I wanted to let readers and visitors know I’ve updated the Remedy Sections for the following books

I’d amended/updated the section for¬†Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF¬†Sensitivity so I replaced the older sections in the other books with the one in the Appendix of Under Siege.

I did not remove any remedies, just added a few and included supplemental information such as how and why the remedies work since I’ve learned so much since releasing the earlier material.

Speaking of Books

After almost a year immersed in nonfiction material I am working my way back into fiction.

I am learning to balance my passion for each of the genres.

I plan to release Compass Rose, follow up to Adrift and Daemon, a Dragon Core book in the coming months.

I have other material planned and will update as appropriate.

Stay tuned.