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Bringing a Story to Life: Author at Work


Thought I’d provide an update on what I’m working on.

Still not exactly sure how many books will end up in the series. It’s an ongoing situation.

The saga, which I’d never planned on publishing, has developed over several decades.

For more on this see my Youtube Channel videos regarding how Metatron’s Army came to be.

The End?  The Endgame began taking shape several years ago while I was packing Legos in preparation for a move to San Diego.

As I was listening to INXS, an image of the Vetria System near the Balen border appeared in my mind’s eye.  Sorting Legos into Ziplock bags, I took time to focus on what I was seeing.  The image gave me “end pieces.” The message was that the end was – in a way – only the beginning. 

Given the surreal experiences I’ve had since taking on this project, I can see why.

Tucking it away for future consideration, I went back to packing.

Remember, at this point I had no intention of publishing the series.  I was intrigued by the idea of an “end” but didn’t really believe it.  After all, why stop feeding me information after thirty-three years?

The publishing of this story has been fun and frustrating, an adventure that is somewhat satisfying.

I say that last bit because I feel like the observer – as if someone else is in charge of this and I – like the reader – am waiting to see where it all goes. 

  • I’m busy planning my next projects.

I will be releasing videos that speak to the launching of a new project.

  • I’m working to get Bind:  Book 9 in the series ready for a February release.

Done, Yet Not…  Even as I’m working on the Endgame books in the series, I need to go back to the Middlegame books, to finish them out.

Even as the new project begins to take shape, I have to edit and prepare the rest of the MA books.

  • I’m also continuing to gain incredible insight into EMF Sensitivity and a number of related, if sometimes esoteric, concepts.

And am determining the best way to release that information.

So, lots to look forward to…



Happpy Holidays 2018!!!


Bringing a Story to Life: Inspired By

images.jpegI’m preparing Bind: Book Nine in the Metatron’s Army Series to pass along to the beta reader.

Not sure exactly what it is about this one in particular but it’s been such a joy to read 

The scene I’m working through brought to mind the unique process by which this entire series has come to life

Inspired.  This story has always been unique.

Inspired by the NDE 

Inspired by does not mean everything in the book was witnessed or experienced.  It does mean a tremendous amount of thought and planning went into the development of the plot.

The story is a unique amalgam of pieces envisioned and thought up over a period of thirty-five plus years, including two of deep professional grade strategy.

Built.  The story itself is unique in that it was wrapped around a set of existing “facts.”

There were certain characters and locations that made up the original.  Everything else – fleshing it all out – was designed.

The hardest part was the Opening Game.

The chess theme just fell into place but it works.

This was a major decision because I either had to create a backstory that was elaborate or I had to skip it because in-between would never work.

Would never ever do justice to the characters.

I basically started with the Middle/End Game section and though I knew how it ended, I had to work backward.

No small feat.

It may be why I’ve enjoyed the Middle Game so much – it’s familiar.

Considered.  As to the scene I’m working on currently.  That was never part of the original story, nor the one I built to bring Metatron’s Army to life.

The beta reader asked a question and though I never answered it, I thought, “Hmmm…”

Based on consideration of the question, I decided to modify the story appropriately.

I then had to wait several months to implement the change.

It is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Inspired by a question.

Bringing a Story to Life: Intermission

webweavers-pumpkin-579be13c5f9b589aa9850c41Note:  Being the Season of the Spooky, I thought I’d introduce a piece that outlines a bit of how the paranormal truly influences my writing life.

So, just finished final draft of books 8, 9, and 10 in the Metatron’s Army Series.

They are so interrelated I wrote them more or less as one long document, broke them out, edit edit edit – go crazy – edit.

My first instinct was to jump into book 11 but – I was a mental blank.

Interestingly, I wasn’t burned out or stressed – just – blank.

I took an entire day and did no writing.  No work on the author career at all.

I honestly think this is a first.

What was a first was not feeling  any twinge (read anxiety) about not writing.

