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ElectroMagnetic Frequencies.

The Pillars of EMF Sensitivity.

Everything here is based on personal experience.

Along with in-depth research that netted better understanding of what the hell was going on.

EMFs are a part of my life, so research is constant and ongoing.  

I invite you to read this blog post, then watch and listen to the referenced video to get a taste of what some EMF Sensitives have to live with.

Or jump straight to the video.

For those seeking information about

GATE: The 4 Pillars of EMF Sensitivity

Geologic EMFs: 

I detail my relationship with geologic EMFs in Riding the Waves: Diagnosing, Treating, and Living with EMF Sensitivity.  As I write in Calcium: The Old Man Mineral and Its Role in EMF Sensitivity, once I relocated from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest, the ringing I hear prior to an earthquake continued though it switched to the opposite ear.

Though I can sense geologic fault lines, thanks to the work I have done, which is detailed in my books, I am no longer sickened by them.

Atmospheric EMFs

As I write in Ignoring the Rules: An Intriguing Approach to Calcium Toxicity, after 35+ years of suffering migraines caused by a drop in atmospheric pressure, I stumbled on a remedy.

These migraines often landed me in the ER and were so severe I missed work. In spite of a thorough workup by specialists, no cause was ever determined and nothing – not even narcotic pain medication – could ease the horrific throbbing.

I’ve tested the remedy for over a year in different regions of the country and in multiple seasons.

To this day I am migraine free.

Consistent with my approach of using natural methods for healing – with an emphasis on nutritional – the remedy is a combination of a vitamin and a homeopathic.

Details in the book.

Technologic EMFs

Thanks to years of research and hard work I am free from debilitating symptoms suffered when around technological EMFs.  I kept meticulous records so I could share what I’ve observed, experienced, and learned with others.  

It took 25 grueling months of the protocol that helped me detoxify the heavy metals that led to this condition.

All publications under The World of EMF are packed with information that will help people identify whether what they are experiencing is Sensitivity to technology EMFs and what they can do about it.

I provide a number of remedies that ameliorate and/or eliminate symptoms, the cause, and a path to a cure.

Esoteric EMFs

The following books give readers a glimpse into the world of esoteric EMFs

I will provide relevant updates as appropriate.

Stay tuned!


I’m pleased to announce the newly revised FIX EMF App is now available.   Those who already purchased the app will be able to download the updated version. This quick reference guide is mobile so those suffering symptoms of EMF Sensitivity can have an informed  conversation, such as with a care provider, and can access the RemediesContinue reading EMF APP UPDATE


Taking a break from Compass Rose to get in a little nonfiction. I’ve been splitting my energies between the two since grade school when I started writing short stories in my notebook whenever class got boring, a tradition I carried through to boring corporate meetings. It’s a welcome break.   Rewriting a paragraph over and over because oneContinue reading BREAK INERTIA VIA SCRIPTING


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