There’s nothing like experience to teach.

Note: Long.

While earning my doctorate I took a class in vibrational medicine, the text book written by Dr. Gerber, grad of Wayne State School of Medicine.  Though I found it interesting and much of it backed up what the British ENT surgeon who began my education in holistic medicine taught me, I didn’t think much past using Bach flower remedies and homeopathy.

As I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, while my body was inundated with heavy metals and other toxins I was exposed to while living in the SF Bay area, vibrational medicines such as those mentioned above did not work.  It wasn’t until I moved away from geologic EMFs and began early stages of nutritional rebalancing that they were again effective.

15 Years Later

I was working my way through the later stages of EMF Sensitivity’s nutritional cure when the somewhat esoteric nature of vibrational frequencies as medicine came to play, via another esoteric EMF.


Tired of champagne which was a critical part of recovering from heavy metal poisoning, I switched for a time to red wine.

Pinot noir.

As I write in Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal, I was often joined while sitting on the front deck steps by the ghosts of former rock guitarists who were hanging out with us.

ET invited one who invited one and the next thing I knew I had what Aaron calls “The Crew.”

ET pointed to the wine glass and said, “You gotta be careful with drinking red wine.  It will draw lower spirits to you.”

Here’s the thing.  I’m not a big believer in that kind of talk.

Or thinking.  

It may seem to some like splitting hairs but as I knew he was talking about vibrations and the law of attraction, I wasn’t convinced.  As fate would have it, it caused me to retain calcium which is one of the things I was working so hard to detox from, so I had to quit and go back to champagne.

Calcium absorption is just one of the many benefits of champagne – and tequila – in recovering from calcium toxicity.*IV


Well on my way to what I consider a normal life and tired of only drinking champagne, I again switched to red wine.

I did not drink champagne with every meal, just dinner. I drank espresso and water but no juice and no soda.

The wine was pinot noir.

Naturally, ET’s warning circled through the pia mater – briefly.  

I just wasn’t cool with the words “lower spirits.”

By March, 2022 I was trying to pick my life up from the disastrous chaos it careened into.  The worst part?  I had no idea what the hell hit me!  I eventually traced it back to an October 2021 phone call.

Someone dumping a sh*tload of drama – none of which was mine – so “they” didn’t have to deal with it.

Badly stressed, I skipped the champagne and stuck with the red. It isn’t that it led to bad behavior. It drew lower spirits!

The kind wearing the fancy skin and bones costume!

Being around the lower energies in human form was the equivlanet to sticking my finger in a light socket.

Awful and traumatic.**

Believing this information absolutely critical to include in Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with EMF Sensitivity, I nonetheless struggled with how to explain.

Shellshocked from how badly I was harmed by those lower energies, I was too vulnerable to utter the words, truth though they were.

I couldn’t even bring myself to talk with Aaron about it.

Every time I even thought about it I got sick to my stomach.

Autumn 2022.

Months of introspection and reflection led me to consider trying a different red wine.

To see what happened when I did, what might be different.

Some might think me glutton for punishment but seriously, how else was I going to learn whether it was all red wines or just that one? I decided on one I used to drink long ago.


The results were, to say the least, interesting.  If you can believe, from day one, the merlot drew energy from the years during which I regularly drank merlot!  

I hadn’t had merlot in years, having switched to pinot noir then chianti then malbec then back to pinot.  Cabs, unfortunately, give me nasty headaches.

I remember thinking it interesting I was suddenly in touch with someone from when I drank merlot more frequently in one week than in the previous five years.*V

  Another fun one?  

Related to a different vibrational frequency.

I was listening to music from that era!

I’m not talking about listening to the 80s which I love to listen to when I’m not listening to heavy metal. I’m talking about artists and albums I listened to at a specific point in time; one that syncs with years when I drank merlot in social settings.

Note:  This was more or less before Aaron who turned me on to craft beers.

While I didn’t mind taking a trip down music memory lane, there was a problem. I associate those tunes with some of the most stressful times of my life.  

Time. Another vibrational bit of joy.

By the third day spent listening to the music I knew something needed to be done.

The music was reminding me of people and events I really would rather not think about.

Not So Fast.

At the same time I was getting amazing health benefits from the merlot.  

Definitely helping with the gum health though the b12 supplement is also contributing to that big time.

