Going forward in reverse”

                           – Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears

It isn’t unusual for me to start writing the next novel in my head even as I’m finishing the current project.  What is interesting is that this time I’m writing the novels of a series in reverse.  I’m finishing the first draft of The Day Before and while I have another one planned as the next project my mind is working on a book scheduled for release four books from now.

Maybe It’s the Series.  As a series Dragon Core has always been a bit of an adventure.  

Albeit a fun one.

Old Is New.  It’s a reconceptualizing of a 3-book series I wrote in tenth grade.  Interestingly, I still have those files but never once looked at them when going forward. 

I still haven’t.  I’ll probably just delete them.

The original plan for Dragon Core was to have four novels and though I toyed with the idea of a fifth one as a finale to the series I ended up pivoting when I fell in love with a few of my characters from Cauldron of the Gods.

I’m really happy with how Shadow of the Gods turned out.  It ended up being a great way to shed a bit of light on the history and cultural norms of shape shifters from Chancery Lumina.  

It also provided another opportunity to pivot.

Inspiration.  Redemption gave me a chance to provide insight into the Scathe.

Who are the Shadow and where do they fit in the universe?

It was a lot of fun to write for a number of reasons including a “What if it did happen just not that way?  as part of the premise.  More, it allowed me to draw from a real life experience.

I knew from that day in Diamond Head that I would someday use that experience in a book.  Turns out it will appear in at least two, in multiple series.

Writing Redemption also challenged me in that I had to take a character who was “difficult” in another book in the series and make her likable as a main character.

Two At Once.  There’s an additional twist to this writing in reverse.  It isn’t mentally writing a new story while finishing the current one.  This time I’m writing books 6 and 7 in the series before books 4 and 5 are finished.

And 7 is going to be finished – mentally speaking – before 6.

This is new for me.  I’m guessing it will be difficult not to publish whatever I finish first.  But this would mess up the order of things, so I’ll forebear.  In the meantime, The Day After, a Dragon Core story, will be available in Autumn 2021.

Stay tuned.


Taking a break from The Day Before in what locals call unusual heat and as most houses don’t have AC (including this one) finding creative ways to address challenges.

You know it’s hot when your champagne glass needs its own ice bucket.

As uncomfortable as it is, it’s not nearly as bad as what I’ve dealt with over the years.

  • Michigan

Grew up without central air.  Add humidity to heat and you get something called the heat index.  Plenty of nights sleeping on top of the covers.

  • Louisiana 

School lets out in May for a reason

  • Arizona

The day Aaron and I unloaded the moving truck?  It was 118.

The day we moved into the Fort Collins house? Minus 18 – real not wind chill.

A balm to it all aside from the trees and cooler night temperatures that allow for a comfortable sleep is the fact we recently invested in an Audio-Technica turntable with Boston Acoustics Pre-Amp and ELAC speakers.  While Aaron was eager to grab up Neil Young and Radiohead LPs- though I surprised him with a Ray Manzarek collectible – I opted for the following as my first repurchases

  • Emerson Lake and Palmer Works I
  • This is The Moody Blues
  • Beatles Rubber Soul
  • ELO Time

I grew up on 8 tracks and vinyl, graduated to cassettes including those I recorded from vinyl, then CDs, and eventually streaming.

I eschew satellite because thanks to compression ratios, guys sound like they have their speedos too tight.  No thanks.

We’ll definitely be adding to the collection including Bob Seger’s Live Bullet and Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road, though we won’t be replacing everything we listen to.

I’m making great progress with The Day Before which will fit nicely into the Dragon Core series and is more fantasy than sci-fi.  As always I have plenty in the queue and will be updating as appropriate.

In the meantime, keep cool and

Stay tuned