Usually, I’ll write an article or do a video shoot or “something” so I can feel productive.

I don’t think it’s guilt – I just need to “do.”

I realized I was taking an intermission because

  • It felt like the time between Gone With the Wind Part 1 and Part 2
  • I have seen this series as a film first, writing second – as explanation/interpretation

It was a good feeling as I mentally poked at myself and didn’t feel any anxiety about getting onto the next in the series.  The next day I took a look at book 11.

I’d written different pieces of it and different intros.

Normally, I wouldn’t worry. I’d just read through, grab the one that I liked, move on.  But – this entire series is unlike anything I’ve ever written.

It’s part writing story, part watching story, part remembering story.

Several months ago, while working on the “one long document” of books 8, 9, and 10, I got to a point where my eyes widened and I said, “I remember this!”

Followed by an entire scene from NDE zipping across my mental screen/pouring into my system.  It was warm and familiar and felt sooooo good.  Reminded me I wasn’t alone – as promised.

About two months ago, after I’d set the first drafts of said books aside, I was laying in bed, just letting my mind wander.  I was thinking about the “dark moment” and how it had made me cry for the third time.

The first being when I originally started the story/interpretation – some 35 years ago.

I didn’t really like the idea of the dark moment but it was part of the original story.

All those years ago, I had been going along and there came a moment when I “heard” “That’s not how it happened,” followed by a “movie” of something that is definitely NDE.

Years later, I was so uncomfortable with the “dark moment” that I truncated it and moved on to the next part/scene/etc.

I DESPISE getting teary eyed.  Don’t want to feel sad.  Nuh-uh, NO WAY!


That evening, I got a “visit” from the original character who is instrumental in the dark moment.  This character reminded me of what the original situation entailed.

The non-truncated version.

This “character” then proceeded to “remind me” of the WHY of the original then showed me the “movie” I’d seen all those years ago.

I’d forgotten.

After this I came to see that in  truncating the situation, I may have eased some of my emotions, but I really did do an injustice to the plot and a different yet very key character.

Needless to say, I put it back in.  Or rather, I will…in book 11.

And so my NDE continues to be a part of the whole that is my life – personal and professional alike.

Bringing a Story to Life – Time Loop

two-clocks-and-tunnel-in-fibers-ring-time-travel-concept-background-loop-4k_ribjb0wb__F0005.pngI just finished the first draft of Metatron’s Legacy, a single title follow on to the last book in the Metatron’s Army series.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book as it was a return to my writing roots in a way.

Metatron’s Army

 The Idea:  As I’ve written previously, this story was inspired by what I saw and experienced during a Near Death Experience.  The story developed over a period of some thirty-five years.

The Method:  In all honesty, I hadn’t planned on publishing the story I’d been weaving.  I was “inspired” to do so in 2013, though I had several other projects to complete before starting.

Inspired is polite-speak for something nagged at me to go for it.

 Getting the story down was a monumental task.  The primary challenge was making sense of the images and sensations.

I was ten at the time.  I easily accepted everything I’d seen and experienced.  It was only when a number of adults began asking me to explain what I saw and felt/experienced that I began to have issues.  There was no common frame of reference, so getting them to understand was difficult.

 Fortunately, by the time I put fingers to keyboard, I’d had plenty of education and life experience to help me understand – or at least articulate – the concepts.

As I’ve written, math and science did far more to explain it all though it would be misleading to say there was no paranormal [read celestial] component. 

I decided that, given the enormity of the information to be disseminated, the story would best be served as a saga, and as such, would span several books.

Each book would be a chapter in the main character’s life.

Whenever possible, I integrated actual events though I integrated them in a meaningful way.

i.e. Spirit School became Energy School.

I changed celestial/energy beings/characters as appropriate for the story and edited out anything that didn’t move the story along.

An entire fight scene I mentally “wrote” in 1989, while stuck in traffic near the Pontiac Silverdome, was tossed.

