A Soldier She Hadn’t Planned to Be.  

“A war does not come home when you do not see the victims.”

Raised on Earth, it’s hard for Officer Christine Baker to identify with a war she doesn’t consider her own.  Still she can’t deny the responsibility she feels to the men and women – and Light Beings – she’s come to care for.  Leading Metatron’s Army to defeat the bastard messing with the strands of time seems the least she can do…

An Heiress She Doesn’t Have Time to Be.  

“You want to establish relations but you don’t want them coming here or taking anything?”

Christine has more important things to do than babysit a bunch of paranoid monarchs – like gaining their help in winning the war she inherited.

A Vengeance She Doesn’t Know How to Be.  

“In a firefight with Arcs, you’re only going to have one chance.”

After months of hell aboard The Vestik, Christine knows the hardest task – defeating the Iconoclast before he destroys everything and everyone she loves – is yet to come.

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