2 in 1 day.

Working on Compass Rose and catching up to the point where I am ready to add new content.

After finishing Adrift, I’d gotten a little more than 1/2-way through this manuscript before setting it aside for The World of EMF Project.

First Draft 101.

Setting the Colony manuscript aside, albeit longer than I normally would, served the purpose of allowing me to see/edit with new eyes.

I would have had to do so anyway so this saves me a step in the process.

As I came across a sentence toward the “literal” point where I’d be adding new content I took a moment to consider how even subtle changes are crucial to setting a scene.

In order to put the reader in the same mental place as the character(s).

Based on information provided by various web pages dedicated to the series 

And the first book in the series

readers and visitors ascertain all is not well in tera-forming land.  

How to illustrate?

Without going into a lesson on writing characters I’ll just give a brief example.  It’s the example that caught me up because it jumped out.

Before And After

Note:  The character – a Yama agent – is deactivating a personal signal beacon.

Before:  He’d deactivated the one on the dead man’s wrist.  After closing his eyes.

After:  He’d deactivated the one on the dead man’s wrist.  After, that is, closing his eyes.

By inserting , that is, I slow the pacing and allow the reader to slip into the space where this character’s emotions are roiling due to a variety of circumstances, not the least of which is finding himself with two kids who, along with thousands, were never meant to survive.

In his care.

It’s typical of hundreds if not thousands of edit choices writers make every day.

Often unconsciously.

Be well.


Boy has it been a busy day.

I’m happy to say!  I feel so much better when I feel productive.

  • I’ve been hard at work on Compass Rose, follow up to Adrift.

I anticipate it being for sale by or before December 1, 2022.

 I will, however, have a landing page up in the near future.

  • I got good news on my desire to have various EMF books available in print.

Details available soon.

  • I stumbled on a way to loosen a few stubborn blocks, albeit while trying to address a different issue!

It all started when…

I wrote that I advised a friend dealing with a few frustrations to go back through his history and see if there are any tools or strategies he can use to help him with the present situation.

I’d done the same for myself by reintroducing meditation and visualization techniques I used with great success many moons ago.

Just as on that previous occasion, engaging with the tools led me to a helpful book which led to more benefits.  

The meditation alone led to an uptick in my energy.

Even prior to utilizing the technique in the book I was back to walking.

Because of all the energy and uplifted vibes I gained from reintroducing the meditating and visualization techniques.

The blocks tumble.

I was halfway through my second consecutive walk when it occured to me how my writing got gummed up.  I’d quit walking!

I’ve been a regular walker most of my life, only stopping recently when I ran out of energy due to – well – I’ve written on that subject too. Other people’s baggage needed to go and it’s a laborious energy intensive process.

As I walked along I considered just how many of my writing ideas were hatched while on a walk.

  • On snowy days in Kensington Metro Park
  • On rainy days through the streets of San Francisco
  • On scorching East Bay trails in triple digit temperatures
  • On icy windy days in snowy Colorado
  • In triple digit Scottsdale temperatures
  • All over downtown San Diego, rain or shine or heat

Or sewer smell blowing in from the Salton Sea.

Then it stopped.

I’d moved to the PNW which is rather ironic given it’s an outdoorsmen’s paradise.

Lots of trails and plenty of sidewalks.

The trouble with getting out of a good habit is that it can be extremely difficult to get back into.  Especially if you aren’t really seeing any detriment from quitting.

I’m very active and always running up and down stairs so I wasn’t gaining weight or falling out of shape.

What was happening was that I’d lost a valuable tool for creativity.

Substitutes can only go so far.

Before I even finished the walk the writing juices were stirring.

Waking up but not quite there yet.

 Keeping Up Momentum

I knew just walking wasn’t going to fix everything.

I was and still am recovering from digging through that basket.

I tapped the new scripting technique to keep walking front and center.

Then had to take a break to get better tennis shoes!

Even that small break – waiting for them to arrive – had an impact.

Luckily for me the writing I did get in before the short break, combined with the new scripting efforts was enough to put fuel on that creative fire.

It’s as if a curtain was pulled back to let in the creative sun!

It Isn’t Just Writing

I have a long history of gaining benefit from walking.

All those years ago when I stumbled on Celestial 911, followed by Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization Workbook, I spent several winter nights walking.  The solutions that came from those walks turned my life around.

I advise people to walk when they can even if it’s a short walk.

Who knows where it might lead?


I wanted to let readers and visitors know I’ve updated the Remedy Sections for the following books

I’d amended/updated the section for Under Siege: Tools and Strategies for Dealing with the Pillars of EMF Sensitivity so I replaced the older sections in the other books with the one in the Appendix of Under Siege.

I did not remove any remedies, just added a few and included supplemental information such as how and why the remedies work since I’ve learned so much since releasing the earlier material.

Speaking of Books

After almost a year immersed in nonfiction material I am working my way back into fiction.

I am learning to balance my passion for each of the genres.

I plan to release Compass Rose, follow up to Adrift and Daemon, a Dragon Core book in the coming months.

I have other material planned and will update as appropriate.

Stay tuned.