Metatron’s Army:  Inspired by an NDE this sci-fi saga takes readers into the heart of Vetria, one of the Twelve Star Systems where multiple species join together to end a centuries’ old war and force a long overdue rebalancing of power.

Dragon Core:  This passion infused series introduces readers to shape shifting aliens who have been living on our planet for centuries.  While Dragon Core’s leader makes his home in Seattle, Washington, members of his team crisscross planets, centuries, and cultures as they seek to honor their commitment to the human race.

Colony:  Set in the year 2240, this sci-fi series follows the men and women of Project Mithra, a terra forming mission to the Mars Trojan region.  Named for the god of contracts and friendship it is a testament to international cooperation and scientific achievement.  It is also on track to become the largest interstellar disaster in human history.