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Psychic Shellia Hamilton likes her privacy but when a sexy rocker moves in next door, she finds herself wondering what else he can do with those fingers besides play guitar.  With the help of ghostly roommates, she just might find out.

Out of rehab and out of his band, musician Clint Malek is looking for a fresh start but not a relationship.  When his beautiful neighbor shows up in the middle of the night, her rain-soaked pajamas all but see-through, he decides a fresh start can include his love life.

Between a houseful of mischievous spirits and a stream of uninvited guests, one would think someone didn’t want them having sex!  Patience might be a virtue but it’s perseverance that will win the day.  Good thing the psychic has plenty of both.

Video #1 – Why Port Gallatan?

Video #2 – Sex, Love & Acceptance

Video #3 – Compatible or Worlds Apart?

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