Readers will notice something new on elizabethmaxim.com:

These additional menu picks are part of my continuing efforts to better serve readers.

Specials.  Items featured on this page are price reduced to provide readers the opportunity to get a taste of my style, a glimpse at the different series, and explore some of my earliest work.

The World Of EMF.  No  longer burdened by Sensitivity to technology EMFs I turned my focus to fiction full-time in 2019.  I also continued to research the impact of EMs on my health and well-being and though I have no plans at this point to publish another book on EMF Sensitivity, I will be publishing Data Sheets which are shorter length papers focused on specific EM topics including:

  • Atmospheric EMs
  • Geologic EMs
  • Esoteric EMs

The first Data Sheet which will be focused on Calcium and is an adjunct to Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity is under construction.  It will include details on how champagne and tequila helped me rebuild my life after heavy metal poisoning and the discovery of a cure for migraines that have plagued me since Spring, 1982.

I will also provide insight into the unique path that led me to living the holistic life.

Stay tuned!


Where sci-fi meets passion and passion meets the paranormal.

I am excited to announce new and expanded offerings in the works.  In addition to science fiction and fantasy readers will find plenty of paranormal fiction.

I have several new projects in the works including Port Gallatan material.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be relaunching Elizabethmaxim.com to reflect these cool changes

Visitors to the site will find

Scifimagick.  Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Traditional Science fiction, urban fantasy, and more.

The Psi Studio.    Ghosts and Psychics

Paranormal fiction and paranormal romance.

Stay Tuned


Taking a break from Adrift, first in the upcoming Colony series to provide an update.

Colony.  Adrift is well on its way to having a first draft completed within the coming weeks.  I’m hoping to release this Sequence mid to late spring 2021.

Metatron’s Army.  An interesting thing happened on my way to the next book in this seriesRefugee

Metatron’s Legacy, Karma, and Refugee all take place after the original series ends.

Over the holiday break I decided to set aside Lessons From the Edge: An Author’s Guide to Metatron’s Army. 

Though I kept a copy in case I wanted to revisit the idea later.

It’s Later.  I spent the rest of the break doing an immense amount of work on the back end of my career and while I was proud of what I accomplished, I was also exhausted.

I was beyond anxious to get back to the easy part – writing the stories.

I was subsequently contacted by Lamont Gates of Real Spiritual Talk Radio.  

He found me through an internet search on Metatron in association with a rather unique filter, Near Death Experience which led him to my site, metatronsarmy.com.

Intrigued by my story he asked if I would do an interview and talk about the NDE and how it led to the development of this sci-fi series.  As this aspect of the Metatron’s Army journey was described in detail in Lessons From the Edge, I considered the timing quite the coincidence.

As a synchronicity junkie, I don’t believe in coincidences.

They’re forks in the road.  More often than not they are points where we are being offered a choice.

In lieu of this, I’ve decided to finish Lessons From the Edge and release it.

It will provide insight into the story of Metatron’s Army and add depth to what is discussed in the interview.

I anticipate this book to be released shortly after Adrift.

Stay tuned.

The interview can be heard here.

This article will be cross posted on metatronsarmy.com.

building out the dream

While working on Advantage, first in the Metatron’s Army series I stumbled on the magick of having a playlist for the books I was working on.  Auspiciously, I simultaneously stumbled on music that fit the series in its entirety – for me.

Nigel Stanford’s Solar Echoes.

Though I continued to create playlists for books in the ensuing years it wasn’t until I was inspired to introduce a new series that I circled back around to creating a playlist for it.

New is a misnomer.  The idea for this series was born alongside Metatron’s Army back in 1984.  Not having bandwidth to do much with it I focused on MA and set it aside.

I suppose setting it aside is a misnomer too because I never fully let go of the idea.

I guess I’m peeling the onion here because beneath the idea was the image – a character.

And beneath that?  The look in his eyes.  

So much emotion – so much said – but in that moment I just didn’t have the cycles.  

I never forgot his expression, nor his body language as he stood in a doorway staring at me as if daring me to – what?

It took decades to comprehend what it was he was communicating and in that time I wrote multiple opening scenes for the story only to curl my lip and set them aside indefinitely.

I wrote an opening scene for Metatron’s Army the summer before my junior year in high school but tossed it twenty years later while sorting through a box of writing that had crisscrossed the country with me for decades; writing that included my very first novel – handwritten in a spiral bound notebook in 8th grade – along with short stories, poetry and other novels typed on bond paper.  Needless to say, it was a large heavy box.

I tossed almost the entirety of that box seven years later – five years before sitting down to start Advantage.

From there to Here.  As I write this post I am populating a series playlist with music that, like the Metatron’s Army series playlist, is mostly instrumental.

Lots of stuff by Twelve Titans Music.

I spent the day working on the various tasks that go into a project of this magnitude, managing to tackle most of the big stuff.

Including the playlist.

I will be posting updates in the near future.

Stay tuned.