivation to change anything since nothing is broke.

I further considered how even slight resistance to change can make it feel as if time has slowed.

Something I find disconcerting, personally.

When I came across this article this morning I couldn’t help smiling at the irony given I was just thinking about the subject.  


While the town is beautiful and I’m sure charming, it’s a place I wouldn’t want to live as my perception of time would be skewed beyond my comfort zone.

As it was during Covid lockdown, something I’m still recovering from.

I find it fascinating the people of the town are so in lockstep and considered what sort of person or family would be so charmed they would perhaps relocate there.

And what the change would be like for them.

I can appreciate the draw of peace and beauty and familiar traditions such an environment would offer.

Even if the passage of time doesn’t seem to be one of them.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Goals Manifested

I’ve written previously about suddenly realizing something I thought would be cool years back came to be even though I didn’t consciously take action to manifest it.  More recently I used such a realization to propel me in a new direction in my career.  Specifically, I mentioned suddenly realizing I’d achieved the writing goals I set out for myself but didn’t realize it.

How can that be?

It wasn’t obvious because the goals manifested in a way I hadn’t been expecting.  To illustrate I’ll use a parallel example.

I was born with Wanderer’s Lust.  From childhood I wanted to see the world and meet the people in it.  Fuel was added to this dream in second grade when I saw amazing stories via the geography book we used; one that was published by National Geographic.

At Home Around the World.

 With chapters such as At Home on an Island and At Home on a Tundra I learned that our world was made up of diverse people who lived lives totally different than my Midwest environment.  The photography was spectacular and the beauty it revealed made me want to go to these places.  I wanted to talk to some of the people in the stories because I had questions, my curiousity fueled by a way of life that was so different than mine.

I remember how young male teens in one island country climbed breadfruit trees.  I was amazed as there were no branches to use as leverage like with the maples I climbed.

I did get my opportunity to travel and to meet people from other cultures.

I love hearing stories about their lives.

Much of this travel came through business travel.

Including meeting people from other cultures who traveled to the United States.

A Left Turn at Albuquerque.

 My travels took a different spin when, having driven myself across the country to relocate from the Midwest to Silicon Valley I learned the joys of seeing the country by car.

I met some amazing people and saw some pretty odd stuff.

This experience came in handy when I needed to travel extensively for research into EMF Sensitivity.

Research I funded myself.

I saw places I never thought to visit along with places I’d read about in schoolbooks and longed to see, such as Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Taos, New Mexico.**

**  Though I didn’t know about the hum, learning about it gave me a good reason to go there as part of my EMF Research.

I am grateful for the opportunity to fulfill a passion for travel, though it did not manifest in a way I  would have expected.

Rinse.  Repeat.

I’d like to say I’ve learned my lesson in this regard but the truth is this is something that I’ve faced repeatedly.

Not recognizing the goals manifested because they did so in a way that was unexpected.

I’d like to think that this most recent experience with career goals has helped adjust my manifesting viewing scope.  One thing I know for sure.  It’s opened my eyes to gratitude as I acknowledge the wonder and blessings I have as a result.

Gratitude and acknowledging achievements is part of the overall manifesting process.

See where the successes in your life may be hiding.

In plain sight no less!