I initially wrote each book from beginning to end, taking breaks between, but discovered that it was better for me to just keep going.

Unlike a regular series, each book in this series is part of the story itself.

I have most of the story in first draft format.

I am writing the climax/endgame first drafts and hope to have them done within the next few months, even as I continue to publish the previous works on a regular schedule.

Metatron’s Legacy

The Idea:  I had no intention of writing a follow on story to Metatron’s Army.  

I was dealing with the climax of the series and, given the intensity of it all, was looking forward to getting back to “regular” paranormal fiction.

The furnace needed servicing and I was down chatting with the awesome guy doing the diagnosing. Suddenly, sparks started shooting out.

He didn’t even bat an eye, was as cool as a cucumber.  The guy is just awesome.

He found the source of the problem – a wire was frayed – and given it was in a metal environment – was arc’ing.  I’d seen arc’ing years before when a repair guy was diagnosing an issue and – oops – hadn’t turned off the circuit breaker.

Watching electricity arc across the bedroom ceiling is interesting. I have to admit, he was calm about it, though I was concerned – about him/his ability.  I asked if he knew what he was doing and suggested my very handy EE husband might be a good consultant to tap.  Turns out the fixture was wired incorrectly but the lightning spark show was from his not having turned off the breaker before starting the job.  Fun.

The furnace guy took care of the problem.

Convenient to have heat in the winter.

I lay in bed that night thinking of Metatron’s Army and how I have Arcs.

The Iconoclast’s army of bad dudes.

Given how electricity, magnetics, and energy in general play such a key role in the story, I couldn’t help thinking how cool it would be to use arc’ing in some unique way.

So, thanks to a broken furnace, I got a great plot device.

The Method:  Port in a Storm** was the last single title I’d written and though I’d done series work before, Metatron’s Army is unique in that each book is part of the overall story instead of being a single title within the series.

Even though I had characters crossed over from the MA series, I was delighted to take brand new characters with their own story and write something unique and stand alone.

Though if someone has not read the series – there are several spoilers in Metatron’s Legacy.

I am thrilled with and proud of both projects but it really was special to have a stand alone with a unique, if tangent story.

And a blast to work with old characters in a totally new way.

Now, it’s time to get back to the first draft of Pin, Book 8 in Metatron’s Army.

Pawn Storm, Book 6 will be available June, 2018.


What I learned

  • Inspiration can come from unexpected places – go with it
  • Ignoring inspiration is not a good idea and will likely cost you sleep, if not peace of mind
  • Develop a work routine that works for the project

I wrote Metatron’s Legacy in 9 days.  That is a first as it is close to 90,000 words.  The story would not let me rest but now it’s done and I feel ahhhhhhh. 

  • Working backward (in a time loop) can be really helpful

Metatron’s Legacy takes place 19 years after Metatron’s Army. Telling of events that already happened before I’ve written them – in Metatron’s Army – from the point of view of characters in both series provided insight into what I need to do in these last books. It was as if I was getting advice from characters who had gone through events I hadn’t yet written – a “make sure you do this/talk about this/convey this character’s feelings about the event.” 

As time/dimension travel is a key plot element, I had to also acknowledge that characters who appear in different times are different because in one dimension, they have not yet been changed by the experiences they go through, while in the other dimension, they’ve been changed by events that are often traumatic and definitely life-changing.  This provided incredible depth to the characters.  It was a great opportunity and one I hadn’t planned in advance.  It just grew out of the situation and became a learning opportunity for me as a writer.

  • Don’t force yourself to take breaks

Because the books in the series are so closely linked together – the next one picking up where the previous left off – I discovered I do much better moving on to the next book right after getting the current one published.  Taking a break caused a tremendous amount of stress as I tried to pick up the emotional thread of the work after days if not weeks off.

  • Celebrate the magic in the process

More than once when I found myself wondering if there was a point to it all, some synchronistic event would happen that let me know I wasn’t alone and that I was on the right path.

