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Caught Between.
A Hindu born in the United States, Dr. Parmeet Sarin has spent his life caught between. Between the culture of his country and the culture of his heritage. Between looking after an aging relative and living his own life. Between what he learns in medical school and what he knows from his cultural upbringing.

When a car accident leaves him facing a life of uncertainty, one thing becomes clear. The beautiful Guardian Angel who saved him has made him feel whole for the first time. Now, how to go about convincing her the love he feels is for real?

There’s a psychic tribunal alright and it has a name. Karma.
After using her gift to save a man’s life, 34-year old Noah Murray finds that for the first time, she’s afraid to trust her psychic senses. And she wants to. Desperately. Because her psychic senses are telling her that the love she feels for the sexy doctor is for real.