The works of fiction you will find here are a mix of fact and fantasy.

A bit of truth blended with the free play of creative imagination.

The Surreal

Although there are paranormal elements in my work, the term is too broad to do justice to what I write. I prefer to say I write the surreal. But what does that mean? Those who associate surrealism with visual art probably think of Salvador Dali and his melting clocks. Those who go at it from a Freudian angle may consider the un/sub conscious. Neither applies here.

Is it Real or is it a Dream?

If something is surreal, it’s above the real. That’s a good description of the paranormal events that color my life and inspire both characters and plot.  To put it plainly, part of my life is surreal in that it’s like a dream.

A waking dream.

In the surreal, paranormal meets truth.

My characters experience the fantastical while remaining grounded observers of it.

These experiences change the way they view the world, if not the universe in which they live.

Thus changing their lives.

Why the Surreal?  

The paranormal is deeply entwined with the creative process, so it makes sense to combine the two in my work.

To show readers a world they never knew existed.

Step Through 

Windows and doorways are openings, objects through which we can view or cross into another world.

My awareness of the place between – the doorway if you will – enables me to not only see both sides, but to touch or experience them in a unique way.  I draw from this perspective when creating my stories.

Savor the journey.