  • Tap into the creative force

Watching movies, talking to other creatives, and creating music play lists for each book has been incredibly helpful.  Music, in particular, has fed my soul while I poured my heart into my work.

  • Write what you love

Figuring that out can take longer than you might think so if you want to be a writer – start!

  • Celebrate completion

I admit, I totally suck at this.  Finish one, on to the next.  But I AM enjoying the process – I LOVE writing!  This is what I’ve wanted to do since I was 3 years old.  Everything I worked at in life – my career choices – was with this in mind. 

**I have more adventures for the tiny town of Port Gallatan scheduled for future release, so stay tuned.


Bringing a Story to Life – Lead Me On


If music be the food of love, play on. -Shakespeare.

Eight Days a Week.  I am finishing what has been a marathon writing session.  Producing over ten thousand words a day during a Sunday to Sunday week, I am about to finish the first draft of Metatron’s Legacy.

Though I have periodically gone through spurts of producing 5 – 15K words/day, this is a first; completing a first draft in such a short time.  A marathon.

A single title, Metatron’s Legacy takes place nineteen years after the final book in the Metatron’s Army series.  It was a much-needed break.

I was working on the first draft of Pin, Book Eight in the seriesIt’s the climax of the series, the start of the End Game.  It’s also incredibly intense.

At least, for me.

This book in particular took me back to the original concepts that inspired the series.

The Near Death Experience I had at age 10.

 In the Beginning.  I was in tenth grade when the story really started coming together.

Though I started conceptualizing it a year earlier.

I was in my room, staring at a wall calendar.  The male model was the inspiration for Verix, the Energy Shifter/Protector/Protagonist.

It wasn’t always that way.

 His character was originally a bad guy.  However, while staring at the image the idea came to me that he wasn’t bad, just misunderstood.


As I continued to gaze into dark brown eyes, I allowed my mind to wander.  Over the course of the next few hours, if not days, plot twists and the climax – the dark moment if you will – took shape.

Send Me An Angel.  I’d like to say I came up with the idea on my own, but I feel as if it was given to me by – something.

The muse, I suppose.

Though the actual ending and numerous subplots didn’t crystalize at that point, the story was more or less completed that week, after a geometry theorem set off a series of events related to the NDE and what I’d seen during it. **

The ending and subplots evolved over the next thirty-three years.

Don’t Cry.  As I got to the climax – the dark moment – I found myself taken back to those high school days – and before.

To the NDE, the images and sensations..

It wasn’t necessarily a bad experience.

Outside what got me there – brain surgery, blind, paralyzed, coma, death.

 It’s just that once the door to that world opened, it stayed open

Not just memories, connections

Street of Dreams.  Throughout the years, I’ve integrated those connections into my life, learned to live with the open door.  In reviewing if not reliving certain aspects, however, I found myself feeling an emotional weight that choked me up a bit.

Not at all my nature.

 One evening, an idea for a new book came to mind.

To put it in perspective, I should have been sleeping.

 At first, I groaned. I’m not a big fan of creating branch stories for every secondary or tertiary character in an original series. However, the plot that popped into my consciousness was not only intriguing, it was complete as a single title! It was also, in my opinion, a perfect follow-on to the last book in the series. Related, yet separate, it would be a good story on its own merit.  That was a week ago.

Rock Me Amadeus.  There were times I felt like Mozart at the end of the movie, with some invisible task master driving relentlessly.  It was as if the book was writing itself.

The muse?

It’s hard to imagine writing a book in one week as a break from months of work on a series but it has been.

An emotional break. 

I’m Alright.  It was a pressure release valve, a reminder that everything works out in the end.

Wash.  Rinse. Repeat.  This article has been a break from Metatron’s Legacy.  Now, it’s time to get back to it.

I have a first draft to finish.

Simultaneous Display:  Book 5 in Metatron’s Army is now available.

 **  For more on this, along with other details regarding the NDE, read After Here: The Celestial Plane and What Happens When We Die.


Musical references were deliberate.