Manifesting 101: Letting Go of Attachment

For me, one of the most difficult aspects of manifesting has been letting go of attachment to the outcome.  Unfortunately, this is one of the more important aspects.  This challenge isn’t a recent one either.  I easily remember being in second grade saying prayers and having the desire for the prayer outcome a very up front and present emotion.

It became a feedback loop as it highlighted the fact the prayer hadn’t been answered.

In my twenties I was exposed to various approaches to manifesting.  

I did a ton of research which included reading books and talking with people I felt were successful.

Regardless of the cultural and/or religious roots of the method, what was consistent was the need to release attachment to the outcome.

You can’t care whether you get what you’re going for or not.

It was counterintuitive to me to not care whether or not you got something you said you wanted and it was nearly impossible in some cases for me to feel calm about some of the stuff I was trying to manifest.

I think the worst was a promotion I was going for that would – and eventually did – change my life, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for me.

As I was getting ready for sleep last night I realized I’d finally come to a point I can release attachment to the outcome.  As I considered the path of how I got here I realized it was strewn with a catch-22’s.  Still, I felt I could provide enough detail that I could share the method so others may put some of it to use in their efforts.

The key is not to “do what I do” because it may not work for you.  It’s to consider where it makes sense to take some of the actions.

Not One Thing.

First, I need to state that it wasn’t one thing that got me to this point so much as putting a number of philosophies in place and taking actions from those philosophies that landed me here.

I still want what I am trying to manifest but I’m more relaxed about it.

It started in 1996 with a trip to Borders Books in Southfield, Michigan.  Specifically, Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization Workbook.

This book led to another on the subject, and another, most of which are listed in the Resources section of this site.

Though I tried a number of the techniques I couldn’t master the challenge of releasing attachment of the outcome.  Of course, it could be that many of those early manifestation objectives fell into the Hierarchy of Needs category.

It wasn’t just wanting a promotion it was needing the salary that went with it just to make ends meet.

This challenge went on until I followed advice from a recent read and put shoe-in desires on my list.

Those I was almost positive would manifest and therefore didn’t worry about.

Turns out this was the key to unlocking the gold at the end of that release attachment rainbow.  I listed what I wanted a la It Works peppering in small asks along with larger ones.  I dutifully read over the list per the instructions, including when I needed a reminder everything was going to be alright.

Per the instruction.

I also reread other favorites, being sure to only read those that made me feel good and optimistic.

They gave me hope.

The book at the top of that list is Write It Down Make It Happen.

I then stumbled across a technique that helped propel me that much further along the release attachment path.  

Big and Small.

I was well familiar with acknowledging the wondrous to bring more so it was an easy step to acknowledge the manifestation wins big and small.  This, it turns out, was the critical piece for me because it built confidence and in confidence is the ability to let go of attachment to the outcome.

Confidence is earned through experience and in acknowledging the small manifestations I came to see the wins.

They key is to acknowledge them as wins, not rank them large or small.

As the wins piled up my confidence grew.  The next thing I know, without even thinking about it, emotion associated with a specific line item on my list dissipated.

It isn’t that I don’t care if it happens so much that I have faith that at some point in some form it will.  I don’t need to worry about it!

It’s the lack of worry that allows for release of attachment.

I hope in sharing this perspective others will see where they can put some of it to use in their own manifesting efforts.

Be well!