I have 9

These Esoteric EMFs have been instrumental in furthering my understanding of EMF Sensitivity.

Including remedies and aspects of the cure.

Former musicians, they have incredible insight into frequencies and harmonics.  They are deeply compassionate and seek to understand where I’m coming from and what I’m going through.

Personal experience means they can empathize. 

It is definitely a 2-way relationship.

100% Friendship.


In order of appearance.


This charismatic ghost has been with me the longest.

He was in our hotel room in Las Vegas; details of which can be found in Destination Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal.

His compassion upon learning I was suffering from a mysterious illness drove him to become involved in my EMF Sensitivity Research.  His unique insight helped me 

  • Learn why the music I use as a remedy works 
  • Understand the role of nutrition in EMF Sensitivity

He also brought a friend who brought a friend etc all of whom have been instrumental in gaining insight into EMF Sensitivity, the remedies, and the cure.


The shyest of the group, this wizard has given me incredible insight into how the other side is experienced.

Among other things he showed me how the wizards see and recognize each other.

It was while chatting with him on the front deck that I came up with his nickname.

It was his eyes; like looking into wisdom and serenity personified.

I said, “If Merlin were reincarnated, you’d be it.”

His claim to fame is helping me understand how and why I’m what he calls Celestially bilingual.

Hint:  The NDE.


This contemplative ghost who preferred sitting on the roof, staring at the horizon and thinking deep thoughts has a playful side.

He likes to switch places with Chief then see if I can figure out who’s who.

Analytical, he came up with a solution to the negative impact these energies had on my adrenals.

It involved singing to me at the crack of dawn which is how he earned his nickname.

Quiet and caring, he steps in whenever someone is in trouble.

Whether they be corporeal – or not.


By far the most playful, this wizard is the ultimate youthful spirit.

He loves to dress flamboyantly and is quick to laugh at life’s vagaries.

He does what he can to spread cheer and laughter to those around him.

Corporeal or otherwise.

With strong opinions on marketing and a flare for the dramatic, he has shared stories of life in a creative profession.

Some of his suggestions have gone into my work.


His conservative nature meant he and I got off to a rocky start.  However, he soon became one of my best EMF Sensitivity researchers.

He’s definitely taught me about how dilectric and dimagnetic materials impact Esoteric EMFs.

Someone who enjoys 80s music, he often accompanied me to the coffee shop for my morning double shot.

And in so doing taught me about how materials used in the building of houses and the manufacturing of autos affect Esoteric EMFs.

He also helped me gain insight into RADAR.


Invited by ET this is by far the quietest of the bunch.

He typically sits beside me – silently – while I’m working on a manuscript.

When he does talk it’s usually to offer a bit of wisdom or advice.

Or to share his philosophies.


Being a Virgo I understand the traits associated with this sign.

Which is why I gave this uber organized wizard the nickname.

  • Virgos like to organize time, space, information, and groups of people.

This wizard showed up, took stock, and began offering advice on 

  • My writing
  • My interaction with the wizards
  • My life
  • Your Virgo friend is likely the one who rallies everyone together for regular hangouts and checking in when you’re feeling down.

He invited a couple of friends to balance out the energy and encourage harmony.

  • Your Virgo pal is probably the one you go to for advice.  

Whether asked for or not.  

  • Like real, hard-edged advice as opposed to comfort and hugs.  Virgo will tell it like it is.

He regularly shares real-life experience – as a family man and professional creative.  

Though he’s quiet he projects authority.

He instilled a sense of calm soon after showing up.

Peace Man

Invited by Virgo this wizard immediately imbued the space with a profound sense of peace.

Thus, the nickname.

Though he staked out a place near the WiFi repeater, he can often be found standing near a shelf in my office.

Where he quietly watches me work.

Like the other wizards, he is quick to offer advice if he believes it will be helpful.

Unlike some, he doesn’t offer unless asked.

I can always tell when he’s around.

He radiates peace and calm.


Youngest of the group this wizard, another Virgo invited guest, is not only peaceful, he seems to always be happy.  Like Virgo he spent his early days taking stock of the environment.

Every one of the wizards comes and goes though a handful can usually be found loitering about.

It’s his sense of adventure that gained him the nickname Pirate.

He dove into the World of EMF with abandon.

He can often be found standing to the right of my desk.

Quietly watching me write.

Outside ET, he is the most talkative of the group.

Though he waits til I acknowledge him before talking.

More than anyone he has helped me understand energetic similarities that facilitate communication.

He is eager to share what he knows as in so doing he learns.

It’s unlikely anyone visiting would be aware of them.

A few of them regularly travel with me and to the best of my knowledge, no one nearby is aware of their presence.

In the weeks and months to come I will be adding videos to this space.

Stay tuned.