Boy has it been a productive day!

  • Watched a YouTube tutorial
  • Finished a nonfiction business book
  • Added new pages to the website

There were a number of smaller business related items I knocked off the list so I listened to some tunes to relax until I decided rereading one of my novels would be more fun.

Metatron’s Legacy – it really is one of my fav’s – often makes me laugh.

I’m pleased to announce the The Isle of Future PastDragon Core novel is now available on kindle.

The other ebook formats will be available shortly.  The processing just takes a little longer.

Stay tuned!

From Metatron’s Legacy:

He walked over, squatted down in front of her.  “You criticize my appearance, my name, and my home, and you want my help?”

She gazed back impassively.  “I told you, I don’t need your help.”

He grabbed her wrist, turned it.  “Yes, you do.”

“You know, you’re a mouthy Light Being with an attitude.”

He held up her hand.  “So, my dear, are you.”


Happy Father’s Day and Happy Summer Solstice!  I hope everyone enjoys the day.

Though I’ll be enjoying some summer sun I will also be working on The Day Before, a Dragon Core piece that was unplanned.

I was going along minding my own writer’s business, finishing a Remaster Project when images from the story began popping into my mind.  Intrigued I closely examined them, found I like what I saw and decided to move it to the front of the queue.

I’d originally been considering one of three other Dragon Core stories and at first this story didn’t have a particular place to go.

It could be a stand-alone or part of another series depending how I spun it.

It stands out in one way that brought me a lot of happiness.  It popped up.  

It’s been a few years since an unplanned book just popped into my mind.

Front of the Line.  I give preference to these stories as they come directly from my unconscious.

Or wherever that creative processing center exists in the universe.

As these stories tend to become a living energy inside my writer’s soul making them a joy to work on I give them priority.

Metatron’s Legacy was like that.  I hadn’t even finished Pin, Book 9 in the Metatron’s Army series and the story just popped up.  I got it written in a couple of weeks then turned back to the MA series.

Remaster.  Speaking of Metatron’s Army, I recently concluded what a friend dubbed the Remastering Project.  Like musicians will do with previously released albums I took time to go over the books in the series with a fine-toothed comb.

I have future plans and projects for this series but I’m happy to work on other stories for now.

Stand Alone V. Series.  I have noticed that though I’ve tied some of my books to a series they could easily be a stand-alone read.

Metatron’s Army has some of each.  Metatron’s Legacy could be stand-alone though it would have many spoilers for the series as it takes place some twenty years after Adjudication.

To this end I’m going to identify books that fall into this category on my website.

Coming Soon.

In the meantime, I’m happy back in writing mode and have a number of projects in the queue including a newsletter.

I will provide details as and when they are available.

Stay tuned.