Deciding it was worth researching ways to compensate for the frequency – tune the dial – I channeled some of the health benefits to not only be front and center but to attract other positive frequencies.

Let the Mind Do the Walking

One of the benefits of the merlot was that my mind was not nearly as racy.

I am a big-time mental multitasker so this was a nice “bennie.”

I had more energy so I began to walk and in walking found solutions to a number of issues that had been outstanding for months, including what the hell happened to crash my ship on the proverbial rocks!

I Know That Face!

I was able to – after literally decades – recoup parts of myself pushed to the wayside in the name of survival.

From other people’s drama if not shenanigans.

Caveat Emptor!

I am not so naive as to think that in merlot I have the ultimate answer.  The body’s chemistry is an ever changing beautiful thing that needs to be acknowledged and dealt with.  At the same time I am taking advantage of the time I have to reset the parts of me that need it and tune out ambient noise that would interfere with my life’s journey.

Would I have been able to do the same with pinot noir?  No. It’s a different and apparently lower frequency.

For me at least.

I’ll leave readers with a great video example of how alcohol can bring the past to life as vividly as if it were happening at that moment.


**I’m still suffering PTSD from the human energies that left destruction in their wake.

*IV I never took calcium supplements and outgrew drinking milk around the age of 14. The toxicity came from a combination of hard water and location specific factors.

*V After I posted this a friend I hadn’t spoken to in years who has ties to that same era reached out to me. It was wonderful talking with him, which showed me not all associations are one way or another.

The Convoluted Path of Wisdom

Happy 4th folks!

Just sitting here trying to get myself revved to work on Volume 2 of the upcoming nonfiction work and considering the fact that coloring outside the lines even when you create something beautifiul is very difficult.

Energy intensive!

This is an apt metaphor for the nontraditional approach I’ve taken to recovering from EMF Sensitivity.  What mde it so difficult?  I had to listen to my gut before anyone else.

Including medical professionals!

As I write in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity, it was years before I could get anyone to take me seriously that something was wrong.

All medical tests showed everything within normal ranges.  Nonmedical people kept trying to tell me I was just stressed because of all the life changes I’d been through in a short amount of time.  I knew better!

I’d been under far worse stress and never faced anything close to what I was dealing with.

I never quit searching for an answer – the journey of which is detailed in that book.  

Some 17 years later and I’m still having to tune into my gut instinct in order to stay the path.

Yes, I have incredible results but I’ve also had my share of people questioning my methods since they don’t follow “conventional wisdom.”  Especially when it comes to eating but as I write in Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Resolving Calcium Toxicity, the healthier I ate, the sicker I got.  Something had to give!  So – ignoring conventional wisdom I tuned into my gut instinct and “winged it.”

It’s paid off.  Not only am I no longer EMF Sensitive, my physical health which took a hit after I was exposed to toxic chemicals is continuing to improve.  

One example: My nails which were ridged since at least 2009 due to toxin induced mineral deficiencies are finally smooth again, strong and growing at a normal rate.

Excess calcium and other toxins meant hair and nail growth slowed to a crawl and my nails were often soft and would shred.

The texture of my hair is what it should be – curly.

Calcium excess will take curl out.

A number of other physical challenges have been resolved

My eyes are no longer sensitive to sunlight, I don’t need to use moisturizer, and a number of other small but happy milestone victories.

Perhaps most interesting of those victories is that for the first time in decades I am able to sleep past 7 am.

Trouble sleeping was a big symptom of EMF Sensitivity.

Early on while working with a doctor to try to figure out why weeks after moving to the SF Bay Area I was getting sick, I took Ambien for 3 days but it didn’t help.

As I write in Riding the Waves, medications did not work for me when I was suffering EMF Sensitivity!

It is really something to lay in bed in the morning and go over vivid dreams that took place after 7 am.

I noted the dreams are more vivid which is likely related to healthy sleep.

It isn’t easy going against the grain but when the results are this good?  I just double down on my gut instincts.

Speaking of Gut Instincts. I’ve decided to include Volume 2 in the book.

Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity is coming along and will be released in the coming weeks.

Happy 4th and Stay tuned!

Note: I will be releasing an updated version of the Event Horizon App soon. This version will include a new look as well as new functionality.