Busy ramping up the new project but thought I’d share a tidbit to bring a smile.  

This reflects the objective of the new project which is to share in a way that is upbeat , helpful, and light-hearted, something I think we can all use these days.

Years back Aaron and I spent a lot of time criss-crossing the country for one business trip or another – in a car.  

Lots of late night driving.  

I stumbled on a wonderful way to pass the time.


TripAdvisor to the rescue!

I would bring up TripAdvisor on my phone, select a random city, then look for lodging reviews that were bottom of the barrel.

Under 3 stars usually does the trick.

The comments people leave are absolutely hilarious.

The very first time I laughed until I cried was reading how a woman had slid between the mattress and bedframe and got stuck as her family slept soundly feet away, not aware of her distress.  It was how she described the situation that got that belly laugh going!

Many times reviewers include any response from management which is sometimes even funnier.

Like did you even read the complaint?

The most common complaints were false advertising on breakfast and Wifi.

Numerous accounts of having to go to the front lobby to get any WiFi and breakfast being something in plastic the guest had to put in a microwave.

The more outrageous stories were often about showers.

Missing shower heads, holes in the wall, seeing into the bathrooms next door.

As we’d faced our own adventures trying to find lodgings at odd hours in interesting places we could truly appreciate the stories.  Best of all was being able to laugh when you’re beyond tired.

Laughter – truly the best medicine!