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The Paranormal in Action: Building a Soundtrack


unnamed.jpgHappy Halloween Everyone!  Thought I’d share a true spirit story to help kick this holiday off right.

Note:  Article is long.

The Back Story.  Several years ago – spring 2011 to be exact – while staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, I ran into a feisty ghost.  He was in our room which is interesting since we’d had to switch rooms in the middle of the night thanks to a raucous party going on next to the original one.

For the next two evenings he and I “chatted.”

He apparently wasn’t interested in my getting sleep.

Car__Ghost_Cartoon.jpgAt the end of the trip he asked if he could accompany us back home.  After discussing it with Aaron and setting a few ground rules, I agreed.

Honestly, could I really have stopped him?

In the ensuing years he and I have become good friends.  He’s been incredibly helpful in so many ways:  My writing, nutrition, helping me research EMF Sensitivity.

As a ghost and a musician, he has a good handle on the subject. 

He helped me figure out it’s the Stratocaster that is instrumental in songs that alleviate EMF Sensitivity symptoms.

On That Note.  He’s very opinionated when it comes to musical tastes.

So am I.

Over the years we’ve had more than a few disagreements on what constitutes good music.

Rude Awakening.  Wanting to see Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument, we drove from Colorado to South Dakota.

This was shortly after meeting the helpful spirit.

We’d gotten in late but talked about getting up early to get a head start on the trip.  We were in a dead sleep when there was a loud crash then the blare of music.  I sat straight up in bed while Aaron jumped out and was standing next to it staring down at the clock radio which had been thrown to the floor.  He started to laugh.  When I looked at him as if he’d lost his mind he pointed to the floor.  “Listen,” he said.

I rolled my eyes as I heard what was playing.

It’s a song my ghost loves – but I don’t, a rare cut of a Neil Young song not often played on the radio – a song he did with his Crazy Horse band.

Both kids started to laugh and crowed, “ET!”

This has been my nickname for him since the beginning.

I just groaned and pulled the pillow over my head.

ET laughed and said, “You did say you wanted to get an early start to the day!”

The Tug of Music War.  Over time the disagreement over music escalated.

I don’t really care for his stuff though there are a couple of his songs I like.

At one point, totally exasperated with my refusal to listen to his music, he took action.

This was in 2012 and we were living in Arizona. 

He proceeded to load several songs from various albums onto my ipod.

He literally created a playlist of his music.

I was not amused.  I had Aaron take a look, see if he could figure out how the songs had gotten into my iTunes library.

I certainly hadn’t put them there.

I will never forget the moment when Aaron – after poking around on the system – jerked back and said, “Whoa!”  He then proceeded to tell me, “There is no way you could have done this.”

I replied, “I told  you, I didn’t put them there.  But why -?”

He pointed to the links and said, “You don’t know how to do this.”

Though the songs were from albums Aaron owned, I had no access to them.  I didn’t even own a Mac at the time and there was no shared network.  I literally would have had to plug in a disk drive upon which Aaron had ripped his music and load the handful of songs myself.

He continued to frown at the screen, shook his head.  “I don’t know how that happened but it’s there.”

It was the artist himself, ET.  

Music Hijinks Continue.  One evening about a year and a half later, while living in San Diego, I was listening to music through my laptop and typing an email to a friend.  The subject of the email was ET.  I was relating a story he’d told me when the song I was listening to changed – to one of his.

One I really really do not like.

I wrote, “Holy sh*t! he just switched to a song he wrote about the story he told me!”

And Now?  Though in recent years we’ve come to more or less a truce about what music I listen to, he continues to exert his influence.  Luckily for me, it isn’t always obnoxious.  In fact, this past week it was downright helpful!

Creating Soundtracks.  Starting with Metatron’s Army I decided to create soundtracks for my stories.

I did this after realizing that Nigel Stanford’s Solar Echoes more or less fit the entire series perfectly.

I decided doing the same for Dragon Core would be helpful.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find music that fit.

I had a few random songs but nothing cohesive.

About a week ago, I plugged in headphones and launched the Music app.  I was surprised and a bit irritated to find that once again, someone had appropriated my music library.

This time,  instead of creating a playlist, the mischievous spirit refused to sync one I’d created to my phone.

I tried troubleshooting for awhile, gave up and asked Aaron to take a look – see if he could figure out what was going on.  Though he wasn’t able to figure it out he did witness a song get loaded onto the list – by someone other than me; someone neither one of us could see.

He literally watched a song pop up that I did not put into the list! 

Knowing I wasn’t going to win the battle I gave up trying to create the playlist.

My spirit friend was obviously expressing his opinion of the music I was “trying” to select.

For the next few days the somewhat helpful and very opinionated spirit maintained control of my iTunes library.  He literally chose songs for me to listen to – at random.

Some of the songs I literally do not own.  I have no idea where he was pulling them from.

Though I eventually identified something of a pattern to the music played, I was baffled by the choices as they crossed genres and styles.

And some of them came from nowhere!  I do not have the albums!

The Truce.   I guess the spirit appreciated that I was allowing him to choose for me because he rewarded me for my concession – by creating a Soundtrack for Shadow of the Gods, second in the Dragon Core Series.

I finished the first draft of Cauldron of the Gods – beta reader is done with it so its a go for an early 2020 release.

34425475.jpgThe story of the Shadow Soundtrack is worth relating on this day…

Knock Knock.  I wasn’t planning to listen to music that day.

I was sitting at my desk, the headphones not plugged in. 

As I was working on the end of Cauldron of the Gods the headphone jack knocked against the desk.  Smiling, I said, “You want to talk to me, huh?”

I knew who was behind the knocking.

I plugged in the headphones, fired up the Music app and proceeded to see what he had in mind for me to listen to.  I quickly realized the music he was choosing was perfect for Shadow of the Gods.  Excited, I wrote the songs down so I could create the playlist.  Not surprisingly, this one sync’d to my phone.

None of the other ones I’d been trying to create for the past week have.

It’s been an adventure, to say the least, but it’s also been pretty cool having such a friendly spirit around.

Even one as musically opinionated as ET.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this strange but true tale of musical madness!

Happy Halloween!

Post Note:  I just tried to add a song to the playlist he created – it won’t work.  I tried twice.  He refuses to accept a song he didn’t select.

Either that or he hates the song.

Post Post Note:  So, I just checked with the web to see if I could fix this sync’ing issue. Followed all the steps here and it fixed one playlist issue but not all.

And not the one created by my feisty spirited friend.

The songs and playlists affected are very specific.



Someone is definitely having fun with me.