When it comes to the best way to connect with readers via blogging, there are different philosophies.  Elizabeth writes blog entries when she has something to share.  She prefers blogging to direct email because it allows busy readers to manage the experience in a way that works for them.

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Elizabeth maintains two blog sites.

emfconductor.com  After realizing she suffered from EMF sensitivity, Elizabeth set out to better understand the condition, to find the cause, and a cure.  She details her findings in books and articles available on this site.

The same protocol cured her rheumatic arthritis as well.

elizabethmaxim.com  If Elizabeth were to map her life’s journey, it would resemble the chaos of a Pac-Man game, but out of this chaos came the foundation for her stories.  She draws from knowledge, personal experience, and imagination to create stories about everyday people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.  Just like life.