Elizabeth Maxim

Welcome to the World of Shadows

What if the Conspiracy Wasn’t?  The tricky thing about dismissing something as a conspiracy is that it overlooks its flip side:  Plausible Denial.

The Game.  Spend enough energy and effort lying while implying only some of it is a lie and you create a maze of shadows where only the few have all the facts.

And they ain’t talkin’.

The Players.  Humans are funny creatures.  Their endless concern about what others think of them and/or about them makes it easy for agencies to bully them into submission.

And to diminish them by labeling them Conspiracy Theorists.

The Strategy.  Turn the tables in order to beat them at their own game.

Status:  I will provide additional information on this Sci-Fi Adventure series, including release dates, in the not-too-distant future.

As with all my work, Ghost Games is written for an mature audience.