I am pleased to announce my latest writing projects will be available for purchase in the near future.

  • The Day Before
  • Calcium: Mineral, Metal, Electrolyte 

Each will be in the hands of the beta reader this week.

Final Edit and Post Production work will follow.

I will update when these works are available!

In the meantime, I am happy to share excerpts from each.

For the excerpt  for Calcium: Mineral, Metal, Electrolyte, click here.

From The Day Before

A Dragon Core story.

Cai eyed the object.  “Where’d you get that?”

“Where do you think?”

He took the object, glanced into the hall, back at the blonde warrior.  “Why the hell would Dragon Core want me dead?”

“They don’t.  That’s why you. were shot.”


“He dropped you before the one who does have a beef with you could kill you.  Barely”  He pointed at the wolf’s claw.  “Be glad he took up the contract.  You were a hair’s breadth from cashing it in.”

The leader of the Time Rangers let out a gusty sigh set the wolf’s claw on the bedside table.  “While I appreciate you alerting me to the identity of my savior, I have to think you’re here for a more relevant purpose.”  By all intents and purposes the man smirking at him should be dead.  There were rumors of course but that he was there – the risk?  Whatever he had to say must be important.

“As I said,” he replied with a sigh of his own, “I come bearing gifts.  I know the whereabouts of one Noelle Cumberland, captive.”


Just finished a first draft mockup for the book cover for The Day Before, a Dragon Core novel. 

I finished the first draft of The Day Before last night just before dinner.

It was a much needed break from the intensity of Calcium: Mineral, Metal, Electrolyte which is the first nonfiction work I’ve done outside a blog entry in years.

It’s the inaugural Data Sheet, shorter works that are topic specific nonfiction pieces.

Inside Outside.  As I was about to type that nonfiction is more difficult than fiction I paused.  There is an exception.  My doctoral thesis was not as challenging as the nonfiction books I’ve written and not because of length.  Nonfiction books targeted at a specific market are a far cry from a thesis which is ostensibly waxing poetic about a subject near and dear to your heart, one you are not only passionate about but are willing to defend.

It isn’t easy reopening a chapter that I’d closed out but since the book isn’t finished I know it’s appropriate.  

I may not have EMF Sensitivity but I’m still learning about the impact of EMs on health and well-being and I did discover a cure for pressure-induced migraines.

And necessary.

I am passionate about helping others.

The hardest part is dealing with the memory of difficult times.

Though at this point it’s more like hitting a bruise than ripping off a scab.

The benefit to releasing the upcoming Data Sheet is not only do I get to help others, which really makes me feel good, I get a much needed break from the first draft of the novel.

It is important to set the story aside for a few weeks after which I come back with fresh eyes.

I’m pleased with how the Data Sheet focused on calcium and its effect on health and well-being is coming along.  

It’s too early to give a release date beyond late summer/early fall 2021.

Stay tuned!


Readers will notice something new on elizabethmaxim.com:

These additional menu picks are part of my continuing efforts to better serve readers.

Specials.  Items featured on this page are price reduced to provide readers the opportunity to get a taste of my style, a glimpse at the different series, and explore some of my earliest work.

The World Of EMF.  No  longer burdened by Sensitivity to technology EMFs I turned my focus to fiction full-time in 2019.  I also continued to research the impact of EMs on my health and well-being and though I have no plans at this point to publish another book on EMF Sensitivity, I will be publishing Data Sheets which are shorter length papers focused on specific EM topics including:

  • Atmospheric EMs
  • Geologic EMs
  • Esoteric EMs

The first Data Sheet which will be focused on Calcium and is an adjunct to Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity is under construction.  It will include details on how champagne and tequila helped me rebuild my life after heavy metal poisoning and the discovery of a cure for migraines that have plagued me since Spring, 1982.

I will also provide insight into the unique path that led me to living the holistic life.

Stay tuned!