The line between passion and insanity is fine indeed.

What doesn’t kill us.  Kyle Decker was so certain he could handle whatever deep space threw at him.  After all, one didn’t get to be a commander without facing down adversity.  But when circumstances force him to evaluate the value of a human life he finds the arrogance that served could be the ultimate downfall.

Makes us stronger.  Gina Russo believes so strongly in her convictions she’ll do whatever it takes to prove them even if it means lying.  When her subterfuge lands her on a doomed ship she doubles down on that belief because she knows sometimes you have to lie your way through to the truth.

Or pushes us over the edge.  Jorge Rodriguez thought his work with technologically augmented humans prepared him for serving with an android.  When he finds himself developing feelings for the AAD he is forced to consider his passion for excellence may be closer to lunacy than honor.

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“The thought of being attracted to an android is making me ill.  It’s also making me think my father was right all along.”

“About what?  And open another bottle, damn it.”  They had a fucking AAD that could cry?  Did the powers that be want them to lose it? 

“That I was crazy for believing Virtus was virtuous.”

“Naive maybe,” he said slamming back the tequila, “but not crazy.”

“Having feelings for an android is definitely crazy.”

“It isn’t.”  He searched for something to say that would sound reassuring but not condescending.  “Remember that training film we all saw freshman year?  West World?”

“I remember thinking there is no way I could fool myself into fucking a robot.”