It’s nice to share something other than the latest EMF news.

I mentioned in the previou post I’m easing my way back into my other passion, fiction.

EMF Sensitivity isn’t a passion.  Research that helps me understand how the universe works is.

The 1st Step to Solving an Issue is to Understand the Root of It.

The same technique I used for dealing with EMF Sensitivity was put to use in solving a fiction issue.  I’d more or less landed in a trap of my own making.  

Series or Single Title

When I wrote my first fiction work, Kerry’s Game, I knew it would be part of a series.

The Psi Adventure Series.

I soon found even books intended to be single titles wound up as part of a series because of what I’m calling the Love Trap.  

I fall in love with my supporting characters and envision – all too easily -a story for them!

Good intentions aside this pattern landed me in a bit of a mess because it exacerbated a different challenge.

Where Do I Put This?

From the time I published Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity followed by Kerry’s Game I struggled to put together an organizational plan that included web presence that did justice to all the work I had done and planned to do.  Though it’s still a challenge I think recent tweaks have taken a great deal of pressure off.

I took some of the stories and unhooked them from a series.  This frees me up from trying to integrate a story idea in a way that is false, something that happened with a recent Port Gallatan story.  

I’ve been sitting here thinking how I could rewrite the story I’d been working on as a single title and in so doing, even if it was set in the town of Port Gallatan, would allow the energy to flow more naturally.

I’m planning to do the same with Ghost Games stories.  I have 3 that would theoretically come under that banner but as the characters were not tied to any other book in that grouping I found myself stymied and unable to proceed.  

Pulling that grouping off the web while keeping the books under the Psi Studio banner solved that issue nicely.

Ironically, it’s the Ghost Games challenge that got me to this point – recognizing the issue.  

I kept trying to make the grouping work as a series and couldn’t.  

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before to just keep them single titles under a broader paranormal banner but I’ll take it now.

I’m really excited about the stories I have planned which will include a reworked version of the one I jettisoned from the PG grouping.  

I may put it back where it started – in West Virginia.

Stay tuned.


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Listening to Dio’s Holy Diver and chipping away at the list on my whiteboard.  

A list that includes 2 software apps.

EMF App Redesign

Though well -intentioned, the original EMF App needs an overhaul.

It will be more concise and to the point and will include tools and strategies for all 4 pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

  • Geologic
  • Atmospheric
  • Technologic
  • Esoteric


Ahhh, the joys of the paranormal!

I am creating a new app that will be focused on the often entertaining 4th pillar of EMF Sensitivity.

This app will be filled with information that will appeal to those interested in and/or living with the paranormal.

Those who like ghost hunting will find plenty of helpful information here.

Here’s a glimpse of the type of information that will be available in the Psi App.

I did not put this particular tidbit in the Under Siege book, nor has it appeared elsewhere.

Ghostly Introductions.

Er, interactions.

I’ve written fairly extensively on my experience with ghosts, some of whom are family members, others former rock musicians.

Especially guitarists.

In Under Siege I wrote how one I nicknamed Rooster came up with a way to make it so these energies do not drain my adrenals.  

The other musicians went through the steps as did any newcomers, regardless of how long they stayed.

ET did not have to.  

I’m guessing it’s because of this tidbit I’m about to share.

The Aura is a Database

I write in Destinaton Unknown: Explorations of the Paranormal how my first time acting as a psychic medium came in April 2011.

The 7th.

We’d stopped for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays in Utah on our way back to Colorado.

I’d met ET two days prior.

He bumped the bed in our hotel room at the Hard Rock in Vegas to wake me up so we could “talk.”

As I write in Destination Unknown, he asked permission to go with us back to Colorado.

Psi Avalanche!

The experience was a bit overwhelming because the moment Aaron asked a question ET began answering at a speed that was formidable to decipher.

Actually, ET could read him so he began answering before Aaron even finished the question.

At one point I held up my hands to both of them and asked ET to slow down so I could process the answers.  

We went on like this for some time when all of a sudden I had an answer in its entirety without having to process it.

Basically allow my conscious beta mind to absorb the energetic – alpha -answer.

It was as if ET just “dropped”what he wanted me to know into my mind.

It was different then when a ghost or other celestial entity projects an image. I just suddenly knew without having to take time to process. More efficient and much less stressful.

It was ET who figured out to do this and from that moment on my interactions with him which were nacent at that point went much smoother.

I believe this is why ET didn’t have to do the exercise outlined by Rooster.  My adrenal system did not consider him a threat.


Not long after his death, I was talking to a newcomer who’d appeared in my home.

In my office which at that time was a diamagnetic paradise, something I cover in Under Siege.

I recognized him but was relatively unfamiliar with his music.  Because of this I asked if he understood “the rules” set in place for new ghosts.  

None of my deceased relatives who’ve stopped by have pricked the “fight or flee” system, likely beause I knew them.

Rather than comply, he held out his ghostly hand.

And smiled.

He asked if he could shake my hand.

Very politely.

I’ve had ghosts touch me before. The results have been mixed.

If I don’t know them I tend to feel it as a zing like getting an electric shock.

Keeping my eyes on his I reached out my hand.  To my surprise

  • I only felt a bit of static electricity sensation

I wondered if it was because of how far I’d come in dealing with my EMF Sensitivity

  • I witnessed my life in images as it transferred from me to him.

What makes this interesting is there is now evidence our life really does flash before our eyes at times.

Now the hmmm part.

After watching him react physically and rather traumatically

I’ve had a rough life and he absorbed not only the images but the energy of it.

I realized – and confirmed with him – that the auric field – which he’d tapped into – is a type of cosmic database that contains our life story.

I don’t think either of us was prepared for the pain it caused him to energetically “live” the more painful moments of my life.

I asked what motivated him to try such a stunt.  He explained that yes, he was aware of “the rules” set by Rooster but wanted to try a different way.

Lesson Learned

What I deducted based on the two auric interactions experienced years apart is that our auric fields are a database into which information can be added and/or withdrawn via energetic transfer.

Just Takin’ Yer Measure, Missy

It would explain why ghosts seem to feel the need to touch me.

There is more to study but I felt this worth sharing.

As for my research buddy, he was significantly affected.  

He gave me an apologetic smile and told me “I need to go.”

I have not seen him since though something tells me at some point in the future I will.

He seemed, like so many of the others who have crossed my path, to love learning as much as I do.

News on the release of the apps will be forthcoming.

Stay tuned!