I’ve written I feel the Muse was more of a partnership between energies and the writer, making a point to say I’m the one with the final stay.  Since am the writer.

The commentary is far from complete and it’s only respective of one creative’s experience.

The truth is, the majority of my stories come from me – through a variety of sources, none of which were headlines and very few that were what if?.

Road Trip.  While driving to South Carolina from Michigan with family members my senior year in high school, wanting to distance myself from cousins arguing over which fast food restaurant we should stop at, I focused on scenery.  Exhausted from being in a car full of bickering people I spent the better part of the evening at the Holidome in a sauna trying to de-stress.

My best friend had died days earlier, so I was in no mood to listen to chatter.

The area around the swimming pool and sauna ended up becoming the foundation for the rehabilitation suite in The Lover.  More, various locations from that trip have found their way into a number of my novels, including the Outer Banks’ Island of Ocracoke.

Though I’ve never been there.  The island I was at was basically wiped out in a hurricane years later.

Out to dinner.  The Psi Adventure Series was conceived while I was having dinner with Aaron at the Old Ship Saloon in San Francisco.  

We were seated at a table next to a photograph of all the boats from the Gold Rush Era that had been discovered buried beneath landfill used to accommodate a growing Barbary Coast population.

I returned to the pub and spoke with the staff who suggested I visit the Maritime Museum.  The rest is, as they say, history.

I had my very first book signing at the Old Ship Saloon.

A Dream.  A number of dreams have ended up as the foundation for stories, though one of the more vivid ones has been sidelined indefinitely.

In its current form it doesn’t fit my genre preference.  I may find a way to incorporate it into one of the lines at some futur epoint.

A Walk.  While making my way down the stairwell to walk along the Embarcadero in San Diego, an image flashed before me.  This misty mountain was originally slated as a location for a Ghost Games story that has yet to be written but ended up finding its way – in a modified form – in Mirror, which is a Ghost Games tale, albeit a different story than the original.  Hey – it works.

Boredom.  Numerous stories have come about because – bored out of my mind – my mind wandered.

The writers’ equivalent of doodling.

Only some of these have ended up as published works 

Inspired By.  I’m passionate about education.  In spite of this, I resented being forced to take certain classes in high school.  Specifically, American Lit.

I preferred Writ Lit and British Lit I and II.

I explained to my teacher the very valid reasons I had for not liking this subject.

They are personal.

He understood and we worked out a deal. Part of the deal was writing papers.

Given how much I loved writing this was a challenge I was happy to take on.

As I was putting the finishing touches on a paper on censorship in literature I realized one of the modern media examples I was drawing from – the story associated with Styx’s Kilroy Was Here gave me a cool idea for a novel and though it took a couple of decades, the story made its way into print.

It would be difficult for people to connect the dots so I won’t go into detail.

The Creative Process is never dull.