Ah Technology.  Where do I begin?  It is the highest of ironies that someone who spent decades working in tech should develop  Tech-induced  EMF Sensitivity.

Which, ironically, did not happen because of the tech.

From the outset of the journey of unraveling the mystery that began shortly after relocating to the SF Bay Area in the Fall of 2000 my intent was to understand what happened and how to fix it.

Not to villify technology.

After all, as I wrote in my very first novel – at 13 years of age – technology both gives and takes life.

This was in reference to a scene in which a woman is in an ICU bed hooked up to machines keeping her alive.

My objective was to understand what happened and why and then fix it.  But also learn to live with it in the meantime.

Since tech wasn’t and isn’t going anywhere.

The journey is detailed in a series of books.

With the steps taken to understand what it was along with remedies that would reduce and/or eliminate symptoms associated with EMF Sensitivity available in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity though other books and booklets provide important insight.

Though the remedies went far I was determined to find the root cause and the cure.

I wasn’t born with EMF Sensitivity.

I stumbled on a key piece of the puzzle in 2012 while living in Arizona.

The role of Trace Minerals in health.

This discovery and subsequent research into Water Quality in the Western and Southwest US – and the state of California in particular – led me to the cause, which circled back to the role of nutrition in health, which led to the cure.

The Water Quality Research was conducted by an investigative journalist working for the Sacramento Bee.

The journey of recovering from heavy metal poisoning took years and was incredibly challenging.   

The mutli-year journey is detailed in a number of books and a booklet on Calcium Toxicity.

What is of note is that I no longer suffer from Tech-induced EMF Sensitivity.

Tech doesn’t make me sick.

The last of the frequencies to be resolved was RADAR.

  • Marine 
  • Security Systems

Both home and retail.

It Ain’t All Bad.

Technology has and will continue to evolve and much of this evolution brings the promise of relief to those suffering from Tech-induced EMF Sensitivity.  Specifically

  • 5G is not the problem 4G was.

I write about this in Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Resolving Calcium Toxicity.

  • Newer technology is more efficient which means it uses less power and leaks fewer EMFs.

Improvements to the power grid also bring benefit, the most obvious of which are buried power lines.

By the Numbers.

It is estimated that approximately 5 – 15% of the world’s population suffers from Tech-induced EMF Sensitivity and while I know from personal experience how devastating and debilitating it can be, it isn’t practical to expect the tech evolution to slow or stop for the few.

Especially when that tech – including 5G devices that enable paramedics to access life-saving data and remote connectivity with doctors and nurses – saves lives.

Without tech, and network tech in particular, the world would have had a much more difficult time getting through the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Remote work, remote schooling, and remote retail kept the worlds’ economies from collapsing. Access to this and tech-enabled social media kept people from falling into despair from lockdown-induced isolation.

All of this circles back to the original intent upon setting out on the journey of Tech-induced EMF Sensitivity: Learn to manage it in light of the fact tech ain’t goin nowhere.

I will be sharing information on what I’ve learned – including updates on various remedies** – in the weeks and months to come.

Stay tuned.

**That they work and why they work.